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Pt 2 I Love This

Crona's POV

Why is the library so far away? It's so far away and I am so afraid that I'm going to get lost. And I always get lost! I wish Kid was with me…

No! He can't be there all the time molly coddling me. He's the most wonderful person in the whole world and besides, I'm doing this for him.

Yesterday, while the two of us were watching a television show in Kid's living room, an idea came to me. On the show, there was this couple and the girl really wanted to show the boy how much she loved him. She felt bad because he always bought her presents and kissed her all the time and she never gave him anything in return. The girl eventually decided to bake him a cake.

I immediately became absorbed in the show because I knew exactly where she was coming from. Kid is always complimenting meand getting me little presents and thinking of me first when we do…. things…

A blush spreads across my face just thinking of that.

But, anyway, back to the show. The girl ended up burning the cake but the boyfriend loved it anyway because she had tried. I loved that! And I thought, 'What if I tried to bake Kid something and succeeded? I bet he would be so happy.' So that's how I came up with my plan, but there was a small problem with my plan….. I had never baked anything in my entire life and I didn't want Kid to dislike me because I failed.

Hence, the library.

I hate walking places by myself but I really want this to be a surprise for Kid.… I think I'm lost though. A panicy feeling races through me when I come to this realization. I have no idea where I am in the DWMA. There are students walking by me but the thought of asking any of them for help seems humiliating and like something I would have no idea how to deal with. Some of them are looking at me, I can tell. They're probably mocking me because I'm lost. They think it's funny. They want me to get lost and then never be able to find my way back. They agree with Ragnarok. They think I'm useless and should go off somewhere and die. They-

Some thing touches my back and I yelp in surprise. I whip my face around to see what touched me and then sigh in relief.


It's just Maka. I am so relieved. I realize now that I had started to go into a schizophrenic panic over nothing and it's a good thing Maka had come around. It's odd though, that was the first panic attack I had experienced in a few days. I haven't been freaking myself out as much lately. The sad poetry I used to write has now turned happy. I deal with things better. Kid must have something to do with this.

"Oh M-Maka, you scared me."

"Haha Crona, you always overreact to everything. But I'm sorry I snuck up on you. I was just surprised to see you by yourself, where's Kid?" A teasing smile is on her face as she talks. It makes me nervous because I know she's alluding to the fact that Kid and I are almost always together nowadays since we started going out.

I don't know what to tell her. I had wanted to keep what I was doing secret, but the fact is that I am lost and Maka is my best friend. I know she'll help me if I just ask.

"U-umm, well K-Kid's at his house. He didn't come with me today. I.. actually, Maka, will you help me? I'm kinda… lost.." I avert my eyes away from hers. This is embarrassing, and I'm a little afraid that she's going to scold me for getting lost.

Maka doesn't though. "Yeah, sure. Where were you trying to go?"

"The library."

She cocks her head slightly and asks, "What books were you going to look up? Did you want some help?"

I inwardly groan. Here comes the most embarrassing part of all. I really don't want to tell her but I know I'm going to have to. She keeps looking at me and the longer I take to answer, the more suspicious she's going to get.

I manage to mutter out"…cookbook…."

"What? I can't hear you Crona, you need to speak up."

"…a cookbook so I can bake something for Kid." I wait for the cruel remarks to come at me for doing something so childish and stupid.

"That's really sweet Crona, I bet Kid's gonna love that."

An affectionate smile graces Maka's face as she looks at me. Maka is one of the kindest people I've ever met. She's helped me through so much. She gave me hope that the world could be better. Everything good that's happened to me in my life, I owe to her.

"T-thanks Maka."

"You're welcome. And Crona, the library's right there." She points to the door that is three feet away from us. Now that's embarrassing.

Kid's POV

*sigh* Crona wondered off somewhere and I wish I knew where he was. I miss him so much. I really want to hug him right now…

I'm acting like a love sick puppy. I no longer have any self control. Crona left only an hour ago and the only thing in the world I want at the moment is for him to be here, with me. He has complete control over me, I'd do anything for him.

I'm sitting on my couch sucking on something called a juicebox. The girls bought a pack of them yesterday and I must admit that I quite like them….. Not as much as Crona though.

"Dammit! Kid, get a grip! Not everything has to lead back to Crona!" I do a face palm after yelling in my empty house to no one but myself.

I sigh deeply and then decide to go clean my room. That should clear my mind. Cleaning is my ultimate zen/obsession. Or, at least it used to be.

I quickly finish up my juicebox and then throw it away. Soon my legs take me into my room. Goosebumps run through me when I get a good look at my room. My bed isn't made, there are dirty clothes on the floor, clean laundry next to my dresser, papers randomly strung on my desk, and crumbs on my floor.

