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Without further ado, onto the story.

Despite it all, Dick Grayson was happy. He was going home. He was in his honorary "uncle's" arms, and his foster father was walking just a step in front of them. He'd see Alfred. He'd see Wally. He'd see Babs.

He honestly couldn't ask for anything more. Well, except maybe for his leg to stop throbbing. That would be nice, he supposed. And maybe one of Alfred's chocolate chip cookies. Yep, that would seal the deal for sure.

They had almost reached the door when the woman suddenly stepped in front of them. "That is my prey," she said, voice like steel and ice in one. "I must ask you to return it."

Flash frowned. "I don't know who you are, lady, but it's kind of our job to take your 'prey' – so we'll just get going." He tried to step around her, but she put a hand on his arm. A hand that happened to be hiding a tiny, powerful tazer. Flash dropped to the ground, spasming, and as a result Dick rolled to the ground.

He growled as Flash finally passed out, body smoking with the residual energy. Diana scowled, launching herself forward. The woman sidestepped, slamming her fist into Diana's temple. The princess staggered but stayed upright, throwing her own fist forward. It connected with the woman's shoulder, spinning her in a full circle. She fell onto the ground but quickly leapt to her feet as Batman joined the fray.

Dick, for his part, knelt by Flash and gently shook his shoulder. He seemed to be relatively uninjured, just unconscious. "Flash," he whispered, putting a hand on his back. "Flash!"

The man stubbornly stayed unconscious, not responding to Dick's attempts to awake him. The boy frowned up at the woman, who had just landed a lucky hit to Diana's head. The woman fell heavily, and didn't get back up.

This wasn't happening. How did this woman, this pathetic woman, take down two of the League's powerhouses? That didn't seem possible.

He watched for another moment as Batman cut into her hand with a batarang. She hissed, jumping back – right into the broad chest of a certain teenage clone.

Dick's jaw dropped as he immediately recognized his team. Kid Flash, M'gann, Artemis, Superboy, Kaldur…all of them had come. Superboy wrapped his arms around the woman's chest, squeezing not tight enough to kill, but enough to keep her restrained. Diana and Flash groggily climbed to their feet.

"No!" the woman screamed inhumanely. "He's my prey – I have to hunt him. I have to kill him!"

She struggled in the boy's arms, screaming like she'd suddenly gone insane. Kaldur snapped handcuffs around her wrists, jerking her back against him. "Be still," he ordered. "It is over."

She suddenly lurched forward with all her strength, surprising the Team's leader enough that she escaped. She lunged at Dick, knives suddenly appearing in the side of what had appeared normal black gloves. As she did, however, Batman grabbed her upper arms and drove his elbow into the back of her neck. She slumped, boneless, to the ground as Dick stared up at his mentor.

By this time most of the other 'hunters' had gathered around to see the commotion, most likely wanting to be a part of it. "We have overtaken your leader," Diana announced in an authorative voice. "Lay down your arms and come quietly."

Most of the men and women, quickly recognizing members of the Justice League, slowly set their guns, knives, and other weapons down. The others that chose to try to take them on, however, were quickly dispatched by the Team, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Batman stayed behind to kneel by Dick, who was still sitting in a small patch of tall grass. His eyes were wide and if Batman wasn't mistaken, there were a couple tears shining in his blue gaze. "That...was kinda scary."

Batman took a roll of gauze from his utility belt. "It's okay, Dick. You're safe now." Dick leaned into his shoulder, breathing in the familiar scent of aftershave and Kevlar.

"Isn't that sweet?"

Both father and son jumped and turned at the sickly sweet voice. The woman was now standing holding a discarded gun in her hands, which were still handcuffed but now in front of her. The gun was leveled at Dick's head. The woman was no longer the calm, collected, yet cruel person Dick remembered. She now had a crazed look in her eye, the look of someone who wasn't used to being defeated and would do whatever it takes to fulfill her goal.

The gun was shaking in her hands as Dick stared down the barrel. He was no longer scared, or upset. He was just angry. Angry at this woman for trying to kill his father. Angry for being kidnapped, angry for being made part of this insane hunt. Angry for the other lives she'd no doubt destroyed.

He jumped to the side as the gun went off, the bullet grazing his shoulder. He didn't notice, just launched himself towards her. His throbbing leg, his cut, his illness, his exhaustion were all forgotten as he kicked the gun out of her hand. He swung himself into a roundhouse, and she fell. He placed his now bare foot on her chest.

"Don't ever mess with me again," he hissed. Fear registered in her gaze as she was now the captive of the boy she'd injured, hunted, tried to kill. His eyes were cold as he stared down at her.

"You're not worth my time," he finally spat out, stepping off of her. As he did, and the adrenaline rush faded, everything else came rushing back. His injuries, his illness, the stress of the last several days.

He swayed as everything wavered around him. He caught sight of his Team, his mentor, and his honorary family running towards him.

And then he collapsed.

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