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Three months later ... Autumn

Thursday Night

Castle's Loft – 20:02pm – Lounge Area

It was a typical Thursday night at the Castle Loft. It had been three months since the shooting, since Dallas Grant's death and her mother's case, finally being closed and three months since she had been living with the Castles. The brunette detective was curled up in the corner of the couch, novel in hand; absorbed in Naked Heat.

This morning she had been given great news from the doctor. He said she was ready to go back out in the field; she was allowed to start punching boxing bags and chasing suspects, and was also allowed to partake in more physical activities. The last she was a little nervous but excited about, it had been three months and she and Rick still hadn't been intimate.

It's not that she didn't want to, she had made advances toward him several times over the last week but he always seem to pull back. When she finally snapped at him, demanding to know why, he told her he wanted the doctor to give the okay first and today he did.

For the last six weeks, Kate had been stuck on desk duty; she was slowly going insane, not being able to be out into the field. It also gave her a lot of time to think and she strongly disliked thinking. After she left the hospital this morning, after her check-up, the brunette headed straight into work and informed Captain Hunter that she was given the all clear to go, expecting to be put on a case right away.

Flashback – Earlier Today

The brunette detective entered the Captain's office. At first it had been strange to walk into this room and not see Montgomery behind the desk. But as time passed, she slowly got over it. She would miss Roy; he had been like a second father to her. But he did what he did to protect her and that was something she would never forget.

The Captain was sitting behind her desk, writing something in some file, as Kate stopped in front of the older woman's desk.

"Yes, Detective Beckett?" Nicole asked, lifting her gaze from the file she was filling out.

Kate handed the Captain the piece of paper she had in her hands, that signed her off from field work. The older woman retrieved the slip of paper from the younger brunette and looked at it.

"I am ready, Cap!" Kate informed her boss.

Nicole placed the piece of paper on her desk, raising her gaze to meet the eager eyes of the young detective. Nicole thought that one day she would make a great Captain. She had drive and compassion, which was not something Nicole came by often.

"I had a talk with Dr Jones this morning," the Captain began.

Kate chewed on her bottom lip. For the last six weeks she had been ordered to see Dr Alison Jones, the department Psychiatrist. When an officer of the law goes through a traumatic event, like being shot, he or she has to see a therapist just to make sure they hadn't gone nuts. Well, that's how Kate saw it.

"She informs me that you're not very talkative at your sessions. You've been seeing her three times a week for the last six weeks and you still haven't spoken about the shooting," Nicole divulged. She watched as the detective's face turned serious, and folded her arms across her chest in a defensive position.

"What am I meant to say, I got shot and it sucked!" the brunette answered, raising her voice slightly. "That the person I have been chasing for the last eleven years is finally dead! That the guy I looked up to is dead. That for a long time, I wasn't sure if I still wanted to be a cop. That the only reason I joined the force was to catch my mother's killer and make sure that this didn't happen to anybody else's family, that they got the justice their loved ones deserve!" she exploded, unsure as to where all that came from.

"Yeah, that would have been a place to start, Kate" the female voice answered from behind her. The detective turned around; standing in the doorway was the department's shrink. Kate was now worried. After the shrink had witnessed that little explosion, she would surely be stuck on desk duty for a lot longer.

"You're a great detective, Kate. You have drive, compassion and heart, but you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders," Alison began.

Kate dropped her head. 'Here it comes,' she thought. Here is where the therapist tells her that it is best if she took more time off.

"I am signing off for you to go back in the field," she informed the brunette.

The young detective lifted her head and looked at the women, marvelled. "What?" she questioned. Kate had not seen that coming.

Alison was confused as she looked at the detective. "I was under the impression that you wanted to return to work?" she began, Kate just nodded.

"Like I said, I will allow you to go back out in the field on one condition," the shrink added, holding up one finger.

Kate rolled her eyes and sighed. Alison caught the eye roll and heard the sigh and a smile played at the older woman's lips. "I want to keep seeing you, once a week for at least the next six weeks. Like I said, you're a great detective but you keep too much bottled up. So do we have a deal?" she asked the detective.

