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'Fate? Fate? Sounded okay. Fate, the new dragon slayer.' She thought. 'What was a dragonslayer anyway?'

Suddenly her mind went back to the young man in the room with and her previous thoughts about him. He really was beautiful and couldn't have been much older than herself.

Chesta was sitting near the bed patiently, just incase she needed anything. He sat looking out into space, she was once again drawn into his crystal clear eyes. There was something behind them, a friendly smile, telling her it was all going to be alright

Chesta turned to find her staring at him again and he was beginning to wonder if that blow to the head had given her a weird staring problem. "Do you need anything?"

"Oh! I'm sorry!' She turned her head down blushing. "it's just....uh....what's a dragonslayer?"

"You truly don't know?"

" I don't really know anything right now"

He gave her a look like she was crazy. Fate felt stupid and thought maybe she should have never asked. Then he finally answered and she looked up in surprise.

" A dragonslayer is an advanced soldier, we serve lord Delandau. You're the newest recruit from what I understand."

"I guess. Delandau? He's the one with silverish-white hair?"

"Yes and from what Miguel told me you're not on his good side right now." Fate didn't answer so he decided it was a yes. "You shouldn't get on lord Delandaus bad side, especially in the beginning."

"I didn't mean to, I was only trying to save that boy from getting hurt."

" Miguel? You don't have to worry about him, he can take whatever lord Delandau throws at him. Almost all of us can."

"He hits all of you?"

"When we disobey or something goes wrong in battle. He'll only use his open hand, it doesn't hurt us severely."

"Life here is sounding greater every second I'm here."

"You'll get use to it. He's your leader too, be careful what you say. I warn you, Delandau is a very easily angered person."

Fate stared up at the ceiling for a minute. "Who was that other man, the one who saved me?"

"Tall, cloaked, metal arm?"


"His name is Folken. He saved you? From lord Delandau?"

"He was being rude and Folken told him to stop." She turned her head to the side to look at him. "He isn't very social is he?"

"I wouldn't say he is."

She turned her head back to the ceiling, as if it had suddenly turned so fascinating that she couldn't take her eyes off of it. "Why are you staying with me?"

"You look like you need some company, why? Do you want me to leave?"

"No! No, I don't want you to leave. I don't want to be left alone in this place. Why is it so eerie? I just can't get use to being here! Where should I be right now? Who's looking for me?"

"I thought you can't remember your past."

"I can't...."

"Then how do you know if anyone is looking for you?"

"How do you know that some one isn't then?"

Chestas eyes grew larger like he hadn't expected her to come back with any sort of remark. "Well....um," He attempted to make conversation and was failing miserably.

Fate attempted to sit up once more and winced from the pain but did it none the less. "What's going on? Why did you seek me out just to ask me to join you?"

"Orders from Emperor Dornkirk. They say with you it's a sure bet we'll defeat the dragon and win the war!"

"What war? What are you fighting over?"

"The destiny war, we're fighting for the future of Gea, to stop all conflicts and bring peace and good fortune to Gea."

"You're fighting to STOP conflicts? That doesn't sound like it's going to work. If you fight someone, won't they just fight back?"

"If it's for a good reason they might see it our way, and we'll show them! we're stronger so even if they did fight we'd win anyway!" He looked so sure of himself that victory was on their side.

"You shouldn't be so confident, it'll bring you down in the end." She looked so serious that it brought him back down to reality. "You can fight but you never know the outcome, no one can. Unless you've made a deal with them that they'll loose, you can't say for certain that you'll win."

"What's your deal? What do you want us to loose or something?!"

"I'm just more practical in this aspect. Something tells me that you can believe what you want but,...it doesn't always have to be that way."

"What happened in your past to make you so negative?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "You act like you're 50 or something."

She turned her gaze to the floor and lowered her voice. "I don't know. I just see things in my dreams at times. I've wondered for a while now I guess, I don't know how long. I see this one person in my dreams that makes me wake up screaming."


"How should I know. I don't even know if he's real but I feel connected to him somehow. It's scary, I feel like I should know him but I can't remember....or maybe I don't *want* to remember." She turned her gaze back up at him.

His eyebrows raised in slight surprise. He shook his head, trying to tell her that he didn't know what to tell her. She turned her eyes back to the ground, a smirk from how Ironic it all sounded was spread across her features and she gave a slight chuckle. "It's so stupid isn't it? All this trouble and it might be just because I don't *Want* to remember."

For a moment he thought she'd lost it, but then he saw a glistening streak going down her cheek and realized it was all to cover up her tears. "You'll be fine here. I promise." He tilted her head up by the chin and wiped away her tears.

"Don't tell anyone I cried." She tried t say in a commanding type of voice but Chesta caught the hint of pleading in her voice.

"I won't." He said, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. It was hard being new to this place, he'd just have to help her adjust, that's all.


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