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A new-born baby was kidnapped in the middle of the night while her mother was sleeping. When the sun rose over the Hidden Mist village the mother wept, for she knew perfectly well what had happened to her child. The father had claimed his child. No-one else in the village knew who the father was, and so they were surprised when the woman begged the village leader not to send a search party. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Eventually the other villagers forgot about the strange incident, but there was one who would never forget.

10 years later

"Lord Orochimaru, I have received new reports from the Hidden Leaf and Mist villages." The bespectacled young man stood in front of a throne-like chair, reporting his findings. "An unknown assailant attacked the Hidden Mist village two weeks ago. Half of the population was wiped out. They are no longer a threat to us in any way." He paused, watching the pale, snake-like man before him.

"Very well. What about the Leaf Kabuto?" The seated man – Orochimaru – asked.

"It has been reported in the village hidden in the Leaves that Tsunade has been appointed the new hokage." Orochimaru smirked, leaning back in his chair.

"Ah Tsunade. She won't last long." He glanced down at the child standing beside his seat. "Yumi." He called, drawing her attention to him. "How would you like to go on your first covert mission?" she smiled briefly, but quickly reverted to her previous emotionless expression.

"I will do as you order father." Orochimaru smiled; an almost loving look in his eyes, however fatherly affection was one thing he never showed.

"Good answer Yumi. I want you and Kabuto to travel to the Hidden Leaf village. Once there you will join the academy to gain information without raising suspicion. Kabuto, you will merely watch over her and act as a guide to the Leaf. This will be a solo mission, and it will be long-term." He paused, making sure that Yumi was keeping up. "On the way there you should stop by the Hidden Mist village to survey its current situation. I want a complete first-hand account of what state the village is in. Do you understand?" Yumi nodded her head seriously, while Kabuto stood straight-backed and still.

"I understand, Lord Orochimaru."

"In that case you are both dismissed. Yumi, I suggest that you go and get ready." She smiled and ran off into the twisted, winding corridors towards her room.

Yumi was ecstatic. This was going to be the first time she had been outside other than when they switched between hideouts. But even then she had never really seen anything. She packed her kunai knives and shuriken into a small pouch, along with some smoke bombs, wire, paper bombs and a miniature medical kit. The medical kit would be unnecessary since Kabuto was coming with her, but she would need to stay away from him if she wanted to blend in.

"Stupid Kabuto." She muttered to herself. "He just had to go and blow his cover last time he was in the Leaf." Drifting across the room Yumi grabbed a blank scroll and a change of clothes and stuffed them into a small bag. She was so excited that she could barely sleep so she sat on her bed, anxiously awaiting the coming of morning.

Time Skip

Yumi raced through the corridors, nervous about going outside. She slowed down as she neared the entrance. Her blue eyes widened in surprise as she noticed her father standing near the door, talking with Kabuto. She paused, not wanting to interrupt them in case it was something important. Kabuto noticed her and he stopped talking. Orochimaru turned to face her.

"Good, you're here. That saves me sending Kabuto to go find you." Yumi nodded, face blank. He stepped to the side, unblocking the entrance. She looked to Kabuto and he nodded encouragingly. Yumi started walking towards the stairs, looking back to her father who had already turned his back and left. That sort of behaviour was normal though, and she continued climbing the stairs. Kabuto opened the door for her and she stepped out into the bright morning sun. Raising a hand she shielded her eyes against the glare.

"Which way is it to the Mist village?" she wondered aloud. He turned east and headed off through the grass, Yumi running to catch up. "Have you ever been to the Hidden Mist village before?" she asked him, curious about the man's past.

"No, not personally. I guess this will be a first for both of us." He said, smiling. They marched on in silence for a while, Yumi completely enthralled by the variety of land they had passed through, while Kabuto had no interest in striking up a conversation with the ten year old, preferring the quiet. They had been travelling for nearly three hours when they first encountered people. An old man and a young boy, not much older than Yumi passed by, heading in the opposite direction. The old man gave them a judgemental look and it was then that Yumi realised how much her clothes stood out. She was easily identifiable and for her to enter the Leaf in her current outfit would be suicide.

"Kabuto, how far away is the Hidden Mist village?" He stopped and turned, taking in their surroundings.

'It should be about a day's walk from where we are now." Yumi looked around, wondering how he could tell where they were and how much further they had to go.

"Let's speed up." She requested. "I want to get on to the main mission sooner rather than later." Kabuto glanced over at her, saw the determination in her eyes, and quickly agreed. They picked up their pace, not passing another person for the rest of the day. When night began to fall Kabuto started looking for a good place to rest, despite Yumi's insistence that she could keep going. Once they had found a clearing and set up camp Yumi fell asleep almost instantly. Kabuto chuckled to himself.

