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In the cold, dark night, a big, wooden ship has gotten on fire with one man still on. His family is in a lifeboat, being lowered down. Suddenly, the pulley connecting the lifeboat to the ship snaps and falls to the ocean floor. Inside there is a woman with long, brown hair tied down in a ponytail. And wrapped up in a blue blanket, in her arms, is a little, baby boy, with brown eyes and a tuft of raven-black hair on his little head.

The woman holds the baby close as she watches the blazes of the fire grow bigger and stronger as the wind blows. The man on board, knowing there is nothing else he can do, dives into the cold, water and swims to the lifeboat. As he reaches closer to the lifeboat, the woman slowly, makes her way to the side of it and with her free hand, reaches for her husband.

The man is gasping for air once he is out of the water, but then he looks at his wife's brown eyes, as they stare back at him with worry and passion. Then they hug each other with the baby still in the woman's arms.

Put your faith in what you most believe in

Two worlds, one family

The man looks down at the baby. The man has black hair like his son, and blue eyes. The man pets his son's head as the baby giggles and smiles up at him. The baby's parents share a smile, but are soon taken away from them when lightning and thunder is heard from the sky, scaring them.

Trust your heart

Let fate decide

Suddenly, in the distance of the night sky, the man and woman see an island not far from them. As the burning ship continues to sink, the family in the lifeboat gets closer and closer to the island.

To guide these lives we see

Meanwhile, on the island, a family of Pokémon are together and are getting ready for bed. A Nidoqueen and a Nidoking sit, happily, next to each other, with their son, a male Nidoran, in between them.

Paradise untouched by man

The Nidoking, proudly looks at his son, as the Nidoran starts to crawl away from his parents, and to a little Caterpie on a branch.

Within these worlds blessed with love

As it struggles to reach and touch it, the Nidoran falls a few feet before his father catches him and sets him back into his mother's arms.

A simple life

They live in peace

Soon enough, it is morning, as the sun shines brightly onto the island. The family has made it to the island and are walking away from the lifeboat. They are climbing up the side of a hill, as they look around, curiously, at their surroundings.

Softly trend the sand below your feet now

Two worlds, one family

The baby in the woman's arms turns his head, and smiles. As he giggles, he moves his entire body to the direction of a big forest tree, causing his parents to take notice of this.

Trust your heart

Let fate decide

The man and woman look toward the direction of the tree and instantly get an idea. The man looks down, proudly at his son, as he smiles and plays with his son's hair.

To guide these lives we see

Meanwhile, the Nidoking is spending time with his son. The playful Nidoran runs to his father, making his way in between his father's legs.

Beneath the shelter of the trees

Then the Nidoran quickly jumps on the Nidoking's back. The Nidoking, playfully, tries to get him off, but the Nidoran jumps off his father before he can do anything.

Only love can enter here

The Nidoran runs into his mother's arms. The Nidoqueen raises her son to her face, as she lovingly nudges his head with her's.

A simple life

Then, playfully, the Nidoqueen throws her baby Nidoran up into the air.

They live in peace

Back with the human family, the woman catches her son into her arms as he falls from the sky above, and hugs him close. Soon after, the man and his family walks up to the big tree and start their work.

Raise your head up

Lift high the load

The man and woman work together to build a tree house. They start cutting wood and hammering things together.

Take strength on those that need you

As the man struggles to get a wooden beam up the hill and to the tree, his wife comes up from behind and helps him with it.

Build high the walls

Build strong the beams

As their progress increases, they start raising walls up. Then the woman goes and pulls some tied up, long grass above the roof.

A new life is waiting

But unknown to this family, there is an evil predator lurking the forest. A Pokémon called 'Houndoom'.

But danger's no stranger here

As day turns to night, everyone in the Pokémon family is asleep. Well almost everyone. The Nidoking and Nidoqueen sleep against each other with their son in between them. Slowly, the Nidoran's eyes open as it hears rustling in the bushes. Once his eyes are fully open, he sees a small Rattata scamper by him and his family. Curious of the little rodent Pokémon, the Nidoran crawls out from in between his parents and runs after the Rattata.

But unknown to him, someone is stalking him, quietly, as he gets farther and farther away from his family. As the Nidoran turns one corner, excitedly, hoping to catch up with the Rattata, he sees something else, a Houndoom. The Houndoom growls and barks out his name. The Nidoran screams and runs away, with the Houndoom at his heels.

Hearing their son's cry, the Nidoking and Nidoqueen run from their home and into the depths of the forest, hoping to find their very scared son. As they try to follow their son's voice, it suddenly vanishes. The Nidoking stops the Nidoqueen, as he knows what happened. Saddened by the sudden tragedy, the Nidoqueen cries into her husband's side, as he tries to comfort her.

No word describes a mother's tears

The family of Pokémon are led by the Nidoking as they search for a new home, far away from the Houndoom.

No words can heal a broken heart

Slowly trudging behind them is the Nidoqueen, looking down, sadly. But suddenly, the Nidoqueen hears a soft cry. As if it were a cry for help.

A dream is gone

But where there's hope

Feeling that she is needed, the Nidoqueen runs away from the pack and runs toward the voice. The cry getting louder with every step she takes.

Somewhere something is calling for you

Two worlds, one family

The Nidoqueen searches from side to side for the voice, as Pokémon around, look at her with curiosity.

Trust your heart

Let fate decide

To guide these lives we see

Finally, the Nidoqueen is led to a long bridge that leads to a big tree house. The Nidoqueen stares in awe as she knows that that's where the cry is coming from.

