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The Rouge Cub


Harvey Specter walked with absolute leisure into Pearson Hardman, the utter satisfaction on his latest win oozed from him in the waves of smug assertion, confirming once more why, he, Harvey Specter was the best damn closer money can hire.

Mike walked towards his cubicle and stifled a groan at the sight greeting him on his return from victory.

'Freaking Louis!' he screamed inwardly, the man was after him like feds on a mob family.

They had been gone a good part of the afternoon and a lot of the Pearson Hardman working bees were clocking out for the day. 'Oh joy!'

About half an hour into the files Mike noticed his boss walking over, still on what he secretly called the 'peacocking phase of the win' down a few notches but still there that was for sure.

"Yes Harvey?" his defeated sigh halted for a second the interloper smirk.

"Doom Gloom, puppy?"


Harvey waved him off and took a look at the files on his associate's desk. "You can do this in your sleep."

Mike's bright eyes widen with the compliment and gave him a small smile to acknowledge the fact that his hard-ass of a boss just complimented him. "Why Harvey you…"

"Careful kid." He warned and Mike swallowed visibly but made no further movements, neither did Harvey.

"Uh…um Harvey did you…do you need anything?"

The older man raised an eyebrow as in 'you-are-shitting-me-right?' look. "I'm your ride, kid."

"Wha…oh!" The realization had the blue eyed lawyer shooting from his seat. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to keep you waiting, why didn't you say anything?"

Harvey shrugged deciding he shouldn't dignify with an answer. Mike caught him as the elevators, both men walked into the slightly frigid night of September; just then Harvey noticed his associate doing a double take and followed his line of vision.

"What caught your freak brain now?"

"That girl." He completely bypassed the fact that Harvey's fake exasperation and backhanded compliment, before continuing. "She's being here all day and I mean all day long."

"What you want your own puppy Mike?" he definitely was not expecting his associate's cold glare at his question neither the shrugged off when he went to grab his shoulder to halt Mike's attempt to walk to the girl. "Damn it!"

Mike made his way towards the girl who in turn regarded him with a slightly curious look waiting for his approach, confident that she wasn't going to bolt at the proximity of a stranger which was at any other time quite stupid in New York.

"Hey…um I noticed you been here all day, do you need help?"

The girl looked him up and down, assessing him with old eyes as if evaluating was he or was he not worthy of a reply on her part. "No, I don't need help but thank you for asking."

"Ok, are you waiting for someone?"

"Are you a detective or are you just nosy?" Mike eyes widen with this and narrowed with Harvey's snicker behind him.

As if noticing the older lawyer for the first time she did her people scan stare on Harvey and in return she got the same from the 3 piece suit wearing lawyer.

This is what Harvey's reading told him:

-She was a smart ass

-Dressed like a punk

-Disregarded authority



The cold smirk she sent Harvey's way made his spine tingle with a familiarity, and he did not liked it, so like with every irksome thing in his life, Harvey decided to swat it away and forget it.

"Stray, Mike, she's a…"

"Harvey…" both men straighten with the very sharp look she shot the older lawyer and in one fluid movement the girl came to stand. Mike took a step back, tensing with each passing second.

Now standing Harvey noticed she was a tiny little thing with no more than 5' 4" to her frame and long wavy hair to curtain her face and light her sharp and cold eyes, her perfectly shape eyebrows naturally looked as if they were quirked and when she did raised one she looked almost…feral.

"Harvey Specter?" she asked, and Harvey couldn't help to but to smirk at the youngling.

"In the flesh"

Mike had gone completely mute by now, was trying and failing to piece this together, why would she… and…what the fuck?

"Isobel Hurley" she outstretched her right hand.

Harvey inspected her hand and he knew she was daring him not to take it, but of course he did. "Charmed. Now is your name supposed to trigger a memory or are you my newest client?"

Her smirk widened and her eyes were icy, yet her tone carried the undertone of poisonous victory; both Harvey and Mike tensed. "I suppose the former is a vague assumption. Let me rephrase my introduction; Isobel Hurley, I'm your daughter Mr. Specter."

Harvey Specter was arrogant enough to say a lot was needed to strike him stupid and/or speechless, this most definitely…did.

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