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Sneak Peak:

They met up once a week, to gather stories and fragments of memories like puzzle pieces. No one recognized the name when Kurt first spoke it–a name he'd found buried somewhere in his dreams–but he couldn't shake the feeling that it was important: "Blaine". Whatever had been taken from them had something to do with Blaine.

"You keep turning up to school looking like you're only half here. Plus, you've been oversleeping, and I've never seen you so lazily-dressed as you are now. Why are both you and Rachel acting all weird if you don't have anything to do with each other?"

"I'm just sick, 'Cedes. Maybe I'm coming down with what Rachel has."

"Please," he whispered, knowing he shouldn't. "Once more. Just once more."

Freedom gaped long and narrow out from the doorway, down a dusky hallway that he could see every inch of. He saw when they came. He saw when they left. He saw the window at the very end of the hallway, open and unlocked and staring back at him whenever he deemed to glance at it.

He wanted a fucking door.

"He's not human."

"They want you to think that. He's very human. What's inside him-how he can feel, and care about what he feels-that's all human."

"What's your name?"


"Do you have a favorite bird, Sebastian?"

"Sure. I'm a fan of warblers."

He collapsed, trembling so hard he couldn't keep himself upright and god god god, was this what it felt like to die, was this him dying?

"He's just there. I can feel him with me, right in the corner of my mind, just being there and he won't tell me where he is, or what I can do to help him, or why he's suddenly disappearing on me-he's stopping talking to me and I don't know what to do. I feel like we're running out of time."

He saw him in his dreams every night; a ghostly after-image of trailing amber lights, silky smooth voices, and the feeling of being embraced. They were like breaths of fresh air, the only times his mind felt completely and utterly clear. The more he dreamt, the more they met, the more he remembered their meetings when he awoke.

He would remember this time.

"Find me. Please. Find me."