My mind goes blank as I stare at my room and my body goes numb. How could I let my house get like this? It's like… it's like looking in Liz and Patty's room.

And that is totally unacceptable.

Without even thinking, I start tidying up the room. My mind's on auto. I momentarily blush when I see a white stain on a pair of Crona's underwear. I remember how it got there, but I quickly turn back to my cleaning and forget about the world….

After most of the cleaning is done, I go to sit at my desk. I look at the papers that are randomly scattered there. One particular piece of paper catches my eye and I quickly skim through it.

The compliments are new to me

A much needed surprise after a bleak winter

He is spring; my spring

He's the fairytale prince who came to my rescue

He's the last scoop of ice cream that's just for me

A once abstract jumble that is now concrete

I wish he knew what the compliments meant to me

My breath catches after I read it. It is beautiful. Crona had obviously written this magnificent poem. I cringe slightly remembering the incredibly bleak, horrifying poetry he used to write. This is definitely an improvement.

Is this poem about me though? I don't want to sound conceited but this poem sounds like it's about me. But Crona can't possibly think this much of me. 'Fairytale prince', 'last scoop of ice cream'? I'm not as awesome as he is making me out to be. Sure, I compliment him a lot, but I'm no prince.

'…bleak winter…' I assume that would have to be the time he spent with that whorish bitchface, Medusa. Crona lived a life void of positive human interaction so I guess coming to the DWMA, meeting everyone, and being with me would seem like spring to him.

God this poem is just so beautiful though. It's unbelievable to me that I'd be able to invoke such emotions from him.

I really want to hug him. And possibly give him a special present for writing this masterpiece about me. A very pleasant present, if you get my meaning. *smirk*

But I literally have no idea where Crona is at currently. When he left, he'd just said that he needed to go pick something up and didn't elaborate. Where the hell could he be?

I start tapping my fingers in like a maniac as I try to think of where to look.

He's definitely not in town. I sincerely doubt Crona is wondering around town by himself. He may have been getting better at dealing with things, but that doesn't mean he could handle walking around in a mob of strange people without one of his friends… though Maka or Soul or someone might be with him…

God, he could be anywhere. I think I'll just see if he's at the DWMA. Maybe I'll check something out from the library while I'm there.

Crona's POV

The library is a really nice place. It's nonstressful.

The librarian was so nice when I asked for help finding the books on cooking. She's someone who definitely loves reading and wants to share that joy. I like it when people are like her.

Except, the books on cooking are in a very far, secluded corner of the library which seems odd to me. I'm a little scared that everyone's going to leave while I'm still back here and they'll shut all the lights off and lock the door and I'll have to spend the night here all by myself and … No, that won't happen. I need to just calm down or else Ragnorok will come out and terrorize me.

I smile when I see that I was able to effectively calm myself down. I'm getting better all the time.

The little corner I'm in is really quite cute. There's an old looking red chair with gold designs sitting underneath a small window. On one side of me there is one of those long and tall library bookshelves and on the other is a grey stone wall. The light from the window shines in, mixing with the dust from the books. I feel happy in my corner.

But, there are a lot of books to look through. It's going to take a long time.

40 minutes later

I think I've finally found the perfect recipe.

Strawberry Cheesecake.

It sounds delicious and I think… I think I can make it. If I can actually make it, Kid will be so happy. Though, I think Maka's going to have to help me get the ingredients and explain some basic cooking techniques to me. It occurred to me after reading through some of the cookbooks that I really don't understand a lot of the cooking terms. I'm slightly worried about that, but this is for Kid.

"There you are Crona, I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Oh no, it's Kid. No no no no no no no, what am I going to do? After uneasily placing the book with the cheesecake recipe down, I take a big gulp and then slowly turn around to face my beloved.

He's smiling with the smile he saves exclusively for me and I'm not sure what to do.

"H-hey Kid."

Kid walks to me and slides his arms around me, placing me in a warm hug. "Hey sweetie." He hugs me for a while and I feel so happy…. But paniced too.

Finally he releases me. "So what did you have to look up in the library? You know I would have helped you if you had just asked." As he started to reach down towards the stack of cookbooks I'd gotten out, an embarrassingly loud squeak escaped from me and I went to grab his arm before he could pick up the book.

"What's wrong Crona?" A confused look covered his face.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I… umm I…ummm..ook and..ssod…"


Oh god I don't know how to deal with this! What do I say? I can't lie to Kid, but if I tell him, he'll think I'm stupid. I am stupid, why did I think this was a good idea?

I can feel the tears start to stream down my face when I realize my stupidity.

Kid's POV

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Why the hell is Crona crying? All I asked was what he had been looking up in the library. I know my Crona can be a bit bipolar with his emotions sometimes, but I do not understand what has happened here at all.

