Harry Potter and the Dragonsinger

Written by Nekomi Mysicia

Chapter One - The arrival of a New Student, purple hair, strange robes, with (seemingly) 2 pet dragons?! No way?! Is this some kind of freak?


The students which attended Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, were seated, after a long and exhausting trip on the scarlet Hogwarts Express, and were preparing to eat the Opening Feast, which would appear on the empty plates on the table in front of them, though all the new students that were to be sorted into their houses had not been sorted yet, and were waiting rather nervously at the front of the Great Hall.

Among those dressed in sweeping black robes, were best friends Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, starting there 5th year at Hogwarts.
Harry, who had recieved a letter from his Godfather (who was a so-called 'criminal on the run') Siruis Black, was feeling particularly content.

He was also looking forward to the feast, which was always good and never let him down in either quilaty or quantity, and he was sure that everyone else in the hall was too, according to their faces.

It was a dark night, the charmed roof overhead was filled with dark, threatening clouds that promised to bring rain the next day.
Harry, seated besides Ron and Hermione, Hermione checking her watch and Ron just sitting and looking advidly at the emply, golden plates he knew were going to fill with hot, steaming food.

As the Halls chatter silenced, while Dumbledore came into the room accomping two other people, a man and a witch, it looked like.
From contrast of the blues and golds of her robes against the dull black of her accompiee's robes, Harry spotted her quickly. He supposed that this was the new student that Dumbledore had said.

As they walked to the front, the Great Hall was silenced completely. It was strange to Harry, having such a normally large room absent of its usual noiseness.

Harry elbowed Ron in the ribs. to catch his attention, but Ron, his freakled face going red, was already staring towards the front.

Harry looked past him at Hermione, who caught his eye and raised a eyebrow questionly, but, before Harry could look back, her eyes were staring ahead, and, from Hermione's reaction, her jaw dropping slightly and eyes going a bit rounder, Harry quickly diverted his gaze to the front.

Oh! Harry thought, while staring at the new girl with amazement, as she smiled and shook hands with someone, probely being introduced no doubt.

The girl was, and there was no other explaination for her looks, beautiful in a very strange way. Her hair, a rather stange prple, hung around her shoulders and fridge scattered. Her eyes gleamed cheekily as she gazed around the room at all the strange faces, and the beginning of a smile spread across her lips.

Her robes she wore contrasted brillantly with her looks. A deep blue made up most of her robes, but she also wore fingerless gloves reaching up to her elbows, which Harry had never seen before.
A gold lined her robe, and she was wearing a sort of choker/necklace which connected with her underclothes (ie. bras). The new student also sported a sort of jeweled band around the top part of her arm, which gleamed under the candlelight.

"Right, everyone, I would like to introduce you to our newst student Nekomi Myschia, all the way from Asia, from the much-respected school, Keliarolia. I trust that all of you, expessially those in the grade that Miss Myschia is in, which 7th grade, to welcome her warmly, and to help her around a little bit. As I understand from my converstion with Nekomi," at this, Dumbledore glanced at Nekomi, who, still smiling, glanced at him for a second and then with a barly detectable to the eye nod (Harry doubted anyone else but him had seen it; after all, Harry hadn't been made the youngest Seeker in a century for nothing) turned back to everyone, her tanned cheeks flushing.

".. the students are expected to do things diffrently in classes then ours, so I would like you to show her some respect when she does the traditions practised in Asia. However, we have talked through these habits, so it may not be a proplem." Dumbledore continued, "However, I expect each one of you to help our newest student if she looks like shes in need of assistance. Having said that, and before you all become befuddled by our feast, The Sorting of all the other new students, including Nekomi, should take place. Professer McGonagall?"

Professer McGonagall, who had been standing to the side a bit, headed out of Harry's sight into a room. A few moments later, she reappeared, holding a small stool, a large hat and a scroll.
Walking out and standing at the front ahead of all the other students, she placed the stool and Hat down, while unrolling the scroll, and requesting that all new students should be placed in single file, while waiting to be sorted.

