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Title: Drinking contest

Theme: #30 - Whirlpool

Claim: ZoroxNami

Words: 1418

Rating: K+

Warnings: Alcohol and cussing. Set after Luffy becomes the Pirate King (which WILL happen!)

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece. Just in case you confused me with the genius that Oda is.

When exactly did the party begin, nobody would even know. But it started, and now the Straw Hats were partying in who knows what island.

It was an event that demanded a celebration. Luffy had become the king of pirates, finally reaching Raftel and found -after a fierce battle with the evil Blackbeard- a gigantic treasure that was extended all over the island, underground, and it was so much that it was impossible to count, no human being would ever finish counting the rubies and sapphires and other jewels and golden and silver treasure the rubber man had discovered.

Their captain was right now with Shanks on another island, but Luffy had ordered their crew to stay at this particular island and party while he was gone with Shanks. And a captain's order couldn't be disobeyed.

Come to think about it, the party probably started when Sanji proposed a toast for his beautiful and incredibly smart Robin-chan, who had deciphered the last Poneglyph at Raftel and discovered the truth of the Viod Century at last -although she preferred to keep it for herself, and everyone understood her decision. Then Usopp proposed another toast for Zoro, who had surpassed Mihawk at last and defeated him at Raftel. Then there was another toast, this time for Sanji, who after an amazing struggle managed to discover that the All Blue was actually the sea beyond Raftel...

And as the eight Straw Hats proceeded to celebrate Luffy's victory too, the other guests arrived. Well, not exactly guests, no one had invited them, but they were welcomed immediately, it was quite an unexpected surprise! Vivi, Carue, Pell, Igaram and Kohza were the first to arrive. Vivi and Nami shared a very moving moment when the navigator launched herself at the princess and hugged her, exclaiming how much she missed her. Usopp, Sanji and Chopper cried. Franky cried too, but no one had any idea why. Brook then politely asked to see Vivi's panties and ruined the moment. Kohza and Igaram attacked the skeleton immediately. After a little laugh, Vivi headed towards Robin and the two engaged in a quiet, private conversation.

The people from Water 7 arrived soon afterwards. Iceburg, Paulie and other Galley La people commented on how majestic the Sunny Go looked on the island docks and Franky felt inmensly proud, as Usopp proceeded to explain them that he had protected the ship from a group of fifty filthy marines with his hands tied behind his back. Paulie then took off his jacket to cover Nami, who was wearing a bikini top and a little skirt, much to Sanji's dismay. Mozu and Kiwi then struck a pose with Franky and the dancing began. Kokoro sat in a barstool and started drinking her wine while Chimney and Gombe played around with Chopper.

Boa Hancock arrived, but as soon as she learned that Luffy wouldn't be present she departed. Her sisters left with her, but Elder Nyon stayed, as well as Margaret, Aphelandra, Kikyo and many others. Sanji almost died from happiness (and severe blood loss). Usopp convinced them right away that it had been him who showed Luffy the way to Raftel and taught him everything all these years. Margaret and some others sat around the sniper, listening to his lies -er, tales- as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Meawhile, Paulie barked them to wear some more appropiate clothing.

The ex-shichibukai Jimbei came later on, accompanied by Hachi, Camie and Pappug. Hachi brought some of his takoyaki for the eight pirates and the eight ate it eagerly. Jimbei informed that princess Shirahoshi wasn't able to accompany them for obvious reasons, but she sent 'Luffy-sama' her best wishes and would love him to visit her someday. The three princes also sent his best wishes to the new Pirate King. And with the Fishman Island inhabitants came Silvers Rayleigh and Shakky. The Dark King seemed genuinely happy for his student and couldn't erase the smile from his face even if he tried. Shakky engaged in conversation with Brook about panties.

Perona, who had been staying in Sabaody Archipielago, had arrived with them, but stopped previously to search for something cute on this island; she was unsuccessful. She immediately fell in love with Chopper and hugged him tightly for half an hour until he grew to Heavy Point. Perona threatened him with her Negative Hollows and he didn't do it again.

