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Helping Hand – Chapter 4

By J. Trevizo


It was a quick walk to the parking lot and before they knew it Audrey and Nathan were climbing into the Bronco. The bag with their sandwiches sat between them on the bench seat as Nathan turned the engine over and darted a glance at Audrey in the passenger seat for a bare moment before he put the vehicle in gear and pulled out of the lot, directing the truck towards his home.

Audrey wrapped a hand in the material of her seat belt as she let her gaze drift from the road before her to Nathan's profiler and back again, her thoughts running a thousand miles a minute. Going home with him was something she hadn't been expecting, but it made sense.

In less than fifteen minutes Nathan pulled into the driveway of his house and shut off the engine. His eyes swung back to her and he gave her a flash of a half smile before he unbelted himself and proceeded to get out of the truck, knowing she'd follow. Once she'd unbuckled her own seat belt she reached across the seat to grab their dinner and clamored out of the Bronco, her feet following in the path he forged to his front door.

Nathan got his key in the lock, mentally noting Audrey's presence behind him and pushed the door wide to let them both enter. Once the door shut behind him he threw the dead bolt and turned to watch his partner in so many ways eye him, and then she raised the bag with their sandwiches in a gesture of query.

"Kitchen. To the left through the hallway."

At that she nodded and they both gravitated to his kitchen. While Nathan pulled plates, a pair of beers and some chips from the cupboards and fridge, Audrey took the sandwiches from the bag. As they sat and ate they kept finding their gaze drifting to one another and the real need to discuss what they were doing and what they wanted to happen going forward started to assert itself in their heads. They both wanted this relationship, that was a given, but they needed ground rules and to set those they needed to talk.

"Maybe we need to talk about this?" she asked suddenly pointing the neck of her beer bottle toward herself and Nathan before she took a sip, steeling herself for the next thing out of Nathan's mouth.

"I was thinking about that earlier," he said with a half smile, remembering his mind wandering while at the station to things that had nothing to do with protecting and serving the citizens of Haven.

The way he was looking at her right now made her recall that talking had seemed the last thing on his mind when she'd shown up with their dinner earlier.

"Before we had sex on your desk you mean?" she replied dead pan even as she flashed him a brief smile.

"Well, you were there, and it was there and…"

She gave him a look that made him trail off even as he grinned at her. How could he be expected to keep his hands off her for more than 8 hours?

Still they needed to both be on the same page for everything. How this was going to work, what they wanted it to be… two really great sexual encounters and a few 'I love you's' were the start of a relationship, not all of it.

"How do we do this?" Audrey asked, still unsure of how to have a relationship, especially in a town like Haven where everyone always seemed to know what everyone was doing.

"One step at a time. We can trade off places… and if either of us want to slow things down…" Nathan started and then trailed off, not wanting to even contemplate the idea of not being with her every minute of the day.

"Do you want to?"

There was a brief pause following Audrey's worried question as they both looked at one another. Words had been said, things had been felt and no amount of time or distance was going to change those fundamental things. All it would do was make being alone that much harder. And there was no reason anymore to be alone.

"No… now that we have… this, I…" he said, rambling a bit before Audrey took pity on him and reached out across the table to catch his hand in hers, prompting him to briefly shut his eyes at the sudden contact.

"Me too."

Her words prompted a smile to cover his face and there was a shared laugh. After so many months of ignoring and denying and suppressing their feelings the idea of not being like this with one another was just… wrong.

But being with each other the way Nathan wanted them to be meant being public. He didn't want to hide how he felt about Audrey anymore.

"So, you realize that between Duke and the Teagues that we're not going to be able to keep his under wraps for long."

"I get that," she acknowledged simply.

"So… you're okay with everyone knowing?" he noted and she looked at him wide eyed and slightly in shock.

She pulled her hand away from his, shrugged and then froze as she considered what everyone entailed. Word would spread to Reverend Driscoll and his followers. Wrapped up in the happiness she felt at being with Nathan she hadn't even considered what it might mean for him if it was common knowledge that he was sleeping with one of his officers…

"Will you get in trouble?"

He looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"I don't want this," she started, indicating between them, "to give Driscoll or anyone else any ammunition to look for someone else to be chief."

