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Crona's POV

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you mess up? You know, in an irrevocable kind of way? It's the feeling you get when you just know you're worthless and a waste of air.

That's how I feel all of the time. Or, at least every second that I'm by myself. Though even with my friends, it still lingers in the back of my mind. It's such an intense feeling and I have no idea how to deal with it. So I don't deal.

Right now I'm sitting on my bed in the dark bare room that the DWMA has provided for me. The small window above my bed lets light in and helps to make me feel not completely trapped. Though I still feel trapped. I don't like this feeling. I don't like it when my friends are away. Especially Maka… and Kid.

No, I have no right to think of Kid. He's so powerful and sweet and he loves symmetrical things. I'm not symmetrical so I'm surprised that he even acknowledges me, but then, he has tons of other friends and they're not symmetrical. No, I need to stop thinking about this, being alone always makes me over think things and start to go mad.

"I-I need to stop. Stop Crona… stop… Stop… STOP!" I can't help myself now. I feel like screaming and I can feel the black blood starting to work. I feel something come out of the back of my black dress and Ragnarok comes out.

"What's wrong little Crony? Having nightmares about nobody wanting you?" His voice is more high pitched and comical since Maka helped to purify me but his words still hurt.

"Don't go crazy Crony haha."

"STOP! Stop… I don't know how to deal." At that moment there was a bang on the door and Death the Kid forced his way into the room. He looks worried.

"Are you alright Crona?" I jerkily nod and stand up. Ragnarok blew a raspberry at Kid and retreats back into my body.

Kid continues to look concerned but seems to accept my nod. "Well… I was coming to get you. Maka, Soul, Tsubasa, and I were going to get ice cream and we wanted you to come along with us. Coming?"

My eyes widen and I can feel a slight pink flush come over my face. Kid had come down and personally asked me to come get ice cream with him. Even if it was with other people and it was in no way a date, it still made me overwhelmingly happy. Especially after the near crazy episode I had almost endured. Being with Kid was one of the best things in the world.

"Y-yeah, I'll come…" I look down and try to hide the embarrassingly happy feelings that are bubbling up. I have no idea how to deal with these wonderful feelings.

"Cool. Now come along Crona, they're waiting for us."

He grabs one of the hands that is squeezed to my side and tugs me from my dark prison.

Kid's POV

(Later, after the ice cream trip)

I believe that symmetricality is of the utmost importance in this world. Everything in my house is perfectly symmetrical (disregarding my hair and Liz and Patty). The pictures are all level with each other. The candle sticks are all the same length. The bookcases all have two copies of every book so that they can reflect from one side to another. There are no magnets or handles on my refrigerator.

Being symmetrical is the most important thing there is, so why is it that my head is filled with images and thoughts of someone who is definitely not symmetrical.

I'm lying on my bed in my overly tidy little bedroom and my mind keeps straying to the pink haired boy who had recently come to live at the DWMA after escaping his mother, Medusa.

He is so helpless and he doesn't even understand the most simple of life's pleasures. Like ice cream. The boy had been so worried about trying the ice cream the group had offered him. They'd gotten him a medium vanilla cone and he'd just stared at it mystified. Then his eyes had started to turn red with tears as he became scared of what to do. When he'd finally tried it, he loved it and he looked at the ice cream like it was made of happiness. It was so sweet.

Crona is… Crona is the ideal person. It seems preposterous, I've always imagined myself with some one more… symmetrical I guess. Though, of course male. I've known that I was gay for years now and I've never wanted to lie to myself about something as ridiculous as that.

I'm attracted to men and Crona is just delicious. He is an effeminate man, but still male. He is adorable. Especially this morning when I came to pick him up. The screaming from his room had made me rush in panic and when I'd barged in and yelled, he'd had the sweetest eyes. Then when I'd asked him to come get ice cream his eyes had gotten bigger and his blush…

I glance over at my door to make sure it is closed and locked and then turn my attention to the growing problem in my pants. I quickly unbutton and unzip them. I push my pants and boxers down and grasp my half hard cock. I lean back and start slowly moving my hand up and down.

