Drabble Different
Author Devylish
Fandom Grey's Anatomy
Words 318
Disclaimer On profile
AN Just a little look at a different world, filled with different pairings.


CALLIE: "I thought we weren't going to do this?"

DEREK: "Do what?"

CALLIE: "Get handsy at work."

DEREK: "Tell you what, we don't have to move them around. You just put your hands... right there, and I'll put my hands... right here feels good."

CALLIE: "Someone's going to see us."

DEREK: "We're in a corner. But we could go into an on call room if you want to."

CALLIE: "No! Nuh uh, no more on call rooms. I lose too many pieces of clothing in on call rooms with you."

DEREK: "You never seem to complain when you're losing them."

CALLIE: "Mmmm, you're always... mmm, distracting me."

DEREK: "Like now?"

CALLIE: "Mmmm."


MEREDITH: "Okay, uh, wow, that was... wow!"

MARK: "You say that like you're surprised."

MEREDITH: "No, I just... I mean you have this reputation and..."

MARK: "And?"

MEREDITH: "I thought that that was all it was. Just...talk."

MARK: "But?"

MEREDITH: "Stop fishing for compliments, Sloan."

MARK: "Stop trying to avoid giving me my well deserved compliments, Grey."

MEREDITH: "...they are well deserved... And you can wipe that grin off of your face right now; I was one half of that amazing sex we just had."

MARK: "I do seem to recall you being there."

MEREDITH: "Seem to recall?"

MARK: "Ow, ow, ow! I recall! I recall! You were amazing! Amazing! Let go!"


MARK: "Or... ohhhhh, uhmmm, yeah... don't let go, just... yeah, keep doing that... right... there."

MEREDITH: "Now who's 'wow'?"


YANG: "Are they...?"

KAREV: "Yup."

YANG: "But they don't..."

KAREV: "Looks like they do."

YANG: "... since when?"

KAREV: [shrug]

YANG: "But... but... this isn't right!"

KAREV: "Some people have said the same thing about you and me."

YANG: "Well, yeah, but you and me... we actually make sense."

KAREV: "Mm hmm."

YANG: "And we're great in bed."

KAREV: [chuckle]

YANG: "Well we are! ... but them... They! That's just -"

KAREV: "- hot?"

YANG: "It is kind of hot, isn't it?"