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[Touka Village]

A blond man could be seen lying on the grass of a huge garden, a fresh wind blowing in it.

"This is peaceful" were the thought of the blond man.

He was 19 almost 20 years old, he had spiky blond hair with a long tail of hair bandaged together that reached blow his waist, deep blue eyes and 3 whisker marks on each cheek. He was dressed in black from top to bottom (think cloud strife clothes in advent children but with a Chinese theme to them) and a black katana rested at his side.

This man was none other that Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox and former Shinobi of Konoha that was located to the east of the continent. If someone from his former home saw him now, they would've mistaken him for his father Minato Namikaze. The only difference would be his whisker marks and the style of his hair.

Three years ago the fourth Shinobi war had ended and Madara was finally defeated. He had sacrificed much and yet got nothing in return. After the death of Madara, he found himself face to face with Sasuke Uchiha.

After a fierce battle in which he defeated the last Uchiha and was able to bring him back to the village, then everything started to go down hill. Everything returned to like when he was younger; he was again met with scorn from the village.

Sakura, the girl he had a huge crush on, beat him too an inch of his life for hurting her precious Sasuke-kun and Naruto being the gentleman he was didn't raise a finger to defend him self. But in the inside he was mad, no he was furious, the same girl that was kissing his ass after the fight with Pain was beating him.

But matters only got worse. After the ordeal with Sakura he started dating Hinata the only girl that loved him for him, but that wasn't to be either. After a few months, Hinata came and said to him that they couldn't be together again. When he asked why she said she was to wed the Kazekage, Naruto's blood ran cold the moment those words left her mouth.

He asked why would she accept, the reason was that the council and her family made the decision, he said to object but she only answered that she couldn't.

He confronted his supposed friend Gaara about the arranged marriage, his only response was that it was for the best of the two villages and left. Naruto had never felt so betrayed and was beyond angry, he thought for the first time about Gaara, sure he suffered the same as him for being a Jinchuriki, but still had his siblings and for a moment his father. He had the love of two girls who were also to wed him, Matsuri and Sari, and now he comes and takes away the only girl that loved him.

After that many girls came to his life but the story was the same. They left him because they only dated him because they wanted to make their boyfriends jealous. Ino did it for Sai, Tenten for Neji, Anko for Iruka, Hana for Yamato, Temari for Shikamaru, Shizune for Kakashi, Tsunade and Kurenai for the resurrected Jiraiya, Dan and Asuma and some civilian girls for Lee, Chouji, Shino and Kiba.

After that moment he didn't stay with any of them, he avoided them all from Tsunade to Gaara, only the Ichiraku´s where the ones who stuck with him. Also all of his so called friends finally obtained the highest rank of ANBU, Sakura and Sasuke were two of the new Sannin and what about him not even a Chunin. All of the members that went with him to compete at the exams were awarded Chunin status and he only a mere Genin, also the council in its infinite wisdom had Jiraiya and the toads remove him from the contract.

He thought that they would say no but they didn't think twice, when he asked why did they do that they say that because he was responsible for Minato and Kushina's deaths. Then came Konohamaru and his friends wanting nothing to do with him, claiming he was responsible for the death of his grandmother, Biwako.

Then it happened, the council made up of the civilians, clan heads, the elders and the Hokage decided that he was too dangerous to be in the village so they banished him. The only reason they didn't kill him was because his status as the hero of the 4th Shinobi wars. 'Hero", maybe outside of this accursed village' was the thoughts of the Jinchuriki.

"Onii-chan?" spoke a small voice breaking Naruto of his thoughts. He turned to see a small girl with short red hair.

"Rinrin-chan, is something wrong?" he said while smiling at the little girl he thought as a sister.

"Yes we're late for lunch, again and Shion-san is making Rinrin's favorite!" said the girl while flapping her arms up and down.

"Well then, we shouldn't keep them waiting, right?" spoke Naruto while ruffling Rinrin's hair.

"Yeah, hurry, hurry, hurry!" yelled the girl while pushing her big brother to the inside of the small palace.

As they made it into the kitchen, a lot of wonderful smells filled both Naruto and Rinrin's nose and both only thought about the delicious food they would soon get to eat.

