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Also, This takes place in City of Bones, but nothing too specific, just around the time that Clary was introduced to the great food of Taki's by the great Jace. (: some canon pairings, but the story plot has been changed to what I came up with. (:

Warning: This is my first MI fanfic, cut some slack please? Thanks.

Oh, and I don't have the book with me, so I don't know exactly what happened during the Taki's scene, but I know some of it. So It isn't going to be the same. [Mainly because I'm changing it… but yea… lol.] So don't be surprised if it isn't following the book.


Clary and Jace were sitting peacefully in the downworlder restaurant while looking over their menu's. Jace had pointed out what food was best for Clary to order to have her appetite satiated. And they had received their food a couple of minutes ago. It was exactly as Jace had described it. The food was incredible! Clary smiled at her dish a lot, and Jace too, not that he noticed.

Right now they were eating peacefully with small talk and having conversations on what kinds of downworlders come to the restaurant and how many Jace could name, fight, and kill. They almost ran out of subjects to talk about before Clary came up with something completely random.

"So… what's a faerie?" Clary asked, conversationally.

They were getting in deep with the conversation when the shaded glass doors to the small nondescript place flew open, and a girl walked in.

The girl was about 5'7", and had waist-length straight black and silver hair, while her eyes were icy blue cat's eyes, with the black slit pupil and all. She wore a black vest over a plain white button up blazer, and a gray mini skirt that reached mid-thigh with black leather heeled boots. She wasn't even wearing much make-up from what Clary could tell, besides eyeliner. Oddly enough, she looked like a model, if no one looked at her eyes. She was petite, but curvaceous. Small, but looking to be in her late teens.

This girl made Clary instantly feel self-conscious and have the urge to check herself to make sure that she looks alright. The only other time she had this urge was when she saw Isabelle…

She frowned, then looked to see if Jace had caught eye of the girl too.

And much to her relief, he didn't pay the girl any attention, until she spoke that is.

"Kaelie," the girl's voice was melodic, but it had a small hum in it as she spoke, like it was unintentional, but natural. She sounded like she was singing to Clary though. "You'd never believe what I just heard!"

The faerie at the counter turned around with a semi-emotionless face as she faced the newcomer. She didn't even have a real smile on her face. She was just curious. "What is it, Jay?" she asked.

The girl called, 'Jay' rolled her blue cat's eyes, and smiled at her emotionless friend. "That there is going to be a big party at you know who's!" she winked.

The girl did exactly as the faerie expected, she squealed a bit. But the faerie seemed oddly unaffected as she sighed. "Really?"

"Yep." the girl nodded her head enthusiastically. "And, since I know that you aren't going to the party, I'm going to pick you up someone." but then she got a serious look on her face as her emotions swiftly changed from one's who was excited to one who was about to deliver dreading news.

"But, there is a real reason why I'm here." she said lowly. "I want you to be careful of…" she dropped her voice so that Clary and Jace couldn't hear her anymore but they heard enough. "Valentine Morgenstern…"

Kaelie's emotion hardly changed except for a small widening of her eyes, in surprise. But she didn't answer. She didn't know that the rumors were true. And if Jay was telling her that they were, then that means that they are. If she was any more emotional, she would have frowned.

"So, like I was saying, I'm going to pick you up someone tonight." Jay said as if continuing from that subject of conversation.

Jace was looking at the girl hard. He didn't hear what she said, but he had a feeling of what it was. That and the fact that the girl looked mundane, besides her cat's eyes. And the long gray angel's wings that flickered in and out of view each time the girl moved. He didn't know what kind of downworlder the girl is, but he knows to watch out for her. Especially when she looks so mundane, almost like a warlock, or a vampire….

Clary was watching the girl, too, while moving her gaze back and forth between her and Jace. She wondered why Jace was paying so much attention to the girl. But then, she thought a guy like Jace would probably want to be with someone who looks like a model naturally. She also thought back on to the wings that kept flickering out of her view. 'Just what is she?' Clary wondered.