Kate wasn't looking forward to continuing with her visits to the shrink but what choice did she have. If it meant that she could get back out into the field, back to bringing justice to the voiceless, then she would tolerate seeing the doctor for a few more weeks, for an hour, once a week.

"Deal," she answered, Kate then turned and looked at the Captain who was watching the exchange between the two Caucasian women.

"Okay Detective Beckett, you're off desk duty. The next call that comes in, is all yours," Nicole informed the younger woman. "That will be all, Detective."

Kate nodded, before leaving the office and heading back to her desk.

Music was softly drifting through the loft as the brunette read. Alexis was at the end of the couch, typing a paper up on her laptop. This was the teenager's final year before she headed off to college. Kate was a little sad to know Alexis would be gone soon; she liked the girl, the two had grown close over the past three months. They had become really good friends, talked about nearly everything. There were a few topics that the two just didn't discuss.

Kate had been surprised to learn that Ashley and Alexis had already gotten physical, but the teen insured her that they were being safe. Even though she wasn't the girl's mother, on some level she felt responsible for the teen. She had been living with them for three months and during that time they had become this little family unit, which kind of scared her.

She loved Rick; that much she knew, and she loved Alexis as if she was her own. Kate could never take the place of her mother; no one could do that. She was just happy that Alexis cared for her enough to let her in. Kate knew that Alexis had been young when Meredith had cheated on Rick and left them for LA.

The thought of returning back to her apartment and not waking up beside Rick every morning unsettled her. She loved their lazy Sunday mornings; how they would just stay in bed till almost lunch time, kissing and just talking. Tonight Kate was planning to finally be truly intimate with her partner. She had waited three months so she could heal, and now that the doctor had given her the green light, she was excited.

As Kate let herself get lost in Rick's latest novel, Naked Heat, reading yet another steamy love scene between Rook and Nikki, her insides tingled. The more she read his intimate scenes, the more she wanted to feel them, to test if he was as good in bed as he was on paper.

The loud shrill of the phone ringing pulled Kate out of her fictional fantasy and brought the detective crashing back to earth. Her hazel-greens fell on the phone that was in front of her on the glass coffee table. The brunette sighed, leaning forward and scooping it up.

"Castle Loft," she answered, and then waited for a response.

A chuckle echoed through the receiver and into her ear, followed by a familiar voice, with the hint of an Australian accent. "Hey Kiddo," her voice was filled with excitement.

"Hey Martha, what time is it there?" she curiously asked, knowing about the sixteen-hour time difference. She has been there for two months already with her husband; they had eloped before leaving for Australia. Donavan had business to take care of over there; the two then decide to stay for a few months, for their honeymoon.

"10am on a Friday morning, the spring weather is fabulous and with all of the young hunks that walk around without shirts, I'm loving the casual dress code down under," the older woman answered, with amusement. "If I wasn't married to the love of my life, I could see myself a very happy woman. Aussie men are flirts. If you weren't dating my son, I could definitely recommend a few good men down here," she told Kate.

The brunette let a chuckle escape her throat, a smile taking place on her lips. "Yeah, it's a shame I am in love with your son," she played along. Kate turned her attention to the teen who now was sitting right beside her, her blue eyes filled with excitement.

"Um, there is a teenager here who is just dying to talk to you," Kate divulged before handing the phone over to Alexis.

"Hey Grams," she heard Alexis say into the phone, as she hopped up, giving them some privacy to talk. Kate made her way through the lounge area and headed in the direction of Rick's study, where he had been most of the afternoon.

Rick's Study

Kate leaned against the doorway, arms folded, watching him as he remained absorbed in his own little world. His fingers ran across the keyboard, his eyes were glued to the computer screen and he had a serious expression on his face. It was cute.

Rick had finished the novel 'Always' last month and was now getting a copy made for Kate. He was going to give it to her on her birthday. This afternoon he had been inspired for the new Nikki Heat novel, the name was still pending, but there were three names rolling around in his head.

There was another reason why he had locked himself in the office all afternoon and evening, Kate being the reason. This morning she had told him that the doctor gave her the all clear to go back out in the field and to do other things. He knew that physically she was fine; she had been for the last few weeks. She had gotten up early every morning and gone for a run. Informing him that she had to burn off some pent up energy, his beautiful partner had tried to release some of that energy on him over the last week but he pulled back every time.