"So you finally came, I was starting to think I was going to get your shares" spoke a voluptuous figure with silver hair and a blue dress.

"Come on Kikyo-san, you should know that neither Rinrin-chan nor me misses our food servings" said Naruto with some sarcasm.

"Well you three are the ones that eat the most here, heck your rice servings are at least five time bigger that the rest of us" Said a blue haired girl that wore white clothes.

"You are one to talk Sei, you are almost as bad as them" said another female of the group.

"Shut up En'ya no one asked you!" returned Sei.

Sei's outburst caused all of those present to laugh.

"Well if you think I'm bad you should see Naruto onii-san when he eats ramen." said Rinrin.

That commentary caused Naruto to turn red and put head down which caused another fit of laughter.

"Stop making fun of Naru-kun. It's not his fault that eats ramen like he drinks water," said a pink haired girl.

"That's correct. You shouldn't tease him because of his ramen addiction," this time a black haired girl spoke.

"Touka-chan, Aisha-chan you are not helping!" said Naruto in a hurt manner, while the rest of the girls laugh.

"Well anyhow let's eat," said a purple haired woman.

"Yeah of course Shion-san" said Naruto while rubbing the back of his head.

"This Is where I belong,this is my home and they are my friends and family" Naruto thought while a smile, a true happy smile adorned his lips a smile that was not fake in order to hide his pain.

The girls were talking and laughing among them self's.

He could se Shion praising her daughter Riri for the good job she did in helping her to make the food. Sui and Tanpopo were arguing about who won in there sparring match that morning, Kikyo, Rinrin and En'ya were enjoying their food. Sei, Aisha and Touka, along with Sui whenever she pulled away form her verbal fight, were eating as well sending the occasional wink and kiss to him, their boyfriend, which made him blush.

How did Naruto end up here with four beautiful girls and wonderful friends? Well, after he was banished and thinking the council would pull a fast one on him and send Hunter Nin, he headed west of the continent far out the reach of the hidden villages.

For several months, he wandered the region and fought many foes. He soon found a hidden temple that housed the restless souls of 7 powerful Shinobi. Sub-Zero master of cold and ice (mk deception); Scorpion master of flames (mk9); Reptile master of poisons (umk3); Smoke master stealth (mk9 default costume); Ermac master of the mind (mk9); Noob master of shadows (mk9 secondary costume but with human skin instead of black); And Rain master of storms (mk Armageddon).

They imparted Naruto with their knowledge and fighting skill so they could move to the afterlife, seeing as he was the only worthy person to come to there temple in a long time. Before leaving, they gave Naruto his current clothes as well a summoning scroll.

To Naruto's surprise the scroll was for the legendary Dragon clan. He signed it and summoned one of them, he was shocked to see a small man with a dragon's head (Chinese dragon to be exact) with a long moustache, beard and eyebrow that would put Guy and Lee to shame, he wore monk robes and had a long wooden staff.

At first, the Dragon clan wasn't impressed with him, as they thought of him as a flea since the dragons are the most respected clan of summons and unlike others summons not just anyone could sign it.

After a hard test, the dragons were impressed with his determination and after finding about his life their respect skyrocketed. Why you may ask? Well, because the pain and torment his former home had put him through and yet he didn't want revenge. He simply said he had to move on and don't look back, but that he wouldn't forgive them for what they did. Finally, after many centuries the dragon clan had a summoner once again, they gave Naruto the mark of the dragon, which was a tattoo on his back (the one Shiryu from saint Seiya has on his back). Their clan crest was also woven onto the back of his shirt (The Mortal Kombat Dragon logo).

From there he continued his travels is the western regions. While wandering, he found himself in a hidden village, the difference between this and other ninja villages was that all the population was Shinobi and part of the only two clans the Hayabusa and the Mugen Tenshi.

While exploring the outskirts of village he found a man running away with a little girl who was crying. Naruto didn't waste a moment and rescued the girl who was reveal to be the clan heiress from the Mugen Tenshi and the ninja was an enemy from the black spider clan.

