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Autopsy – 07:59

Alexis couldn't believe this was actually happening. It was like a scene out of a movie or television show, you don't expect it to happen to you in real life and when it does you're completely numb. She wasn't trained for these situations but had enough common knowledge to know that panicking isn't an option. Her eyes kept flicking back and forth from Noah to Kate's abductor.

Shannon looked at the young cop, cautiously. He held the gun steady on her. She knew there was a high possibility that if she made a move then he would shoot her without hesitation. She knew the girl's father was on his way down but Shannon wasn't the type to just give in. If they found out what she had done to Sidney. That would add to her conviction of murder. She wasn't a fan of getting shot either, but she had to do something.

Noah kept his aim steady. If she moved one inch then he would have no choice but to stop her. He would only wound her though, because dead people don't talk.

"If anything has happened to Kate, I will end you." Lanie finally spoke up after getting over the shock that she was standing a few metres from her best friend's abductor. "Understood?" her eyes were locked on the dark haired woman.

Alexis felt tears stinging her eyes. Just the thought of Kate not being in her life was heartbreaking. She was the best thing to happen to her family in a long time. Kate was the mother she always longed for.

"Where is she?" Alexis pleaded. "Where's Kate?" the teenager demanded a little stronger.

Shannon didn't move her eyes from the young cop with the gun, but she could hear the pain in the younger woman's voice. She knew what pain was. What it felt like to have something that means so much, ripped from her life. She only ever wanted to be loved.

"If I can't have her, no one can."


Rick had met Javier in the elevator. He had just dropped Lanie off at her office before heading up to the bullpen. The two were making their way down the Corridor towards the room where the two people that meant the world to them, were. They had no idea what they were walking into.

Javier had called the Captain from the elevator and notified her of the situation. He had shot a quick text to his partner, informing him of their location and situation. He hoped that his girl was okay. He still had nightmares about the time her and Jenny got abducted several months ago.

Both stopped running when they reached a few metres from the doors and quietly began creeping closer towards it. Both men had their weapons drawn and were down low. They could heard talking, shouting actually. It was the voice of a very pissed off Medical Examiner.


"... and no one will find your body!" Lanie promised.

The automatic doors opened.

Alexis and Lanie turned their eyes towards the automatic doors when they heard them open. No one was there.

"Dad?" Alexis called out, panic mixed with hope in her voice.

Noah hadn't moved his eyes from the CSU investigator. He knew backup was on its way down and didn't plan to let the older dark haired woman out of his sight until she was in cuffs.

A long moment passed with no response. It was dead quiet. If a pin dropped, it would be heard. It felt like time was standing still.

"HANDS IN THE AIR!" erupted from behind the woman, causing them both to scream in surprise.

Rick and Javier entered the room, guns raised on Shannon.

Shannon instantly shot her hands up, knowing that there was no way she would get out of this situation alive if she made a move. She locked her eyes on the blue eyed writer. He was staring back, shooting daggers at her. She watched as the Hispanic detective walked towards her and ordered her to put her hands behind her head.

She did as ordered, her eyes not leaving the writers.

Javier holstered his gun and removed his cuffs from his pant belt and began cuffing Shannon, while reading her, her rights.

Noah and Rick both holstered their guns onto the back of their belts.

Noah turned his eyes on the upset teenager. She looked so fragile and it was killing him. Without thought, he pulled her into his arms and she didn't fight him. Instead, she melted into his embrace and rested her head on his chest.

"I got you, Red." He promised. "I got you."

Rick knew his daughter was okay for the moment, so he shifted his focus on Kate's abductor. She was looking at him, soullessly. He stopped opposite from her and crossed his arms across his broad chest. "Where is she?" Rick demanded, his blue eyes glaring into the abductor's eyes. He remembered seeing her at a few recent crime scenes, since Holly had come into his life he hasn't been in the field as much as he used to. She always smiled at Kate whenever she spoke to her.

"Where is she?" Rick demanded.

Shannon just smirked at him.

"Oh my God ... Sid," Lanie shouted from her office. "Somebody call an ambulance."

All eyes shot towards the offices.

Alexis pulled away from the safe arms of her new friend and ran towards the offices, pulling her phone from her pockets. She stopped in the doorways and gasped. She spotted Lanie checking over the older male Medical Examiner, Doctor Sidney Perlmutter. He looked to be knocked out, cold. She dropped her gaze to her phone and hit the appropriate number, her fingers trembling.

Interrogation – 08:25

Rick was sitting opposite of Kate's abductor, staring her down. They had been in here for ten minutes, just glaring at each other. Shannon hadn't said a word and Rick had only asked her once where Kate's location was.