The last ones to arrive were Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma and Sabo in representation of the Revolutionary Army. Sanji demanded that Ivankox left, but after the okama queen threatened to use her devil fruit to turn him into a woman the cook stopped complaining. Inazuma told everyone that Kuma was being rehabilitated at the moment, with a doctor that wasn't as professional as Doctor Vegapunk -since Franky had completely defeated him in Raftel- but he would do; Brook's heart skipped a beat (even through he has no heart, yohohoho!) when he heard the doctor was Crocus and that he could see him once he was done with Kuma, and that included seeing Laboon too! Sabo proceeded to inform Nico Robin about Dragon's whereabouts at the moment.

Yes, the celebration was quite wild, never before had this bar had so much costumers! The owner was more than pleased, the money he was making out of the drinks was beyond believable! So, naturally, he allowed Sanji to cook in the kitchen some dishes by charging him for the ingredients.

However, there was someone who wasn't enjoying much of the celebration...

Zoro looked down at the huge sword on his hands, the sword he had taken from Mihawk's hands. The sword that confirmed him as the greatest swordsman in the world. But, was that really true? What if there was someone else, someone he didn't know about? How could he be so confident? He needed to keep training and become stro-

"Lost in your thoughts too?"

He looked up. Nami sat down in front of him with that teasing smirk of hers, a bottle of sake in her hands. She removed her long hair from her face with a swift movement of her hand.

"Nah, just thinking." he sighed, closing his good eye for a moment.

"Wow, that's rare." he glared at her and she giggled.

"You need something or what?"

"A drinking contest!" she raised the bottle with a smile. "We never got to finish our contest two years ago. Seems like a good time."

"Tsk, fine, but I won't be carrying your drunk ass back to the Sunny." commented Zoro as he smirked too, grabbing one of the cup of sake Nami had placed on the table between them.

"Oh, like I would lose." Nami rolled her eyes. "Loser crawls back to the Sunny, sounds good?"

All she got in response was a smirk from the best swordsman in the world. He raised his cup and simply said "Cheers" before drinking it.

"Amateurs." mumbled Kokoro as she observed the little drinking contest from her barstool. She then took her fifteenth bottle and gobbled it down.

Two bottles of sake later, the contest was still going on, and neither of them seemed to be nearing their limit anytime soon. Zoro and Nami raised their cup once the second bottle emptied its liquid in the cups.

"Cheers!" and they drank it with ease, so much more alcohol was needed for them to actually be affected.

Nami knew she should probably get up and grab another bottle from the bar, but she ignored the duty for a second, as if forgeting the challenge. She looked down deep in thought, and when Zoro noticed this and was about to ask, she talked.

"Is this... the end of our journey?"

He understood what she was talking about. He had asked himself the same question earlier, as he looked down at Mihawk's old sword. Was this the end? While his dream was currently fulfilled, his life wasn't over, he was just twenty one! He had a long life ahead of him. And so did she, and the rest of the crew...

"Have you completed your map?"

Nami looked up, surprised at the question. She replied by shaking her head.

"Then it's not over." replied Zoro. "Brook hasn't met Laboon, Franky hasn't sailed the whole world... hell, I might even be challenged by another proclaimed 'greatest swordsman in the world'! I can't just sit around and grow old now!"

Nami blinked for a moment. Then she chuckled, how very stupid she had been. Her captain, the one who had freed her and allowed her to pursue her dreams, she had assisted him in fulfilliing his dream... did she really think Luffy would leave them behind once he was Pirate King?

"Nah, that idiot still needs us so much." muttered Nami. She realized she had said that aloud, but all Zoro did in response was smile.

"Cheers to that." commented the swordsman, then realized he had nothing to drink.

"I'll go get another bottle." the woman resolved, standing up. "Oh, and Zoro..."


"Thank you." she gave him a huge smile, a smile so sweet and pure, so beautiful... it would've probably killed the love cook. Of course, he was too busy swooning over Robin while Paulie tried to cover her with a curtain.

"Y-your welcome."

No. No, the greatest swordsman of the world had not just stuttered. Why the hell did he stutter anyway? Damn, he hoped she hadn't noticed...

He saw Nami smirk as she headed towards the bar in search for another bottle. She had noticed.

'Great.' he concluded sarcastically.