Hey, it's been a while and while my comp was never really fixed I did manage to get it into semi working order again. So without further ado, here is the latest chapter of the story.

It may not be the longest. But it is something.


Danny woke up the next morning to sunlight hitting his face and a lethargic feeling in his limbs. He blinked his eyes a few times and let his eyes adjust to the unnatrual amount of light streaming through the large glass windows across the room from the bed and turned over onto his back and stretched like a cat. He didn't feel any difference in the atmosphere, didn't notice any changes in the room.

He didn't even notice the naked body partially wrapped in the bedsheets next to him.

His mind was pleasantly blank and eerily quiet of his ghost self's rantings for once. He draped an arm across his eyes and felt his lips curve up in a small contented smile. Man he didn't know what had had his other half in a tizzy yesterday and last night but he was so happy it was over.

His head didn't ache, his body was fully undercontrol. Yup. Life was sweet. Until he heard a soft groan coming from somewhere next to him and nearly jumped out of his skin thinking that Tucker had sleep walked himself into bed with him again.

He started to turn his head and dropped his arm away from his eyes intending to push his friend out of bed, a scathing remark resting on the tip of his tongue. Where it just happened to die before he could utter a single syllable as he caught sight of smooth, naked ivory skin and tousled, tangled silvery blond hair and thought, Oh my god Tucker has been infected by the Michael Jackson whiteness thingy.

The next thing either of them would know, Tucker would be touching little kids in their naughty places and dressing weird. And would be thrown in jail and Danny would never see him again...

"Tucker?" Danny hissed in a hushed tone as he reached out and laid a hand on one of the delicately boned shoulders and jerked his hand back as if it had been burned when 'Tucker' moaned and slowly rolled over onto 'his' back. Showing off a set of knockers that Danny was pretty damn sure he would have noticed on his best friend before now.

His mouth went dry as he stared in slack jawed disbelief, his mind still not working right as it finally registered with him that this person...was not his best friend Tucker. This person- was a girl.

A naked, lushly curved and beautiful girl that had been sleeping next to him. Oh this is not good. This is not good at all. Danny thought as he happened to look down at himself. Just to make sure that he was dressed and let out a loud, panicked scream when he saw that he wasn't wearing any clothes as the girl jerked wide awake and bolted upright in the bed.

The two locked eyes with each other and Danny screamed again and quickly dove behind the nearest piece of furnature in an effort to hide and his mind, now wide awake, practically screamed. What the hell?