"So he fell through the rift?" Ianto asked, sipping a fresh cup of coffee. He was very glad that he had started keeping some at his flat since the rest had been destroyed in the hub.

"Yea, it was very odd though. He knew what was going to happen like it was the future but he made a weird comment at the end." Ianto looked up for Jack to continue, "Go finish the episode."

"Like a show?" Jack nodded before taking another sip "Well mine dream doesn't help with Trevor but I feel like it is safe to assume that we've been retconned. Did I ever travel with the Doctor?"

"Not as far as I know," Jack answered, standing up to go refill his cup, "Maybe we can call up Martha to run some checks on us, all of us." He paused at near the door and bent down to pick up a small letter, "How long was this here?"

"Wasn't there when I brought the coffee," Ianto answered as Jack opened it, "What does it say?" Jack began to frown and his brow creased in anger. "Jack?"

"Someone is trying to fuck with the wrong people," Jack growled before reciting the letter.

Dear Ianto (and most likely Jack),

I am so sorry about what has happened. T filled me in when we went away but he made me swear not to do anything to stop it, said it was crucial to the plot. He was even cautious about me writing to you until now though he still wants to avoid names. I just wanted to tell you all not to worry, T has it all planned out and it seems to be going good so far. Ianto, you being alive is proof of that. And don't get mad Jack because all that T is doing for you…I can't imagine what would happen to you if he didn't. Supposedly you leave Earth after trying to permanently kill yourself. Also, T thought you might want your photo back but we have to wait till later to give it back.



P.S. OH says hi.

"That's Tosh," Ianto said standing up, "Tosh is dead."

"Exactly. I bet T is Trevor and he's messing with us now," Jack tossed the letter on the table and Ianto picked it up, "First he wipes our memories, then he makes you immortal and then he writes letters to us pretending to be our dead friends."


"I know, I really am glad you're alive but this immortality thing isn't something I wanted you to go through."

"No, Jack. This is Tosh." Jack stopped pacing.

"I thought we went over this already."

"No, this is her handwriting Jack, I know it anywhere. It's dated today." The locked eyes. Ianto was out the door before Jack could even grab his coat. Ianto ran around the building in his red pinstriped pajamas as Jack scanned the horizon with his coat over his bare chest and boxers.

"I've got nothing," Jack called.

"I'll check the CCTV. Get dressed and pull me out something easy to get on," Ianto ordered as he bolted back up to his flat.

"Whatcha got?" Jack asked as he finished buttoning up is shirt and snapping on the suspenders.

"Nothing. Completely wiped. Couldn't even follow the car because it was wiped for a large window and there are about…..fifteen different cars it could be if they even have a car. Only Tosh is this good." Ianto looked at the clothes Jack set out. "I said easy to get on."

"You wear a suit every day," Jack pointed out.

"Still takes too much time. Give me a second," Ianto ran into their bedroom and came back out wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt. "Let's go." Ianto was through the door before Jack could get a word out.

"The hub? Quick question, in what car?" Jack stood in the doorway smirking as Ianto stopped at the top of the stairs. "Someone lost the car."

"And my car was blown up in the explosion," Ianto bit his lip before snapping his fingers, "Gwen."

"You bloody better be sure that it's Tosh because a wakeup call at 7am is all well and good in Torchwood if I hadn't been chased and fighting for five lives the last five days," Gwen turned to the two men in the back, "It really does look like her handwriting though."

"When you said coffee I really should've expected a thermos as we chased after something," Rhys commented, "At least it isn't an alien this time."

"Can't be too sure. This Trevor character, we can't be too sure about."

"That name sounds so familiar," Rhys commented, "You use to talk about this Trevor guy who creeped you out on your first day of work. Then again when you were talking about how he saved your life. On our wedding day you said you were so called that you listened to his advice….I think the bloke was there. About Gwen's height, short brown hair, goofy smile?"

"That's him!" Jack shouted, remembering the goofy smile on the kid's face as he rose on the lift.

"You didn't retcon him?" Ianto shouted randomly before pausing and looking at Jack in fear.

"Pull over," Jack ordered.


"Pull over." They stopped on the side of the road, the wreckage of the Plas in the distance.