Kevin was in the bullpen and was digging into Shannon Down's history. Lanie went to the hospital with Doctor Perlmutter. Rick had asked Noah to take Alexis home and stay with her until he called. She went without protest.

Javier had been the one asking the questions but she just ignored him, her eyes fixed on the writer. "Do you know how much time you will get for abducting a detective, add murder to it and you won't see the light of day. So tell me where she is?" Javier demanded, slamming his hands on the table in front of her.

Shannon jumped slightly but didn't shift her eyes from their current location.

Rick knew that with every minute that passed, Kate could be in more danger. He was tired of the silence and wanted answers. "If anything and I mean anything happens to her, you won't live to see another day," he promised, his voice filled with ice.

A knock at the door pulled Javier's attention from the interrogation and stormed towards the door, yanking it open to reveal his partner.

"She has been working as a CSU investigator for ten years. She has moved around a lot and has only been in New York for six months.I have two addresses for her, she lives at two hundred- eight west, twenty-third street; apartment twelve." Kevin divulged. "Her parents died in a car accident six months ago and she was left with their townhouse in Chelsea. It's on four thirty-two west, twenty second street."

Javier absorbed in all the information. "What do you think Apartment or townhouse?"

Kevin looked passed his partner and at the woman who abducted his boss and friend. "Apartment is twenty minutes away and the townhouse is under ten. Kate was taken at Remy's, which is closer to the townhouse. I would go there first," he shared.

Javier nodded in agreement. "We'll send another team to the apartment. Update the Captain and meet me at the car," he ordered.

Kevin nodded, and then headed off.

Javier turned around and looked at the writer who was now standing and looking at him, serious. "You coming?" he asked.

Rick just nodded as he walked towards him. He stopped at the door and turned, looking at Shannon. "You better hope that we find her alive."

Shannon looked at him, calm. "By the time you find her, it'll be too late."

Rick clenched his fist by his side, fighting the urge to strangle her. He walked out of the room, following the detective.

Loft – 08:30

Alexis walked into the loft, Noah right behind her. She closed the door and made her way towards the open lounge area, spotting her little sister and grandmother right away.

"Sissy," Holly announced, hopping off the couch and running towards her.

Alexis scooped the little brunette up and gave her a big Castle hug. "I want momma," she cried. Alexis hugged her tighter, whispering. "Me too, Holly. Me too."

The two hugged for a few minutes before Alexis pulled back and looked at the little girl, whipping the tears from her eyes. "It's gonna be okay," she promised.

Shannon's Townhouse – 08:38

The boys were first at the house, a few minutes later they were greeted by backup. All were armed and protected. All they knew about this townhouse was that it contained three bedrooms and was two stories, but just by looking on the outside, it looked to have an attic.

They had the paramedics waiting out front just in case they were needed. If Kate needed help ASAP, she was going to get it.

"Let's get in there," Rick ordered, heading for the door. He stopped in front of it and booted it open. His eyes searched the area before he entered, followed by the two detective and several cops.

After each room had been search, Clear was shouted and the team moved to the next floor and did a sweep.

"Kate," Rick shouted. "Kate, are you here?"


Kevin headed for the basement while his partner and friend took to the stairs in search of the female detective. A few officers followed him, they began creeping down the stairs to the dark basement. Their weapons were drawn and eyes fixed towards the bottom. Someone hit on the light and basement lit up. The humming from a freezer, echoed.

The basement looked empty. Nothing was down here but a large freezer. Kevin and the officers began walking across the cement flooring and towards the white freezer. Freezers in basements never led to anything good. Kevin knew he was going to find something unnerving in there.

He stopped opposite of the huge freezer and took a breath before opening the door. His eyes widened at the contents in the freezer. "Oh god," he muttered.

Main bedroom

Javier looked around the room, his eyes taking in his surroundings. It looked like a normal bedroom. He walked further in and on the bed he noticed a blonde wig and fur coat. Beside the bed was a large suitcase, it was big enough to fit the slender detective in if she was jammed in. He felt sick.

He heard a low humming and began walking towards the closet. His weapon was raised towards the door as he opened it with his other hand and his eyes fell on a monitor. He holstered his weapon and looked at the screen. That's when he saw Kate.

"¡Dios mío," slipped from his lips.


Rick opened the door and his eyes scanned the room. He spotted her within seconds and shock absorbed through him. Her arms were cuffed to the bed and her legs were tired down. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving. He rushed into the room and dropped onto the bed beside her. He worked quickly to pick the locks on the handcuffs, before untying her feet.

"HELP, SOMEBODY GET HELP!" he shouted as he worked to free her from her bounds.

