Chapter 1:

"Shane Grey is the hottest rockstar out there but however he is still single and only 23, will ever find once again true love or be the single party man? I'm Trish Colone and this is Hot Tunes."

Shane Grey turned off the t.v. in his Mansion where he let's his mother live with him. However his bandmates Nate and Jason, live in different homes as well but it doesn't stop them from their rocker lifestyle.

"Shane?" He ignored his mother voice. "Shane!" A little bit more tense and Shane, briskly, gave in. "Yes mother?" "You know that Trish is right about you." "Oh no. Not this again." Shane said as he turned away. "Yes this again, I think it's time you settle down with a wife." He turned around with wide eyes. "Wife? Oh no! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!NO! N-O! NO!"

3 weeks later.

"Ladies, welcome to the Grey mansion. I'm so pleased that all of you can be here to compete as the perfect Mrs. Shane Grey." All the ladies squealed. "Oh god." Shane mumbled under his breath.

"Is there a problem Mr. Grey?" Shane turned around to see the beautiful brunette. "No Mitchie." "Well if you need something, let me know." Mitchie replied as Shane nodded his head to his maid. You see since Shane turned 18 and bought a mansion, he hired help as well as a maid. A maid named in Mitchie. "So I'm please to say that we have room for all you ladies and we'll be playing and choosing Shane's wife like the Bachelorette. So WELCOME!" All the girls screamed and enter the mansion to put everything in.

Mitchie was cleaning one of the rooms and as she left and enter the hallway, she was to be trampled by many screaming girls eagerly finding their suite. However, she was not trampled as she was pulled by all of the ladies potential husband, Shane Grey. "Whoa, you got to be careful." Shane said as he held Mitchie protectively in his muscular arms. Mitchie released herself after getting feelings, once again. You see Mitchie secretly has feelings for Shane but knew he would never love a maid like her. Mitchie looked at him, "Me? I think it's you." She said as she pointed to the doors.

Shane had a look when she pointed at the doors. "I can't wait for this thing to be over." He said. Mitchie had a sad look on her face as he walked away.

3 hrs later.

All the girls were in the Grey's large and wide living room, amazingly to fit all those ladies in there. Mr. Grey, Mrs. Grey and Shane Grey entered in the room. "Ladies, as you know tonight is the Meet and Greet. So I want all of you to look your best for my son and tomorrow he will feast with 5 of you for breakfast," all the girls started to gasp. Mrs. Grey continued, "That's right so better make a great impression. Oh! And this is our maid Mitchie, if you need anything she'll be there to assist you ladies." Mitchie smiled and bowed. As all the girls got their evil smirk on her.

As the ladies depart and went to their room they saw Mitchie, every girl ran to her with their basket filled with clothes. "Oh Mitchie!" "Oh Mitchie!" Many girls cried out her name. "Here take these." "And this." "Oh! Clean this, if it bleach I kill you." Mitchie felt herself with a big weight, both physically and mentally. She carried the baskets to the laundry room, but she had no time to wash them since she, herself, had to get ready for the Meet and Greet since she's serving as a waitress.

1 hr later

All the girls assembled and one by one they met Shane who was exhausted and wonder why he became a rockstar in the first place knowing this was going to happen.

Shane sat in his seat and Mitchie came offering him a drink. "Shane, you seem exhausted. Why don't you rest for a while in your room and come back down. This event isn't going to end for 2 hours." Shane taking the drink and groaned. "You know Mitchie, my mom won't rest until I get a wife and her grandkids. So one of these girls in this room is my future wife, that's all I can say." "Hang in there, you'll find your true love. Love is wonderful. But to me, happiness comes first. When you're happy with this girl, you'll fall in love if she's the perfect one." Mitchie offered Shane a smile and Shane smiled back. Giving them few minutes of awkward and quiet silence.

"Yeah, you. Give me what Shane's having!" Suddenly a girl in a green dress came, rudely interrupting Shane and Mitchie, and talking rudely to Mitchie. Mitchie gave a small frown and nodded. Shane looked at the girl and shocked his head as the girl tried to give a flirty look but he walked away.

Mitchie wiping a few tears fearing this is what it's going to be like if Shane gets married. Little does he know she's been saving up money to go to England to attend Cambridge University as she got accepted to study medicine but worked herself here to earn money to pay for the tuition.

"Ladies, one by one will come up to my son and greet him starting with Christy." "Your sexiness." Shane shook hands with a disgusted look as those words escaped from her mouth. One by one came offering lust.

Then all of a sudden a new song came. It was "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder. As the first lyric came: "Isn't she lovely?" Shane starred at Mitchie eyes and so did Mitchie. The whole song went by as they gazed into each other eyes. Few girls took notice. Shane starting feeling something for Mitchie and felt that he wanted to dance with her. As he stood up, he was interrupted by several girls knowing he wanted to dance with Mitchie.

"Oh! Shane wanna dance?" "Shane you would to go somewhere private?" "Shane?" "Shane!" All the girls hover around him as he saw Mitchie disappear.

4:12 a.m.

Shane called it quits and decided head straight to bed. Took off his shirt and left him in his pants. But he heard this gurgling noise and decided to follow this noise. As he went downstair and was shocked. He saw Mitchie washing all of those girls clothes. 'There's gotta be thousands of clothes in here, how many does a girl need?' Shane thought. "Mitchie?"

Mitchie turned around shocked. "Shane! What are you doing here, shouldn't you be sleeping?" "I should be asking you the same thing. Instead you're washing clothes." "I have too, I'm the maid remember." There was a silence as Shane had hurt in his eyes. "Shane, I have (yawn) laundry to wash." Shane saw Mitchie as she slept on a pile of clean clothes. Shane shook his head and carried Mitchie bridal style. Mitchie could feel his bare muscular chest upon her and felt turned on but too tired. Shane carried Mitchie to her room and laid her on the bed and let her sleep. He gave a small smile as she saw her sleeping, just before she was resting on his chest now she's just resting on a bed. Shane left Mitchie and went to his room and when he wakes, hell rises.

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