91 lbs.

The sun had started to set, falling behind the city and lighting the sky in a mixture of crimson and dark violet hues. It, being the beginning of spring, increased the temperature, melting the snow and ice on the roadways. Traffic clogged the streets; stupid drivers crashing and creating accidents due to impatience and road rage.

Homes; shelter to hide families that quarrel, laugh, and watch reality TV shows on their large flat-screen, caught up in the drama of celebrities and fortune filled lives. Skyscrapers; licking the clouds and protecting the offices of popular companies and corporations which drive the employees from their sanity. A single cliff; a spot of complete relaxation, watching the city in all its arbitrary fury. A place to flee the society in which some specific humans were forced to live in.

Below the precipice of the cliff stood a small, excluded church**, holding the beginning of a wedding ceremony. Shaking with nervousness in one of the front rooms, stood a woman dressed in a beautiful, formal wedding dress. Her dark blue eyes contrasted against her pale face and her jet black hair which curtained the sides of her face; glossy dark curls hanging down her cheekbones while her bangs were pinned away.

Looking at herself in the mirror one last time, she huffed out a shaky sigh as she studied her gown. White; the color of innocence and purity clothed the base as it hung closely to her figure. It was a strapless dress styled in a corset-like fashion. Small, silver colored beads dotted floral designs along the bust of the dress, ending at her waist where the bottom section started. The lower section of the gown flowed down to her feet, but didn't poof out like a ball gown. More beads, but darker colored, weaved through a floral patterned lace; gorgeous, but simple.

She had NEVER dressed up this formally or took this much time to get ready for a ceremony such as this. She never even expected to be proposed to anyone, much less a man with homicidal tendencies. But Johnny wasn't the kind to marry and kill his betrothed to inherit the money.

No, Johnny had no such interest in material desires like that. Johnny only killed to exterminate the flaws in the society; but this was beside the point.

Johnny, who had wanted nothing, absolutely nothing to do with her from the very start he saw her, had grown a friendship with her, and had come to love her, just as she, Madeleine, had done with him. Over time, their awkward friendship grew more and more stable, forming into something stronger yet.

Of course, Johnny had left her for Madeleine's own safety, leaving Maddie absolutely alone with nothing but the shrill voice echoing in her head. Only months later did Johnny and Madeleine finally meet again, resolving the conflict of separation and growing closer yet.

As mentally crazy as Johnny could get, Madeleine could tolerate him and deal with the useless and unnecessary murders that he caused. Maybe, if she was lucky, Maddie could even keep him from slaughtering someone, and keep him sane.

Maddie knew that she could help Johnny, and he, with her anorexia and slight depression. It was a screwed and questionable relationship between them, but they didn't particularly care what they looked to the public surroundings.

Looking to the clock on the wall, Madeleine narrowed her eyes and took another breath to settle her nerves as she exited the room, entering the large, mostly vacant room before her.

Standing in the pews were the remnants of her and Johnny's family. Of course, she couldn't really verify if they truly WERE his relatives or not, but this didn't matter.

More friends of Madeleine's family had come along with her own Aunt and Uncle whom she had run away from only a year and a half ago. She couldn't recognize many others inside the pews, other than one, specific child who stood in the room, several feet beside her.

His large eyes were terrified, but filled with awe as he looked up and spotted her. His black, naturally straight hair hung around his face while he wore a small tuxedo with a small black bowtie; a rather cute, but handsome appearance for a six-year old child.

"Squee," the child squeaked out quietly as he looked Madeleine over with interest in his eyes.

Smiling with surprise, Maddie walked over to him and placed one hand on her hip, curiosity biting at her tongue, "Todd! I didn't expect to see you here; did Johnny invite you?"

Todd nodded his head, still in a trance as his eyes became fixated on her face, hesitant to give another answer before saying, "I-I'm supposed to be the ring b-SQUEE!"

The piano had started, startling the child before going on to the refrain of the song, stating for Madeleine to get into place and start to walk down the aisle with her uncle.

Since her father had died, both Johnny and Madeleine decided that it would be a fine idea to have her uncle take the place and walk her down to the front, where Johnny stood.

Waving back to Squee, Madeleine hurried to the end pew and hooked her arm with her uncle whom smiled widely with honor before they both began to walk, terrified, yet completely excited to begin the wedding ceremony.


Looking to the end of the aisle, Johnny swallowed while he pressed his lips into a thin line, nervous and completely wary of the fact that Madeleine's family stood in the pews, looking him up and down with growing curiosity and criticism.

Standing beside him, was a man of religious value, whom was to marry them correctly through religious vows and statements. Of course, Johnny wasn't very fond of any religion, stating the fact that he had already met God, disliking the fact that he hadn't been very courteous or kind to him at all.

