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Jace groaned and sat up slowly. He felt as if he had been knocked out by a semi truck.

"Where the *** am I?" He slowly got out of bed and realized the room he was in, it was a fery tasteful dull gold with silver trim, there was a mirror on one wall and he got up to check himself. He had to after all find out where he was

"I think you broke my boyfriend," Magnus pouted at the three after Alec went catatonic and fainted. he had barely comprehended enough of Magnus's sentence to sit up. he rubbed his head where it had hit the wall.

"You said Jace is wha?" Alec stammered at an amused Simon.

Simon himself just nodded, then he smirked and couldn't help recounting the whole tale...


Jace's brain couldn't take the thought of someone being that beautiful, so he looked away and his brain killed the memories brutally and the last thing he remembers is seeing the Wolf things and blacking out.

*Scene of unimaginable violence*

Flashback end

"and so you see we knocked him out rather brutally, wiped his memories of everything beyond the erasors, and dragged him to Clary's home in underhaven. He'll be given a guide to help him once he finds the little extras brought about by that potion." Maia said interrupting Simon saying how much he had ejoyed bringing the *** down a few notches.

Jace looked into the mirror confused. How the Hell had he gotton those he wasn't a Warlock and therefor shouldn't have those sort of eyes, nor should his ears be on top of his head or shaped and colored like a fox's. He had a fuzzy memory of Clary forcing him to the ground.

He had said something, probably wize-ass and She had obviously taken offence at the obviously R rated content of his insinuations and had hit his head rather hard on the cement in a back alley(though he had no idea how they had gotton from the street into the alley)twice before he blacked out.

He supposed he should have some sort of serious injury judging by the force with which she had slammed him. He was also confused as to how she could be so strong. But his mind started going in those directions and he stopped himself. Why oh why didn't his smart-ass genes work around her?

Clary wondered whether that boy thought himself clever, or if he would love her, all she knew was that as the queen of underhaven she would have to lay eggs soon, and could not without a mate.

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