Pictures of Crona licking his ice cream flood my mind. Him licking and swirling the vanilla cream around his tongue and looking so happy. I wish he'd been licking something else. I'm starting to pant. I tease my slit and jerk up from the raw pleasure. Crona's lips soon become my main focus in the fantasies I'm having. I want them to smile seductively at me. I want them wrapped around my cock. I want to dominate those lips with my own and just ravish them. A moan bursts from me and my pumping gets more erratic. ".. Crona.. ohhh… Crona!" The heat in my hands strengthens for a second and then I feel myself let go.

Cum splatters out and gets on my black clothes. I groan in annoyance, but take a moment to enjoy the high that came with my orgasm. When it passes, I stand up and go to my closet to change.

When I'm fully changed and presentable, I go out to the living room and sit on a black leather chair. The TV is showing some old time cowboy western that the girls had obviously been watching.

A noise breaks my concentration from the TV and Liz comes into the room followed by Patty. They both have knowing smirks plastered on their faces. I feel my face heat up and I hope to Death that they didn't know about the recent performance in my room.

Liz sways over and sits on the couch while Patty seats herself on the floor. They're both facing me. I'm feeling incredibly uncomfortable and even more so once Liz begins talking.

"So… havin' a little fun in your room just now?" I narrow my eyes but don't say anything.

Then Patty begins laughing hysterically and gasps out, "Crona~ Ooohhh Crona~" Liz joins the mocking and I know my face is redder then it's ever been before. I know that I should yell back and fight for my pride, but for once, I have no snappy remarks. I'd never been caught in the act of masturbation or at least nobody had ever let on that they'd caught me and I had definitely never revealed to another who I had feelings for. This had to be the single most humiliating moment in my life.

The sisters' laughing dies down after a while and they wipe their eyes. Liz is the first to speak. "Crona huh? We always thought you were asexual." They're smiling thoughtfully at me now, the ridicule from earlier is gone and they seem serious.

"He's a cutey pie! You two'd look adorable!" Patty's happy-go-lucky attitude was back and she looks genuinely happy for me.

I smile. "Yeah, but he'd never want to be my b-boyfriend." I hope they didn't notice the stutter. The two look at each other and then face me again.

"Hmm, don't be so negative. I totally think it's possible!" Liz spoke and Patty readily nodded her head in agreement. I merely shrug.

Crona's POV

Today is Kid's birthday. I found out yesterday from Liz and Patty. I don't know them very well, but they seem like nice people. They'd seemed so relieved when they found me and told me. It was like they were planning something.

Oh well. Right now I'm looking for Kid. Under one of my arms is a smallish package. When I found out about Kid's birthday I quickly rushed to think of a present. I have never personally had a birthday, but I know that the date of ones birth is widely celebrated here at the Academy.

I've been walking around the academy halls for a while now and I just saw Kid. He's leaning against a wall with his eyes half closed. I'm starting to get nervous. My hands are getting sweaty and I don't think I'm going to be able to deal with handing my crush a birthday present. I'm scared but I force myself to walk up to Kid.

He doesn't notice that I'm standing in front of him for a few seconds and then he slowly opens his eyes to look at me. His eyes stare me down. I can feel myself shaking as I take the present from under my arm and offer it to him. I mumble 'Happy Birthday' as I turn my head down and will him to accept the present. I find myself focusing on the ground. The tile on the floor is pure white except for scuffle marks here and there.

Then he takes it. I mentally sigh and look up to see his reaction. He looks perplexed and also, extremely happy. The wrapping paper comes off the small box and he places it in his pocket. Delicate hands open the box and he smiles. He seems pleased with the gift so I start to turn away. Then a hand grabs the upper part of my arm stopping me from leaving.

My hearts starts to quicken at Kid's touch and I face him again. His eyes have turned slightly dark as he leans over and places his mouth next to my ear. A quiet whisper sends shivers down my back. "Thank you Crona, for my present."

