Poker Flash

I walked down the street, on my way home from babysitting, just watched my favorite movie! The Newsies! I mean with a movie like that all those great actors, and they weren't just great they were gorgeous!

Some of my friends and I had set up a game of poker, though they said I shouldn't play because recently I had been really hyper and twitchy and shaky and everything else like that. I just laughed it off and wanted to know why I shouldn't be allowed to play poker because of that. I had to go home from babysitting, get some food in my body and then I was off to the poker game, even though I wasn't much of a gambler.

I jumped when my phone rang, and answered it. "Helllllllllllooooooooooooo!"

"Hey, Skitters! You still coming to the game tonight?" I laughed, my friend Tanya just didn't know the Newsies right.

"Tans, you know if your going to call me by a newsie name, get the name right. The guys name is Skittery, not Skitters. And of course I'm coming to the game tonight, I helped set it up why wouldn't I come." I said, she laughed.

"I didn't even know there was a news person named Skittery, I just used it because of how jumpy you've been lately, besides that it's too late to change it, everyone agrees it suits you." I sighed dramatically.

"Its not news person, it's newsie. And secondly, how could you not know Skittery was a newsie. He's like one of my favorites. And 'C', if I'm so jumpy why not call me Jumps instead of Skitters." I said, turning into my yard and going around back to go inside.

"I already told you everyone else likes Skitters, so Skitters it is. And I thought the gambler guy person was your favorite." I rolled my eyes at her lack of knowledge for the Newsies.

"His name is Racetrack, and he's one of my favorites too. As are Mush, Kid Blink, and Spot. And Fine, I'll introduce myself as Skitters to new people I meet." I said laughing a little.

"You promise." She demanded.

"I promise." I said, it wasn't likely I would meet anyone new, but hey a promise is a promise. "I have to go, my phones almost dead and I gotta eat something before heading to your place."

I stepped inside my house as she said 'Okay' and hung up. I went up to my room and plugged in my phone just as it died. I shrugged and put my money I had earned from babysitting in my piggy bank. Then went downstairs to get something quick to eat.

Nothing looked good to eat, so I went back upstairs to grab my jacket and lucky newsboy hat before leaving to go to Tanya's for a game of poker. I stepped outside and did a double take. Every thing was different.

I turned to go back inside and saw that I was just inside an alley. I started shaking as I looked around me. Skyscrapers, cobblestone roads, hazy smell of old time. I looked around and saw some guys in my favorite outfits, a newsie outfit. I looked at my own clothes, they were more modern but they blended well enough, kahki capri's, light colored shirt, vest over that, and the jacket and hat I had. So, I had dressed up when I got dressed today, nothing better when you are dressed like a newsie.

I looked around again and figured the place looked like New York City, in 1900's or at least it looked like the Hollywood version of 1899 New York City from the Newsies.

I let out a giggle, I knew I was dreaming but this was a really good dream, anything to do with the Newsies was really good, or mostly it was. I started twitching with excitement. I heard it then, the echoes I didn't realize I was listening for.

"Extry, Extry! Read all about it!" I suppressed another giggle, but couldn't contain the shivers that ran through me.

I started walking towards the voice. I expected to be disappointed by the looks of the real newsies, because I was used to the gorgeous Hollywood looks of Trey Parker, Gabriel Damon, Aaron Lohr, Max Casella, and Michael A. Goorjian. But when I got to the source of the voice. I was surprised to see that Hollywood even had physical descriptions down correctly.

I let my eyes wander over the newsie, tall, blonde, blue eye, leather eyepatch, only difference between him and Trey Parker playin' Kid Blink, was that this guy was better lookin'. I did not just think that, immediate apologies to Trey. He was sellin' to two elderly people. I waited a bit and walked over to him when he was done with the elderly.

"'scuse meh!" I said, softly almost shyly, shaking almost uncontrollably. "I'se been travelin' fo' a while and I'se needs ta know. Whe'es we at?"

My New York accent was terrible, but he smiled and said, "Ya in Manhatten, New Yawk."

