"IGNEEL" Natsu screamed, as he woke up, he was covered in sweat; he leaned against a tree, as he sat up, "What a weird dream" he said aloud.

He smiled for a moment only a moment "Igneel coming to Fairy Tail" (BlitZ: IT WAS A DREAM, the whole part with Igneel).

Natsu sat up and started walking, he dug his hands into his pocket, And looked to the sky "too bad it was only a dream" he said.


Natsu walked into the guild, everybody acting there regular selves "Hey, Natsu welcome back" said one of the Guild members, who was ignored

"What's heating him" the guild mate asked another "Maybe something on the last job", Natsu headed to the bar. And sat down, "Oh, Natsu welcome back how was your walk" Mirajane said soothingly. "Huh-what, oh hey Mirajane" Natsu said.

"I'll get you something to drink, kay" the barmaid walked off.

"Uh-hey.." Natsu turned to a very nervous Lucy, "Hey Lucy" Natsu said, Lucy only sat down, "Natsu…?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about it" he said, Lucy on fidgeted more in her seat, "Natsu this is serious" she said pleadingly.

"Here you go, Natsu" Mirajane handed Natsu some food wich he started to eat "Not to me" was all he answered.

"Oh, so that's what is" Mirajane said, Lucy shot Mira a fearfully glance, and Natsu was deadly serious, "Well master it looks like you were right" she turned to the old man siting next them, who had apparently just appeared out of nowhere to Lucy's surprise.

"Ho, ho I WON" he said triumphtly "Pay up" he shot a ugly glare at some of the Guild mates, "What are you guys betting on?" Lucy said frantically.

"That you and Natsu finally-" "DON'T SAY THAT" Lucy screamed cutting her off, "Why, A man has to proud of that" Said Elfman "IT Wasn't THAT EITHER" Lucy cried.

Levy and shadow gear team nodded "Then maybe Lucy just gave Natsu a-" "NOT YOU TOO LEVY" Lucy said with a shocked face.

All eyes turned to Natsu "So Natsu…" Jet and Droy along with other guys of the guild got around him "So, how was it" one asked "I don't know what you're talking about" he said.

*REJECTION* a few of them fell back "C'mon, Natsu Buddy, at least tell us what it looked like" or what it felt like thought a few of them thought.

While the many of Fairy tale badgered all the two Gajeel, Levy, the cats, Erza, and Gray, along with Cana and since Gray is there yep Juvia too.

"Erza-sama do you think the…" Wendy asked Erza "Of course not" she said, "Geez, that hot-head is a real idiot",

Gajeel turned his head *SNIFF-SNIFF* a few of them took notice "You smell that" he said with a growl, some of them lifted their heads "Smell what" Levy asked.

"Smells like the Council" he said "WHAT" almost every single guild member screamed in terror, All of them rushed outside, literally all of them, except one.

"Crap they really are here…what did we do this time…WHY US,WHY!" many of them shouted, sure enough they were surrounded by the Rune Knights of the Council.

They were led by Captain Laharl, from when they defeated Orceicon Seis "I'm Captain-" "WE KNOW WHO YOU GUYS ARE" he fell backwards by being interrupted.

"I don't recall doing anything out of the ordinary" said Makarov standing in front of Laharl, "The Magical Council has ordered the arrest of Natsu Dragoneel, otherwise known as Salamander of Fairy Tail".

The crowd parted for Natsu to be seen, "HEY, WAIST A SEC ON WHAT CHARGES" Erza roared, Natsu was silent "YOU HAVE NO RIG-" Erza had pointed a fist at the knights only to have Natsu's arm put her hand down.

"Erza stay out of this" Natsu walked forward, "Do you intend to resist" the Captain asked, "Tell me why I'm being arrested" Natsu asked?

"You have proven, time and time again you are a danger you not just yourself but to others, the Councl as degreed that you are to be dealt with", Natsu's eyes glared at Laharl, who glared back without fear.

"BULLSHIT" Elfman yelled "Don't take me for some idiot" Natsu said, "Oh, so now he admits it" said a majority, crushing Natsu's pride.

"I know why your arresting me, and honestly I don't care, I don't want it and never did", Laharl watched closely, at Natsu.

"The Council has-" he tried to speak but was cut off by coming face to face with Natsu, "Make another move against my guild, and you will see just how scary I can be" Laharl, didn't speak.

"ARRES-" "I don't think that will be necessary" all eyes turned to a short old man in a cloak, "CAN I FINISH JUST ONE DAMN SENTENCE" Laharl screamed at everybody.

"Whatever" the old man said waving Laharl off, he started to walk up to Natsu, "My, my you've gotten big" he said to Natsu "Hey, don't ignore us" Laharl said.

"Come, your Majesty your chariot waits" the old man said bowing, "I already told the-" "SHUT UP, BOY" said the old man slapping him.

"What was that for" Natsu said grabbing his face, the hand held up 3 finger "One, you need to be quite" 2 fingers reamind "Two It's my job" he held up one finger.

"Three, the King demands its" Natsu clenched his fists, "Galvin Doskoh is dead" a carriage came out from the crowd.

"You'll have to find out for yourself" he motioned to the carriage.