Rick scooped the love of his life into his arms and felt for a pulse. One was there, but barely. He brushed the hair from her face and brushed his fingers across her cheek. What did she do to her? The other victims were drugged so most likely Kate was also. He had done his research on the drug after going over the case files of the last two victims. It was a deadly drug.

He couldn't lose her, not now or ever. They were meant to grow old together. They still had to get married and have half a dozen more kids. Rick would give anything to have her yell at him right now. He refused to lose her now. "Wake up, beautiful. Please wake up," he pleaded as tears spilled from his eyes. "I need you. Our girls need you," he whispered, holding her close.

Javier entered the room with a few officers behind him. His eyes fell on his friend and his boss, who was practically family. She looked fragile in the writer's strong embrace. Why wasn't she moving?

A long minute later he watched as a few paramedics entered the room and quickly got to work. They did a quick check over before moving her onto a gurney and strapping her in.

"I think she has been drugged ... GHB," Rick informed them. He received a nod from one of the paramedics before they rushed her out of the room. Rick just stood there for a moment, stunned.

Lenox Hill Hospital - 09:11 – Nurse's Station

Rick was pacing the floor of the nurses' station, his mind running rapid. He had just called Jim and informed him of the situation. Twenty minutes ago he had called his mother. Rick just couldn't break this kind of news to his daughters.

He turned his eyes on Lanie. She was sitting in a chair, her head dropped in her hands. Lanie had been here already, checking on Perlmutter. Javier had called and informed her of what was going on. Shannon had knocked him on the head from behind when she entered autopsy and just left him there. The doctors thought he would be alright but they wanted to keep him here for a few days because of the head trauma.

"Dad," he heard being called. He would know that voice anywhere. He turned his eyes in the direction of the voice and spotted his family and Noah Chase walking towards him. Holly had her toy white tiger with her, hugging him close.

"Daddy, where's Mommy," the little brunette asked, upset.


"Mr Castle?" an unfamiliar voice called.

Rick turned his eyes towards the doors and saw a doctor in a white lab coat, walking towards him. He just nodded in response.

"Hi Mr Castle," the doctor greeted him, deadpanned. "I'm Doctor Wes. I understand that you're marked as Katharine Beckett's next of kin so I can update you on her condition. When Kate was brought in, she was under a strong dose of GHB and unconscious. Under the last twenty four hours, her body has been through a lot of stress. She was dehydrated and hasn't consumed food in at least fifteen hours. She has had several light doses of the drug GHB through her system but the last one that she was given just over an hour ago was a lot stronger and knocked her unconscious. Kate has slipped into a coma. We have her on an IV at the moment and within the hour we will be moving her to her room, a private room according to your instructions ..."

Rick couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kate was in a coma. He felt numb. The last time that she had slipped into a coma after her shooting, she had been out for days. But she had also been through more trauma with the shooting than now.

"Mr Castle? Mr Castle?" the doctor asked when the writer didn't respond to his question. He looked spaced out, shock most likely.

"Dad," Alexis addressed, touching her father's arm.

Rick snapped out of his haze and turned his eyes on his oldest. She was looking at him with those crystal blue orbs that were filled with sadness. "Hmm?" he responded.

"Mr Castle?" the doctor repeated.

Rick turned his attention onto the doctor. "Yeah?"

Private room – 09:55

Rick was sitting by Kate's bedside, clutching her hand and just waiting for her to wake up. Holly was on the bed, lying beside her but being carefully not to touch her IV. She was just talking to her, normally, telling her about their trip to the zoo because Rick told her that even though mommy was sleeping, she could still hear what she was saying.

Lanie had visited with Kate and did her own check over before telling the writer that she would be back later that day but to keep her updated with any change. She had to get back to work.

Alexis was sitting on the couch near the window, Noah was beside her. The two weren't touching but were close. Alexis seemed in a daze. Martha was on the phone to Donavan. He was in Australia at the moment but promised to be home within the next few days. He was dealing with a pressing matter.

Rick was partly listening to his youngest chat away while the other part of him was thinking how close he had come to losing Kate again. Just imagining life without her made his stomach turn.

"Rick," Jim called as he entered the hospital room. He had received a call from the writer a while ago that almost made his heart stop. His baby girl was in the hospital, again. He had been walking on eggshells since hearing about her disappearance yesterday afternoon. Rick had promised him that he would find her and bring her back.

The novelist turned his eyes on the older blue eyed man. He detached his hand from Kate's and stood up. He began making his way across the room and met Jim half way.

"Any change," Jim asked the younger man.

Rick shook his head. "No, still asleep."

Jim patted his shoulder before walking passed him and towards his daughter.