Moments later, after calming the girl, a group of Shinobi from the village took Naruto into custody and brought to the village leaders who were the two clan heads. After he and the little girl explained what happened, Naruto was freed and allowed to be in the village for a time. There they saw his potential and helped him train in the use of the traditional ninja tools.

One day the entire village received a shock; the reason being was during an invasion by the black spider clan Naruto was able to wield the cursed Dark Dragon sword and not be corrupted by it. The elders discovered that only a pure soul could claim the sword as his own and the sword would be bound to that person forever even if he dies no one would be able to use the sword. After Naruto dies the sword would turn into a normal katana and while Naruto was alive, powerful and painful red lighting would shock anyone else who would try to claim the sword.

After several months and with his training finished he left, but not before receiving a small present from the little girl he saved: a small kiss on the cheek.

Some weeks passed after he left the village, using the clothes his masters gave him to conceal his identity if some familiar faces came by and the Dark Dragon Sword strapped at his back. His life was about to change when he encountered the first of his new family and his four girlfriends.

He found a group of villagers who were fighting an army of bandits. The villagers were losing badly so he decided to help them since he didn't like the strong abusing the weak. He slashed, burned, froze, electrocuted and did other things to his enemies.

After the bandits numbers were lowered Naruto along with a group of villagers aided by Aisha, Touka, Rinrin and Shuri managed to completely defeat them. Naruto was welcome to the village and after a while, started his travels again only this time he didn't go it alone the girls came with him. In this new journey he meet with the other members of his family, Shion, Riri, Tanpopo, En'ya and Kikyo and his other two girlfriends Sei and Sui.

All of them knew of his burden and didn't hold it against him. They knew about what happened in his former home and they wanted to cut off some heads, especially Aisha, Sei, Sui and Touka to the female population (yes they really love their blond idiot).

They allied themselves with different factions in order to bring peace to the chaos torn west. Their final battle was against the evil sorcerer Ukitsu who tried to conquer the land using an army of stone soldiers but his end came before he could do major damage at the hand of Naruto's and Touka's swords.

With the threat ended Naruto and company returned to Touka village to live in peace and help the village should the need arise.

"Um, Naruto-san" Naruto turn to the side of the table, no longer daydreaming about his adventures and saw a small blond girl staring at him.

"Yes Shuri-chan what's up?" answered Naruto to Shuri.

"Well I was wondering if you could accompany me to the store to buy some materials I need," said Shuri while poking her fingers in a similar matter to Hinata. This gesture made Naruto sigh dejectedly, he still loved her but she had moved on with her life and so did he.

"Sure of course, what kind of man would I be if I didn't help you?" he said while laughing.

"Can I come too" said Rinrin while getting up in her chair

"Of course" answered Shuri given her a kind smile.


The Hokage of Konohagakure stood before the Konoha Twelve. Added with Sasuke Uchiha, Sai who took the place of Naruto Uzumaki, who was one of the originals, Temari, Iruka, Anko, Hana, the sensei's of the four teams; Kakashi Hatake, Yamato, Kurenai Yuhi, Asuma Sarutobi, Might Gai and Jiraiya, stood in attendance to the Hokage, who hid behind her genjutsu.

Her two advisors, who were now entering their early eighties, stood at either side of her. Homura and Koharu glared down at the Uchiha boy, who acted as if he had better things to do than hang around here.

Tsunade folded her arms and leaned against the front of her desk. Sakura and Sasuke stood apart from one another, on either side of the room, divided by the other ninja, just as Sakura wanted.

Each ninja in the room held looks of excitement, confusion or anticipation. Finally Tsunade creased her brow and opened her brown eyes in earnest. Now was the time to make her announcement.

"As you all know," she began, "next year I am retiring. In that time I need to train a ninja who will become my successor and the Rokudaime Hokage".

Her announcement was met with silence. The one thought that ran through everyone else's minds was the same thing. 'She'sgoingtopickSasukeorwilldenythejob.It'sgoingtobethosetwoascandidates'. "However" Tsunade continued, causing everyone to subconsciously lean forward. "The one person I desire as Hokage could not be considered as a candidate. With the war fast approaching we need this person as Hokage. The council has grown worried about the other great hidden villages."

