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Chapter 16 (Final Chapter)

With her head on his chest, and her arm dangerously close to his better assets, Kate stretches her body the along the length of him. She wonders how she can want, love and need a man this much. She closes her eyes and breathes in the scent of him; she can't seem to ever get enough of it. She hooks her leg over his and slowly rubs it up and down his thigh, enjoying the low moan that escapes him in his sleep.

"Hey sleepy head, if you want to conserve water and maybe join me in the shower, it will have to be before everyone gets up," she whispers in his ear then she sucks it into her mouth and gives it a nip. Castle growls at her and flips her so she is pinned under him, he feeds hungrily on her neck.

"Someone woke up a little hungry today." Kate giggles. "Castle if you keep that up we won't make it into the shower." She was already hot and wet before he even woke up, she could feel him grinding readily against her.

"Showers are over-rated. A little rugged man smell won't kill anyone." Castle mumbles as he starts trailing wet passionate kisses to her breast. Kate gasps when he sucks her nipple into his mouth and runs his tongue over it. He ghosts her body with his fingers traveling down between her legs. She grinds against his hand when he touches her. He can feel the heat rising off her, and when he touches her, he is met with wetness and her scent. His fingers dance precise circle over her clit and she shatters multiple times before he lets her come down.

Kate reaches down and takes him in her hand, pumping him slowly up and down, teasing him. Castle spreads her legs open with his leg and thrusts himself deeply into her. He gives her a few seconds to adjust to him before he starts moving in and out of her. Her moans resonate through his body as he increases his speed. Their kisses become harried and desperate as they try to muffle their moans.

He feels her walls spasm around him as her orgasm hits in waves, and her nails rake down his back. The sensation causing him to follow her crashing over the edge and finally they lay spent in each other's arms.

"Good morning Kate." Castle whispers as he kisses her forehead and then her lips.

"A very good morning indeed, Mr. Castle." She gives him a wink and gives him a peck on the lips.

"We better wash up and quickly get downstairs before everyone is up. They are all going to be hungry and looking for breakfast." Castle says as they get up and walk towards the bathroom together. Twenty minutes later they are dressed and quietly sneaking past the other bedrooms, down the stairs ready to cook for their guests.

As they near the bottom of the stairs, Kate links her fingers through his and smiles at him. She looks towards the living room where the huge Christmas tree stands fully decorated. He looks at her and smiles back.

"It is real nice having all our friends, and family here for the holidays. Nice to have this time for ourselves." Castle said.

"I never thought I would have all this Castle. I mean I have a family again. This thing we have created is the best present anyone could ever have given me. Thank you." Kate turns to face him and pulls his lips down to hers. She wraps her arms around his neck and holds him tightly to her. "I love you Castle."

"I love you, Mrs. Castle." He says with a huge smile on his face.

Kate and Castle love having everyone together at the Hamptons, decorating the tree, sitting by the fire singing Christmas Carols, and just being together. It is their favorite time of the year.

Kate and Castle are cooking breakfast for everyone. It was a very full house. They had been up until 11 pm decorating. Everyone added their own special ornament to the tree; it is a tradition that Kate started on their first Christmas together.

As Castle cooks he reaches out to touch her every time she walks nearby. The last time he gave her butt a pinch.

"Castle, watch the bacon and keep those hands to yourself," Kate chastises him waving a wooden spoon in his direction. Castle pouts and continues cooking the bacon.

"You take the fun out of cooking. How come you don't wear a frilly apron and nothing else, when you cook?" He asks her raising an eyebrow and grinning slyly.

"In your dreams Castle." She smiles knowing that particular scenario has been played out before, numerous times. She walks over to him and wraps her arms around his middle.

"You really like having everyone here don't you writer-boy?" she says close to his ear and taking a little nip. This time with everyone is just as important to him.

"You be careful Mrs. Castle, if you keep that up, breakfast will most definitely be ruined, and no one will get to eat. We going for round two?" Castle turns off the burner and turns around planting a sloppy kiss on Kate's lips.

"You've been pilfering the bacon, Castle, that's not fair. Save some for the rest of us." She smiles and walks away from him, taking the plate of bacon with her. She put a little extra swing in her hips for him as she leaves the room. He shakes his head as she walks away.

They set the table and can hear stirrings going on upstairs. There are giggles and yells as well as the pitter pattering of little feet and stomping of bigger feet in the direction of the stairs.

Castle turns to Kate and gathers her in his arms for the last few seconds before the chaos and mayhem starts. He smiles as his lips brush against hers and their noses nuzzle together.

"I love you Mrs. Castle." His voice still oozes love and affection for her.

"I love you writer-monkey-boy." She deepens the kiss and suddenly mayhem breaks loose. It seems everyone is coming down at once.

"Grandpa! I'm hungry!"

"Auntie Kate, tell Michael I don't want to eat a peanut-butter and pickle sandwich!"

"MOM where are the shoes you borrowed?'

