As 7:00 came Baxter left the school telling Calloway he was going for a walk as he made it to the bog he looked around seeing Tanis

"Baxter you made it"

She responded giving him a hug gently grabbing him arm leading him to a bunch of tunnels as they crawled under it showing a small room size dug out area with some old furniture

"This is my secret area I heard what your friends think of me and the other girls, it's the only place we can be alone I have never showed this to anyone but I know I can trust you.

She said kissing Baxter as they were lying down on a sofa

"Baxter you want a covered cricket"

She said showing him a piece of transparent candy with a cricket in it

"No thanks I don't like eating bugs"

He said showing mild disgust

"Have you ever tried it?"

She asked

"Well no but I know I wouldn't like it"

He said as she held it up to him

"Please will you try it for me?"

She asked holding the candy up to his face

"Fine, for you"

He said putting the candy in his mouth chewing it with disgust by trying his best not to show it"

"Thanks Tanis "

He said as she rubbed up against him

"Tanis you know we can't let anyone find out about us"

Baxter said rubbing her back

"Don't worry these tunnels are a maze the pattern is Left, Left, Right, Left met me here every day you can at 7:00 there is a branch out front if it's down no one is in here if it's up someone is here so turn it up that way I will know if you're here if it's up at the knock a pattern as she knocked 3 times as he memorized the Patterns by heart