On a normal day, Roxas could think up a hundred and one things he'd rather be doing than work. Even though he led a fairly boring life, next to his twin brother Ven, who's girlfriend did photography and who was always out doing something, had a thousand friends and was almost always not home, he could still say with assurance, that he hated his job.
Today, on the other, hand, he couldn't think of anything. Anything but the redheaded man across from him, that is.
Ventus nudged his leg gently.
He blinked in surprise, and noticed the conversation had turned to where he came in. To distract himself from the man across from the two, he looked down at the clipboard in his lap. He refused to look up again.
"I'm very sorry sir, but we need you to tel us as much as you can about what happened to your daughter." Ventus said smoothly, without missing a beat, despite having to remind his brother.
"Of course." The oldest male in the room sighed, and looked down sadly. "Her name was Kairi Sinclair. She was just about to turn seventeen, and she was so excited. I promised to get her a car, just next month. She must have been so excited she told her friend, Selphie; who loved any excuse at all to party. The two of them snuck out, telling us, their parents they were having a sleepover. They didn't come home for... four months." The redhead stopped, biting his lip in concentration. He looked almost ready to cry.
"It's alright, Mr. Sinclair. Go ahead." Ventus gently smiled, holding out a napkin for the man. He took it and crumpled it, looking now about ready to explode in anger.
"Thanks..." The older man calmed down. "My daughter was found about three days ago..." Again, he looked furious. "Locked in a closet... about two months pregnant... Both of them were almost a week dead." He choked back an angry sob.
Ventus let his stew a while before asking his next question. "And her friend, if I may ask?"
"She's still missing."
Roxas jotted down notes blindly, already used to this job, but he couldn't shake the image of the redhead from his head. The only problem seemed he couldn't get it right. Should he peek again?
No, then he would never finish this sheet... but did he really need to?
Roxas mentally slapped himself. No! No getting distracted. Flirt, AFTER work is done.
But he was so hot...
As Roxas internally fought with himself, Ventus tried his best to keep the redheads attention away from his smaller twin. Bless the boy, he felt truly sorry for him right now. He'd always been straight, and before now he'd never understood his brother's particularity for males. But now he could understand, if only vaguely. This man looked like a freaking GOD.
"And her mother?" Ventus pushed the man.
"Distraught, and angry as hell at me. It was my weekend with her she went missing, so she blames me for what happened."
"I only get-got... two weekends a month to spend with Kairi. I uh, my wife left me a few years ago." He chuckled. "Horrid break-up."
"Oh. So your EX-wife's name was?" Again, Ventus nudged his brother, giving an emphasis on the ex. He hoped Rox would pick up on this, as he seemed to like this man so much. Apparently he did. Clearly.
The smaller of the two sat up straight and listened harder. Ven chuckled slightly.
"Thank you very much, sir. I believe we have everything we need. Now, if you could give us some form of contact information, we should be done soon."
"Of course." The tall male smiled and recited his phone name, phone number and everything else Ven asked for, and then stood up to shake his hand.
"Thank you sir. Can I get you something quickly before you leave?"
Roxas almost cocked his head. This question seemed a little off to him. He never remembered Ven asking that when a client was about to leave. Only when they came in. So why was he breaking from his routine now?
And when Roxas realized that would take Ventus away from the room he almost panicked, looking up at his brother for a slip second. Only enough time to see a nod from the redhead and his brother turn to wink at him.
VENTUS! Roxas almost screamed in his head.
Said blonde only smirked a "Just trust me" smirk, and left the room.
Roxas hid his face, looking down again and pretending to go back over the clipboard. He got everything he needed, right?
"Hey, Roxas, wasn't it?" The redhead plopped down next to him. "Here, take this."
The redhead held out a small, black rectangle, with writing that looked to be cut out and held in front of a flame. "AXEL SINCLAIR." it read. It had his name, phone number and home address. "Call me if you need anything."
"I-uh, but, didn't we get your contact information?" Roxas asked dumbly.
"Yeah, for work. This is if you need something else." The redhead grinned. "See ya."
Roxas couldn't move, let alone take the card, so instead Axel slipped it down his shirt. This earned a very dark blush, and the older chuckled as he got up and left.

"Hey, Roxas. What's that?"
The somewhat shorter of the two blonds looked blankly at his brother. "What's what?"
He had just stood up, and a small rectangle had went fluttering out the bottom of his shirt. "What's this?" His brother picked it up. "Axel Sinclair... Dude, he likes you! You should totally call him!"
"Are you kidding me? He's mourning his daughter! What's a worse time to hit on someone?" Roxas blushed scarlet.
"No, he's looking for comfort, a distraction! If you can give him that you'll make his life that much better! Plus, he'll probably get too fond of you to let go!"
"Way to make a guy feel loved, Ventus." Roxas grumbled, taking the others words a different way than planned.
"Oh come on, Rox! You have to get out there to get noticed!"
"Shut up." Roxas walked past Ven and into the hall. He grabbed his coat and stalked off to his car out back. "I'm going home, you coming or you got something going on?"
"I've got a party tonight. And tomorrow night too." Ven threw a peace sign at his retreating brother. "Night!"

