Chapter 8:

Mitchie woke up with Shane right beside her and wrapped in his muscular arms. He was awake before her. "Hello Cinderella." "Huh?" "I don't know this kind of reminds of Cinderella." "Except we got to the good part." Mitchie said hugging him but having to feel something plastic and real.

"What the?" Mitchie said confused. "Take off the bed sheets." Mitchie did as followed and there it was. Shane holding the most beautiful roses and for Mitchie. It's just like she wanted, roses in a room, but much, much better.

Shane and Mitchie shared a kiss in bed. "Well, I think it's time to get out of here." "Oh yeah, the movers will be here any minute and for my mom, her ride will be here soon." Shane said. "Well we better get ready." Shane smiled and got up as Mitchie and got dressed.

The movers came and took Shane and Mitchie's stuff away, moved the furniture, and relocated it to their new home in England. As for the ladies, they were angry at this and scoffed their way back to the airport giving Mitchie daggers and accompanied them with gestures using there hands. But Mitchie didn't care because she snagged their prince charming in a way that's fair and full of love. And for Mrs. Grey, well...

"LEAVE ME! MY SON IS RICH! I DON'T BELONG IN A HOME FOR OLDIES! LEAVE ME BE! NO! LET GO!" "Come on lady, your son paid for this." The two men tried to get Mrs. Grey into their car so they could take her to the home. It was quite amusing, especially for Shane and Mitchie who waved their hands to her saying good-bye.

"Ready to go to our new home?" Shane said and Mitchie nodded. "Well then..." Shane said picking Mitchie bridal style, "let's go." Shane said as he carried her to his car and they drove off to the private jet which will be taking Shane and Mitchie to their new home in England.

When Shane and Mitchie got to their new home, Mitchie was in awe. It was gorgeous and had a beautiful view. It was spectacular. All of a sudden the floor disappear as Mitchie was in Shane's arms. "Why don't you say we christian the new house?" Mitchie giggled and nodded. "Bedroom it is!"

A few months later...

"Do you Shane Grey take Mitchie Torres to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health?

"I do." "And you, do you Mitchie Torres take Shane Grey to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health? "I do."

"Then I know pronounce you husband and wife, you may know kiss the bride." "With pleasure!" Shane scoop Mitchie in his arms and kissed her with all his might. Shane and Mitchie left the church as the lawfully new wedded couple and Mitchie won. Not just a chance to live her dreams in Cambridge. Not just to become a surgeon. But she won the marry Shane Grey competition where she was the new Mrs. Shane Grey and she didn't even compete! She didn't have to because Shane gave his heart to Mitchie with love and trust. Oh! And did I mention that the girls who did competed for Shane's heart and to become his wife end up catering and serving this wedding. Mrs. Grey came to, of course it's her son's wedding but was relocated in an unusual table. A table filled with sticky, chocolaty kids, well good luck Mrs. Grey.

So Cinderella...I-I mean Mitchie (wink-wink) lived a new life with Shane as she went to Cambridge and graduated at the top of her class and became one of the most successful and wealthy surgeons out there and Shane still continued his rocking out. Later, after Mitchie graduated they relocated back to Beverly Hills but a more happier, safer part and open up a successful clinic where they lived happily ever after.

But the story is not over yet as they welcome a new Grey or two Greys for that fact, into the family. That's right a year after Mitchie graduated, she gave birth to Shane and her child, "Kevin Torres-Grey". And a year later, their daughter Isabella Torres-Grey was born. Mitchie got her happy ending, Shane got his wife, and they have beautiful babies together. And hey! Mitchie was right, love is wonderful and when you find the perfect one, you know your set for life.


The End


So what do you guys think? That's it, that's the end! Maybe...Anyways, i didn't want to drag the story on for chapters, i want people to look back and to read every chapter and know it was small but big on love! If u guys really like it and i get a LOT of reviews, i might make a sequel... ;)