In a Coup d'état move the Mizukage Mei, the Raikage A and the Tsuchikage Onoki were killed by followers of Orochimaru who had resurrected in Kabuto's body. Now Oto, Kumo, Iwa, and Kiri were out for Konoha's blood under the banner of the former snake Sennin (he doesn't have the snake contract, Sasuke does) and their only ally was Suna. The non-Shinobi Nations such as Wave, Spring, Bird, Vegetables and Demon broke their alliance after the banishment of Naruto since they held the boy in really high regards.

"Excuse me Hokage-sama" Sakura began bewildered. "What does this have to do with us?"

Tsunade looked at her successor in the ways of the Slug Sennin and smiled evilly. "Simple, the lot of you are going to go get him and drag his sorry ass back here to the leaf." A sneaking suspicion drove in to Neji's mind at what the Hokage was implying. Behind his mask Kakashi gave a grin, knowing full well whom the Hokage had in mind.

"You are to find and escort back to the village, the soon to be reinstated second-generation Toad Sennin, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, for him to accept the title of Rokudaime Hokage."

[Touka Village]

"Achoo" sneezed the blond Jinchuriki. "Someoneistalkingaboutme," he thought.

"Bless you Naruto-san," said Shuri while carrying a suspicious orange book on her hands.

"Than you Shuri-chan"

Naruto, Shuri and Rinrin were returning home after buying some things like food that Shion had asked them to, as well some ink and paper for Shuri. Naruto was carrying both bags, while Rinrin had a bag full of buns.

"I hope you aren't getting sick Onii-chan," said Rinrin a little worried for her big brother.

"If you are I have some medicine back home" said Shuri.

"No need to worry you two just maybe someone is just talking about me" he answered

"I bet they are those fools from Kana-, Kino-, Kanu-" tried to say Rinrin.

"Konoha, Rinrin. Konoha," said Shuri.

"Yeah that!" she said mad while stuffing a bun into her mouth.

" They're probably burning a figure of me; the Kyuubi brat" Naruto said with indifference.

"They should have never banished you Naruto-san," said Shuri while holding her book tighter.

"Now that I think about it, I'm glad that they did." both Shuri and Rinrin looked at Naruto feeling really confused.

"Why do you say that Onii-chan? Aren't you mad that they betrayed you? Rinrin would be really angry," spoke Rinrin while making her hand into a fist.

Naruto looked at his little oath sisters with joy showing they care for him and were worried about him. "Well, if they hadn't done it, I would have never meet both of you, and that includes Aisha-chan, Touka-chan, Sei-chan, Sui-chan and the rest of the girls.

Shuri let out a small giggle "You are right Naruto-san, if you weren't here the rescue of Riri may have gone differently and since both Touka-san and you were the ones that defeated Ukitsu with both of your swords, he may be ruling us now"

"Sorry Onii-chan I didn't think about that. Rinrin is glad that you are here with us"

"Me too Rinrin-chan, me too" said Naruto with a smile on his face.

Suddenly Shuri stopped and the book she was carrying felt to the floor, her ayes bugged out of their sockets.

"Shuri are o ok," asked Rinrin.

"Hawawa" were the only words she could muster while pointing a finger in front of them.

Naruto and Rinrin looked in front to se a woman surrounded by people of different ages, children, teens and adults. "Who is that?" asked Rinrin, while Naruto eyes were as wide as Shuri's.

"That's-" "Koyuki Kazahana also known as Yukie Fujikaze a famous actress known for her role as Princess Gale," Naruto interrupted Shuri.

"How do you know that Onii-chan" said Rinrin.

"Because I already met her once. We know each other from way back," said Naruto eyeing the famous actress.

"You do Naruto-san?" asked Shuri with star in her eyes.

"Want to go say hello, Shuri-chan?"

Shuri only moved her head up and down really quick, and then the group approached the princess of the land of spring.

"HELLO YUKIE-HIME!" yelled Naruto in order to get the actress attention.

For her part, Koyuki was caught of guard by the yell and looked around until she got a glimpse of a blond man whom was accompanied by a small red head and a blond girl. She couldn't recognize the figure but after seeing those mark on his whisker she knew who he was, the missing hero of spring and so many countries.