It took Roxas almost a week to look at it again, that tiny slip of cardstock. He kept it under his pillow, sure. He slipped a finger over it every night, yes. But take it out? Nope.
Not until six days had passed.
He pulled it out and sighed, taking a good long look at the letters on the page. The flames dancing behind them actually looked like they were moving if he stared long enough.
He picked up the cellphone next to his and dialed the number, biting his lip.
"Sinclair." Was the only response.
"Uh, hello? This is Roxas McCarthy-" his sentence was cut off by a slight scuffle over the connection, and a bit of a yell from somewhere nearby, and then a very happy voice.
"Oh yeah! Hey, Roxas. Took ya long enough. What's up?"
"Uhh," Roxas hadn't really planned that far ahead, actually.
"Uhh...?" Axel prompted over the phone.
"Uhh, I was wondering what exactly you gave me the card for?"
There was a short period of silence on the other end. "Seriously? I thought you called for a date, was I wrong?"
"Nono, I mean, uh... D-date?"
"Yeah, a date. You free tonight?"
Yeah, tonight and every night after that. "Maybe, lemme check..." bullshit.
He wanted to go, so freaking badly. All he had to do was say yes.
"Yeah, I am."
"Awesome! I'll pick you up in half an hour."
"Uhh, you have my address?"
"Yeah, it's on your brother's no- Ah! I mean, card."
Oh so that was VEN's fault... Roxas would probably have to pummel his brother later.
Sure, he was the smaller one, but he could take care of himself.
"Okay, come on over then." Roxas beamed slightly, proud of himself for actually calling a hot guy. Even prouder for getting a date on the first try.
"Be there in thirty minutes. See ya in a bit, Roxas."
"See you." The phone went dead a few seconds later.
"... YES!" Roxas punched the air in victory. Sure, it was childish, but who cares? He got himself a date with the hottest man he'd ever met.
He bounced out of bed and walked out the door of his bedroom, to bump straight into his twin brother. "Hey Roxas! I was just gonna ask if you wanted to come with me to this awesome party?" Ven looked his brother over a second. "I'm gonna take that as a no. You going somewhere Rox?"
Roxas blushed. "As a matter of fact, yes. Yes I am."
Ven looked at him proudly. "KNEW you could do it, Rox." The taller clapped his brother on the shoulder.
"By the way, you gave him my address." Roxas noted.
The tallers' face fell, slightly. "Uhh, what are you talking about?"
"You may be an actor, but you still suck at lying to me." Roxas looked at his brother with crossed arms. "You gave him my address and my home phone number, didn't you?"
"Yeah, alright okay I did. But you can't blame me! You need a boyfriend. By the way, I get to give you a make-over, right?"

Ven got his way anyway.
All he really did was force Roxas to take a shower while he picked out clothes, but this still frustrated his twin. Eventually, they figured out a peaceful situation, but it all turned to chaos as the doorbell rang throughout Roxas' apartment.
"Oh fuck," Ventus muttered as he turned to face the door. The two brothers were busy cleaning up Rox's hair, but Ven suddenly noticed the underwear and discarded clothes scattered around the front room from his tirade through Roxas' closet.
Ven shot into the other room and gathered up as much as he could, as Roxas called out for an extra minute.
Roxas poked his hair a little, and then walked into the front room. He nearly screamed at his brother for throwing his clothes all over the place, but held in the tantrum as he headed for the door. His brother streaked back in and grabbed a few more shirts before disappearing into the bedroom.
The door opened. "Hey," Roxas smiled up at the redhead. Suddenly, everything wrong just seemed to melt away into nothingness. He couldn't fathom why he never called before today.
"Hey, how you doing?" Was his response.
Roxas savored every word. "I'm doing fantastic, you?"
"Fantabulous." The elder smirked.
Roxas laughed a little. "Let's go."
The two walked out the front door, looking at each other aw they went.
As soon as the front door was shut and locked, Ventus came out of his hiding spot behind Roxas' bedroom door. He sighed in relief, grinning to himself. Until he spotted a single spot of blue on the couch.
He'd accidentally left a pair of blue silk boxers in plain sight. He kicked himself.

A simple dinner and a movie night, friendly and fun, lots of talk. The two enjoyed each others company greatly, and decided to see each other again soon.
As the two were driving away from the theater, Axel looked over at the blond he was talking to and smiled. "This was fun."
"Yeah, it was."
"Thanks for distracting me. I think I feel much better. No, scratch that I do." He grinned at the other.
"You're welcome, I'm glad." Roxas grinned to himself. "I don't believe I was so scared to call you."
"Scared? Axel looked over at him. "Scared of what?"
"I don't know. Rejection, I think. I've never met many nice hot guys who ever returned any feelings or thoughts." Roxas sighed. "I think I'm just glad tonight turned out so great-" He paused, as he noticed Axel had grabbed his hand, and was staring at him in thought. "Huh?"
"I'm glad you liked tonight, but I'm a little worried about the next time. Gonna be hard to top a first date like this." He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to the blond's.

Roxas stumbled into his dark apartment, half-drunk from the scent and feel of the redheads warmth. He didn't exactly know what had happened, only that he was resolved to call Axel the next morning and ask for another date soon.

He woke up tot he sound of the phone the next day instead.
"Hey there blondie, care for another round?"