"Ashley did you bring down Emma's I-Pod?"

"I want to sit next to Papa Jim!"

"Don't push me buttface!"

"Uncle Rick, did you make smiley face pancakes?"

Castle and Kate look up at the mob heading towards them. They smile at each other. Their eyes meet and speak volumes. They are happy they have everything they could ever want, family, friends that are family, love, and health.

Alexis and Ashley lead the pack, with their two son's Steven and Michael and daughter Emma.

Lanie and Esposito follow with their daughter and granddaughter. Their granddaughter was the spitting image of Lanie, God help us all.

Jenny and Ryan came with their three grandchildren this year while their kids went on a much-needed vacation.

Rounding out the group was Johanna who is in college and Nathan who is a senior in high school and still at home with Kate and Castle. Martha and her latest beau from the theater school and Jim Beckett take up the rear of the mob.

Breakfast is a whirlwind of passed plates, poured drinks, laughter, reprimands, spills and laughter. Everyone eats and enjoys the company. When it is finally over, everyone helps clean up and they get ready to start their day. Castle taps his juice glass to get everyone's attention.

"So who wants to have out a snowman building contest after breakfast?" Castle asks. Everyone including the kids, and kids at heart are excited to participate in a Castle contest.

After bundling everyone up in their snowsuits, boots, mittens and coats, they run out into the front yard. The rules of the contest are everyone has to help, not just the big kids doing the work. You can make it male or female, and it can't look like your typical Frosty the Snowman.

Each family gets to make one, and Jim, Martha and the new beau were the judges. After about three hours of building snowmen, an impromptu snowball fight, and making snow angels, the judges were finally called out.

The judges walked around with critical eyes. They had a snow policewoman and a snowman with a book as one set. Then snow super hero with cape included, a headless snowman with the head on ground next to him, a snowman that looked suspiciously like a midget riding a pig, and finally See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil snowmen. Obviously it was a very disturbed group showcasing their snowmen building skills. The judges walked around whispering and pointing at the sculptures.

"We have made a decision! Drum roll please?" Jim Beckett announces.

Ryan, Esposito, Castle and Ashley made drum roll noises as the rest of them roll their eye.

"And the winner is…See No Evil, Hear No evil and Speak No evil!" the three said together. Alexis and her crew jump up and down and stick their tongues out at the rest of them.

"So very mature of you!" yells Castle, which caused everyone else in the group to burst uncontrollably into laughter. He crosses his arms in feigned anger over losing. He can't keep the scowl on for to long before he gets a snowball to the head.

Kate stands about five feet away trying to look innocent, but looking more like the cat that ate the canary. Castle squints knowingly at her, and she tries desperately to look all innocent like and sweet.

"Castle you would have been insufferable had we won. We would have heard about it all week." Kate laughs while everyone agreed.

When everyone finally comes in and settles down they make hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies that the kids can decorate. The rest of the day is spent decorating, watching Christmas cartoons, telling stories and enjoying each other's company. After dinner everyone gathers around the tree and Castle reads " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" while everyone listens quietly. Lanie's granddaughter snuggled asleep on her lap sucking her thumb. Emma is curled up with Johanna on the rug, aunt and niece, more like little and big sister. The rest were strewn all over the floor and sofas enjoying the yearly tradition.

Only three more days until Christmas and their big Christmas party, this year was a big one as it would also be Kate and Castle's 20th anniversary. Time had flown by, and it was a long time ago that a certain detective had to ask a certain mystery writer for help on a strange case; the rest is history.

That night when everyone was safely tucked in their beds with what was sure more than vision of sugarplums dancing in their heads, the writer and his muse stood by the French doors in their bedroom. Above them in the doorway Castle had placed a sprig of mistletoe.

He stood behind her with his hands wrapped around her tiny waist. His head resting on the top of her head, smelling the cherry scented shampoo she used. Castle kissed the top of her head. Kate felt content to stand there in his arms and enjoy the warmth of his body against her. They watch the moon dance over the ocean as the seagulls fly off to uncharted destinations.

So many years have passed and she loves and wants him as much as she did in the beginning, and she is very secure that he feels the same way. They had come a long way. They had solved Johanna's murder together and put the man responsible away. He had ended the Nikki Heat series with Nikki and Jamerson's happily ever after. He had written two James Bond books. He was a consultant on the Nikki Heat movies, and is currently writing a new series of books.

She became a decorated detective, was promoted as the the youngest female Captain in NYPD history much to Iron Gates horror, and had three beautiful children and a loving husband.

"Castle, take me to bed." He sweeps her off her feet and carries her to their bed. He slowly starts removing her clothes and then sheds his. He climbs into bed and draws her to him. He kisses her and worships her body with his hands. He warms her skin with his mouth. Her body responds to him instantly. As he brings her closer and closer to her climax she arches her back and her body tenses. Her eyes meet his they are dark and full of lust and love. As she shatters into a million pieces he hears her whisper….

"Oh Castle….."

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