It wasn't that he didn't want to make love to his partner, there was nothing more in the world that he wanted than to the touch every single inch of his beautiful partner, but he was just a little scared of hurting her. So he told her that they would hold off until the doctor said it was okay, and this morning he did; Rick had called him when Kate was in a meeting with the Captain to double check. When it hit four pm and still no body had dropped, had suggested that they should go home early and do something more productive with their time than paperwork. That's when he informed her that he was just about to head home to get stuck into his novel. He had seen the disappointment in her eyes.

So here he was, sitting behind his desk and getting lost in the fictional world of Nikki and Rook. At the moment, only intimate scenes were filling the page, which was frustrating the hell out of him since he could be having the real thing right now.

He knew she was standing in the doorway watching him. It took all of the willpower in him not to turn and look at her, she was god damn alluring.

The brunette pushed herself off the wall and entered the office, closing the door behind her. As she began sauntering toward him, the strong smell of cherries filled his nostrils and unable to concentrate, Rick had stopped typing. This woman drove him insane, worse now since he knew he could have her. Fantasizing was one thing, but reality was much, much better.

He slowly tore his gaze from the computer screen and fixed it on Kate; she was still sauntering toward him, a sexy smile on her lips, her eyes filled with lust. Her hair looked damp which explained the cherry smile; she had recently had a bath. Oh how he wished that he could have joined her; his imagine ran wild with images of her naked and soapy.

The beautiful woman was driving him insane. Even in yoga pants and a white tight tee-shirt, she looked sexy. Her long, light brunette hair had a few natural curls in it, framing her face. He watched as she walked around his desk and stood in front of him, spinning his chair to face her before sitting down across his lap and turned her body to face him.

Kate locked her eyes on Rick's stony blues, without either of them saying a word. She ran her hands up his toned upper body and snaked her arms around his neck. Pulling him closer to her, his gaze dropped to her lips before meeting her eyes again, she bit on her bottom lip, suppressing a chuckle. She loved having this effect over him. She loved how every time he looked at her, it was like she was the only person in the world he could see.

His hands were resting on her hips; his thumbs were rubbing small circles against her skin. She loved the feel of his touch against her skin. His fingers sent shivers throughout her body, every single time. The brunette closed the distance between them and her lips captured his, in what started out as a slow, enticing kiss.

Kate poured everything she felt for this man into that kiss; her tongue sliding across his lips, begging entrance, which he happily allowed. As his tongue slid across hers, she released a satisfied moan. As the kiss deepened, Kate detached her arms from around his neck and ran them down past his shoulder and down his chest before her fingers gripped the body of his shirt and slowly began lifting it up, her fingers trailing behind, brushing against his skin.

They broke apart so she could lift his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor. A moment later his lips found the sweet spot on her neck and she arched her neck back, allowing him open access as he began trailing kisses along it.

The touch of his lips against her neck was driving her crazy, and her mind was going completely foggy, as Rick's lips moved further down her neck, pressing a kiss on the top of her breast, her nipple hardening through the white top. She could feel his hands underneath her shirt, massaging her stomach. She just wished he would rip her shirt off already, she hated being teased.

Rick's hands slid up along the length of his partner's toned body as he pressed kisses against her breast. He could see that she was already aroused because her nipples were hard and visible through the white v-neck tee. Rick noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, that little vixen. He could feel her hands running down his back, pulling him even closer, stopping at his hips, then sliding around the front, her fingers finding the top button of his jeans.

Rick lifted his lips from her skin and captured Kate's once again, the kiss turning more heated and urgent. He removed his hands from under her top and brought them up to her face, cupping it.

"Rick," she moaned, seductively in between kisses. He couldn't take the wait any longer; all the fear he had been holding onto had seem disappear. "I ... need ... you ... now," she uttered between kisses. He felt exactly the same; needing to touch and taste every inch of her, knowing that his office was not the right place for the first time they made love.

"Bedroom," he moaned.

Kate pulled back, lust dancing in her eyes, and as she looked into his, a smile spread across her face. Hopping up, she laced her fingers with his and pulled him behind her as she led him toward the door.