So Nekomi, with the help of Professer Flitwick, the charms teacher, walked down and stood at the bottom of the line, waiting to be sorted by the hat.

"Abbout, Janus," called Professer McGonagall, reading from the scroll, as a rather stout, blonde and nervous boy stepped forward and sat on the stool, while placing the Hat on his head, which was miles too big and sagged over his eyes.

For a few moments, the Hat remained stationary, before the rip that served as its mouth opened and the Hat cried, "Hufflepuff!"
The boy, looking quite relieved, tottered off towards the Hufflepuff table, cheered on by the Hall.

Next Professer McGonagall read out, "Anderson, Samatha," and she turned out to belong to Gryffinder, which pleased Harry, and he showed his feelings by giving the girl a welcoming smile as she sat below him.

After what seemed like a age, (actually only a few minutes as all the remaining students were sorted) Professer McGonagall called out,"Myschia, Nekomi,"

Nekomi, stepped forward and sat on the chair, her now-pink cheeks partly hidden as she tried on the hat. Harry secretly hoped that the hat would pick Gryffinder as her house, he wanted her in the house of Gryffinder so much it made him feel ill.

The hat took its time in deciding which house to place Nekomi in. Finally, as Harry began to get restless with anxienty, its rip opened and it shouted for the Hall to hear, "Ravenclaw!"

Harry's heart sank, but he clapped with everyone else as the new girl skipped happily over to her new house's table, where she sat down next to a group of girls which quicly made space for her to sit.

Professer McGonagall rolled up the scroll, and took the hat and the stool back out into that room she had first got it from. While she busied herself with doing that, Dumbledore stood up, smiling down at all the newly-sorted students.

"Now, I have only 2 words for you," he said, and Harry repeated the words in his mind, a faint smile tugging at his lips. "Tuck in."

Harry turned to look it front of him, there was, appearing from the air, was the feast. And what a feast it was. Cooked potatoes, cold beef, roast lamp, chicken, turkey, jerky and even more.
Glancing sideways at Ron, who had already a high amount of food on his plate (it seemed it was an un-written law that Ron Weasley must be starving to death at all feasts such as this one) he smiled and began to fill his empty plate with everything he could reach besides the Dinner Mints (which he had grown to dislike) and began to eat.

And it was as good as it looked. Harry was doing more listening then talking, however, as they Gryffinders at his table began talking.
"So, whadda think of that new girl, eh, Seamus, my main man?" a black boy elbowed his friend, making the unsuspecting Seamus to shoke on his mashed potatoe he was in the process of eating. "A real fox, eh?"

"Yep, thats for sure, and she'd be pretty witty an' smart too, if shes in Ravenclaw," Seamus replied."Mind you, I wished she was put in Gryffinder.."

At that Harry relaxed, at least he hadn't been the only one who had fallen in love with the new girl, who (with a quick glance over his shoulder at her) was eating and chatting contently with her new friends.

"I'll say, I've heard some pretty strange rumors about her family, mind," commented Dean, lowering his voice. "I'd done some research last year in History Of Magic.. and her lasts names Myschia, right? Well, I read that.." at this point, Harry's 'eavesdropping' was interupped as Dean leant forward and whispered the last of his sentence in Seamus's ear, and Seamus's eyes went round.

"Really? Are you sure..?" he asked stunned as Dean, with a annoyingly supourior look plastered on his face, lent back and nodded.
Harry was completely annoyed by this, but his mind was quickly distracted when Hermione asked him, "Harry, do you know if our timetables have come in yet? Because they were meant to be handed out tonight.."

"Sorry, dunno," Harry said to a downcast Hermione, probley wanting to highlight her time table. "Maybe they're giving them out tomorrow morning, like everyother year.."

"Prehaps," sighed Hermione, turning back to her plate, fork in hand, to find that her plate was empty, and the now-full plates that had once been full of meat etc, was now filled with the desserts.

Jam Tarts, Padlover, Tripe, Jelly, Cakes, Pudding were now filling the plates, and Harry heard Hermione sigh as she placed her fork down and take a Jam Tart, nimbling it as Harry listened into Ron's converstation, while he took some of the cake for himself.

