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Jack sat in the barren hallway as bright light streamed through the windows. He waited, barely thinking, his mind a storm. The door down the hallway and Jack turned his head to Alice. She froze as they locked eyes. She just stood there, staring at her father with swollen, red eyes. Jack prayed she would do something, say something. Alice just stood there before turning away from him and returning to where she came from.

Jack sat there, his world finally collapsing down upon him. He took a deep breath before standing up straight and marching towards the exit. As he pushed open the doors into the light he paused, swearing he heard a shout.

"What are you doing to my son? Get away you monster!" Alice shrieked from down the hallway. Jack spun around and bolted down the hallway. He broke through the doors and raced down towards the medical bay where Steven's body was placed. Unconscious bodies of soldiers littered the hall. He broke into the room to find Alice sobbing over Steven and the far doors swinging. Jack ran to the doors and looked around wildly. No sign of the intruder.

"Alice, are you okay?" Jack asked, returning to the room.

"Mommy, please stop crying." Jack froze. That was Steven.


"Uncle Jack? Why is mommy crying?" Steven asked. His eyes were wide open and the color had returned to his skin.

"What…but….how?" Jack stuttered. Alice had brought herself under control, still gasping and tears rolling down her face.

"He said he did this for you," Alice told him, "He brought Steven back to life for you. Said no one deserved this much pain."

"Who?" Jack asked.

"Captain Harkness! We have a problem." Agent Johnson was standing at the door, "There were reports of an intruder and…well, come see for yourself." Jack followed her.

"Whoever did this resurrected my grandson, he might not be a threat," Jack told her.

"This isn't about the other intruder. He seems to have vanished but we are still looking," she stopped outside the door to the command center, "Now I must tell you this is no one's fault. My men acted accordingly to being shot at."

"What?" Jack asked, confused.

"Just, try to stay calm," Agent Johnson responded before opening the door. There, on the ground laid Ianto, pale with death with a bright red line of blood coming from his forehead.

"I love you," Ianto whispered.

"Don't," Jack didn't want this to be it, "Ianto, stay with me. Stay with me. Please! Stay with me, please, please…"

"Hey," Ianto smiled, "It was good, yea?"

"Yea," Jack swallowed down his pain.

"Don't cry over me Jack," Ianto smiled, "This isn't the end."

"What do you mean Ianto?" Jack asked. Ianto looked so peaceful for someone who was dying, like he had already accepted it.

"I'll see you soon cariad," Ianto whispered with his last breath.

"Ianto! No no no no! He was dead! This can't be him," Jack rushed to his side. It looked like Ianto, felt like Ianto, smelled like Ianto. "No. Not again! How did this happen? How did he get here? How was he alive? Who shot him?" Jack shouted going from despair to anger. He knelt beside Ianto and lifted up the limp body into his lap. Agent Johnson just stood there silently.

"He was dead. Who brought him back just to have him die again?" Jack whispered, barely able to contain himself.

"He just appeared here on the floor. He woke up and freaked out pulling his gun out. His trigger finger must have slipped and my men fired in response. I'm sorry," Agent Johnson stood back, making sure she was well out of the unstable immortal's reach.

"We need to find the guy that brought them back. Maybe he can do it again," Jack looked at her, desperate, angry, breaking.

"Harkness-" Agent Johnson began before screaming as Ianto sat up with a deep gasp. Ianto bellowed in pain and Jack held him as he flailed. Ianto began to breathe deep deeply trying to calm down, squeezing his eyes tight.

"Ianto…" Ianto opened his eyes and looked at Jack.

"Jack? Where am I? What happened?" He reached up and touched his head, feeling the blood. "I died…" He looked up at Jack with panic, "You're right sir, it does feel awful coming back to life," Ianto mumbled quietly, still cringing in pain, "Quite a headache." Ianto tried to smile and next thing he knew was Jack's lips on his.

"I can't believe it. You're alive," Jack whispered before kissing Ianto again.

