Sorry for the long wait -sigh- he problem i had to update this were the recent chapters of the manga when i saw how of an ass Obito was, and my new dislike for every canon girl in the series minus kushina. The author for stories are at fault for over using them and ruin crossover stories by having Naruto girls in them as pairing and yes im even guilty of this when i wrote this story because i still liked Hinata. Anyway i had this chapter for a whie and i decided to post it, i hope you enjoy it, i dont know when i would update this again or any of my stories.

Everyone in the living room played close attention what the blond was saying.

"She told me that her mother was in a coma because of Haishi and the elders; she told me everything," said Naruto with tears in his eyes. "What Gaara did, and when she didn't want to wed him only her mother and Hanabi stood by her side, Haishi then attacked Hinata and Hitomi took the blow"

"What about your feelings for her?" asked Ayame.

"I... I don't know nee-chan, I care for Hinata, I still love her, but I could never betray Touka, Aisha, Sui and Sei. I also love them, I know it selfish to love more that one woman but I cant help it.

"It's not selfish Naruto-kun. You have suffered since the day you were born you deserve happiness and besides, me and the girls don't mind sharing. So long as the women in question prove themselves worthy," said Touka while everyone nodded. Naruto only led a small smile adorned his face.

A knock on the door make everyone turn their head, Rin got up and opened the door when a scowl adorned her face.

"What do you want Kakashi," said an angry Rin.

"Can't I come and see my friends," said the silver haired jounin walking past the girl. The moment he entered the temperature lowered while being seen by Naruto.

"You have a lot of balls coming here Hatake," said Naruto. Kakashi remained cool not giving in importance.

"Why do you say that?" he asked in a lazy manner.

"After what you pulled with Riri, you still have the audacity to say that?!"

Suddenly a huge killer intent flooded the area making even the Kyūbi's seemed tame. Everyone except Kakashi looked at the source which was none other that Shion.

"Excuse me, mister Kakashi, but can I speak with you for a moment in private?" she said in a seductive tone but the group from Touka knew she was pissed. Kakashi on the other hand followed the woman to one of the guest rooms thinking perverted thoughts unknown of the horror that awaited him.

Sure enough screams of utter pain filled the house.

"How dare you threaten Riri, you trash!"

"No. Please stop, my arm!"

"You think you are strong by taking a little girl hostage?!"

"No, please. That isn't suppose to bend that way!"

The sound of cracking bones filled the house until everyone heard a window smashing. Moment later Shion came from the room with a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry but I think you need a new window." Everyone sweat-dropped at the action.

In the main street people were going in their daily routine when something hit the floor in the middle, and to the horror of all it was Kakashi beaten to a bloody pulp. The ninja there took him to the hospital wondering what could have caused one of their elite jounin to have such wounds.

Back at the house everyone was talking again. Minato and Kushina hearing some of his godfathers adventures in the west, their parent paying close attention.

"Whoa Naruto. That's one hell of an adventure not to mention you got four beautiful girls who love you," said a smirking Obito which caused the girls and Naruto to blush.

"Anyhow I'm glad you found good girls and that you moved on after what those girls did to you," said Ayame.

"Not to mention, that all four of them are the family you always wanted," said Itachi.

"Well they are much different from the girls that are here, since well they are not fan-girls." Replied Naruto as he was thankful for not having such things in the West. For a couple of moments the blond Jinchūriki became very silent as he looked out the window as everyone talked about how the West is like. Touka seemed to notice her lover's silence as she followed his gaze outside the window to see a family of four walking happily.

The Queen of Shu is also a very perceptive woman despite her naive tendencies. In all their years they spent traveling in the West, she would notice Naruto looking at any happy family with a mix of jealousy, sadness and loneliness in his eyes. She was about to go sit beside him when he stood up from his seat saying he was going to get some fresh air by himself.

No one would argue with him because they all knew he really could take care of himself now. But they could see that he wanted to be alone.