He sighed softly. Of course Audrey would be thinking about work and how their being together would affect it. But the reality was that although the position of Interim Chief of Police gave them both more leeway to aid the Troubled that they encountered, it most definitely didn't mean more to him than what he felt for the woman before him.

He needed to make sure she understood that.

"You really think I care?" he asked, looking at her, his jaw tight at the thought that someone like the Rev might try to use her against him.

"Yes, I do…" she replied as she once again caught his hand with hers and gave it a squeeze briefly before pulling back to pick up her beer once again.

He sighed lightly and looked away. While he would be perfectly fine if the sacrifice he had to make to be with Audrey was the Interim Chief position, he had to reluctantly admit to himself that he did really care if he was officially sworn in to take over from his dad.

He'd never really thought about it but somewhere in the back of his mind he'd always just assumed maybe, one day he'd take over for his old man… run the department. And now the stakes were even higher that he get the job permanently because if the Rev got the chance to put someone in his place that had a different agenda towards those that were Troubled, things could go from bad to worse very quickly.

And the only way he could see to make sure that the relationship he and Audrey had, would have in the future would be protected was to be up front about it; letting people know about how things had changed between them could possibly give them some support they desperately needed from more than a few people in town.

"You're right," Nathan reluctantly admitted before he ran a hand through his hair as he leaned back in his chair at the kitchen table. "But I won't have the Rev scare me into making you into my dark secret. There's too many of them in this town as it is."

"So, what do you want to do? Take me to dinner on Friday's at the Gull so people know we're together? Hold my hand when we walk to and from a crime scene or to the Bronco? Have me move in here?"

Nathan pondered Audrey's words, taking another couple of bites from his sandwich and then washing it down with his beer to give him some time to consider her suggestions. He'd be up for all of those things, but he had to be respectful of what Audrey could handle. Still…

"Yes?" he replied simply and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Okay, slow down there," she said with a grin but looking at her Nathan could tell that she wasn't so much objecting to the ideas as she was to the timing. "How about we take it step by step. Dinner first?"


With that settled for the time being they concentrated on finishing their meal and then Nathan looked over Audrey's shoulder at the clock on the wall. It was late already and he really didn't want to waste any time with dishes or much of anything other than holding, touching, kissing and otherwise being with her… in his own home.

In his bed…

A small half smile caught his lips and he stood up to clear their plates, dropping them in the sink along with the empty bottles. Audrey raised her eyebrow in question as she watched him. He turned and leaned back against the sink and graced her with a real full on smile that when paired with the look in her eyes made her heart flip in her chest.

"So, bed?"

Audrey didn't need to ask what he meant by that, the look in his eyes told her everything. She nodded simply and stood, moving to stand before him. He reached out and caught her hand in his, wondering again at the smooth, warm feel of her skin in his. He'd never get enough of her… ever.

Nathan stepped away from the counter and slowly pulled her along with him, knowing she hadn't been in his place to know where his bedroom was. Of course if he had his way she was going to become very acquainted with it from here on out.

Moments later they were at their destination and he flipped on the lights illuminating the very obviously male bedroom. Her eyes swept the space quickly noting the dark wood furniture and the queen sized bed before she turned her gaze back on the man before her.

Then her hands were on his cheeks, holding him still as she pulled his face down to meet hers, their lips fusing instantly. His hands took a second to catch up with his brain and then they wrapped behind her, pulling her flush against him.

Tongues tangled and Nathan raised his fingers to tangle in Audrey's blond strands, delighting once again in the ability to feel the texture and warmth of her scalp as he sifted his hands through her locks and then captured her neck in his grasp, holding her to him.

The only sound in the room was that of their quickened and labored breath as they moved lips and tongues together in a fiery, passionate yet loving entanglement. As their kiss drug on Nathan found his hands drifting to her shirt front, wanting to do nothing more than strip off all her clothes this time and make love to her on his bed until they were exhausted.

"Wait…" she said softly, her hands suddenly wrapped around his wrists as he moved towards the first button of her shirt.

He looked at her puzzled but halted his movements, his fingers resting on the bare skin of her collarbone and feeling the heat and smooth skin there at his fingertips.

Audrey carefully released his wrists and then slid her deft fingers along the back of his hands, causing a shiver to form under her touch. She let her hands slide up his arms and up under the loose fabric of his shirt sleeves, causing Nathan's eyes to flutter at the feeling of her hands on him.