"Hey Holly," Jim greeted his granddaughter.

Holly smiled at her grandfather. "Poppy, Momma's asleep but daddy said she can still hear me so I'm telling her about the Zoo."

A sad smile stole his lips as he dropped down into the chair that the writer had been sitting in only moments ago. He listened as the little brunette continued to talk to Kate. Jim loved the innocents in Holly. It reminded him of when Kate was little.


Hours had passed and still no change in Kate's condition. Her heart rate was going steady but she was still comatose. Holly had grown restless, which was usual for a six year old being cooped up in a hospital room. Twenty minutes ago Alexis and Noah took her with them for lunch. Noah seemed like a good kid, even though he wasn't sure that he wanted his daughter dating a cop. He didn't want her to live with the same fear that he did every time Kate went out of that door. But he also knew his daughter and knew that she was old enough to make her own decisions. At the moment they were just friends, it might stay like that.

His mother had received a call from her acting school and headed off with the promise of being back within a few hours.

It was only Jim and he left in this room, both waiting for the same thing. It was so quiet. Rick hated the quiet, because it made his mind wounder. And when his mind wondered, it connected theories and the worst possibilities. It was his own private hell.

"Castle?" a familiar male voice announced.

Rick turned his eyes on the two male detectives that entered the room. He got to his feet and walked towards them. They both looked at him concerned.

"Any news?" Kevin asked the writer, hopeful.

Rick shook his head. "Still comatose, the doctor said that we have to wait for the drugs to leave her system. That could take up four to six hours. She then has to wake up, but they said since she slipped into a coma, it could take days before she wakes up."

Both just nodded.

Jim joined Rick side and greeted the two detectives that he had meet a few times before. They were good boys and pretty much brother's to Kate. "So who did this to my Katie?" he questioned.

Both detectives looked at the writer and he nodded his head. "A woman named Shannon Down," Javier supplied.

Rick cleared his throat. "Did she talk?"

"She went mute on us, luckily we found the pictures, journals and the hearts of the last two victims in her house to prosecute her for two counts of murder and abduction and attempted murder on a homicide detective," the Irish detective informed him.

Rick felt a little better hearing that. He didn't remember much at the house; it went by in a blur because his main concern was Kate. He remembers pictures on the wall and had a theory but needed confirmation. "Why did she do it?"

"She was in love with the victims and Kate," Javier shared. "She kept detailed entries in her journal about every encounter that she had with Eve, Chloe and Kate. All three were nice to her and she mistook that for attraction. She hit on Eve at the restaurant and when she turned her down, that night she abducted her. The same with Chloe, who turned her down," he delivered.

"But Kate was different. She was taken by you and was a trained Detective. Shannon knew that she would be harder to abduct. She figured she could convince Kate that they were meant to be."


Music was playing throughout the room, coming from Alexis' iPod dock that she brought in. Rick remembers his daughter doing the same thing when Kate was in the hospital last time. He was expecting his daughters, mother and Jim back soon. Noah had gone home a few hours ago after Alexis practically forced him too. He had to work tomorrow and she promised to call him and keep him updated.

Rick had only left the room for bathroom breaks but Kate was never alone. He had a deep and meaningful with Jim after the boys had left and before his daughters had returned after lunch. A familiar song began playing and a soft female voice filled the air.

"All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of where I've been and how I got to where I am, but these stories don't mean anything, when you've got no one to tell them to, it's true, I was made for you."

Rick closed his eyes and remember when back several months ago when Kate sung this song to him. He remembered how beautiful she looked and how her eyes never left his. And when she sang, it sounded like an angel.

He would give anything just to hear her voice or see her rolling her eyes at him. He wanted his Kate back.

"You see the smile that's on my mouth; it's hiding the words that don't come out. All of the friends who think that I'm blessed, they don't know my head is a mess. No, they don't know who I really am and they don't know what I've been through, like you do ... and I was made for you."

Loud beeping noises alerted from the machine that was hooked to his beautiful partner. Rick turned his eyes on the machine and watched as her heart rate raced. He turned his eyes back to the call button and held it down.

"Kate," he whispered. "Can you hear me?" he asked, hopeful, squeezing her hand. His focus fixed on her. Her eyelids were rapidly flicking and the machine was going crazy.

"I was made for you," she breathed, quietly, slightly squeezing his hand.

A smile broke free on his lips as her eyes opened and looked into his. Just looking into her eyes he could see everything. He could see their life together and he didn't want to spend one more day apart.

"Rick," she mumbled, confused. "Where am I?"

The smile dropped from his face when those words left her mouth. He knew memory loss was a side effect from the drug that had been in her system.