Konoha: Night, Memorial stone

He did not know what brought him to this one location in the village as he could sense the ANBU near by watching him. This action made him scowl because he just wanted to be by himself of this one time. But even that was a little too much to ask for since Tsunade is in charge. Kneeling down to look at the names on the stone where those who were recognized as heroes. He then saw the names of his parents in nearing the top of the stone.

Naruto remembered the first time he remembered seeing this during Team 7's survival test. His naive way of thinking of wanting to be on this marker and of what it meant to be on it. At first he was scared because he said something without thinking of it first. But later on he actually wanted to be on the marker to show that even he could be a hero. But those dreams along with being Hokage diminished the days he was cast aside. He remembered a time when he snuck into the library to read books on various ninjas the leaf had produced. One that caught his interest is named Hatake Sakumo, Shiroi no Kiba (the White Fang).

He was surprised that Kakashi's father was a really strong ninja in his day and read as much as he could on the man. From the stories he read about Sakumo, Naruto added another person into his list of heroes. But then came the cold truth about Sakumo when he found the man had committed seppuku for a failed mission during the 3rd Great Shinobi War, by saving the lives of his friends and not completing the mission. At the time Naruto didn't understand what that meant because he had no friends at all.

But it was until after his mission in Nami no Kuni, that made him see things more clear than ever. Missions would come and go for the village, but the lives wasted on them meant more than just money. Bonds could not be truly replaced in ones heart or could be bought with money.

His time in the West intensified his belief. Being with Touka and everyone, he enjoyed being with Karin and her allies even thou Keifa would always try to get at him for that, but he wasn't the prank master for nothing.

Sheren was nice too and would help if it needed, he would also protect Yue as he did when she was blamed after what Ukitsu did, heck he even enjoyed being with Reiha, her cousin Miu and the Nanban barbarians lead by Mii even if they were as weird as hell they were smarter that the people from Konoha that's for sure.

But even so, they all share something in common, they were loyal and didn't let petty things turn one against the other, they even accepted Naruto as a person and not a monster even if they were not as close as the girls that came for him they were still true friends who would rather slit their own throats than to stab an ally in the back even if once they fought amongst themselves.

A smile appeared on his face remembering a certain event which was his birthday. In Konoha every time that day came he was always fearful for his life, but in Touka village the girls prepared a party for him, even inviting the other lords, just enjoying the day with them made it more special. Heck even the Cho sisters were there and performed songs to the blond.

'Shows how much they care, unlike here,' he thought. Suddenly a sound of steps came from his back. Naruto didn't turn around since he knew who it was

"It's been quite some time Naruto," said a voice coming from the shadows.

"Not long enough Kazekage," said Naruto while starting to walk away. Gaara put a hand on his shoulder stopping the blond.

"Naruto when are you going to grow up?" said Gaara. "Stop acting like a child and do what has to be done."

If a sight could kill, Gaara would be nothing more that dust.

"You dare come before me and say that?" He said in anger "You, who copied my dreams and never thought of me as other that a nuisance. Tell me Kazekage, when they asked you who defeated you in the chunin exams, did you say it was me or were you to ashamed to be beaten by a no name that you gave credit to the Uchiha?"

Silence was all that came of Gaara's mouth. "I thought so," said Naruto and with that he returned to his friends.

NEXT Morning

Naruto awoke from a good night rest and for a strange reason he couldn't move, looking down he saw Touka and Aisha sleeping in his chest while Sui and Sei were each holding one of his arms.

The girls didn't want to leave him alone, even though they were sleeping in the floor of the living room since the rest of the girls were sharing the guest rooms and there wasn't enough space for them even thou Riri, Rinrin and Tanpopo were sleeping in Minato's and Kushina's room.

He then felt each of the girls snuggle closer getting more comfortable.

"Well it seems some people are rather happy," said Rin as she came down stares, she couldn't help but to let a smile seeing her sensei's son with his girls.

"Oh good morning neechan," said a blushing Naruto.