I lean over to hug and comfort him. "Crona, don't cry, there's no reason to, sweetie. Nobody is mad and there is nothing to be upset about. You haven't done anything."

A slight cough comes from the figure in my arms and a crackly voice squeaks though, "that's the point…"

What could he mean by that? A firm resolve to find the meaning behind those words overcame me and I slowly pulled away from him. I grabbed his cheek and made him look at me.

"What do you mean by 'that's the point?'"

I waited patiently as his watery eyes slowly cleared and he thought through his answer.

The pink haired boy sighed finally and broke away from me. He lowers his eyes to the ground, half turns away from me and points at the stack of books. "They're cookbooks… I wanted to make you… something…"

My heart warmed at that statement. It was such a sweet and considerate thing.

"Aww, you know you didn't have to do that. Just being with you is enough." I completely mean it too. I smile at Crona, but a look of frustration starts to consume him.

"No, no it's not. You.. you do things for me all the time.. and I.. I never give you anything in return. It's…. important to me.. and I thought cheesecake would solve it all.."

I stare at my boyfriend for a several moments absorbing what he had just said. It seems kind of ridiculous to me, almost laughable. It sounds like he thinks he has to repay me for all the nice things I do for him, but there is no need for that. I love him and just want to be with him. That is all I want.

….but this was obviously important to him. Perhaps he just wants to be able to express his feelings for me in the form of a gesture. I can definitely understand that.

"Okay, then make me cookies, or a cheesecake or whatever it was you wanted to make for me. We can stop by the grocery store on the way home to pick up the stuff you need."

He looks up at me hopefully. With his big eyes staring up at me I feel like I could melt.

And then I got an idea.

Such a sweet gesture deserves something in return right? That was the reason he decided to do all this in the first place. So he deserved to get something special.

And pleasant.

Crona's POV

Kid is looking at me weird. His eyes have started to turn dark and he's wearing a weird smile. I'm not sure I like it.

All of a sudden, I feel his warm lips on mine. Kid is kissing me! I don't understand where this came from but I really like kissing Kid. He always cups my head and runs his fingers through my hair when we kiss.

As we kiss, I feel Kid pushing me backwards slightly. The backs of my legs hit the red chair and I collapse onto the furniture. I break away and squeak out in surprise. It's so embarrassing that I fell. I can't believe I did that.

"Kid I- ah!"

Before I could finish my sentence, Kid started to rub my… umm… lower parts. The hugest blush in the whole world appeared on my face as small moans escape me.

"K-Kid, we're in the-ah-library."

"It's okay Crona, nobody will bother us here." He is looking directly into my eyes as he slowly lowers to his knees in front of me. My dress is then pushed up.

I'm not sure I can deal with what's about to happen. We've done this kind of thing before, but not in a public place.

"K-Kid I-I don't think, please-" I am forced to cut myself off because Kid is… ummm…

Kid's POV

I sincerely love giving Crona blowjobs. It's one of the sexiest, most amusing, and enjoyable activities I've ever taken part in. It's all it takes for me to get hard, and I don't even have to touch myself. He is just so adorable about the entire thing! The way he tries to argue that he doesn't want to be blown (mostly because he's embarrassed) and how afterwards, he turns into this boneless thing that is even more at my mercy. It's wonderful.

His face is my favorite part of the entire thing though, with his pink cheeks and mouth slightly open to allow small pants and moans to escape. Not to mention the dazed eyes and ruffled hair.

"Ah… ah.. I…"

I hum around his beautiful cock and he chokes. Crona, surprisingly, can last a really long time during sex, but I can tell he's about to break.

Knowing that he is about to cum, I release him from my mouth and start rubbing him with my hand.

"It's okay sweetie, you can cum." I rub his tip slowly with my thumb and that's what does it.

With a deep moan, he releases.

I give him a few seconds to come down from his high before I retrieve the handkerchief from my pocket and clean him up. A drowsy smile covers his face and my heart leaps.

"I love you Crona. And thank you for going to the trouble of coming here to get a cookbook. You're amazing"

Crona blushes and then looks down. "I.. I love y-you too, Kid."

Meanwhile at Maka's Place

Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, and Liz were all sitting around the living room watching TV when Patty came into the room. They all looked up.

"Hey Patti, where ya been?"

"Oh, just around. I was at the library for a while."

Maka tilted her head slightly. "Did you see Crona while you were there?"

A huge smile crept onto Patti's face. "Yeppers, I sure did. I saw Kid there too!"

Maka frowned. "Really?"

"Yep! I saw them together… but they weren't studying the books."

Patti started to laugh hysterically while everyone else went red in the face. Then Black Star coughed.

"At least we can blackmail them now."

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