"So, I'm betting on the Heriva Hornets.." Ron was saying, in between mouthfuls of jelly, ".. because they've improved so much, but mind, I wouldn't not like the Cudley Cannons to be out of it either.."

From the words "Chudley Cannons' Harry knew he was talking about the Quidditch League, and he leant forward a bit, so he could hear the boy's reply. The boy whom Ron was talking to was a sandy-haired boy whom was considered handsome by most of the girls.

"Well, they are good, but personally, I'd like to see the Umbreland Unicorns get in, that'll be good.." he said, and looked like he was going to say more, but was intrerupted by someone, who had joined there conversation without being asked.

"The Spain Sphynixes are going to get into the Finals this year," said a feminine voice, and Harry turned around suddenly to see Nekomi standing there, leaning on the chair between Ron and Trever. She suddenly laughed dismissivly. "Why do I bother with your boring talk anyway? Its just child's talk.." she seemed to be totally unaware that she had infact barged into the conversation herself, and Ron felt he should make this fact known.

"Excuse me," he started, "You're the one who barged in! We didn't-"

"You're excused," sneered Nekomi, rather not-too-nicely making Harry suprised. Her attitude seemed to have changed dramatically from her attitude when she first walked in to the Hall.
Then, she turned on her heel and walked off, in the direction of the girls toliets.

Harry watched her unbelievably go, then turned to Ron, Hermione and Trever, both of whom seemed to be both suprised at her behaviour. Harry wondered breifly if this was the 'Asian habits' Nekomi had, and a thought flashed across his brain that if Asian schoolchildren did that all the time, maybe Asia wouldn't be a good place to vist.

"Woah, that was.. uncalled for.." Trever said, staring after the spot where Nekomi had been.

Ron wrinkled his nose in disgust, and turned back to his plate, "Hmph! Well, she was the one who barged into the converstion.. we're not even in her house.."

This talk of houses made Harry turn to the group of girls that Nekomi had been sitting with. They were all giggling and hunched over. This act suggested to Harry that either they had pulled a mean trick on Nekomi (though he couldn't think of whatever it could be) or that group of girls had something wrong with Harry, Ron, Hermione or Trever.

Trying to clear this act of stupidness from his mind, which was rather plesently easy for now Harry felt warm and sleepy, now he was filled with food.

After a while, the remaining food disappeared and yet again Dumbledore rose to his feet, "Please students, I might remind you that our student Nekomi is very sensitive and I think the Heads Of Houses would like to see Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Trever Herold. Thankyou, everyone, you may go."

Everyone stood up, but Ron remained seated, mouth gaping. "US?!" he repeated, flabbergasted,"But we didn't do anything wrong!"

"Never mind, Ron, now come on, we'll get this sorted out.." Hermione said and bossily shoved Harry along with the rest of the crowd.
Harry, Ron and Hermione walked with the other Gryffinders up to the tower, where they greeted Professer McGonagall, who gave the Gryffinders the tower Password, but requested that Harry, Ron and Hermione stay behind.

So as the other Gryffinders toodled up to their beds, Harry, Ron and Hermione faced McGonagall.
"So,"McGonagall said sharply, eyeing them, " what is this with Nekomi? Her running off in tears after you talking to her-?"

"Please Professer," Hermione began to explain, "We said nothing to make Nekomi upset, she wasn't even crying when she left.."

"Yeh," Ron agreed, "She just came up to us and she walked off again.. honestly.."

"Hmmm... thats not the story I heard.." McGonagall said slowly, and Harry thought she must've meant the Ravenclaw girls must of told her otherwise.
"Well, if you insisist that the story is otherwise.. I have to allow you to get to bed.." Professer McGonagall waved them off and the three off them stepped into the Gryffinder commen room.

"I wonder what that was about.." wondered Hermione, as they headed towards the dorms.

"Ahh, I think I know..." Ron said wisely, " Those girls, they must've had something against us.."

"Anyways, night Hermione," Harry said as Hermione went up to the girls dormitries, while he and Ron went up to the boy's.