"Well make sure your ready for breakfast," she said with a warm smile. Later everyone was enjoying a calm breakfast.

"Mmm, this is delicious and there are new dishes that I've never tasted," said Itachi.

"Well, we got help from Shion-san," said Rin.

"It's the least I could do after you let us stay in your home," said the purple haired beauty. Everyone once finished started to help in the house. Naruto was going to help until Obito called him.

"Naruto can we talk?" said the former Uchiha. Naruto nodded and they went alone to the yard.

"What do you need Obito-niisan?" asked the blond.

"Naruto, I still don't know how you could have forgiven me after all I have done," said Obito in a regretful manner. "What I did, there is absolutely no excuse for and then you sacrificed seeing your parents and brought everyone including Rin. Why?"

"I don't think I can answer that. When I saw you during the war, I thought to myself that I could have turned out that way. Your team and mine were almost the same. The difference is that Rin was able to bring you back. Your love for her made you return. She was willing to help you take the right path and Itachi and Ayame also helped you," Naruto paused.

"Unlike you in the end the people I trusted cast me out once my usefulness to them was at an end. Obito-niisan both of us and Nagato-niisan were changed by this village, but I was dumb enough to still believe in it. I was naive enough to think the village would change," Naruto turned his head inside watching everyone.

"This village and our supposed friends have caused us only pain and if it weren't for Touka, Aisha and everyone I may have fallen in the same path. The reason I forgave you was because I understand you more than most. I guess if back then Kakashi wasn't full of himself things would have been different. "

"Well that hasn't changed much," said Obito and both men laughed.

"Obito, you may have been my enemy but now you are my friend and family. You have always been a good person but Madara tricked you thinking it was your fate to follow the curse of hatred. You, Itachi-niisan, Rin-neesan, Ayame-neesan and others still have the Will of Fire in you while in the rest of the village it has burned out".

Obito was letting tears fall from his face, he moved his hand forward and both him and Naruto started to shake hand. Inside everyone watched the scene, Itachi, Ayame and Rin watched with happiness the scene out side but were interrupted by a knock in the door.

"I'll get it," said Touka.

"No, it's not necessary," said Ayame.

"Please it's the least I can do," said the red head, when she opened the door a loud screech was heard.

"What are you doing here?!" came a yell from outside.

On the other side of the door stood Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari. They had come to talk to Naruto and tell him what happened so they could try and mend their relationship and since his status as clan heir and last of the clan he had to take part in the CRA but what they didn't expect was to find one the western whores that had seduced him.

"Excuse me?" said Touka shocked at their behavior, not even the high western lords were this disrespectful.

"I said what are you doing here whore. You and your groupies should have been thrown in jail for what you did, now get out of the way," said the pink haired banshee as she pushed Touka out of her and her friends way. Touka didn't say anything but was greatly pissed which was a feat in itself since she has never gotten mad at anything, not even when that man stole her sword and threw her off a cliff.

"Who do you think you are barging in to our home?" asked Obito as he entered alongside Naruto.

"We don't have to answer to trash," added Temari.

"Besides we only wish to talk to Naruto-kun," finished Ino which made Touka, Aisha, Sei and Sui glare at the arrivals.

"We have nothing to talk about!" said Naruto with a great amount of anger in his voice.

"Please Naruto, we came to fix our relationships," said Tenten.

"What relationships? You fucking used me and then dumped me to get on your boyfriends' good sides." said a pissed Naruto.

"Please Naruto we know it was a mistake, please we want to be with you," said Sakura.

"No, you want to be with the Yondaime's son because his status is bigger that your ex-boyfriends as well as them not being what you always preached," he spoke each line more angry with hint of hurt no doubt by their betrayal.

"And besides he is taken," said Sei as she, Touka, Aisha and Sui each leached into Naruto's arms.

"No, he deserves better. You are just a bunch of whores," said Temari.

"Jealous? The fact that we have Naruto-kun´s heart as well as we have better bodies that you," spoke Sei again angering the girls.