His smile was contagious and I smiled back, still shivering. "T'anks, uh, I'se know dis is a bad question but what yeah is it?"

"De yeah? It's 1899." He said smilin' still, "Ya knows, youse does sound like youse from New Yawk, whe'es youse from?"

I giggled, and readjusted my hat in order to stop the shakes. "No'th." I said smilin', "T'anks fo' tellin' whe'e I'se at, uh..."

I know his name, but I can't say it that would freak him out. "Kid Blink, and youse?"

I knew it! I smiled at him twitching slightly, "I'se gots lotsa names but friends calls meh Skitters, 'cause I'se shakes so much." I promised I would introduce myself like that.

He laughed, "I'se can sees that. I knows a newsie named Skittery. So's ya gots a place to stays the night?"

I noticed then the sky was gettin dark. "No, but I ain't gots any money ta stay anys place." I said sadly, because I had put all my money in my piggy bank, when we play poker we usually don't play with actual money.

"You'se can borrows money ta stay at de lodge tanight." He said, I almost giggled at the thought of me stayin' at the newsboys lodge. "An' tamawwah you'se can sell da papes ta pay back w'at ya borrows."

"Are ya goin' ta de lodge now?" I asked, he still had papers in his hands.

"Nah, I'se got ta sell de rest of me papes." He said.

"Could I sells wit' ya tonight, an' give ya what I makes?" I asked hopeful. He looked me over and laughed as I started moving my hand as if playin' a piano.

"Sh'o." He said handing me a pape. "Read throughs dis, den try ta sell it ta me and I sees if ya gots what it takes ta sell papes."

I nodded, rule number one headlines don't sell papes newsies sell papes. I read through the headlines though. Murder in Brooklyn, Corpse in an Alley, Lovenest in the Bronx. Then the boring ones too were there.

Then I found one. "I'se ain't gonna shout it at ya, 'cause we's standin' so close tos each other."

He smiled and let me say my version of the headline. He handed me the rest of his papes and started walking away. "Youse can sell those ones, I'se keep watch ans tell yas if yas doin' it right."

I smiled back, I followed. I suddenly heard a cheer followed by a ring to a bell. I started to skip around Kid Blink which caused him to laugh. I stopped skipping, and walked next to him. We turned a block and I saw the crowd around a street boxing ring.

I crossed the street about halfway down the block, and started shouting. "Extry, extry. Scandel in politician's office. Mayor caught in bed with male coworker."

One of the men in the crowd turned and said, "I'll take one of those."

I smiled, "Thank ya sir. Penny a pape! Scandel in office brings new meaning to crooked politician."

Kid Blink's pov

Skitters was approached by couple of women. I was watching making sure she was doin' it right.

"Hey, Blink" I jumped and turned to Mush.

"Heya Mush, how's it rollin'?" I asked.

"Fine, you sells all ya papes?" I shook my head.

"Ya sees that goil ove' der." I pointed to Skitters, Mush scanned the crowd and nodded when he spotted her.

"Da one whos dressed like a boy?" He asked, I resisted the urge to hold him.

"She's new, and ain't got a place ta stay de night, and she ain't gots any money, told her she could stay at de lodgin' house and barrah what she needs ta stay and then sell papes tamawah ta pay meh back." I explained ta him. He smiled, and then his expression changed.

"It's da bulls, man we'se gotta beat it." I saw what he meant, and went to get the girl.

Skitters pov.

"Thank ya sir." I said to the gentleman who had just bought a pape. I had two papes left.

"Excuse me, lady but shouldn't you be gettin' home to ya mama?" I turned to the voice, and really started shaking when I saw it was an officer.

"Ain't got one, and I'se cain't go home till all me papes is sold." I said quickly, lyin' a bit. I glanced around lookin' for Kid Blink.

"Well, then I'll have ta escort you to the refuge, orphans need a place ta stay." I shivered at the thought of going to the refuge, it went by unnoticed because I was already twitching.

