Chapter 7:

Today's the day! Today is the day that Shane Grey picks his wife. All the girls got up at 6 in the morning and headed down to the make-up room, personally designed for the contestants. It felt like a fairy tale for all them, getting manicures and pedicures, getting their hair curled and straightened. One hundred designers came for each girl to get them ready.

That morning Mitchie was cleaning out all the rooms for the lady since it was their last night and they were all packed ready to go. The limos would come tomorrow morning to drop them off at the airport and other parents would come and pick them up.

As Mitchie came out of the room, she got tripped by one of the girls. "Oops! Sorry...NOT!" The girl said in a fake sorry way as she went into her room and locked the door. Mitchie just laid there on the floor until she saw a hand. Shane's hand.

"Oh, thanks." She said as Shane helped her up. "Did she do that?" Shane said pointing a finger to the door. "Yeah but it was by mistake." Shane rose an eyebrow. "Doesn't seem like a mistake." Mitchie put her head down and went back to cleaning rooms not before saying. "Good luck Shane to you and your future wife, I wish you a lifetime full of happiness." Shane gave a small smile and so did Mitchie. Shane mouthed thank you and that's where they departed.

After Mitchie finished cleaning the rooms, she went straight back into her room where she just laid on her bed hoping to get a few minutes of sleep. That was till...

"Mitchie!" Mitchie's eyes opened. "Mitchie!" It was Mrs. Grey. "Yes?" "Mitchie, what took you so long? Never mind that, Mitchie we need you at the make-up room. The girls and I are parched, so COME!" Mitchie sighed and went down to the make-up room where she would take the girls order. "Water." "Water." I'm trying to watch my figure for tonight and the after-night if you know what I mean, after Shane picks me so WATER!" Mitchie nodded, everyone wanted water. But suddenly Mitchie starred in the mirror and there she did not see the tired, plain old Mitchie but the beautiful, gorgeous and full of life Mitchie.

She looked down and saw all of the make-up. Suddenly a girl came by took something and held it in front of Mitchie. "In case if your wondering, this is a Lip-stick. See that?" The girl said. Mitchie gave a look. "I know that." Mitchie said as she walked away from the girl who thought that Mitchie was nothing but a dumb person but Mitchie was more than that. After all, she did get into Cambridge.

Later that evening, everyone was getting ready. Mitchie got dressed since she was serving tonights ball where everyone would just dance and then it would be that time where Shane picks his wife. Mitchie decided to put a bit of makeup on but not to make it seem noticeable.

Shane put on his sexy suit and took the blue box and looked at it's reflection in the mirror. 'Tonight,' he said, "Tonight, this will go to someone special." Shane put the box in his pants and relaxed on his bed where there was pile of boxes packed labelled 'Shane's Stuff".

All of a sudden each suite was called by intercom from Mrs. Grey's room. "Will all ladies and staff come down, it's time to begin the partying and then Shane will pick his wife." Shane just starred at the intercom. 'It seemed wrong to pick.' Shane thought 'But this is already chosen for with 100% love and trust.' Shane smiled at his own thought.

Mitchie looked at the intercom and did as followed. She headed downstairs to the ballroom where all of the girls were having a good time dancing while Mitchie was carrying a tray of shrimp puffs. Few girls took them and others just passed the offer. It wasn't till 11 at night where Mrs. Grey took the microphone.

"'s time!" Everyone started whispering and squealing. Their hearts started leaping and started getting nervous. Shane took the mic from his mother. "Thanks mom. Ladies I want everyone to make a circle around me including everyone that means my mom, the staff, and the ladies. So everyone could share this moment."

Everyone did as followed including Mitchie. "Now I want everyone to close their eyes and when I say open, I'll be kneeling down in front of my true love." Everyone eyes were closed and Shane step forward to his true love. He stood in front of her and kneeled on one with a rose in one hand and the open box with the beautiful ring being shown.