"Listen you, you have no right on him, he belongs to us," said Ino.

"Don't talk about Naruto-kun if he is a mere object. He can make his own decisions," said an angered Touka which surprised Naruto and the rest of the girls since they never have seen her like that before.

"You girls better leave now," the girls turned around and saw an angry Ayame and Rin and right next to them was Kikyo which made the kunoichis nervous as she was able to instigate fear into Tsunade and the worst part was the shit eating grin on her face.

The kunoichi's left promising payback to the four girls, but before they could rest an ANBU appeared in front of the group.

"Namikaze, the council requests your and your companions' presence immediately," and just as he came he vanished.

"If it not one thing is another," said the blond completely annoyed because of all the unwanted visits. The group said their thanks to their hosts and left. At the same time outside of the village a large group was approaching.

"Halt, what is your business here?" said a guard but soon regretted those words because in front of him was the new Fire Daimyo.

During the war the Fire Daimyo was killed and his son took over ruling the Land of Fire. Unlike his father the new ruler was not a power hungry pig and when Naruto was banished he cut funds to the village after the trade agreements from other nations were chopped to bits. It also didn't help that he held Naruto in high regards.

"You don't need to know, "said the Daimyo. Then the guards saw also a large group of attractive woman that came with him.

"But they…" said the other guard.

"They come with me and if you don't what this to be the last thing you see, I suggest you also let them pass," and with that the entire group marched into the village.

Council Chamber.

The meeting didn't seem much different that the last one, the council just started to demand and demand which was really getting into the blonds nerves.

The worst part was that the clan heads and other were demanding that Naruto restore his clan and take a good chunk of wives. Of course he refused and his girlfriends were actually pissed after the last line from the council. Even Gaara was demanding of him which further pissed the blond.

Suddenly the door opened revealing another group of unknown women as they entered the room. Naruto knew who they were and was shocked to see them there.

"Karin, Sheren, Yue, Reiha, Miu, Mii, Pairen! What are all you doing here?" said a surprised Naruto as he saw his friends and fellow war comrades.

"Well, we came to help you. What the heck does it looks like we are doing," said Reiha who let out her known laughter.

"Reiha-san, could you please cut back on your laughter. I think my ear drum is about to explode," said Karin. Reiha only sent a glare to her fellow blond.

"Just what we need, more of the Namikaze´s whores," said Sakura´s mother.

"Where does he keep finding these hookers?" added Sakura.

"I wouldn't mind bagging some of them; they have nice bodies," commented Kiba. One after one, each of the members of the council gave insulting comments to the new arrivals.

The room then felt dead silent as the group from Touka village sent the council shocked looks while some like Touka and Shuri covered their mouths and Shion covered Riri´s ears.

"What?" asked Tsunade who had also bad mouthed these women. The silence was broken by Naruto clapping in a sarcastic tone.

"Bravo, Bravo. Leave it to Konoha to insult the most powerful rulers of the West right at their faces. You'll be lucky if a single brick of the entire Land of Fire is left," the council paled after what the blond said, then turned their heads to the women and saw all of them were pissed and all had a dark aura surrounding them (yes even Yue).

Shuuran, Shunran, Merinin and the others were ready to jump and kill them.

"Tsunade, what the hell do you think you are doing?!" came the voice of a very pissed Fire Daimyo who came behind them. He turned to the Western rulers. "I'm sorry everyone but this council is not made of the smartest people in the village."

Before they could say anything Naruto approached them and said something that made all of the smiled wickedly.

"This meeting is getting out of hand. Naruto I give you a deal," said Tsunade.

"A deal?" said the blond.

"It seems fair after all you did the same with me."

"You mean a bet?"

"Yes, a fight between you and the members of the retrieval team."

"Ha...hahahahaha, you have to be joking. Didn't they tell you that I was, even in a weakened state, wiping the floor with them before Hatake pulled his shit?!"

"They were ill prepared, but if you win you can march out of the village with no buts, but if you lose you have to take the mantle of Hokage."

