Chapter 3

More funeral antics.

The eulogy continued to drag on, much to the chagrin of the bored viking kids.

"How long has it been?" Astrid yawned

"Three hours." Snotlout sighed

"Who knew a person could have such a detailed life." Tuffnut said

Fishlegs yawned loudly.

Hiccup looked up at the sky.

"I am so hungry." Hiccup groaned quietly

Fishlegs tapped his arm.

"Look what I got." Fishlegs said slyly

Fishlegs showed Hiccup a bag, which was full of chocolate.

"Ooh!" the smaller viking responded

"Shh," Fishlegs laughed "it's my emergency stash."

"What kind?" Hiccup asked

"Dark." Fishlegs said proudly

"You're the best." the smaller viking said quietly

"I know," Fishlegs said "now let's eat as much as we can before we get caught."

The two boys shoveled down handful after handful of sweet delight.

"How much longer is this eulogy going to last?" Tuff whined

"You're still complaining?" Ruff asked

"How are you not complaining?" Tuff wondered

"I'm complaining on the inside." Ruff sighed

"You can do that?" the boy twin responded

Ruff nodded.

"Hiccup?" Astrid whispered

"What?" Hiccup responded, with a mouthful of chocolate

"What are you guys eating?" she questioned

"Chocolate." Hiccup mumbled

"Gime me some of that." Astrid said

They gave her some chocolate, which she ate quickly.

"Hey," Snotlout stated "share some of the wealth down here."

The kids passed the bag of chocolate back and forth.

The whole time they did this, the adults either didn't notice...or simply didn't care.

Can't you just feel the boredom these poor kids are experiencing while they gorge themselves?