Then he lightly grabs my chin, peers into my eyes and presses his lips to mine. His lips are soft. His skin is warm and comforting. And the kiss itself is chaste, but I feel anything but calm and collected during it. I can feel myself start to hyper-ventilate as I do so often at the drop of a hat and my mind is almost completely blank except for the words 'What's happening, what's happening, what's happening' shooting through my head.

Then all too soon the warmth and comfort and insecurity are gone. The kiss only lasted a second but it had felt like a lot longer to me. I open my eyes which had closed at some point in the last few seconds and stare wide eye a Kid. He simply smirks and walks away, leaving me incredibly confused in the halls of the academy with no idea as to what had just happened.

Kid's POV

I really can't believe I did that. Something just came over me and felt the need to act all damn stoic and sultry. And yes, I just described myself as sultry. He had just looked so innocent and sweet when he held out the present to me. Then when he'd looked up, his lips had been all red and kissable…

The kiss had been amazing. I'd wanted to deepen it but I wasn't sure if Crona liked me back and I didn't want to force him anymore than I already had. The feel of his lips on mine had been so brief yet so magical. I really want to do that again.

I'm currently walking down the academy's hall away from Crona. In my hand is the little gift that he got me. It's so sweet that he got me anything, or even knew that it was my birthday. Inside the box was a silver chain necklace with a skull pendant. I love it. It goes perfectly with my rings and it is from Crona.

I hear heavy foot steps behind me and a heavy panting. I peer back and I see a pink Crona bending down to put his hands on his knees. "K-kid, w-wait." I stop and turn. Why did he run after me? Is he angry that I kissed him? I look into his big eyes and wait for him to continue.

Fear overtakes his eyes as I look at him. Then a sort of resolve settles over them and he speaks. "Why did you- you kiss me?"

I'm surprised. His voice isn't angry in the least. In fact, his voice exudes confusion and what sounds like hope. What could he possibly be hoping for by asking me this question?

That thought keeps running through my head and now I realize that it has been a minute since he asked his question. I spent all that time contemplating what Crona meant and now any lie that I can come up with will sound bad because it took me so long to reply. Fuck. I've just screwed myself over. What do I say? Even if I could still lie, I can't seem to come up with anything halfway believable.

He's staring at me. He probably expects an answer soon. I don't know what to say though. This isn't like me at all! I am Death the Kid and I currently have no confidence in myself whatsoever. I probably look like a fish out of water from his point of view. Or a deer caught in the headlights. I'm frozen to the spot. I don't know what to do.

This sucks.

I meet his eyes and then my surprise comes again. He looks like he's about to cry. Why on earth does he look like that? Crona keeps confusing me and reacting in ways I'd never be able to imagine. He looks down and starts mumbling.

"Never m-mind… I-I thought th-that you lik… Umm never mind I'm j-just gonna g-go now." He suddenly whips around and starts running away. He keeps trying to run away doesn't he? Before he gets far I grab his hand to halt his escape and make him face me. I need to know what he thought. I know what it sounded like he was about to say, but I try not get my hopes up. I decide that I'll just have to force Crona to say what he was about to before he trailed off.

"What did you think, Crona? You shouldn't trail off like that." My voice is firm if not a bit pompous.

He starts to shake and shudder. I'm scared that he may be having a seizure or something of that nature but then he starts talking.

"I-I thought that y-you l-l-liked m-me a-and th-that that's w-why y-you ki-kissed m-me." By the time he finished tears started to stream down his face. My heart seems to be crumbling from his confession that wasn't really a confession. I quickly wrap my arms around his small frame to comfort him and decrease his sobs.

"But I do like you, Crona. I kissed you because I think that you're amazing and I like you."

Crona's POV

Kid likes me? How is that possible? He just said that he likes me and that it's why he kissed me. I don't know how to deal with this. He's hugging me and I'm crying like a baby and I just don't know what to do!

He pulls away from me suddenly and looks down at me. Then he starts guiding me away from our spot in the hall and outside. We keep hurrying away and I have no idea where we're going. I see Kid's face and he has a scarily determined expression.