She pulled away, this time directing her fingers to graze down the center of his shirt. Once she got to the waistband of his pants she tugged the material from the jeans he wore and he immediately responded by lifting his arms to let her pull the garment up and over his head. With a careless toss she let the shirt fall to the floor as she focused her gaze on the exposed his flesh of his chest.

With a glance upwards into his searching face she placed both hands flat against his bare chest and they both sighed with the contact. Audrey let her mind flash back to what was around 24 hours prior when she'd done the same, had let her true feelings for the man before her escape her lips.

"I love you Nathan Thaddeus Wuornos," she said softly, eliciting a catch in the breath of the man before her.

"I love you too…" he replied as he slid his hands into her hair, cradling her head in his hands even as he pulled her towards him, his lips finding hers in a searing kiss.

Audrey let him kiss her, even as her hands slid down to his waist and she maneuvered one hand between them to cup his straining hardness beneath his jeans. When he pulled back from her lips there was a questioning look in his eyes and she smiled mischievously at him as she glanced down, making him look as well and he saw where her hand was and his mouth gaped open slightly at the sight.

Damn, it was times like this he missed the ability to feel.

Then she groped him once more to indicate her intentions before she moved her hands to slide up across his heated skin and up to his shoulders, reveling in the feel of him under her hands like this.

Standing there half-naked in his bedroom with the woman he loved, the woman who made him feel, he found himself overwhelmed once again at his luck. How one simple meeting as her car precariously hovered over a cliff face could have led him to this, leading him to wonder about fate once again.

"Sit down," she said with a husky tone breaking him from his musings and he did so, watching her as he sat at the edge of the bed, her hands still on his bare shoulders.

Audrey leaned down and kissed him briefly before moving to pull Nathan's gun and badge from his belt. She stepped aside to set them on the nightstand by the bed and then returned and quickly knelt on the floor before him and purposefully untied one boot, then the other, setting them aside beside the bed.

Nathan watched her fascinated and confused. She was carefully divesting him of his clothes one piece at a time and although he wasn't objecting at all, he was curious about her motivation. She looked up as her hands captured one of his sock clad feet and she could read the question in his eyes and she grinned at him widely.

"I didn't get to take your clothes off last time, or actually either time," she pointed out, alluding to the fact that Duke had undressed Nathan the first time, and that at the office only a few hours ago they'd kept on most of their clothes…

And she really wanted to slowly strip him of all the things that made up the external persona of Interim Chief Nathan Wuornos and lay bare the skin that couldn't feel to her touch and gaze.

His socks were next and then she leaned forward to get to his belt buckle. With sure fingers she undid it and then went for the button and zipper on his pants. Sliding the metal tab down, the material parted giving her a glance at the pale colored boxers beneath. Releasing the metal she slid her hands down to the cuffs of his pants and gripped the hem.

"Lift up."

Bracing on his arms Nathan lifted his hips and Audrey yanked at the jeans, pulling them past his hips so he could sit again even as she kept tugging until the dark denim bundled on the floor. He still had on his boxers and given the way the material was tenting he was certain that by the time she stripped that material away that he'd be more than ready to give her whatever she wanted from him.

With a smile that was a mix of sultry and nervous, Audrey reached across the bed, her arms and hands sliding pleasantly along Nathan's long legs, providing him a range of feelings before she carefully slipped her fingers into the waistband of his shorts. Easing up again, this time without her asking, Nathan watched in rapt attention as she eased the boxers off him, exposing his erection to both their gazes.

Now bare, Audrey pushed him to lay flat on his bed as she quickly unclipped her gun and badge and placed them on his nightstand, joining his. Turning back to Nathan, she leisurely pulled off her own clothes, letting him stare at her as she tossed aside all her clothes, piece by piece in his own private strip show featuring the woman he so desperately wanted. Finally she was down to her undergarments, her bra coming off and falling to the floor before she slid off her panties.

Once she let that last scrap of fabric drop to the floor Audrey climbed on the bed, moving over Nathan and straddling his waist. Instantly his hands attached themselves to her hips even as his eyes closed as he was lost in the feel of her heated flesh against his. She leaned forward, pressing her hands against his cheeks as she leaned down to kiss him hard and hungry.

