It was Valentine's Day at Grimwood's and Tanis was sitting by a tree drawing hieroglyphics in the dirt thinking to herself

"Why does today have to be Valentine's Day it's always the lousiest day of the year for me I wish someone would care about me"

She thought clawing up the drawings with her bandaged fingertips as Winnie walked up to her.

"Hey Tanis what's up?"

She asked as she turned her head

"Oh Nothing I was just thinking about some things"

She responded as Winnie left continuing running as Winnie left Tanis saw a blur walking through the woods she couldn't tell who is was but she could he was dressed in blue as she realized it was one of the Calloway Cadets. As she got up walking in the woods as she got close to the figure she started chasing him

"Come back here who are you?"

She called out as the figure ran away she increased her speed without looking in front of her as she slipped and fell in a mud puddle.

"Crap my favorite bandages"

She mumbled starting to softly cry being careful for no one to her she didn't want anyone to catch her (a monster) crying as she stood up she found a note taped on a tree pulling it off.

As she read the envelope in had her name written on it in black sharpie

"What is this?"

She thought opening it and reading it

"it's a love letter that is so sweet but who wrote it?"

She asked herself folding up the letter heading back to the school