Screw the Rules Batman

Watching The Dark Knight. Got an idea from the Joker telling Batman to take off his mask and show the world his real identity, and a flash animation I saw a while ago with some Megaman Characters in it… I think it was Super Nin10doh…

Anyways, Batman defies a law of physics in being unable to take off his mask… In a way.

The Joker laughed insanely as he sat on his arch-enemy's chest. "Now, heh heh, to show Gotham who you really are, Batman!" the villain said grabbing the top of Batman's head gear and pulling it off, only to show another mask identical to the first. "Huh?" Joker was stunned. "How di-. Nevermind you can't have all that many under there!"

10 minutes and 30 odd masks later

"This is cheating!" The Joker was nearly in tears. "You, Batman, are breaking the rules!"

"Screw the Rules, I Have Money." Batman replied. "Where do you think I got all my gadgets from?"

"I HATE YOU!" Joker yelled as he punched Batman in the face, only to draw back in pain as Batman's head gear proved to be much harder than it seemed.

"FREEZE! Gotham Police!" a random, soon to be scarred for life, police officer said. "What the hell?"

"What, what is it?" Gorden, soon to be scarred as well, said. "I thought tha-"

"It's not what it seems!" The Joker said getting up.

Batman took this opportunity to disable The Joker.

And the Joker was finally put in Arkham Asylum permanently.

You supply how Joker was disabled… Personally I think Batman finally gave into his dark side and kicked Joker in the nuts. … Not what I was thinking… Though my thoughts also involved Joker's Man bits.