Kid finally stops in front of a house and rushes to open and get in it. He settles down from his earlier frantic behavior and slowly calls out, "Patty, Liz? You here?" We both listen and after it is clear that nobody is home, Kid turns to me. I feel like I have had a fairly confusing and hectic day today and from the look in Kid's eyes, I can tell that it's not going to suddenly make sense any time soon.

He leans down and smothers his lips to mine. I'm forced backwards until my back hits a wall. Kid stops for a second to check that I wasn't hurt when he pushed me and then pulls my face back to his. His kisses are bruisingly forceful and I can tell that my lips will probably be puffy the rest of the day and tomorrow but it doesn't matter because I feel amazing. I feel wanted.

The tip of Kid's tongue brushes past the seam of my lips. I immediately part them and he takes full advantage of the opening. He enters and searches every crevice of my mouth. I'm stunned for what seems like forever but then I regain my focus and shyly brush my tongue across his. Kid groans deeply in the back of his throat when I do this. His groan gives me a bit more confidence so I attempt to twine our tongues together. Then I hear Kid growl and pull away to look at me. His eyes are all black and it makes me scared.

"S-sorry…" I whimper and look down. I knew that I shouldn't have tried to be an active participant in the kiss it would just mess things up. I always seemed to mess things up, mostly because I don't know how to deal with social situations like these. Now I just wish I hadn't done that. I want to continue our previous activity because I've never felt that good in my life.

A pained look flits across Kid's face and his eyes lighten. "No, that's not…." He brings a hand under my chin and tilts my face up. He gives me a tender look and quietly but passionately begins to speak to me. "No Crona, do not be sorry. You did nothing wrong. I wasn't mad you kissed me back; I just hadn't expected you to respond just yet. I liked it and wanted to gauge your reaction so I pulled away to look at you. I'm not mad. You should never feel sorry about something like that. I want you to feel good. Please, never be afraid to be yourself in front of me. I'll never be mad."

His declaration makes me cry. Kid is the nicest person in the world and as soon as he sees my tears he wraps his arms around me in a tight hug. I like this, I feel safe.

Kid's POV

(a few minutes later)

Crona is so warm and I love hugging him. My chin rests on the top of his head and his arms are pressed against my chest. I feel needed in this position, like Crona is depending on me to take care of him. I like that. I'll take care of him till the end of time if he allows me. And I'm sure he will because he seems to like me a lot.

I still can't quite grasp the concept of the person I like, liking me back yet. It's such an amazing feeling and I hope it doesn't end anytime soon. It's like Crona and I are in our own little bubble that contains just us and nothing can interrupt us.


Crona and I freeze at the sudden presence of another. I slowly unhook myself from him and turn towards the voice.

"Havin' a little smoochfest, huh?" I feel myself pale and blush at the same time. Standing there is Liz and Patty. They also seem like they've been there awhile. Patty is giggling from my embarrassment and Liz begins to speak again.

"What happened to 'Yeah, but he'll never want to be my b-boyfriend?'"

My stomach does flips as I hear her repeat what I said a couple days before. She even remembered my stutter. I glance at Crona only to see him looking at the ground. It seems to be a habit of his when he's nervous. I tap him on the shoulder to let him know he's not alone. He looks up at me sporting a small half smile. I think it's cute until I realize that he is smiling at my misfortune. Grrr, I want to get angry at him but I can't make myself. He's too cute.

I look towards the sisters again. "Shut up."

Patty speaks next. "Awww, but don't you like your birthday present?"

Birthday present? I don't remember them getting me anything. This seems like such a random moment to bring up my birthday. My face must have looked perplexed because the girls started laughing again. " Haha –we told Crona about your birthday.

"Oh, thanks." That was actually a really nice thing for them to do. Usually I'd be mad at them for tampering in my personal life, but since it worked out in my favor, I guess I'm thankful. They're good friends and because of them Crona and I are together now. This has probably been the best birthday of my life.

"Your welcome! Haha and to think this all started cause we heard you call out Crona's name while you masturbated!"

I hear a small yelp beside me.


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