"What did you mean?" Jack asked Ianto.

"I'm not sure," Ianto admitted, "All I know is I got really angry when Rhys described Trevor and then the words busted out of my mouth like they weren't exactly mine. Like they-"

"They belong to you but not the you you are now," Gwen finished, "That's the retcon. It's exactly how it felt for me."

"So you both retconned us and just forgot Rhys?"

"Jack…I think I retconned us," Ianto looked at Gwen, "Yea…I don't think Gwen was in on it…I'm remembering Trevor telling me…asking me to do it and I agreed."

"Why would you-"

"Guys I hate to interrupt the blamefest but there are three people standing near the ruins of Torchwood," Rhys pointed through the window. Standing near the caution tape in the distance were three figures. One in a skirt and a leather jacket, another in jeans and a black leather jacket and the last in a black trench coat with a hoodie up.

"Drive Rhys," Gwen unbuckled and pulled out the gun she kept in her back pocket.

"You came loaded?" Rhys asked as he pulled out.

"Sue me, even pregnant women need to protect themselves," Gwen turned back to Jack and Ianto who were posed to jump out. "I thought it would take you awhile to start taking risks like Jack but I guess I was wrong."

"I've jumped from a moving car before," Ianto said plainly before leaping out as Rhys swept up as close as he could. The black trench coat turned and began to run down one of the side streets. "Stop!" Ianto and Jack ran after them as Gwen got out of the car. Jack broke off to cut the black trench coat off. Ianto wiped around the corner to find the trench coat trapped by Jack on the other side of the alley.

"You're Trevor aren't you?" Jack asked, his gun lowered. Trevor turned to look at Ianto and the flash of green eyes flashed a memory through Ianto's mind.

"I'm sorry Ianto," Trevor said before raising one of his gloved hands at Jack. The glove transformed into a silver gauntlet and a blast of black energy arced out and struck Jack square in the chest. He fell to the ground, heart stopped. Ianto gasped for air and fell to his knees. Trevor looked at him in pity before running and leaping over Jack and disappearing.

Ianto crawled over to Jack and lifted him into his lap. It felt like he was having an asthma attack from elementary school and his blood was on fire. Jack gasped awake in his arms and looked around wildly. The pain faded and Ianto can breathe again.

"Where'd he go? What was that?" Jack asked Ianto before looking at him, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just…odd," Ianto answered.

"Did he hit you too?" Jack asked, feeling Ianto's forehead and checking his pulse.

"No, I just felt….weak when you died. Like I was slipping away…again," Ianto answered, "We should get back. See if that was Tosh and Owen and make sure they are okay."

"We're still going to talk about this."

"I'll add it to the list sir," Ianto helped Jack up and they headed back towards Gwen and Rhys who were talking to the two other figures.

"Tosh?" Ianto called. The woman turned and Ianto broke into a smile before rushing to pick up the Japanese girl in his arms.

"Ianto! Oh it is so good to see you two," Tosh whispered in to his shoulder. Jack was embracing and reluctant Owen in a hug.

"How?" Ianto asked. Tosh and Owen pulled away and looked in the distance.

"We can't tell you," Owen answered. Tosh turned away and Owen grabbed her hand, "We really want to tell you but we made a promise and we intend to keep it."

"Owen, we've got to know," Jack pleaded, "This Trevor, he has to be up to no good."

"He's not Jack and we aren't saying a word," Tosh wiped a tear from her eye, "Drop it."


"Drop it Harkness. You don't have too long to grill us anyways," Owen looked back at Gwen.

"They retconned themselves," Gwen explained, "As soon as they go to sleep they'll forget everything about Trevor. A special retcon that Owen developed using this alien's DNA that could alter memories. It explains why we remember bits and pieces but everything Trevor related is missing."

"Why? How can you be so sure of this Trevor guy? From what I've remember he knew the future and has been messing with it," Jack was at a loss for words.

"Jack, he's doing this for us….more importantly you. He always said that ever since we became real people, he's wanted to save us from all the tragedy," Tosh explained with a smile.

"What? Real people?" Ianto asked.

"We're an alternate universe to him teaboy," Owen smirked, "A television show and a good one at that."