A knock at the door made them freeze on the spot, and a moment later Alexis' voice called out. "Kate, Detective Esposito calling."

Kate lowered her head and groaned. Of course a body had to drop right now. Rick snaked his arms around her midriff, pulling her close. She molded into him, feeling his heart beating against her back. A moment later he was pressing kisses to the back of her shoulder, as she tilted her head to the right.

"Coming?" she called out. A moment later the door opened and standing in front of them was a redheaded teen with two phones in hand.

"Oh god," Alexis answered, turning red. Her shirtless father pulled back from Kate as soon as he spotted his daughter standing in the doorway, her face matching her hair.

"Alexis, what are you doing here?" he exclaimed, standing behind his partner as if she was a shield.

"I thought you said 'Come in'." she defended, thrusting the detective's phone toward her, before turning around and leaving.

Rick walked back over toward his desk and grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head before he walked back toward the door. "I better go talk to her," he told Kate in passing. The brunette was still a little shell-shocked about the entire situation and watched as her partner left the room.

Another moment passed before she brought her phone to her ear. "Hey Espo," she managed. A moment passed before her teammate responded.

"Hey boss, ready for your first case back?" he asked through the phone. "Little Castle didn't just walk in on mom and dad doing the tango, did she?" he asked, with amusement.

Kate rolled her eyes at his comment. "You timing sucks!" she growled into the phone as she walked out of the room.

Central Park – 20:31pm

Kate pulled Rick's black SUV up ten metres away from the crime scene beside the other detectives' cars. It usually took fifteen minutes to get from the loft to Central park but Kate and Rick both had to change before leaving, and there had been traffic on top of that.

The brunette hopped out of the car, now in black jeans, a deep red v-neck sweater, with a black leather jacket over it, and black Ugg boots. She was still easing her way back into heels. She had her hair pulled up and back into a ponytail, out of her face. There was a slight breeze in the night air.

Central Park was beautiful in Autumn, the leaves on the trees were changing colour so there was wonderful array of reds, gold's and some greens surrounding the park. Leaves had begun to fall and cover the ground. Kate remembered playing 'Crunch the leaves' when she was younger; her mother would play with her. A sad smile touched her lips at the memory.

The park was well lit up; she could see the crime scene taped off and uniforms surrounded the area. There were onlookers behind the yellow tape trying to catch a peek of the body; Kate let out a disgusted grunt. What the hell was so fascinating about a dead body? Did they ever stop to think about the family behind the crime scene?

Kate felt a hand press against the small of her back, knowing automatically that is was Rick. This was their first crime scene back together since the shooting. He had been good with no PDA at the precinct, which she knew would have taken him a lot of will power. Whenever they weren't at work and in the same room, he always had some sort of physical contact with her but also knew when to give her space.

It was common knowledge at the precinct that the two were a couple, they often spotted detectives and other officers watching them, subtle they were not. A glare from the brunette usually made them look away. Rick found it amusing, and she found it annoying. It was public knowledge that the two were dating since they had been photographed a few times when they'd been out in public.

As the two walked side by side toward the crime scene, no words were said; no words needed to be said. As they approached the uniformed officer standing guard in front of the yellow tape, Kate flashed her badge, followed by Rick flashing his new ID, for the first time at a crime scene. She turned and looked at her partner; he looked proud holding it up, like a kid getting an A on his paper. The officer had a slight smile too as he lifted the tape and they stepped under.

The brunette detective and her partner began walking toward the crime scene. Kate was walking a little slower than she usually did, preparing herself for what she was about to come across. Rick matched her pace, looking at her a little concerned but not saying anything. His hands were firmly by his side, she could tell he was fighting himself, wanting to comfort her.

This was always the hardest part of a case, meeting the body; looking at a lifeless soul with a story that yet has to be told. The detective and her writer stopped just before Lanie, who was crouched over the body, doing her thing. Kate's eyes fell on the victim, she looked so young, early to mid twenties. She was really pretty, her hair a shade darker than her own, her piercing blue eyes staring at Kate. The victim was a slender young woman, dressed in business attire, a dark blue pant suit.

"C.O.D?" Kate managed, not shifting her eyes from the young woman.