"How?" Ianto asked before being silenced again.

"I don't care," Jack answered with a smile, "Ianto, my Ianto."

"What the hell is going on here?" Agent Johnson shouted, "He's immortal too? Are you sure he isn't one of your aliens or something?"

"What the hell is she doing here?" Ianto shouted standing up and then stumbling, his head swimming, "This bitch encased you in concrete."

"I remember," Jack said, steadying the Welshman, "She helped us."

"The 456?" Ianto asked.

"Gone," Jack answered, "Breathe, we have time to sort this out." He smiled before kissing Ianto again.

Ianto took a deep breath. "So I'm immortal?"

"It seems like it. How, I have no idea," Jack answered. His face fell. "Ianto this is horrible."

"Well, glad to see you too," Ianto bit back.

"No, you can't be like me. I wouldn't wish this curse on anyone," Jack looked at him with sad eyes. Ianto pushed him away fixing his suit and pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the blood off his forehead.

"Well it isn't your decision. Maybe I wanted this?" Ianto responded, turning away from Jack.

"Why would you want this?" Jack asked, anger rising.

"I don't know. Maybe because I love you?" Ianto turned to Jack, sadness in his eyes, "Maybe I don't want you to forget me," Jack's face softened "Maybe I don't want you to be alone."

"I would never forget you Ianto Jones. I told you that you are much more than a blip in time to me. But you know how bad it can be never being able to die," Jack reached up and placed a hand on Ianto's cheek. Ianto leaned into his palm as he stuffed his handkerchief in his suit pocket. He froze and Jack looked down as Ianto slowly removed a CD case from his pocket.

"That wasn't there before," Ianto looked at the case and handed it to Jack, "It's yours."

Jack took the case and read the note on the front.


Thought you would like to know I didn't do this without permission.


Jack moved to the nearest computer and popped the CD in.

"That could be a virus. You could compromise our system," Agent Johnson protested.

"One, you blew me up. Two, I saved the world. Three, you killed my boyfriend. And four, it's an mp3 recording of our CCTV. March 15th 2008 10am. Right after Gwen's wedding." Jack looked at Ianto, remembering what occurred that night.

"That's the night I-," Ianto paused and grabbed Jack's shoulder, "Play it."

The cells came into focus on the screen. Ianto was at Janice's cell, pushing her food in through the slot. A young man with dark brown hair carrying a brown messenger back appeared at the doorway. "Ianto."

"Hello Trevor, what brings you back to the hub? I thought we weren't suppose to call you till Gwen was back from her honeymoon," Ianto finished pushing through the food and turned to the man.

"I have to ask you an important question. You remember what I told you earlier?" Ianto on the camera stiffened.

"Yes, quite well."

"Well….I….would you like to be like Jack?" Trevor blurted out, fiddling with his bag and not looking Ianto in the eyes.

"Like Jack?"

"Immortal," Trevor answered before whispering, "Jack is going to kill me for this."

"Damn right I'm gonna kill him," Jack said as he watched. Ianto squeezed his shoulder in warning.

"You mean live forever, never dying?" Ianto asked.

"Live with Jack for the rest of both of your lives…or inifinity. You can take your time, I know it's a hard decision."

"Yes," Ianto blurted out, "I would very much like that."

"It's a hard decision Ianto, you should take your time. Making you immortal isn't my only option to save you," Trevor explained.

"No, I love Jack and I don't want to leave him alone. I want this," Ianto pleaded, "He saved me. It's my turn to save him." The video cut out.

Jack turned to Ianto opening his mouth like a goldfish trying to find the words.

"That's why you said you'd see me soon when you were dying! You knew this was going to happen!" Jack shouted stalking away before reeling back on Ianto, "Who the hell is Trevor and what did he do?"

"I don't know and what do you mean?" Ianto spoke calmly back, "I never said I'd see you soon. Jack I don't remember past saying I love you." Jack stared.

"Why would you-"

"Don't start. It was my choice and now we live with it," Ianto answered, "No reason to argue over it. More importantly, who the bloody hell is Trevor?"

