The five yellow bus's labeled Amity Park, Casper High School pulled up to the casino doors allowing the people on them to see the place they would be staying, up close. "Oh man, look how tall this building is!" One person said in awe as he pressed his nose against the bus window and stared slack jawed at the hundred and fifty foot building.

The casino Fate was nothing like the places the people on the bus's had been expecting. For starters the building was much taller than they had expected. And unlike it's counter parts up and down the strip of highway they were currently on, it was rather plain looking.

There was a fountain out front with a bunch of trees, a high black iron fence surrounded the casino giving it a slightly prisonish look.

"I've only seen buildings that tall on the TV and internet and in pictures!" Another said excitedly as he ro she pulled out a camera and automatically started to snap pictures.

He was sitting in the back of the first bus, vaguely listening to the excited comments and exclamations of his class mates as he tried to rest.

He felt like the plane trip to Vegas had taken five years off of his life after the way the pilot had lost control of the plane causing them to drop from fifty nine thousand feet, to fifteen thousand feet before he had regained control. He felt a hand on his shoulder, through his shirt and groaned softly as he cracked an eye open and looked at his best friend Tucker.

"Hey man, you okay?"

"Not really." He answered as he closed his eye again. He'd felt strangely ever since they had turned onto the street that had led them to this place. He didn't know why he felt strangely, all he knew was that he felt just a little bit off.

His other side kept roaring at him to get his sorry ass up and look around. It was almost as if his other self felt some insane sense of urgency that he himself couldn't ignore. Though he was trying his hardest too.

Tucker frowned and studied him for a second before asking, "What's wrong?"

He cracked his eye open again, neon blue locking with pale green. "Dunno. My ghost half is giving me a headache."


"It wants me to get up and look around."

"Why?" Tucker asked again, his tone more puzzled than before.

He clenched his teeth and growled before snapping. "If I knew then I wouldn't have a headache right now. Now would I?" Tucker put his hands up in the universal sign for 'I mean no harm' and scooted closer to the edge of the seat.

"Sorry Danny."

Danny sighed and settled back into his seat and lifted a hand to run it through his jet black hair. "Don't be Tuck, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry for snapping." Danny mumbled as he closed his eyes again and tried for what felt like the millionth time in so many minutes to block out the voice in his head.

Tucker nodded his head in understanding and sat back and fell silent as everyone grabbed their stuff and started to get off of the bus.