Satan, however, being his natural naïve self, answered Johnny all of his questions with rude, but truthful remarks. This, too, kept Johnny from allowing himself any religion, disliking them both with taste.

Of course, the meetings with God and Satan could just as easily have been a dream, allowing Johnny to sleep-shave his hair off and leave him mostly bald except for the two bits of hair on his head.

He grew some of his hair back, however, over the time that he had resurrected/ awoken from the dream. He cut off the two tufts of hair that grew awkwardly from his scalp and made it look decent, brushing it to the side for the special occasion.

Accompanying his specified hairstyle was a formal, black tailcoat that hung over a white, long sleeved shirt, black bowtie and ironed, black slacks. Johnny didn't exactly care for wedding traditions when it came to shoes, so he kept his natural, classic steel-toed boots.

He had, before the beginning of the ceremony, quarreled with Reverend Meat about his clothing style and shoes, seeing that Meaty-guy wanted to keep it as traditional as possible. It put Johnny on edge, leaving the decoration, sitting alone at the house while he drove to the church, fuming and pondering over the argument before he cooled off as he walked to the center of the church, getting in position for the event.

Looking about the room, Johnny let his mind travel to Madeleine and how she actually thought about all this. Johnny didn't exactly propose the way he should have, kneeling on one knee, ring to present while they stood in a rather romantic spot. No; it was at his very own home after Madeleine had been rescued from a rape attempt.

Johnny was sure of his choice, ready to propose, but was Madeleine? Did she truly feel the same? Was Johnny, himself, ready to care for someone so passionately through marriage?

The piano had started, playing a soft melody, beginning the 'Wedding March' before his eyes traveled to the end of the aisle, where his fiancé stood in a gorgeous white wedding gown. No, Johnny was not the kind to ponder on looks or attractiveness; he always based someone on their quality of mind and kindness.

But seeing her dressed up so beautifully, he guessed he was supposed to be entranced and fixated on her. Madeleine NEVER wore a dress around him; never, so this was completely new to him.

White lace trimmed the bottom of her dress as intricate beaded designs dotted the white fabric. A thin, silver ribbon traced the top of the strapless bust while more floral lace and beaded patterns flowed down the dress. Long, but thin, white laced gloves covered her arms, hiding the cuts and scars that lined her thin forearms.

Stuck in his trance, Johnny couldn't help but stare as his mind wandered back to one of his very first memories with Madeleine; a flashback pounding at the sides of his head.

Warm, summer night, sitting on the cliff with a few fireflies here and there that dotted the thin, nighttime air around them. Simple small talk; chatting with a normal, rather depressed woman about life. Secrets and exposure consuming their words as they whispered about their past years.

The memory stopped abruptly as Madeleine and Johnny locked eyes, pushing his breath out of him as he smiled awkwardly but proudly, locking arms with Madeleine through tradition before both of them looked to the minister with nervous, but bright faces.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony."

Never, in all of Johnny's dreams, would he have thought of marrying anyone. Always, he thought in bias, that people were ignorant morons who never gave even the slightest amount of care to worry or think about someone other than themselves.

The majority of humans he met and had killed were wretched maggots who did nothing but criticize and dwell on shit. That is, until he met Maddie, whom was an exception to all this, being completely considerate and sincere in her actions. Yes, she may have had an argument or two with Johnny, but it wasn't worth killing her. She may cut herself and waste away through anorexia, but those were mental issues that could easily be fixed through care.


The priest went on, rambling on more traditional sayings before he pronounced in a loud voice, "we shall start the vows."

Johnny then faced himself to Madeleine, who turned to face him with a smile on her face.

Turning to Johnny, the priest asked, "do you, Johnny, take Madeleine, your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, for sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

Turning to face Maddie, the priest said again, "do you, Madeleine, take Johnny, your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, for sickness and in heath, as long as you both shall live?"

Madeleine's smile grew a slight bit as her eyes began to shine with tears.

"I do."

"Who is in possession of the rings?"

It was then that nervous Squee came up from behind, offering a small pillow with two rings sitting beside the other. Johnny picked up Madeleine's while Maddie picked up Johnny's ring. Studying the pair they noted that they were simple gold bands that wove around a small, silver ring.

Neither Johnny nor Madeleine wanted a huge, magnificent occasion with the whole city attending the ceremony; no large reception or rented DJ with a dance, no bridesmaids, no groomsmen, just a simple, sweet wedding.

And so, the ceremony continued, both Johnny and Madeleine bearing their rings together and sharing the kiss that bonded them through forever; a dreamscape within reality itself.


At least, that's what they thought.


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