"Where are we going?" Ianto asked, trying to keep up with Jack and Agent Johnson.

"To the autopsy room. Alice and Steven are there and they might be able to tell us if this Trevor is the same person who brought my grandson back," Jack answered.

"You have a grandson?" Ianto asked.

"…..No, not anymore."

"What happened?"

Jack remained silent as they walked through the hall. Ianto took the hint. Jack stopped Ianto outside the door. "I need you to find out what we need to know. I can't look them in the face. They aren't my family anymore. Not after what I did. Please." Ianto nodded and kissed him softly. Ianto and Agent Johnson entered the autopsy room to find Alice still clinging onto Steven.

"Hello Mrs. Carter, Steven. I'm Doctor Jones. I know it has been a trying time for you and you want nothing more than to get home so I'll just ask you two several questions and do a quick check up and we will get you on your way," Ianto gave his best smile.

"Where's Jack?" Alice asked. Ianto tried to resist the urge to frown.

"He's needed elsewhere. He wanted to send his condolences and inform you that he is going away from awhile," Ianto watched Alice's face to make sure she got the message. She nodded. "Now, first off, how are you feeling Steven?"

"That will be all Alice. Agent Johnson will take good care of you two," Ianto smiled and turned to leave.

"Thank you Ianto," Alice called. Ianto froze. "Please take care of him." Ianto nodded. Jack was still standing outside waiting for him.

"What did you hear?" Ianto asked.

"Most of it. It sounded like the Risen Mitten and Life Knife," Jack bit his lip, "I can't seem to remember them past that thing with Susie. I remember that we were going to try to bring her back during that retcon problem but we didn't….for some reason."

"Someone told us not to," Ianto explained slowly, his memory sluggish, "I can't remember who. To take a guess, I'm going to say Trevor."

"But why can't we remember him?"

"I have a hunch but I'd need to access the database and-" Ianto yawned and winced as he stretched.

"Not today. We need to get you checked out and make sure you are fine. The trail is cold at the moment and we can get back to it once I'm sure you are okay," Jack said, pushing off the wall to stand straight, "I need to get a hold of Gwen and Rhiannon."

"Oh god, they still think I'm dead don't they? What about the children? Did any get taken? Are her kids alright?" Ianto paced back and forth biting his lip.

"Exactly, we need to figure out what happened and clean up this mess, and then go from there. Breathe. I'm going to make a few calls and arrange for us to get back to Cardiff. Get the medic to check you out. I'll be back."

"What do you mean you haven't told them?" Ianto was sitting in the back of a cab next to Jack on their way to his sister's house where Gwen was waiting. He had just found out that everyone still thought he was dead and he was about to waltz through Rhiannon's front door with his…..Jack on his tail. "Great, 'Oh hi sis, I'm alive and this is my equally immortal Jack Harkness. How are the kids?'" Ianto shot a glare at Harkness.

"You know as well as I do that if I told Gwen over the phone she would think that I've snapped," Jack reasoned. Something caught his eye outside the window and Ianto turned to look.

"Seeing things again?" Ianto asked.

"I've been seeing things before?"

Ianto paused and then looked at Jack confused, "I…swore you have."

"That'll be thirty quid mate," the aussie cabdriver interrupted. Ianto stood outside the house staring while Jack paid. Jack walked up beside him and Ianto broke into a run towards the house. He knocked and opened the door, not caring that it had been knocked down.

"Who the bloody hell-" A shout came from the kitchen only to be cut off as Ianto stood in the kitchen. Rhiannon, Gwen, Rhys and Davies all stared. Ianto eyes began to water and he grabbed his sister tightly.

"Ianto!" Gwen shouted in surprise, "You're alive!"

"Oh god you're alive," Rhiannon whispered, hugging him back, "She said you were dead. I didn't want to believe it." Ianto let go and pulled Gwen into hug with a laugh.