"You're not backing down on this -sigh- ok I accept but don't try to pull a fast one on me or you'll regret it, so when will this take place?"

"One week, so that Kakashi can heal properly."

"He should stay in the hospital if he knows what is good for him."

Then the Fire Daimyo offered apologies to the guest but they said it wasn't his fault. He offered everyone his mansion in the village for Naruto and all members of the factions which they accepted, but before they could leave.

"Wait," said Sakura.

"Haven't you caused enough trouble Haruno," said Naruto.

"We challenge you," said the pinkette while pointing at all 4 of Naruto's lovers.

"What," said Aisha who only blinked along her friends.

"You heard right we challenge you to a fight, tomorrow to be precise. If we win you have to break out with Naruto," said Temari.

"How dare you ask that of us," said Touka again showing her anger.

"What's wrong are you afraid to be proven weak against us," said Tenten with a smirk across her face.

"Why you little…!" before Sui could say anything Naruto raised his hand.

"They accept, but if they win you and every Kunoichi in this village has to keep the hell away from me, are we clear?"

Sakura and the girls didn't know what to think, the way Naruto spoke with that determination started to build doubts but they accepted none the less.

The group went outside and headed for the daimyo's mansion while discussing the things in the meeting.

"Naruto-Kun, are you sure about this, fighting against those girls?" asked a worried Touka.

"Don't get too worried Touka-chan. Sakura and Ino are nothing more than fangirls that have never taken their training seriously unless it's to impress someone; you can take those two easily. Tenten and Temari might give you a little trouble since they are more serious about their training; but you, Aisha, Sui and Sei have been through much more rigorous training than them and have also fought in a war for more then a few years. I have no doubt in my mind that you are all much stronger than them," finished the blond while he rested his arms in the back of his head.

"They also have alot of nerve in insulting Karin-sama and everyone!" commented Shuuran who was clenching her fist.

"That's the problem, they think they are untouchable. They shall soon see otherwise," said Naruto but soon after bumped into someone. Naruto managed to catch the person revealing none other that Hinata.

Ok I know you waited along time for this but I'm sorry. Personally the last chapter of the manga as well as some stories here have cut my inspiration and the fact I have a good Obito here, personally I was thinking of re-doing this story (but leaving this one as it is).

I thought of having his banishment after the Sasuke retrieval. The Koihime Musou is another world and he ends up there just like Kazuto in the visual novel but much earlier. He is still paired with Aisha, Touka, Sei and Sui but with the addition of Shion and Naruto becomes Riri´s adoptive father. Also I know most of you are going to hate or like this but I would remove Hinata as pairing; also the crew won't be as idiotic and self centered as in this, think on how the Lost Son of Konoha goes.

Also I was thinking of having some Dynasty Warriors characters appear, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, the leader of the yellow turbans (you know the bald, bearded sorcerer but I forgot his name) and Dong Shou (I don't know how you write it).

Guan Yu would be Aisha´s and her brothers biological father, he left the village to prevent an attack with some men from it, sadly he was ambushed the men killed and return to the village to find his family dead except for Aisha who he couldn't find, thanks to Naruto he decided not to take his life.

Zhang Fei is Rinrin's grandfather the one that say he died. Well he fell from a cliff and lost his memory, he wandered the land for some time until he meet Naruto and Guan Yu and recovered his memory, when he return for Rinrin she was gone as she started her adventure with Aisha.

Naruto, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei became sworn brothers with Naruto replacing Liu Bei. The Yellow Turban rebellion happened like in Dynasty Warriors and Naruto killed their leader who was using the Cho sisters.

During the anti-Toutaku alliance the three were volunteer soldiers and it was them that gained passage for the army at the gates in order to kill Dong Shou who is Yue´s uncle.

Anyway after the fight Yue joins Shu/Shoku and Aisha and Rinrin see their family members and all become one family.

Ok well during one accident Naruto, his sworn brothers and the girls get transported to the Elemental Nations and so the story begins.