"No... No, off'cer that ain't nescessary. Sees meh brotheh and I, we has ta sell all our papes and bring our pop back the money. I's gots ta fin' me brudda, sir." I said lying a lot.

"Skitters! Skitters! Whe'es ya at Skitters!" I heard Kid Blink shouting for me.

"See off'ceh me brudda's lookin' fo' meh." I said turning to go find Blink. I stopped when the officer grabbed my wrist. "Blink, I'se ova he'e."

I turned back to the officer, still shaking. He said, "Ya got a problem with cops, why ya shaking so bad?"

I stared at him like he was crazy, "I's been shakin' since before I'se born. Why they calls me Skitters." Another lie.

I turned to look for Blink. He emerged from the crowd and saw me. I turned back to the officer. "Told ya me brudda's lookin' fo' meh."

Kid Blink shook his head. "Off'seh, me sista ain't causin' no problems is she?"

The officer released my grip and stared at Kid Blink's eye patch. "You children get home." He left.

"T'anks, sorry I called you'se me brudda." I said to him, he smiled.

"Say what ya hafta to get away from de bulls." He said back.

"Blink ya got 'er, now lets outta he'e befo'e he get suspicious." I glanced at the source of the voice, omgosh it was Aaron Lohr! Well, almost. Definitely better looking. This guy had to be Mush, if he wasn't I would be ashamed of myself.

Kid Blink nodded and we started to go, I hollered when I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned and pulled my wrist free.

"I want two papes," The man who had grabbed my wrist said.

I nodded, "Penny a pape, seh."

"I heard about the scandel, with the mayor, want ta read it for meself." He said, handing over two pennies and I handed over my remaining papes.

He left muttering about the political outrage. I turned and caught up to Kid Blink and Mush, who were waiting for me at the corner. I fished in my pockets for all the coins I had, and started to give them to Blink.

"Holds on to 'em and pay meh back tamorra." He said.

We walked a bit in silence, then Mush spoke up. "I'm Mush, Blink he'e is bad with intraducin' people."

I smiled, and giggled a bit before saying, "My friends calls meh Skitters, 'cause I'se shakes so much."

"You do shake a bit." He responded before turning to Blink. "Oh, Blink, Spot and Race set up a pokah game tanight, you in?"

"Spot Conlons?" I wondered outloud.

Mush and Blink looked at me funny, then Mush asked, "You hoid o' him?"

"Ya could say dat." I said, I wasn't going to say anything else.

Mush finally spoke again, "So ya playin' Blink?"

"We bettin' money?" Blink asked, Mush shook his head. "Ya knows I t'ink Race wants us ta play without money cause he's different."

"The'es nuthin' wrong with bein' diff'rent." Mush said quietly, looking away from Blink. I saw Blink smile.

"I neveh said the'e was, but if he wasn't diff'rent why would he play pokeh without money with a bunch of guys?" Blink said gazing at Mush with a type of longing, when Mush looked up and Blink looked away.

"He probably is different, but so am I." Mush said quietly, looking at Blink. Blink met his eyes.

I figured they had the hots for each other, and they would have said it too, but they forgot I was there. So I spoke up, "You two can talks 'bout who diff'rent latah but I'm kinda leadin' de way to a lodgin' house I've nevah been ta befo'e."

They looked at me, I looked back innocently before starting to skip around them. There was no way I was gonna stand still, especially not when talking to my two favorite newsies. They laughed and started leading the way again. We got to the lodge and went inside. They introduced me to Kloppman. I shook his hand, before Mush and Blink lead me to the bunk room.

"And this is the bunkroom." Blink said finishing the short tour of the lodging house.

Mush opened the door and pointed to a circle of guys in the room, a couple of them I recognized as hotter real life counterparts to the actors. I saw Boots, Specs, Dutchy, Crutchy, Race and Spot. Race and Spot had their heads bowed as if discussing something. Mush said, "And those are the guys. Guys, this is..."

Racetrack looked up as Mush was talking, and interrupted him upon meeting my eyes. "Jumps."

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