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After making his way through the jungle to see where the gunshot sound came from, Ash dropped from a tree, sniffing the air. Ash crawled on the ground, as he looked at the surface. He touched the earthy surface, feeling around weird foot prints that were made in the ground, when he saw something sparkling from beneath the grass.

Ash slowly, picked up the object. It was long, and had a gold color. Ash felt it carefully with his fingers. Ash raised it to his head, first sniffing it. Then he lowered the object to his mouth, as his tongue made its way to it. Ash started to lick the object until it got inside the object, where the taste was fowl and horrible. Ash drew back his tongue as he coughed in disgust. Suddenly, he heard another gunshot.

Ash dropped the object, and jumped back into the tree, inspecting the jungle from above. From above, he saw plants and small trees being cut down by some object in the center. Ash grabbed a vine, and rode it in front of the plants, where the object was headed, and hid in a bush.

Ash heard talking from the object as it drew near. He saw the shadow of the object as it continued cutting down the plants with this weird weapon. Suddenly, the object stopped in its tracks, looking as if it were staring right at Ash.

Ash looked closely, but quickly dodged as he felt the object try to shoot him with something. Finally, the object revealed itself. The thing was holding a piece of machinery in its hands. The thing had two eyes, two ears, and a nose, just like Ash. Ash tilted his head to the side. Were they related?

Then Ash heard another voice coming from the plants. The voice revealed itself to be tall and have gray hair on its head. It also had two eyes, two ears, and a nose. Ash was starting to take an interest with these strange creatures.

"Giovanni! Giovanni!" The creature with the gray hair said. "What is it? Did you find Pokémon?"

Giovanni lowered his gun, as he said, "I thought I heard something."

"Maybe it was a Ditto? Or a Venemoth? Or a-?" The creature with gray hair pondered aloud.

"Professor, don't move!" Giovanni yelled, as he inspected the land.

The Professor stopped in his tracks, as he said, "Oh yes, right." Then he stood like that.

Ash turned as he heard another voice coming from the plants. It was a creature with orange hair that was set aside of its head, with some weird mechanism in its hair. It was also carrying a red object on its back. Ash looked closer at the creature, as it started to get closer to the Professor.

"Dad, what's wrong? Did you find a Pokémon?" The creature with orange hair asked, stopping in front of the Professor.

"No, but Giovanni told me not to move. He said he might've." The Professor said, still not moving. The creature with orange hair looked infuriated and walked away, as the Professor accidentally fell on the ground, saying, "Oops. I moved."

As Giovanni continued to inspect the land, the creature with orange hair stopped by it. "Giovanni, maybe you should lay down on the shooting. Dad and I came here to study the Pokémon on the island, not kill them."

"You hired me to protect you." Giovanni said, as he neared his gun to Ash's throat, without knowing. Ash looked at the gun with a little bit of fear in his eyes, until it moved away from him.

"And you're doing a great job, but we only have a few days left until the ship comes back, and-." The creature with orange hair said, until it was interrupted by the Professor.

"Misty! Do you realize what you're standing in?" The Professor asked with excitement.

Misty looked down at the ground under her red sneakers, and gasped. "A Pokémon's home!" Misty knelt to the ground, as she felt it with interest, as the Professor did the same.

Giovanni knelt down as well, using his gun to lean on. "Extraordinary! There must be Pokémon nearby!" Unknown to him and everyone else, Ash had used a vine to look closer at Giovanni and sniff his scent. Ash quickly climbed up the vine as Giovanni started to turn around.

Misty gasped, as she pointed to more homes. "Look! There's more! Over there and there!"

"Yes, more homes!" The Professor said. Then in unison, they said, "That means they travel in groups!" Then they randomly, hugged each other in conclusion. Hiding in the vines, Ash looked down at the two of them, and smiled warmly, until Giovanni killed the moment.

"Traveling in groups? I doubt that. If you haven't forgotten, these Pokémon are dangerous, and could easily tear you limb from limb." Giovanni said, glaring at the two people he was accompanying.