"NARUTO!" she yelled back while running and then she gave him a grand hug causing him to drop the bags he was carrying. Luckily, Rinrin and Shuri got them before they landed on the ground.

"Naruto where have you been? Are you alright?" asked Koyuki.

"Can't breath," said Naruto while his face started to turn purple.

"Oh sorry. I just that I'm glad that you are safe. After you were banished from Konoha, all of us thought that you were dead after 3 years," said Koyuki." Also who are those two?"

"Well these two are Rinrin and Shuri, they are my younger sisters" Koyuki could only stare at him. "I don't mean disrespect Naruto, but I thought you were an orphan." Naruto could only laugh. "Yes I am, but we are not related by blood, they are my oath sisters along with others."

Koyuki only gave him a smile. "Well is a pleasure to meet both of you".

"Any friend of Onii-chan is a friend of us" said Rinrin with a smile on her face, Koyuki noticed the blond girl Shuri behind Naruto being a little scare. "What's wrong Shuri?" said Naruto.

Shuri then took out a picture from her pocket; the figure was Koyuki as Princess Gale.

"Can I get an autograph, please?" she said, Koyuki only smiled and took the picture and signed it, Shuri for her part was really happy and thanked the actress.

"So what are you doing here hime?" questioned Naruto.

"Well, we just finished some scenes from my newest movie and the director really liked to come and film here after all became peaceful. Now, we're on break and we leave tomorrow," she said.

"So where are you staying?" questioned Naruto.

"In a small inn, the Tigress at the center of town"

"Oh Rinrin knows that place, It's near home. We could walk you there," said the hyperactive red head.

"I have a better idea Rinrin."

"Really Onii-chan"

"Yeah, Yukie-hime is going to accompany us to dinner, I don't think anyone would mind right?"

"I don't want to intrude," said Koyuki, feeling really bashful.

"Don't worry," said Shuri while poking her fingers "I think they would like you to drop by."

"Well ok, I'll just inform the director." And with that Koyuki left only to return moments later and leave with Naruto and his sisters.

That night at mansion all the inhabitants and their guest enjoyed a nice dinner. Bringing Koyuki turned out to be better but a little more embarrassing for her. Besides Shuri, almost all of the girls were fans of the actress.

When they finished the dinner they exchanged stories, like Naruto and his sisters' adventures through the west as well as him having four girlfriends. Koyuki warned them to not try and pull a Konoha on him because she thought of his as a brother and was a hero to her and her people. Needless to say Sui, Touka, Sei and Aisha said they would die before doing that to him.

Koyuki also told them about how Naruto saved her land from the hands of her evil uncle and how many places view him as there hero. She also told Naruto that besides Suna all of Konoha allies left severed their alliances with them for what they did to him. Naruto was shocked that so many people would stand up for him, but he managed to change a lot of people on those places for the better.

The next day Naruto and all of the girls went to see Koyuki off; she promised them to send tickets to the premier of the movie.

While Naruto was back in the mansion, he could see some of the girls doing some of their regular activities. Sui and Tanpopo were training. Rinrin was with Aisha, Touka and En'ya under a tree. Shion and Kikyo were drinking sake (that reminded him of the old hag, Tsunade: Shion and Kikyo were billions of times more beautiful then her and didn't need genjutsu to look beautiful).

Shuri was in her room writing letters to her mentor Shibaki and little sister Hinari. Then Naruto felt a pull on his leg and looked down. There he saw little Riri holding the stuffed fox he gave her a while back.

"Hey Oni-chan" said the cute little girl. "Could you play with me"? Naruto smiled at her and picked her up. "Of course I can play with you Riri-chan, so what do you want to do". "Horsy" she said, the only thing Naruto did was to go to the garden with her and then he was an all four saying "Hop on".

The rest of the girls could only watch as the little girl smiled and laughed by just being carried by Naruto.

Suddenly Touka got up really quick and ran to Naruto. When she got there she saw Naruto and Riri, the only thing she said was sorry.

"What are you apologizing for Touka-chan" he asked.