"But how? I saw you. You were so…cold," Gwen whispered into his shoulder.

"Plenty warm now," Ianto smiled as he pulled away before shaking Rhys hand and receiving a pat on the back from Davies.

"So where's the car?" Davies asked.

"Who's this then?" Rhiannon interrupted, pointing at Jack who stood in the hallway.

"Oh, um. This is-"

"Captain Jack Harkness," Jack shook Rhiannon's hand.

"Jack. As in your boss Jack. Susan was right, he is handsome," Jack quirked his eyebrow at Ianto.

"Jack, what happened?" Gwen asked, cutting to the chase, "Not that this isn't the greatest thing in the world but why? And the 456, they're gone right?"

"Yes and look it's a long story so perhaps we should get comfortable."

"I'll make some coffee," Rhiannon said.

"I've got it," Ianto said moving past her. Jack grabbed his arm and pulled him into a kiss. Rhiannon smiled and laughed while Davies wolf whistled. "What was that for?"

"I never thought I'd be able to have your coffee again," Jack whispered. Ianto blushed bright red before returning to the kitchen.

"So they're gone and you had to sacrifice your grandson? Oh Jack," Gwen grabbed his hand across the table. Jack pulled away and avoided eye contact.

"He's alive now," Jack said quickly.

"What?" Rhys asked. Rhiannon and Davies kind of sat by as the conversation went on still trying to come to copes with what Torchwood was and how Ianto had been working with them.

"We don't know much so far but we believe that a man called Trevor used the Risen Mitten and the life knife with another gauntlet we haven't seen yet to bring back Steven."

"And Ianto right?" Ianto shook his head.

"The Doctor, my Doctor, supposedly brought him back which means….." Jack stopped, unable to continue.

"It means I'm like Jack," Ianto finished.

"Like Jack?" Rhiannon piped up.

"Jack and I….we're hard to kill," Ianto explained. Rhiannon looked confused still.

"Their immortal. Don't age. Can't die," Gwen elaborated.

"Oh no, we can die and it hurts like hell," Ianto interjected.

"What?" Rhiannon shouted.

"I know it's hard to believe-"

"Hard to believe? So far I have seen aliens, been chased by soldiers, told about a secret X-Files organization and now you're telling me that I'll be turning gray before you?" Ianto laughed while Rhiannon glared.

"I'm sorry, really. I shouldn't laugh but honestly, I thought you'd be more confused," Ianto straightened himself up, "But yes. It's a bit, complicated."

"You," Rhiannon pointed her finger at Jack fiercely and he flinched, "While I'm grateful that my brother is alive, you did this to him."

"But it was the-" Jack protested.

"Don't interrupt me! You did this to him. Made him immortal like you. As long as I live, and my descendants live, if you break his heart, we will find a way to cut it off. Permanently." Everyone around the table winced at the threat except for Jack.

"That won't be necessary."

"Let's hope so." An awkward silence hung in the air. Ianto yawned despite himself.

"We should be getting to bed. It was a long day for all of us," Jack said.

"But we still need to find out about this Trevor kid and what the Doctor did exactly," Ianto protested.

"No, you need rest and I need to sleep to make sure this isn't all a dream," Rhiannon stood up, "You're free to stay here tonight."

"My flat wasn't exploded, Jack will stay over with me," Ianto grabbed Jack's coat for him.

"We should be heading out too. Should we meet up with your two tomorrow. We have a lot of work to do," Gwen and Rhys waited for their answer in the doorway.

"You shouldn't be doing any work," Jack said pointing at her stomach.

"The hub isn't going to clean up itself Jack and I'll stick to the less strenuous activities alright?"

"No work tomorrow," Rhys ordered, "I hope you agree Jack?"

"Yes sir. Coffee?" Jack asked. "If Ianto doesn't mind."

"It's fine. Call us when you are up. Home phone, I still need a new cell. I'll call tomorrow Rhiannon."

"You better you daft sod," Rhiannon gave Ianto one last hug.

"I promise."