Misty turned around to face Giovanni, and said, "Actually, most Pokémon are very calm and well behaved, if you treat them the right way-." But after seeing a tiny leaf fall from the trees above, Giovanni shot twice in the air. Ash had been there, but luckily he had dodged both attacks.

Misty started to get mad and frustrated. "Giovanni, stop it. What if it's a Pokémon?"

"It's not a Pokémon." Giovanni said, looking up at the trees, causing for the Professor and Misty to do the same. Giovanni then, looked back down at the two, and said, "We should probably head off."

"Right." The Professor said, as he got off the ground, and followed Giovanni. "We should follow the Pokémon homes, and hope to find Pokémon."

"Excellent." Giovanni said, as they continued to walk away.

Misty started to get up, and walk away. Suddenly, she felt something drop on her head, and onto the ground. Misty looked down to see it was a berry. Then, an Aipom jumped out of the tree and onto the ground, retrieving the berry, and eating it. Misty gasped, and said, "Are you what all this fuss is about?" The Aipom just stared at her with a bored expression.

Misty bit her lip in excitement, as she tried to get her father's attention. "Dad. Dad, quick." She whispered. "No wait, stay still." Then she quickly grabbed something from out of her red sack, and the object started to open up and talk. Ash swung from the vine and looked down at it in interest. The object was red all over and had weird markings on the inside. There was also, a rectangular box on the object showing an Aipom on it. It was so weird, yet so fascinating at the same time.

Misty looked up from her the object and down to the ground, seeing that the Aipom was gone and only the berry. Misty looked a little sad, but soon felt something on her shoulder. Misty looked at her left shoulder, as the Aipom appeared behind it. Misty smiled, and showed it the object. "Here what do you think?" The Aipom looked at the small screen of the object, and saw itself. The Pokémon swooned at it, and then, quickly grabbed the object out of Misty's hands, and ran off.

Misty gasped, as she ran after the Pokémon. Misty grunted, as she found the Aipom, resting on a rock, still swooning over the picture of itself. "Give it back." Misty said, calmly, while holding out her hand.

"Aipom!" The Aipom said, as it started to hold onto the object, tightly.

Misty growled, and said, "Okay, I'll give you to the count of three. One, two." Suddenly, Misty gasped, as she looked away from the Aipom. "Oh look, a berry!" The Aipom looked in the direction Misty was looking, as she quickly grabbed the object from out of the Aipom's arms.

Misty laughed evilly, as she stuffed it in her jean shorts pocket. "I can't believe you fell for that trick." Misty said, as the Aipom started to whine for it back, and then cry. "Oh don't give me that. I know you're just faking. Besides didn't your parents teach you better?"

Suddenly, a growl was heard from behind Misty. Misty turned around and saw a big pack of Ambipoms glaring angrily at Misty. "Oh. So these are your parents?" Misty asked, nervously, as she walked backwards. "Well, you raised this Aipom, nicely! Good job!" Not watching where she was going, Misty accidentally tripped over a log, falling on her butt.

Misty gasped as the Ambipoms started to run toward her. Misty quickly got up and ran, as they ran after her. Ash looked down at the scene, as the Ambipoms ran after the creature with orange hair. Ash quickly grabbed onto a vine, and swung down. Misty continued to run, until she saw a trench coming. Doing anything to get away from the angry Pokémon, Misty tried jumping over the trench, just as Ash grabbed onto her red suspenders.

Misty opened her eyes, and looked down, seeing how the ground below her was moving. Misty looked above her and saw a weird person with jet black hair holding onto her suspenders. Misty screamed at the person, as the man looked down at her in confusion. Suddenly, Misty looked down to see an Ambipom chewing on her red sneaker. Misty grabbed her red bag, and started to smack it, causing for it to fall with her now chewed up sneaker.

Ash let go of the vine as he and the orange-haired creature were swung off, landing on a big tree branch, with Ash catching the weird creature in his arms. Misty looked at the strange man, and shoved him away, saying, "Put me down. Put me down!"

