This is the story behind Harley's past life none of this story is real. but the characters in this story are from jewel pet and jewelpet tinkle.
and some of the storyline might be wong because I didn't know much about the jewel pets past. and this is the story Harley told in chapter 11 of jewel land adventures. (plays the sonic underground opening theme.)

The people on earth need something that can help make them happy because some of them are lost and is in need of a friend and I know just what to do. Said Jewelina.
(Jewelina summons her powers and creats 38 magical jewels called the jewel charms.)
now be born my children. Said Jewelina.
(the jewel charms start glowing revealing 38 newborns witch are known as jewel pets but one of them was different from the others.)
Welcome to the world my children. Said Jewelina.

(later in a big nusery)

Ok let's get all of you ready for your first day in jewel land. Said jewelina.

(1 hour Later)
ok you guy just need to have some fun so I am sending you to a big playroom but Harley stays because He has a defect that turned him into a human and I want to find out what caused it. Said Jewelina.

(later back in jewelina's room)

Wait I heard of a Prophecy That invloved A jewel pet that is part human that would be born and save both Jewel land and earth from an evil soruce when he is older but he Has to be reborn on earth after he turns 3 years old in jewel land. Said Jewelina

(3 years later)

Harley my son you have to go to earth and live a life as a human. Said Jewelina.
why do i have to leave you momma? Asked Harley

because you have a destiny to Fulfill on earth. Said Jewelina.

(tells him the prophecy invoving him)
wow I didn't know i was suposed to save jewel land and earth. Said Harley.
now I'll prepare you for you journey to earth. Said Jewelina.
but wait Can I take one of my brothers and sisters with me? Asked Harley.
yes you can but it will be with you through out you life on earth and become your partner when you turn 15 and that is when you have to come back to jewel land. Said Jewelina.
Ok, but Can I have one more day with my brothers and sisters before i have to go? Asked Harley yes you can because I will have to erase your memory of jewel land but not the jewel pets ok so I want you to make as many memorys of the jewel pets as you can. Explained Jewelina.
ok but I'll miss you the most mom. Said Harley

(one day later)

Ok now I must pick witch jewel pet to take with me and I know who I pick Sapphie because She was the nicest to me when We were together in the playroom. Said Harley.
Ok, Sapphie are you ok with going with Harley to earth and don't worry he will take good care of you. Said Jewelina.
yes I am mom. Said Sapphie.
Let's get going next stop earth and my new life. Said Harley.
yes. Said Sapphie in reply.
Ok heres everything you'll need on earth and I'll open a portal to a good mother's belly to be born out of and start you life on earth from and see yea in 15 years and Sapphie will appear as your earth mother's pet. Said Jewelina I'll miss you alot. Said both Harley and Sapphie.
oh wait here Is your jewel charms these will help remind you of me. Said Jewelina (Hands them both there jewel charms)
See yea in fifteen years. Said Jewelina (Opens portal to earth and Harley and Sapphie enter the portal and head to earth)

The end?