As they undressed and climbed into there fourposters, they exchanged well wishes for the evening, then drifted off in to sleep.

However, late during the night, Harry had a rather disturbing dream. In it, there was him, and Trever. He couldn't see anyone else. They were in a kind of desert, with rolling slopes of sand. Then, Nekomi appeared, saying something about the wisdom of his choice about his house.
She was saying something about his decision was wrong, and he belonged in Slytherian, and something that the 4 Gods were displeased, and havoc would occur if he didn't transfer immediantly. It didn't make sense at all.

But then, her now far distant voice was fading, she said that she belonged in Gryffinder, and she already was punished.. but then, Harry was blinded by green and silver, he saw Malfoy's head smirk and float infront of his eyes, and Nekomi and his head collided, creating a golden blast, then he woke up, shaking and plastered with sweat.

Looking around fratically, he saw darkness, no Malfoy, no Nekomi, no one. He heard nothing but the sound of Ron's snores.
Lying back down again, he forced his breathing back to its normal breath, and gradually his heart rate went back to normal.

He rolled over, and closed his eyes. Almost as soon as he did so he feel into a deep sleep, and did not awaken untill morning, his mind cleansed of the dream that didn't quite make sense.

* * *

It was morning, but Harry, Ron and all the other boys in the dorm were still asleep, prehaps of the food they had eaten the previous night, prehaps something different. But all Harry knew, that when he was awakened, he was lulled out of Dreamland by .. a beautiful singing voice,but not human, that seemed to echo around the school halls.

As he sat up straight, rubbing his eyes and yawning, the sound continued to go on. It was beautiful, beautiful.. almost like Dumbledore's pet Phoenix, Fawkes, but everso sweeter, like honey.
Then, when he had gotten fully out of the four-poster and slipped on his robes, the other boys were also awake.

"Whose that?" asked Dean Thomas sleeply, wondering, like Harry, where the noise was coming from.

"Dunno. It sounds like its coming out.. th-th-thAR."Ron said, attempting and failing to stifle a huge yawn.

"Well, I can't see a thing, the windows all misted up," Harry said, going to the window and trying to look out of it, but due to the rainfall they had recieved last night, it had indeed misted over, making it impossible to veiw out of. But still, that sound floated through the windows, and yet another voice, a bit diffrent but equally beautiful, joined in the melody.

"Well, I'm dressed, I'm going down to check it out," stated Harry, and left the dorm, and headed down the staircase, out of the Gryffinder common room, and down, out the front door of the Great Hall and into the outside, where the air was crisp and fresh.

He tightened his robes around him a bit, his breath blowing out before him, and walked forward, towards Hagrids cabin, where the song appeared to be coming from.

As he turned the corner, he gasped. Ahead of him, sparkling gold and silver in the sky, were two of the most amazing creatures he had everseen.
The were.. miniture dragons, or thats what they looked like to Harry anyway. And from their throats came the sound, the beautiful, haunting medoly.

Below them, Harry could see, was.. Nekomi?! She opened her mouth, and called out a command, which the dragons obeyed and flapped down onto her shoulders, before turning to face Hagrid, who was leaning against his wooden cabin, smiling as he petted the dragons (which suggested to Harry that the dragons belonged to Nekomi)

Harry could tell there was conversation going on between student and teacher, when suddenly the 2 dragons, who had been cooing gently in their throats, suddenly flapped up, and flew, the gentle melody gone now, replaced with a haunting growling sound, flapped into the sky and darted over towards Harry.

Nekomi turned and saw Harry there, fighting off the miniture dragons who seemed so insisant on landing on him, and scowled.
She turned back to Hagrid, who yelled out to Harry, a frown on his wild, unshaven face, then Nekomi turned back to face Harry, though her expression was that of regret.

She called something out, and the dragons, on which had been swiping frantically at Harry's robe, backed off, and flew back to her, where they sat on her shoulders, cooing and growling, staring directly at Harry.

Great, now even Nekomi's pets hate me! Harry thought grimly, as Nekomi and Hagrid approched, Anyway, why was Nekomi out here? Why has she got dragons at this school?