But when Ash started to put her down, the Ambipoms started running toward them on the branch, making Misty gasp, and jump back in Ash's arms, saying, "Pick me up! Pick me up!" Ash ran on the branch and started riding on it like it was a slide with Misty still in his arms, yelling and squirming.

They rode in circles and loops, when suddenly, the Ambipoms started running in front of them. Misty screamed in fear, as she crawled onto Ash's back, and began flailing her red backpack around, hitting the Ambipoms and sending them flying off the branch. Once they were all gone, Misty held her backpack, proudly, and laughed.

Suddenly, an extra Ambipom pounced at Misty and grabbed onto her bag, having Misty almost fall off of Ash's back. Misty wrapped one of her legs around Ash's neck, almost choking him in the process, as Misty held onto him and her backpack. Finally, the Ambipom let go and fell to the ground, releasing Misty and her backpack.

But Misty's backpack strings, accidentally tangled onto a vine, and pulled Misty back, and off of Ash's back. Ash looked back as Misty started to yell from the vine, once realizing that the Ambipoms were rushing toward her. Ash sighed and rolled his eyes at the girl, soon afterwards, the vine snapped, causing for Misty and all the Ambipoms to fall.

But luckily, in a strange way, Ash caught Misty by her left foot with both of his feet, as he climbed from vine to vine, away from the pack of Ambipoms. Then once again, he let go of the vine, and were swung off the vine. Ash landed on a big, broken log, a foot leaning against each side, trying not to fall through the center. Ash looked up as he heard Misty scream, and land in his arms. With the extra weight, the log cracked farther apart, making Ash's legs stretch farther, which led to something very unpleasant, as Ash winced and made a look of pain.

Suddenly, Ash looked up as he heard the Ambipoms growl and roar their name. Then all the Ambipoms jumped at Ash and Misty. Quickly, Ash released his grip on the log, and slid through the inside, with the Ambipoms falling down after him. With all the Ambipoms coming at once, the log started breaking as it then, started to fall.

Once getting out the other end of the log, Ash grabbed onto a vine, to try to slow them down from falling. Ash's hand started to turn bright red, as it started to burn. Ash closed his eyes, tightly, and clenched his teeth together, as he winced in pain. Finally, Ash stood in place, on the vine, until he heard the orange-haired creature start to yell at the falling log that was just about to land on them.

Realizing this, Ash quickly started swinging on different vines, away from the log, until they reached a fat tree. Ash quickly pushed the creature toward the tree, as he protectively, guarded her from the falling log, as it finally fell to the ground with a thud. Once it reached the bottom, Ambipoms, started crawling out from the remains.

Suddenly, Ash and Misty looked up at it heard one last Ambipom, on a vine, with the Aipom riding on its back. "Ambipom. Ambipom!" The Ambipom told Ash.

"Ambipom. Ambi, ambipom!" Ash said, in the strange Pokémon language. Misty looked at the strange man, weirdly, as he continued to talk. Then suddenly, the strange man turned around, and looked at her. Then he looked at her jean shorts, and saw her Pokédex sticking out. The man quickly grabbed it and looked at it with the Aipom still on the screen. Then he gave it to the Aipom. Afterwards, the Ambipom climbed up the vine, away from Ash and Misty.

Ash sighed with relief. Then he turned around, hoping to see the creature with orange hair, but instead found nobody.

Meanwhile, on another part of the tree, Misty was struggling to keep her grip on the tree, as she tried to get to another one. "This is just great! I'm stuck in a tree with a man that talks to Pokémon!" Misty said, sarcastically, as she tried to touch the other tree, but instead slipped and fell, luckily her hands grabbing onto the other tree, and her feet hanging on to the tree she was recently on.

"This can't get any worse!" Misty yelled. Then as if on cue, hard rain started to pour on Misty, as her ponytail let loose her short hair. Misty sighed, and said, "Of course it would." As she looked down, Misty met face to face with the strange man with jet black hair, staring curiously at her. Misty screamed as she pushed backwards off the other tree to get away from the man, almost losing her balance at the same time. The strange man made his way up the other tree, and pushed on her nose, making her fall backwards onto the tree limb.