"No matter how persistent she may be, the reality is that she is still only ten years old. She just doesn't have the stamina she thinks she does." He leaned against a tree, watching as the stars came out one by one. Eventually he too fell asleep, oblivious to his surroundings.

Time Skip

They packed up camp and started out at the same pace as yesterday before the sun had even risen. Jumping from tree to tree they stayed out of sight until they reached the edge of the forest. Silently they waited in the canopy of a tree until a small group of people had passed by underneath them. Yumi jumped down from the tree and ran to the nearby stream to refill her canteen. Kabuto walked past her to the edge of the cliff. It overlooked a village.

"We're almost there." He called back to her.

"Really? Great!" She got to her feet and ran over to him. "Is that it?" she asked, slightly disappointed. "It doesn't look very damaged." She pouted. Kabuto laughed and headed off down the walkway that led to the village. They descended in relative silence, broken every now and again by Yumi complaining about the poor job the supposed assailant did. She shut up when they reached the entrance to the village. "That's more like it!" she smiled at the more obvious signs of damage they could see from their current position. The streets were abandoned near the main gate, Yumi and Kabuto not seeing anyone at all until they reached the centre of the village. There were some older women, some elderly people and then a group of young abandoned children.

"There really doesn't seem to be any capable fighters left here." Kabuto pointed out.

"Yeah, this is quite advantageous for us." Yumi agreed. They walked for a while longer and stopped outside a seemingly abandoned building. "Shall I report in then?" She grabbed a scroll from the pocket of her shorts and spread it out on the ground. Bringing her hand up to her mouth she bit her thumb, drawing blood. "Summoning jutsu!" she yelled as she placed her hand in the centre of the scroll. There was a cloud of smoke and when it disappeared there was a small snake on the ground in front of her.

"Hey Yumi, long time no see." The snake seemed happy to be there.

"Good to see you too. Could you take a message to fath – I mean Orochimaru for me?"

"Sure thing. What's the message?"

"Tell him that the situation in the Mist village is as we suspected. There are no able ninjas left to protect them, and they will no longer be a threat in any way to us." The snake recited the message, making sure it had it right, then slithered off the way they had come that morning. A woman came out of the building they thought had been abandoned.

"What do you people want? We have nothing left to give you." The woman's light blue eyes widened in shock as she took in their outfits. "Yumi, is that you?" she called. Kabuto turned to Yumi.

"Do you know her from somewhere?" Yumi turned her cold eyes, an exact match to the mysterious newcomers, on her.

"Get lost old hag. I don't have time for you." She rolled her scroll up and shoved it back in her pocket, readjusting her purple rope belt as she did. Turning she marched off in a random direction. Kabuto was about to follow her when the woman cried out again.

"Yumi please wait! Can't we just talk?" He stared at the woman, utterly confused.

"Lady just who are you?" he demanded. "Yumi said she doesn't know you, so why are you being so persistent?"

"That child is my daughter!" she yelled at him, frustrated. There was shock evident in his eyes, considering she might actually be telling the truth.

"You don't have any proof though." He protested.

"Seeing her is the only proof I need. She wears a sound village headband, and that outfit is so much like her his that it makes me sick." Kabuto's mind went blank.


"Yes. That filth Orochimaru!" Kabuto sat down, hard. It never occurred to him that Orochimaru might actually be Yumi's father. He had always assumed that she called him that because she had spent all her life with him.

"Kabuto what are you doing sitting in the middle of the street like that?" Yumi questioned him, coming back into view. She had ransacked a house or store and changed into some non-descript Mist style clothing, her original outfit and headband in one hand and her belt hung over one of her arms. He got to his feet as she glared at the woman. "Why is she still here?"

"Yumi, please, just hear me out." She begged.

"Why should I? I told you before, just get lost." Yumi went to walk away but looked at the clothes in her hand. She threw her sound village clothes – minus the belt and headband - at the woman. "Here, make an apron or something. It saves me having to carry it." Kabuto glanced back at the woman one last time before following Yumi out of the village.

"We should collect some food while we're in a town." He suggested. Yumi sighed in defeat.

"Yeah, I guess we should." They spent half an hour searching through all the houses, collecting any food they found while ignoring the hating stares of the now orphaned village children. "That ought to be enough now." Yumi pointed out, stuffing the last bit into her bag. He nodded in agreement and they set out, climbing the pathway to get out of the village once more. When they got to the top Yumi took a quick drink of water. She stared at her belt for a moment then wrapped it back around her waist. She wasn't going to carry it all the way to the Leaf.

A/N: Actually nearly everyone will probably be run down with varying degrees of OOCness... Naruto personalities aren't my strong point, I don't pick up on them well. Anyway, the story is set shortly after the 3rd hokages death but before Sasuke leaves the village. Other than that the events will be invented from my own mind.

Soo... it turns out those idiots from the Mist were actually pretty weak, compared to whoever attacked them anyway.