"" Everyone opened their eyes, especially the girl to see if Shane was standing in front of them but was disappointed when he wasn't instead they saw him and the girl and started gasping.

"What!" "HER!" BUT-But she's just the-" "MAID!"

"Shane?" Mitchie said feeling confused but in love. "Mitchie Torres, you put up with this competition with me and showed me that love is wonderful. And it is, just not with those ladies. You have taught me the value of what it takes to be in love. So I love you and been in love with you since we were in each other arms after I saved you from those...ladies. You let me be me and listen to me unlike my mom. None of these girls deserve my love and they couldn't win it either way because...I gave you my heart. Because I know you'll keep it in a safe, happy and loving way.," Mitchie started tearing up, "So Mitchie, will you marry me and come live with me in the house I bought for us in England?

Mitchie still speechless and started pouring out tears, "B-but Shane, you have all these beautiful woman and what about your mom?" "Mitchie, I don't care about those ladies but think about it, why do you think they're here? For me, or to be part of my fame world? And my mom, she has nothing to say-"

"Shane you can't be serious! Successful men and maids don't mix!" Mrs. Grey exclaimed. "That's where you're wrong. It doesn't matter by job but by personalities and the inner connection between two people," Shane said to his mom but then turning back to Mitchie, "like between Mitchie and I."

Mitchie started smiling and tearing up again. "So what do you say Mitchie, will you marry me?" "Yes Shane! Of course I'll marry you!" Shane went got up, put the ring on Mitchie's finger and kissed her and if felt magical. Mitchie wrapped her arms around his neck and him around her waist as they deepened the kiss. It was a true fairytale kiss like how they would describe it in stories and movies. Because the bond is so special, that kiss elevates itself up the love scale and shows more specialty in the bond.

"What did you say about England?" Shane chuckled. "Remember when we went to England?" Mitchie nodded his head. "Well the night before that day, I decided who I should make my wife. And there you were in front of me. So I went online and looked for a house for the both of us and bought one." Mitchie's eyes widened.

Shane just smiled and turned to his mom. "Oh! Mom, since my fiancee and I are moving, the moving trucks will be here soon, so you need to get packed." Mrs. Grey shook her head. "O-oh no! I'm not living with her." Mrs. Grey feeling disgraced at that thought -her son marrying a maid; it's uncanny. "Oh, you're not, you'll be sent to the Beverly Hills Elderly Home." Mrs. Grey's eye's widened. "Y-YOUR SENDING ME TO A RETIREMENT HOME!" Shane nodded his head. "No one take's Mitchie's university money and spends it for themselves. Oh! And thanks for paying for our wedding."

Shane turned to face Mitchie, "Mitchie don't worry about paying for Cambridge, I'm going to pay for everything." Mitchie gave a small frown upset with the fact he's paying for all of this. "Shane I'm going to pay you back in any way possible." She said grasping on his shirt. Shane looked at Mitchie's hand that was grasping his shirt and got a seductive look on his face.

"How about just being a loving wife, starting tonight?" Shane said while picking Mitchie up bridal style. "Whoa Shane!," startled from the pick up, "I love to pay you back with that." Shane and Mitchie shared a kiss as they went to Shane's bedroom.

Later that night, Mitchie snuck out to pack all of her stuff for tomorrow's departure. When she was packing, she was caught by Shane's muscular arms. "What are you doing out of bed?" Shane said seductively in a whispering voice. "Packing for tomorrow early as always." Shane kissed her on the cheek."As of tonight, you are done with all your maid duties, you focus on becoming a surgeon." Mitchie nodded and kissed him on the lips.

He helped Mitchie pack and when she got tired, Shane carried her bridal style back to his bedroom to sleep.

So some may have already thought this and I tried my best to make it seem Shane wasn't going to pick Mitchie but keep it a surprise at the same time. But that's not the end. Next chapter is the SMitchie's departure to a new happier life and last chapter is epilogue but a little bit more shorter.