A few nurses entered the room and made their way towards the bed. One tapped a few buttons on the machine and the other began checking Kate over.

"Kate, welcome back," an older nurse greeted her. "You gave us all quiet a scare. Things are gonna be a little fuzzy for a while, but give it time and you'll be just fine."

Kate knew she was in the hospital but why was the thing that scared her. Why couldn't she remember what happened? It had to be something major for her partner, best friend and the love of her life to have the look in his eyes that he did.

"Just rest, Kate. The doctor will be in shortly," the older nurse shared.

The nurses left the room.

Kate slowly sat up and rested against the headboard. She disliked the fact that she couldn't remember the last twenty four hours. The last thing she remembered was being in the bullpen and working a case, the details were still fuzzy.

Rick took a seat on the bed, his fingers laced with hers. She turned her eyes on him and the frustration began to slip away.

"I thought I was going to lose you, again. And that feeling isn't one that I enjoy," his voice was thick with emotion. "You and our girls are my life, Kate. And I couldn't picture you not being a part of our forever. I love you so much, and this isn't the way I ever planned it but I could have lost you and there would've have been any grand moment or romantic speech," he proclaimed, reaching into his pocket and revealing her mother's ring on the chain. "You're my world and without you or our girls in it, I can't go on ... Kate, will you marry me?"

She looked at her mother's ring that was lying in the palm of his hand and became overwhelmed with emotion. Her version began to blur with the tears that were stinging her eyes. Kate knew that Rick was her one and done, her Always.

"Yes," she finally answered, letting a few tears fall freely. "I love you too."

Rick released the breath that he had been holding and enclosed the distance between them, touching his lips with hers and expressing to her just how much he loved her. He started the kiss but she was the one that ignited it.


Several minutes later they were both lying on the bed. Kate's head was resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as her fingers drew patterns on his chest. Rick's arm was draped around her, minding the IV that still had to be taken out of her hand. His fingers were tracing the length of her arm.

Their eyes turned towards the door when they heard familiar voices chatting away. Rick had informed the nurses not to say a word to their family when they passed because he wanted it to be a surprise.

Martha and Jim entered the room with their granddaughters and take out in tow.

Kate still felt very week, it was only expected with what she had been through. She just wanted to go home and curl up with her daughters and Rick.

"Dinner. Great, I'm starving," Kate spoke up, looking at her girls.

"Mommy?" Holly shouted in surprise.

Kate was temporally stunned for a moment. She called her 'mommy,' her heart melted inside. It felt so good to hear. Kate smiled at her little girl and nodded, holding back the tears. She could see that both girls had been crying and worried. She hated seeing that look of fear in their eyes. "Come here," she requested. "Come snuggle," Kate added.

Holly let go of her sister's hand and bolted towards the bed, climbing up and curling into Kate's left side. "I was so scared, Mommy." The little girl confessed, a few tears slipping down her cheeks.

Rick slid off the right side of the bed and walked towards his mother and future father in law, giving him a look. Jim grinned in return.

Kate looked down into her little girl's eyes. "Me too, baby bird," she confessed, running her fingers through the little girl's hair. She turned her eyes towards the doorway, noticing that Alexis hadn't moved from her spot.

Kate could see the teenager was on the verge of tears but was trying to suppress it. She was unsure why the girl hadn't entered the room? She didn't think that she had only meant Holly, did she?

"You too Lex, there is plenty of room for both my girls." Kate told her, patting the right side of the bed.

Alexis looked at the older woman, stunned. Did she just call her, her daughter? She saw Kate as the mother she never had and always wanted. But to hear Kate say it, meant more than she could ever describe. Before she knew it, her feet were moving forward and she practically ran over to the bed, sliding into the right side and resting her head on the older woman's shoulder.

"I love you mom," Alexis whispered as a few tears escaped.

Kate now had her arms wrapped around both her daughter, though they may not be bonded by blood. Love was enough. She loved these two girls more than words could describe. They were her daughters in her heart and that was all that mattered.

"I love you too, Lex," she whispered back, closing her eyes. "I love you both."

Martha, Jim and Rick were speechless at the sight before them.

Jim was incredibly proud of his little girl and could see that Kate was an amazing mother and he knew that Johanna would be proud of the young woman that she turned out to be. He certainly was.

Rick was standing at the end of the bed and pulled out his phone, snapping a few pictures of his girls. He couldn't pick a more perfect moment even if he had wrote it himself.

Martha spotted the ring on Kate's hand and her eyes met the detectives. She gave the detective a questioning look.

Kate bit down on her bottom lip and a smile broke free. She turned her eyes on Rick and asked him. "So do you want to tell them, or should I?"

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