"Yesterday I was so exited about Yukie being here that I forgot to give you this" and with that she pulled a letter, Naruto saw the royal seal of the En family, he put Rinrin down and started to read.

To Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto

I, Reiha, head of the En family invite you to participate in a martial arts tournament to be held by me in honor of my restored city of Jingzhou. The tournament will be held there in two weeks time after receiving this letter. Since you are the only one in your group that can fight hand to hand, I sent you this invitation to participate. Of course, I will send more invitations to our former allies who fought against Ukitsu; Karin's representative is going to be none other than Nagi. Maybe you can end the draw in the battles you have. Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. Remember two weeks after you receive this letter.

From Reiha of the En family.

Naruto was staring at the letter, while the girls that were around him where doing the same.

"Are you going to participate Naruto?" asked En'ya.

"Maybe, Nagi and I haven't fought in a while and the game of chess we been playing by letters isn't going fast enough" he answered.

"A trip too Jingzhou would be a relaxing change of pace," said Shion while holding her daughter in her arms.

"So what do you all say, should we go?" they only responded with a nod from all of them. "Well Jingzhou tournament watch out, Naruto is coming!"


The teams that were going to bring back the orange knucklehead ninja were ready to depart; Team Kakashi, Team Kurenai, Team Asuma, Team Gai, Iruka, Anko, Yamato, Hana and the Toad Sennin Jiraiya.

"Are you ready to leave?" Sasuke said, everybody nodded.

"Right, then. Move out. We need to find that loser" all of the girls sent him death glare after that comment.

After Naruto was banished some of the girls stared to feel guilty and the fact that some of there boyfriends didn't acted like the gentlemen they made them to be, the boys never had time for them or were physically abused by them. Only Chouji, Kiba, Shino and Lee had a stable relationship, but that didn't stop them from feeling any less guilty for using the blond knucklehead.

But all the kunoichis discovered that they really loved the blond but didn't do anything but drive him away.

Hinata was the only one that actually did something. The day of her wedding with Gaara, she didn't show up and had to be dragged to the altar by some shinobi. When they had to say their vows Hinata spat on Gaara's face and told him how much she hated him and everyone for what they did to Naruto, for taking away his love. That he was just like Sasuke and that he never thought of Naruto as a friend and left. When the council tried to force them to be married, Hinata still managed to refuse it. She was removed from her clan and she only said that she didn't care and was almost executed but Tsunade stopped it she was demoted back to Genin.

The biggest rock that was dropped on everyone's head was on Naruto's 18 birthday, almost 2 years after his banishment. Tsunade revealed his relation to Minato and Kushina as their son. The ones that took it the worst were the clan heads, Kakashi, Jiraiya and the Toads. The clan heads because they were close friends to both of them and blame Naruto for their deaths. Kakashi and the Toads were down because to Kakashi Minato was like a father and the Toads saw Minato as one of their own. Jiraiya was even worse after a while he found a scroll that had info about Naruto's seal and how it would keep the mind of the biju from the host, and it would leak only its chakra to the host. Jiraiya felt so stupid, he called himself a master of seals and couldn't even understand his own godson's seal and because of that he left him to the wolves twice.

"So where are we going anyway?" asked Kiba.

"Well," said Jiraiya, "after a few months of his banishment one of my contacts saw him heading west"

"West?" said Hinata "isn't that place where the warlords were having a big war not so long ago" even though she was no longer the heiress Hinata kept studying the different regions around the continent.

"Correct Hinata, but the war stopped and that part is peaceful again. There's a town called Jingzhou that is the closest to the east and west borders. We might get there by two weeks," said the perverted sage. With that the Konoha squad marched towards their missing friend hoping he would return and, in the cases of Sakura and the other girls, that he would forgive them and could be part of his life once again.

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-Do I have a purpose anymore? By KingKakashi.

-Daddy's the Rokudaime?: Finding Naruto by Shoidame

-Naruto: Starting Anew by Dansama92


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Perverted Shuri:

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The last version didn't have the Konohamaru corps against Naruto but I have planned a scene were they fight some of the younger girls and this was the only way, also removing Ayame from the back stabbers since in canon she and her dad are the only ones who are nice to him from the start.

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