"Hi to you too," Lanie grumbled as she turned around to face her best friend. "I hear that we interrupted something ..." she teased, shooting a look at the writer who stood beside her best friend.

"Lanie, focus!" the brunette detective responded.

The Medical Examiner looked at her friend a little concerned, her posture was stiff and her gaze hadn't left the body, her voice serious. She shot a concerned look to Rick; his expression was almost identical to his partner's.

"GSW in the back of the head," Lanie answered, slowly standing up. "She was killed around three hours ago," she added.

"Execution style," Rick spoke up. "This wasn't done by just an ordinary person," he added. Both women turned their gazes on the writer.

Kevin walked toward his boss and her puppy. "Hey Boss, Castle," he greeted, standing opposite from the pair. "Body was found by a couple taking a romantic moonlight stroll through the park, when they came across her," he gestured to the body.

"Bet that killed the mood," Rick responded, solemnly.

Kate could tell he wasn't being sarcastic or a jackass, it was like an automatic response. He was still looking at the young woman, crestfallen. Kate turned her gaze toward the witnesses. Javier was talking to them, nodding along to what the guy was saying, and the woman seemed distraught. Seeing a dead body is never easy. It can haunt you for a long time; her mother had been her first real dead body.

Kate turned her attention back to her teammate and asked, straightforward. "Do we know who she is?" her gaze landed on Kevin.

"Nah, she had no ID on her. We have uniforms canvassing at the moment," he explained. Kate sighed, of course this was going to be one of those cases. Her thoughts were interrupted by Lanie's voice.

"Castle, what are you doing?" Lanie questioned. Kate watched as Rick's glove clad hand pressed the victim's thumb onto the screen of his phone. She saw a light run up and down the screen like he was scanning the print.

"How did you ..." she began to question him. That App was for government officials, like FBI agents.

Rick stood up, his phone in hand. Shifting his gaze from the screen, he fixed it on his partners. "Fingerprint scanner that is connected to my dad's security lab," he explained. "Early birthday present," he added, with a smile.

The brunette smiled back, bitting her bottom lip. She couldn't help it. His smiles were contiguous, like the chicken pox. A beeping sound came from his phone, causing him to shift his gaze from hers and look down at his phone.

"Kelly Holmes, 26. Lives at Castle Hill in the Bronx," he read off the small screen. Rick touched the driver's licence photo of the victim and her file opened, his eyes scanned the information, a moment later his face fell.

"What is it, Castle?" Kate asked him, concerned, touching his arm.

Rick felt a hand on his shoulder, ripping his focus from the small screen and shifting it onto the hand that was attached to his partner. She was looking at him, worried.

"She is a single mother of a six-year-old," he explained, somberly. Kate didn't remove her hand from his arm; she gave it a gentle squeeze, knowing that as a single parent himself, this case would be hard on him.

Kate turned her eyes on the Irish detective and ordered. "I want you and Esposito to stay back with the uniforms and make sure every inch of this park is searched for any piece of evidence." She turned back to the body. "Castle and I will go to the vic's and see who is watching the child," she added.

The male detective nodded, before heading off in the direction of his partner.

Kate turned her attention toward her friend. Lanie was removing her gloves as she watched her friend. "I'll get you a more accurate T.O.D by morning," she informed her.

"Thanks Lanie," the detective responded, turning her attention back to her partner, his eyes still looking at the victim. The writer had a lost expression on his face.

"Come on Rick, let's go," she answered, looping her arm through his, getting his attention.

Castle Hill, Bronx – 21:18pm – Apartment Building

Kate gave three hard knocks on the door, and then waited. Rick had his hand resting on the small of her back. She usually wouldn't allow this much PDA but she knew that he needed the contact. On the ride to the home of Kelly Holmes, Rick had been quiet. Not his usual up-beat self, not that she blamed him.

He had received an email from one of the techs from his father's security company with the attached file of the victim, informing them that she has worked for Guardian Angel Adoption Agency for the last five years, as a receptionist. Kelly put herself through tafe and worked as a waitress until she gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter was a year old when she got the job with G.A.A.A. Kelly was in foster care from six months old, when her mother overdosed on heroin and there was no father listed on her birth certificate. She was passed from home to home because she was a quiet child and foster parents didn't like that. She left foster care when she was eighteen.

