Rainbow Dash jerked forward. Hoo, I'm sure not getting used to these jumps anytime soon... Her attention was immediately drawn to a faint whimpering sound. A brief scan of her field of vision determined it was coming from just below her. She looked down, and... oh no. She only now noticed the object in her mouth. Some kind of handle, firmly held between her teeth, leading to a long, sharp blade. She was standing over a quivering pile of poofy pink, squeaking in terror at the pegasus' prospective intent. They were in Pinkie Pie's room, in near pitch blackness. Dash went wide-eyed... is she hurt? If Crazy Dash has done anything to Pinkie Pie... Oh gosh, how am I going to explain this... The two locked eyes for the briefest of moments in mutual dread, before an idea flashed through Rainbow's mind. She tossed the knife to the side, and leant down a little, smirking, and whispered a single utterance to the terrified earth pony;

"... gotcha!" Pinkie just froze and blinked for a few moments, as the pegasus backed off her and hit the lights. She giggled, putting on her best happy face. "Hadja goin' there, didn't I?" She held her grin in hope. Oh no... if she's traumatised, she's just going to freak out anyway... oh please don't be traumatised, please don't be traumatised... tense moments passed. Seconds felt like hours; her beaming began to slowly drip from her face as Pinkie's expression remain frozen in abject terror. Dash began to breathe in slowly, her heart sinking, starting to look down at the floor. She is, isn't sh-

"No, I got YOU!" Pinkie giggled, giving the pegasus a light bonk on the head, causing her to jump and scream in shock, knocking herself flat. "Silly filly, you can't outprank me!" Rainbow sighed deeply in relief. The door to the room swung open, and Mr. Cake rushed in.

"What's all this racket? Is something going on?"

"Dashie here thought she could scare me by coming into my room at night, but I got her instead! Heehee!" Pinkie bounced up on to her hooves, and back into her bed. Dash nodded fiercely to validate Pinkie's somewhat inaccurate claim.

"Oh, you two!" the old baker chuckled. "Now pipe down, it's the middle of the night!" He slammed the door again.

"So is this a sleepover? Do we get to have a..." Pinkie gasped. "LATE NIGHT PARTY?" She giggled excitedly, practically bouncing off the ceiling.

"Eh... sorry Pinkie, I don't think I can stay awake much longer. I'm really..." She yawned. "... tired..." She was playing her level of fatigue to a mundane level; this body hadn't eaten or slept right for two days, and she didn't like how it smelled right now either. Pinkie frowned. "It's just really, insanely late right now. I promise I'll make it up to you soon, okay?"

"Okie dokie lokie!" The pink pony jumped right onto her back, thumping against her bed and falling sound asleep on the spot. Somehow, the light switched off at the same time too. Rainbow quirked a brow and chuckled, flying home to get her first good, first-hand sleep in days.

She was too tired to have her dreams perturbed by the events that permeated the last two days; she slept soundly, and as it turns out, overslept. She had meant to wake at sunrise and get to Twilight as soon as possible, but true to form, that didn't happen. Mercifully, there was no filming for the movie that day, so explaining the whole story and making the final jump home was as simple as toddling over to her library whenever the mood struck her. This was, however, going to be an interesting story to tell to the first Twilight.

"Rainbow, that's a mighty tall tale yer tellin' there." Applejack smirked, as the friends sat around Twilight's front room. "Ah coulda sworn there weren't nothin' out o' the ordinary last couple o' times ah talked to yer."

"I assure you, everything she's saying is entirely possible, if my calculations are correct..." the unicorn chimed in, frantically searching through a number of books.

"Or are you just doubting me 'cos you think I'll start hitting on you?" Dash retorted with a chuckle. Applejack lowered her hat and blushed a little.

"Well now, yer a mighty fine gal, but uh... ah don't think mah barn door swings that way, if ya get what ah mean." Rainbow stuck her tongue out and giggled.

"So what are you gonna do with the suit now, Twilight? It's kinda useless, since using it messes stuff up..."

"It wasn't entirely useless... it was an interesting experiment, let's say."

"Pff, you weren't the one who was five minutes away from becoming..." before Dash could finish her sentence, the door burst open. Pinkie Pie lunged inside in her usual bombastic manner with a baking tray.

"Whooo wants cupcakes!" Rainbow Dash yelped at the mention and jumped to the ceiling, clinging to the lamp in terror. Twilight and Applejack just laughed.