Misty crawled backwards, her back hugging the tree, as she put her hands in front of her defensively. "Now please, don't come any closer." Misty warned, as the strange Pokémon-speaking man started to crawl toward her. Misty used her unshoed foot to push the man away, but the man looked at it, strangely, and then he started playing with her toes.

The orange-haired creature started to laugh as Ash started moving her toes around in different directions. "Please stop." The creature said between breaths. Then something caught Ash's eye, as he looked up the creature's leg. The creature had something blue attached to its skin. Ash slowly moved his hand toward it. He then picked up a little part of the blue thing attached to the creature's skin, and raised it up for him to see what was underneath.

After all her laughing, Misty felt something on her thigh. Misty looked down and saw the strange man trying to look up her shorts. "STOP!" Misty yelled, as she used her bare foot to kick the man away from her, surprising him. Misty hugged her legs to her chest, as she said, "You stay away from me, you creep!"

Ash continued to crawl toward the orange-haired creature, curiously, as he then looked at the blue thing still attached to it, and then the yellow object also attached to it, which covered its chest.

Misty gasped as she saw the strange man looking at her breasts. "Why you little!" Misty yelled, as she raised her left hand to slap him across the face. But the man quickly grabbed her wrist, before she could react. The man closely examined her hand, curiously. "What are you doing?" Misty asked, but the man didn't respond. His brown eyes widened in realization, as he looked at his right hand, and then her left hand. Then the strange man pressed his hand against Misty's, to show that their hands were exactly the same.

Ash couldn't believe it. Their hands were perfect, unlike his and Kala's. Ash removed his hand away from the creature's, as he leaned closer to the creature to listen to its heartbeat. The creature looked at him, nervously, as Ash pressed his head in between its breasts, listening to its heart. Ash's eyes widened again, as it was exactly the same as his.

Misty looked at the man, awkwardly, as he continued to stick his ear in between her breasts. Then he pulled back his head. The strange man looked at her, and smiled, as he grabbed her face. Then he pulled her into his bare chest, where inside his heart lay. Misty nervously, put on a smile, as she pulled away. "Yes. That's a beautiful heartbeat. It's very nice." Misty said, as she grabbed another ponytail from out of her jean short's pocket.

Ash looked down at what the creature said. Then he said, "Very nice."

"Well it's nothing really, I just-." The creature said, as it started to put its hair to the side. Then it dropped its hair in realization. "Wait. So you do speak?"

"Ash." The strange man said to Misty, putting his fists on his chest. Misty looked at the man with a confused expression, as he looked at her with an excited expression.

"Oh I get it." Misty said, smiling.

"Oh I get it." Ash repeated, as he put a hand on 'Oh I get it's' shoulder. "Ash. Oh I get it."

Misty caught on to what Ash was doing. "No. No. I'm Misty." She said, introducing herself.

"No. No. I'm Misty." Ash repeated.

Misty sighed, and said, "No. Misty." As she said that, she put a hand to herself, and then she put a hand to Ash. "Ash. Misty. Ash. Misty."

Ash put his left index finger under her chin. "Misty."

"Yes." Misty said, proudly. Suddenly, both of their heads turned to hear a gunshot. "Giovanni!" Misty yelled at the gunshot.

So that's what it is. A 'Giovanni'. Ash thought to himself, as he heard another gunshot. Then he yelled, "Giovanni!"

"Amazing." Misty whispered, as she saw Ash's response to the gunshot. Misty stood up on the branch as she walked toward him. "Ash? Can…you…please…take…me…to…my...camp?" Misty pointed to a far part of the jungle, or to the direction of the gunshot.

Ash looked at where she was pointing, and nodded. Then he grabbed a vine with one hand, while grabbing onto her waist with another. Misty held tightly, to her bag, as they started swinging on the vine. "Ah! Can't we walk? What's wrong with walking?" Misty asked.

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