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This story was inspired by redrum by iloveyou123 and Tori Vega by Loopy One, which are both way better than this so you should read them

Also, if you like this story I was thinking of adding more chapters with stories like this, but with other characters, if I were to do it, next would be Cat, then maybe Beck and so on

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-/i'm not your friend ( and she never will be )/-

she's perfect ( because she's everything you are not )

when you got home after your play, your father asked you why you weren't more like her ( you thought he was going to tell you he was proud/\you were just being delusional )

your mom would probably even love her too ( she's everything you should be )

beck keeps looking her way \/shshsh, he claims he loves you\/( just because you pratically have to beg for him to say it doesn't mean its not true/\ you'll just enjoy it while he says it )

she saved you from getting beaten up with a stick/\ its your fake black eye all over again/\ you just say you didn't need her help ( you hate that she keeps being so nice to you )

cat keeps posting all about her "bff" tori on the slap /you heart b-r-e-a-k-s a bit everytime you come across it/\ ( she just stole your best friend/it doesn't surprise you )

sikowitz asked her what she wanted to be, she said a pop star ( she keeps getting the lead in every play )

you remember once getting the lead in steamboat suzy when you were seven/\ the only play in which both your parents saw you act (before words such as divorce and cheating were thrown around)/\ ( hollywood arts was going to do a production of it, tori got the lead/ you didn't really expect anything else )

even with all her so-called flaws, she's still the cover girl for perfection ( you like to think she isn't really as great as she seems/\ you know you are just being set up for dissapointment )

She wants both of you to be friends/\ isn't she the s*w*e*e*t*e*s*t person you know? (She makes you want to vomit)/\ ( she doesn't know that's the only reason why it would never happen/\ you would never have everything you want, now why should she? )

she never ceases to be there, beating you in all the things you were supposed to be the best at /\she's sikowitz prodigy/\ ( you realize someone like her would always be there /and always is a long time/\ you are resolved into not letting that happen )

knock, knock
who's there?
no longer you

you simply pull the trigger

"i'm not your friend'', you tell her one last time