Overwhelmed once again by the return of feeling Nathan reached up and caught Audrey's wrists in his hands even as he gentled the kiss until she pulled back, looking at him questioningly.

"You," he began, his blue eyes boring into her with the depth of emotion he had for her visible in them even as he turned his head slightly to kiss the inside of her right wrist, "are so amazing, I can't even…"

He placed another kiss on her other wrist, and then a series up her arm until he couldn't easily continue without shifting her position across his hips. As he'd kissed up her arm, feeling the satin-like texture of her warm skin beneath his lips he felt her shift her hips against him, causing his cock to rub against her flesh deliciously and he gasped, breaking off his attentions to her as he fought to steady himself at the feelings coursing through him.

"I know…" Audrey finally replied before leaning down to kiss him once again, his hands letting go of hers to capture her face in his hands as they kissed once more.

The love and desire flooded them both as the need to be together, be complete begun to overtake them again. Moving her hands to his chest, Audrey eased her hips off his before she eased back, finding and then sliding down on his hardness and sheathing him within her depths.

"God Nathan…" she moaned softly as she reveled in the feeling of being filled completely by him.

His hands held her hips tightly, his eyes closing at the feeling of her surrounding him even as he felt her and him everywhere they touched. She pressed down on his chest as she raised her hips, dragging her core over his sensitized cock and making him groan at the slow movement. Then her down stroke brought a gasp from Nathan even as her mouth opened in a silent 'o'.

Several more agonizingly slow strokes had Nathan thrusting up into her, desperate for more friction and more feeling. His hands left her hips to skim up her sides and knead her petite breasts, palming the weight of them even as he used his long index fingers to tease the hard nipples he found there.

Moaning at the new stimulation Audrey sped up her hips, setting a faster and harder pace. Each time she sunk down on Nathan's hardness he instinctively thrust upward, making her gasp breathlessly. Her movements over him as well as the feel of them together fueled his desire, and he moved one hand to where they met and merged together, sliding his fingers into the space between then, winding her wetness spilling over onto his cock and groin. With seeking fingers he searched for and found her clit, pressing up and flicking the digits against the hard nub, causing her to arch on him, her core briefly seizing on his erection as she took in a shuddery gasp.

"Nathan, God…" she murmured breathlessly as he continued to stroke her even as she began to ride him even harder.

His other hand held her hip, pulling her down into him with every downward thrust of her center onto him, and he groaned once again as he felt himself throb within her depths. Above him Audrey moved over and against him and his eyes watched her fascinated as her eyes slammed shut and her head fell back as the sensations of her impending orgasm flooded her. Around his cock he felt the beginnings of her fluttering inner muscles and he felt his chest heave under her hands.

"Audrey…" he said haltingly as he started to feel his own control slipping and knew he wasn't going to last much longer, "come for me…"

With that he swiftly moved his fingers on her swollen clit even as he lifted his hips as she thrust down onto him, causing her to fly apart, her fingernails cutting into his chest as she curled her hands into his chest as she came, a high pitched cry ripping from her throat as her core clenched around him.

Nathan swore hoarsely as his pleasure peaked, ejaculating within her hot, wet depths. Then he felt all of her sprawled against his chest as she collapsed on top of him, her breathing ragged from the exertion and her orgasm.

Pulling his hands from her core and her hip he wrapped her in his embrace, holding her tightly to him even as they both struggled to come down from their high. One hand moved up to stroke her hair as he tilted his head to press a kiss into the soft strands. At the touch she stirred a bit and raised her head, their eyes meeting and all the feelings they had pass between them with the simple shared gaze.

Easing up from him, Audrey gave him a sleepy but happy smile before leaning down to kiss him lightly on the lips. At her movement he brushed her hair back from her face and then shifted them both so they now lay side by side. In the process he slipped from her, causing them both to groan at the loss.

But he could clearly see that she was exhausted and he had to admit that he was tired. Besides, she'd be there in the morning…

"Let's get some sleep…" he said as he maneuvered around them to get the blankets down and then over them.

Audrey murmured her agreement and snuggled into Nathan as he bundled her against his chest under the covers. His eyes closed and as he reveled in the feel of her against him he followed her into dreamland.

- end ch 4-

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