Kelly's six year old daughter also had no father listed on her birth certificate. Kelly had no family listed, which worried the detective, because that meant that the six year old girl was orphaned.

The door opened and standing in front of them was a teenager, around Alexis' age. The slender, blonde, brown eyed teen looked at them apprehensively.

"Can, I help you?" she asked.

Kate flashed her badge, looking at the teenager curiously. "Detective Kate Beckett, my partner Richard Castle," she began, and the teen's eyes widened. "I am here to speak to whoever is looking after Kelly Holmes daughter, Holly" she explained.

The teen looked worried. "I'm Grace Roberts, the next door neighbor and Holly's baby sitter," she divulged. "Is Kelly okay, she was meant to be home hours ago and she usually calls if she is running late. I've tried calling her but it keeps going to voice mail, so I told my parents that I would stay with Holly until her mom gets home" the teen spoke a-mile-a-minute.

Rick stepped forward, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, giving her a friendly smile. "Grace, we have some difficult news," he began. "Can you go get one of your parents please?" he asked, calmly.

Grace looked at the two adults, highly concerned. "Holly is sleeping, I can't ..." before the teenager could finish, the apartment door behind them opened. Kate and Rick both turned around, spotting an older woman in the doorway. She was an older version of Grace.

"Mrs Roberts?" Kate guessed.

The older woman nodded, pulling her pink robe tighter around herself. "Who are you?" she questioned.

Kate flashed her badge again, repeating herself. "I am detective Kate Beckett, my partner Richard Castle, we have some bad news concerning Kelly Holmes," she began.

The mother looked at them, worried.

"We found her body in central park, under an hour ago," Kate divulged, the mother gasped and the teen started sobbing. The mother crossed the hall, passing the detectives to comfort her daughter.

Lounge Area - 21:26pm

Kate and Rick were standing in the lounge area of the modern two bedroom apartment. Mother and daughter were sitting on worn couch, both still a little stunned; Kate allowed them process the information before she started the questioning.

"What time does Kelly usually get home?" she asked them.

Grace was still pretty upset. She had been the sitter for the last two years; Kelly was a nice woman, kept to herself but still nice.

"Anywhere between 17:30pm – 18:30pm, she calls if she is gonna be working after five" the seventeen-year-old answered. "But tonight, she never called," the teen added, on the verge of tears again.

Kate nodded sympathetically. "Does she have any family?" she asked.

The teenager shook her head, sniffling. "No, she is a very private person, Holly was her only family. Holly had no dad and Kelly never spoke of him," she answered. "What happens with Holly now?" she asked, wiping away a few tears that fell freely.

That was the ultimate question. The child had no family so she would most likely go into the states' care and have the same fate as her mother.

"With us tonight, and most likely until the case is solved, since the child might be in danger," she informed them. "I'll contact social services in the morning," Kate finished.

"Where's mommy?" a small voice asked.

The pair turned their gaze in the direction of the small hallway. Walking toward them was a little girl; she was the spitting image of the victim, the same dark brunette air and piercing blue eyes, dressed in pink Pjay's, hugging a stuffed white tiger.

Grace hopped up from the couch and rushed to the little girl's side, kneeling by her side.

"Where's mommy, Gracie?" the little girl asked again.

Kate was on the verge of tears; she had never told a small child that they would never see their mother again. She turned her eyes on her partner and saw the same sadness in his eyes; it was heartbreaking. The brunette detective took a few steps toward the little girl who was looking at her a little unsurely; she then knelt down in front of the child.

"Hi Holly, I'm Kate," she introduced herself to the girl, keeping her voice steady, holding back the tears. "Your Mommy is with the angels now, sweetheart," she told her.

Tears began falling from the little girl's face as she asked. "Is she coming back?"

Kate was trying really hard not to cry but hearing the little girl ask that, almost sent her over the edge. She blinked the tears away, shaking her head.

"I am sorry sweetie, but Mommy isn't coming back," she answered softly.

The girl began sobbing into her tiger and Kate let a few tears slip herself.

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