The engine of the car purred softly as Johnny tried to keep a leveled head. So many things crashed and tore at his head, casting upon him a headache and forcing the blood in his veins to pulse.

Shutting the door to the car, Nny strode over to the passenger's side, and carried an unconscious Madeleine back into their house where Johnny's least favorite person, no, burger boy, lay awaiting for him to speak with him in person.

Smoothing out Madeleine's hair, he locked the door to his car, and entered their dark, creaking house. Nny cringed at himself for being so disgustingly loving to his wife, still flabbergasted at the very fact that he was married.


Johnny studied Maddie's face as her eyes twitched; dreaming…

Setting her down on the black comforters of their bed, Johnny held back a hiss of frustration is the blood in his cheeks became a dark shade of red. Unknowingly, Nny let his pale, skinny fingers clench into a fist, his nails digging into the center of his palms.

Johnny didn't want to deal with a family matter. He couldn't bring himself to have sexual intercourse with a woman, nor could he even dare of letting his own revolting desires overcome his sanity; that is, if he had any sanity left in him at all.

Ignoring the nails that pierced into his flesh, Johnny backed away from his unconscious wife, whom seemed completely innocent and beautiful at once.

Johnny fled the house, pushing out the sound of Reverend Meat's persuading tone and averting his eyes from the box of condoms on the coffee table; the blood in his head throbbing and pounding in his ears, forcing him to stop on his porch and stand in the afternoon sunlight that was soon beginning to be blocked by a sea of black velvet. Catching a glimpse of the city beyond him, Johnny's vision sketched out the edges of medium sized buildings and long, glassy skyscrapers that dotted the land in the distance. Of course, as the weather there was threatening the beauty of the day; the air becoming more thick and humid.

Wrinkling his nose at the sight of the city, and the elements that hid the shit that thrived inside it's very own buildings, Johnny stood still, taking in the scent of rain and muddied ground.

Letting his eyes wander from the city, to the black swirling clouds coming in from the west, he sighed, questioning the very fact as to why he couldn't just have avoided emotion and lived life the way it was supposed to be lived, like Mr. Samsa.

Clearing his throat, Johnny walked out farther onto his lawn, automatically avoiding the small patches of loose soil and grass, gliding over random stones, finally hitting the car in his driveway. Pulling out the keys in his pocket, Nny fumbled with the unlock button, letting his eyes scan the Casil house once more; what color that was left in Johnny's pale face washed out, leaving him pale as ever before he retreated his eyes back to the car seat in which he began to sit in.

Inserting the keys into the ignition, Johnny picked around with the radio on the grey and black dashboard, skipping through several songs on Madeleine's playlist before he hit one he knew and liked fairly well.

Johnny's head continued to throb as he laid the back of his head onto the handle of the steering wheel, thinking what next?

Perhaps he should go back in, talk to Reverend Meat; he sometimes had ideas…

No, that would worsen his irritation and anxiety; more excess emotion was not what he needed at a time like this.

Eat something? Bring Madeleine something back when she wakes up from her nap?

Shrugging off that idea, seeing that he was fairly full, and Madeleine would probably push away the offer of any type of food, Johnny thought about Todd and his family.

What would that child be doing at this very moment; being driven to the orphanage after having a discussion with some random police man or woman about Todd's past life, talking about his parents and quietly asking questions with a terror-stricken face? Would he already be finding a room making a friend or would he still be at the very same hospital, staring at his mother's cold, dead corpse lying in a hospital bed?

Knitting his eyebrows together, Johnny frowned and recalled to when he had seen the large, crimson hand mark on the innocent child's face, the tears that welled up in Todd's eyes and the terrified, wobbling sound of his voice as he breathed out what had happened to Johnny not just a few hours ago.

He needed to clear out his mind; straighten himself out or else he would find himself broken down, pathetically crying in the front seat of his car and finding other negative reasons to hate his life.

Putting the car in reverse, Johnny screwed his eyes up to the mirror parallel to his face, and came up with an idea of what to do to get his mind off of the chaotic memory of earlier that morning.


The pitter patter of rain tapping against the window had woken up Madeleine from her slumber. Light rumbles of thunder rang far away, and from what her eyes could see, the room was speckled with dark shadows- the raindrops making patterns upon the floorboards, reflecting from the window.

It, being the only window in the entire house without being covered with rotten wooden panels, shown a view of Todd's house and the darkening clouds emerging from further on.

Groaning from the realization that she had slept, she propped herself up and dragged her feet to the old floorboards beneath her. The last time Madeleine had dared sleep, the omen had made her stomach churn at the thought- sleeping caused nothing positive on her outlook on life… The baby had been the spawn from the monster that hid behind Johnny's wall…

Her mind flew back to when she had seen the wet crimson sliding down the wood panels, and when she had seen Johnny throwing vials at the barrier. She had remembered the sobbing as he chucked them, one by one…

Madeleine shivered at the thought of Johnny's victims that had been tortured only floors beneath her to quench It's undying thirst.

Were the bodies still there? Have they decayed to the rotten stench and have they become as ugly and have molded to their true, disgusting form as their innards?

Has the wall and it's silent desires ceased or does it still continue on?

Realizing that she had been biting her lip to the bleeding point, Maddie stopped abruptly before pulling herself off the bed, exiting the room and shuffling her feet down a few flights of stairs.

A doorway to her left was shadowed and an eerie comfort which dragged her into the dank room.

Letting her hands trail along the wall, she found a switch a few feet from the entrance before switching it on and letting a pool of light infiltrate the large opening before her.

A hallway was laid out before her, but in tiny cupboards lining on the wall were knives, maces, old taizers, hedge clippers and other sharp material constructs. Bones littered the concrete floor beneath her, but no blood was to be seen anywhere; every crevice and hole was clear of the dried substance, yet the irony stench held the room in its silence.

At the end of the hall held a torn sign, saying, "If you can read this, you're probably not dead yet." Below was a yellow smiley face, and off to the side, below that, was a skeleton- its ribs cracked and fractured, poking into where his intestines should have been. The clothes on the body were still lying there, covering his Femur, Fibula and Tibula while his chest cavity was pried open with hooks and whatnot, showing the gruesome cracked chest and torso.

Perhaps the person deserved the punishment, but perhaps not, for Johnny had killed not only for the reason people were assholes, but to cover the demons behind the wall as well.

Maddie took a seat a few feet away from the skeleton after nudging a few bones away from under her.

It truly was disturbing how Johnny had been captivated and kept hostage from this habit of his own. His desires to silence someone's desperate screams, their pleading tones… completely insane, yet if he hadn't grown up without someone to love, he would've been someone different. He wouldn't have come across this house- he wouldn't have met the doughboys- he wouldn't have killed innocents- he wouldn't have met Madeleine….

And she wouldn't have continued living…

Madeleine whispered to the skeleton, not to talk to it, but to confide in herself with the truth of her life; "the road to Hell is always paved with good intentions…"


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