Harry stares at Draco intensely.

Draco stares at Harry intensely.

Outside of their focus stand their friends.

"Harry hands down," Ron says confidently.

"No way, Draco is sure to win," Blaise defends.

"But Harry's got glasses," Ron says.

"But Draco is a Malfoy."

Ron scrunches up his freckly nose. "What has that got to do with a staring contest?" Ron demands.

Blaise smirks. "Everything."

"Your eyes look tired Potter," Draco sneers.

Harry smiles in a grimacing way. "Not as dry as yours look Malfoy. Sure you don't just want to blink?"

"Not a chance," Draco says.

This goes on for awhile longer.

"What's going on?"

Hermione and Pansy Parkinson approach their male friends.

"Malfoy and harry are having a staring contest," Ron says.

Hermione sighs.

"What are the stakes this time?" Pansy asks.

"First one who blinks pays on their next date," Blaise says.

Hermione rolls her eyes. "You two are so childish," she chastises, but watches anyways.

"What're you betting?" Pansy asks Blaise.

"I have five galleons on Draco," the handsome teenager says.

"You seem confident."

Blaise smirks. "Draco is a Slytherin my dear."

Pansy sniggers. "True."

Finally Harry blinks and Draco smirks in clear victory.

"That'll be five sickles Weasley," Blaise says, holding out his hand triumphantly.

Ron grumbles as he hands Blaise the money.

"Well it looks like you're paying this time Harry," Draco says, looking like the smug prat he will always be.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But next time I'm going to think of something that you will definitely lose at," Harry declares.

"Good luck with that hon."


"What's wrong hon?" Draco asks sitting next to harry who is sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard.

"I just don't get how you beat me," Harry says.

Draco smirks and leans in close to Harry so that his mouth is right by his boyfriend's ear.

"I used a charm to keep my eyes from going dry," the blonde whispers.

Harry pulls back in angry shock. "You cheated!"

Draco scoffs. "I can't help it if you naively assume that everyone is as noble as you Griffindors. Besides you never specified any rules."

Harry grumbles. Draco leans back in, placing his forehead against Harry's. "I guess I should've expected something like that from a cunning Slytherin," Harry admits.

"Of course you should have," Draco says and then gives Harry a small kiss.

"I still wasn't fair though," Harry grumbles.

"All's fair in love and war."

"I don't think it should count when it concerns my wallet."

Draco frowns. "You don't like dotting on me?"

Harry realizes his mistake. "I do. "

Draco smiles. "How much?"

Harry returns the smile and presses his lips against Draco's. "So much that I want to buy a secret castle for you with a large room with a huge bed where I can ravish you to my heart's content using all sorts of naughty toys."

"Oh, kinky Potter."

Harry smirks and licks Draco's lips. "That's not all. I'd buy hundreds of rose petals to put beneath your roman god-like body and the best Swiss chocolate to place on each of your sensitive spots."

Draco moan lightly at the thought and scooted closer to Harry. "We are in public Harry," he murmured against his boyfriend's lips.

"No one's around," Harry says and proceeds to lean in and snog his handsome boyfriend, the cheating nonsense all forgotten about.