Title: Hero

Pairing: KyuxRyu [Kamiki Ryuunosuke x Yamada Ryosuke- Live-Action, post episode 12]

Rating: T for starters

Notes: Not mine obviously

Chapter One

Since Ryu's father's killers had turned and killed one another and Ryu's grandfather had died Ryu had been sleeping on a futon next to Kyu's bed. They were now classmates and best friends; Ryu had changed schools to be with Kyu and that wasn't a choice he regretted.

Dan sensei had gotten Kyu's mother custody of Ryu temporarily.

Kyu watched Ryu sleep fitfully and then reached down to shake him, "Ryu…wake up…"

Ryu woke with a gasp, sitting up and looking around. When he saw Kyu was fine, he fell backwards and let out a sigh of relief, "You're okay…"

Kyu tilted his head, "I think I am…" he didn't like seeing Ryu upset, "What was the dream about…"

"You…dying…and I couldn't save you…"

Kyu chuckled, reaching for the other teen's hand, "I'm right here, I'm fine. "

Ryu squeezed his hand, "You're okay…that's good…"

Kyu pulled him up onto the bed with him, "We still have a few hours before we have to be up. Get some sleep."

Ryu curled up still holding his hand, "Uh…thanks…"

Kyu smiled at Ryu, he was starting to relax more…he liked that.


They'd received another case, Ryu took one look at it scowled, "Pluto."

Nanami sensei lifted an eyebrow, "Oh really."

Ryu snorted, "I wouldn't know being their former Ryu-sama wouldn't I? It's Cerberus' work. You missed a lot of the organization, just because Hades killed himself, did you capture the woman you were so infatuated with?"

Kyu growled, "The creepy lady in all white? I still don't like her. I wish she'd been locked up instead out to cause trouble."

Ryu rest his hand on the other boy's hand, "We'll catch her and she'll be cup so she can't hurt either of us."

Dan-sensei looked at them strangely, that was something he hadn't expected.

Kyu gave Ryu a weak smile, "We'll watch each other's back."

"Just think with your head this time and not your emotions." Ryu muttered reminding his crush of the time he almost knifed that woman.

Kyu nodded, "No jumping in front of knives for me either."

They shook on it, "Promise."

Kinta tilted his head; they had been different since the case involving the death of Hades-sama.

Kazama pushed his glasses back up his nose, they both sounded so analogue…

Megu looked almost jealous, they had this connection that made them a good team like they almost didn't need anyone else.

Dan-sensei chuckled to himself; Kyu definitely had his father's heart. He was a born detective who saw the good hiding in the most lost of people. That was what saved Ryu from the darkness of his family, that was the part of him that he himself had lost. The worst crime anyone could ever commit was to betray a friend, he was never truly sure that before Hades' suicide that they made up. Could he have saved him? Could he have be the friend that Hoshihiko needed? Could he have stood up for Hoshihiko before the fire? Could he have prevented that? It was his perceived betrayal that set Hoshihiko on that path that led him to become a greater criminal mastermind then his mother Kokou Yurika.