After making it up all the pathways, the Nidoqueen finally manages to the wooden door, as she carefully, pushes it open. After making sure that nobody is there to harm her, the Nidoqueen walks inside and looks around. As she looks around the house, she sees the curtains torn, as she walks over a few open Poké balls and even a shotgun with some used bullets.

The Nidoqueen turns her head and sees two pair of legs behind a table. As she looks closer, she sees bloody, red, Houndoom paw prints. Frightened, the Nidoqueen takes a few steps back and accidentally, steps on a picture frame. The Nidoqueen looks down at the picture frame to see three people, even though the glass is now cracked. The picture showed a gentleman, in a tux, standing next to a beautiful, young woman, in a dress, who was holding in her arms a baby boy, wrapped up in a blanket, smiling.

Suddenly, crying is heard from a part of the room. The Nidoqueen looks up in shock from the picture and toward the voice. She slowly, walks toward the drawer, from where the voice is heard. As she nears it, she looks down and sees something squirming under a blue blanket. Confused and a little nervous, the Nidoqueen raises a hand and moves it toward the blanket. Then she takes off the blanket, revealing underneath it to be a baby boy. The baby stops crying and squirming, as it looks up at the Nidoqueen.

The Nidoqueen cocks her head to the side, as she exclaims, "Huh?"

The baby mimics her as he, also, cocks his head to the side and says, "Huh?"

The Nidoqueen lowers her head down and sniffs the baby boy's black hair, and then his face. Then surprisingly, the baby boy sneezes in her face. Startled, the Nidoqueen pulls back her head in alarm and wipes off her face, as the baby coughs afterwards.

The baby looks at the Nidoqueen, and then he raises his arms to her, and giggles, happily. The Nidoqueen looks down at the baby, confused of his actions. But after making sure nobody was watching her, she carefully picks up the baby by his foot, and dangles him in front of her face. Then she sets the baby on his stomach in her other hand, as she looks at the white thing attached to him. Curious of this white thing, the Nidoqueen raises it up, and sniffs it, quickly regretting it as she closes her eyes and slaps the white thing down on the baby.

The Nidoqueen opens one of her eyes as she turns the baby around, revealing him to be making bubbles from his mouth. The Nidoqueen looks at the baby, and slowly, pops the mouth bubble. The baby boy looks up at her as she moves her head closer to his. The baby feels above her mouth, and then quickly, moves his hands inside her nose. Surprised, the Nidoqueen shakes her head, while the baby laughs and has his hands removed. Slowly, the Nidoqueen raises her big claw to his small hand, as he touches it. The Nidoqueen smiles, warmly, as his hand is now in her's.

Then, the Nidoqueen sets the baby boy in her arms, as he yawns, and drifts off to sleep into her chest. The Nidoqueen smiles, closes her eyes, and hugs her now, new baby.

Suddenly, a black, arrow-shaped tail is flickered in front of the Nidoqueen's face. Getting a serious face, the Nidoqueen opens her eyes and sniffs the air. Then she quickly looks up as she hears growling from above, and sees the Houndoom. The Nidoqueen gasps as the Houndoom bares his claws and teeth and jumps down from the ceiling and to the ground, running after her. As the Houndoom chases after her, they both accidentally, crash out of the tree house, and onto a yellow tarp. As they fight, the Houndoom rips the tarp with one of his claws and causes them to fall onto a wooden surface. The Nidoqueen and the Houndoom continue to fight for the baby, but the Houndoom scratches her face, causing for her to accidentally release the baby and have him fall off the wooden surface, and into a big net laid below.

The Nidoqueen gasps, as the Houndoom jumps from the wooden floor and down to the net, to where the baby is. Looking in between the cracks in the wooden floor, the Nidoqueen sees the baby boy rolling toward the wooden pole in the center, happily. The Nidoqueen looks down at the hole in the floor that is given for the pole, and looks inside, seeing the Houndoom get closer and closer, but is still struggling with walking on the ropes.

The Nidoqueen gasps and quickly reaches out to the baby, but can't reach. Noticing this, the Houndoom growls and quickly jumps at the baby, but just misses, causing the baby to bounce up, and for one of the Houndoom's legs to get tangled with the rope. The Nidoqueen quickly grabs the white thing attached to the baby, and tries to get him out through the hole. But he won't fit. Still trying to get him out through the hole, the white thing goes through the cracks in the floor. Smiling, the Nidoqueen quickly slides the white thing through the crack, until there is no more. Seeing how she got the baby, and not the Houndoom, the Nidoqueen smiles, and hugs the baby, tightly.

Suddenly, the Nidoqueen turns her head as she hears and sees the Houndoom growling and clawing his way out from under the wooden floorboards. The Nidoqueen gasps as she looks over the edge of the wooden floor, and sees it's a long way down. Then she sees a small boat attached to a tree and a pulley. As the Houndoom gets out and pounces, the Nidoqueen quickly jumps into the boat, and is sent down to the ground, activating the pulley. Having done this, the rope on the wooden floor, wraps around the Houndoom's ankle, and has him sent up to the tree.

As the Nidoqueen gets out from the boat and looks up, seeing the Houndoom all tangled up and unable to get free. The Nidoqueen looks up in awe, as she runs to the bridge.

Every moment now the bond grows stronger

Two worlds, one family

Once she is halfway across the bridge, the Nidoqueen looks up at the Houndoom again and growls. Then she nods her head, angrily, while the baby boy looks up at her with adoring eyes.

Trust your heart

Let fate decide

To guide these lives we see

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