Batlo howled again as he stood on a cliff overlooking Nome, behind him 3000 U.S Marines with dozens of sherman tanks. The Nazis looked with fear in their eyes

"CHARGE!" a Marine shouted as the battalion moved into Nome. The Nazis tried aiming their weapons but panicked and coudlnt aim straight, they were scared shitless.

In the boiler room the dogs were trying to figure out what the comotion was about as Brian looked out the window and saw the thousands of U.S Marines charging down the cliff with Balto leading them

"Its Balto with the Marines!" Brian said excitedly

"HES ALIVE!" The dogs all shouted in joy

"that is the most honorable, the most couragest, the most commited" Kaltag began to say

"HE'S A MARINE!" Star said as Kaltag kicked him inn the head

"Its the Marines! Were saved!" a man shouted in joy as the Marines began gunning down Nazi soldiers

POW camp execution site

The Nazi firing squad was about to execute the POW's when they were distracted by yelling and explosions, while they were turned around Rosy's father ran up and knocked a Nazi over the head and took his rifle and gunned down the remaining guards, the rest of the POW's took up guns and joined the fight

"Time for some payback!" Buddy shouted as he, Bruto, and Tony all ran out and began attacking the Nazi's. The Nazis were outnumbered and outgunned as the Marines took them down, they decided it was time to retreat but as they headed towards their battleships they were engulfed in explosions. After the smoke cleared they saw the U.S Navy bombarding the Nazi warships with shells as the U.S Airforce bombed the decks of Nazi ships. While in the Butchery a U.S Marine came in and shot the Nazi's in there and freed Boris Muk and Luk.

"COME ON BOYCHICS ITS PAYBACK TIME!" Boris said to the polar bears as the Nazi's began to surrender one by one

Hades looked down at the battle below him, the entire Nazi army had been pushed back. He knew that he was going to get killed if he stayed where he was so he began to run away leaving Jenna in the snow. As he was running he bumped into a tree, he then looked up to see it wasnt a tree it was a pair of legs, Wolfdog legs.

"So we meet again American" Hades said laughing

"Im not leaving this spot until you are nothing but gut fluid and a bad smell" Balto said unsheathng his claws

"Very well, lets finish this" Hades said as he lunged at Balto

"Sir you have to order the surrender!" a Nazi yelled out

"NOO! WHY?" The Nazi commander replied

"CAUSE THE MARINES HAVE US SURROUNDED AND THE AMERICAN NAVY IS USING US FOR TARGET PRACTICE YOU INCOMPETENT BASTARD!" The Nazi said knowing he would face severe penalties for insubordination if he made it out alive.

"NOO WE WILL NEVER SURREN-" The Nazi commander yelled as a bulle tore through his chest killing him. The rest of the Nazi's looked up to see Marines aiming their guns down at them

"WE SURRENDER!" The Nazi's all shouted putting thier hands in the air

"You cant beat me American, I'm the BEST!" Hades yelled as he dodged Baltos attack and bit down on the wolfdogs shoulder

"maybe you USED to be" Balto said taunting Hades. Hades lunged at Balto in rage and began to claw at Baltos face. Balto responded by kicking Hades in the stomach sending him sprawling to the ground. hades then got back up and lunged at Balto again as Balto kicked Hades in the stomach again sending the german shepherd dangling over a cliff.

"GRAB MY PAW!" Balto said trying to save Hades. Before Hades could respond a shell hit the cliff and Hades disappeared in a plume of smoke

I tried to save him but he wouldnt let me. I better go check on everyone Balto thought to himself as he made his way into town where the American flag had been raised and the Nazi's walking with their hands up. The Marines had retaken Nome with little casualties.

"OH THANK YOU THANK YOU!" The crowd shouted to the Marines walking in the street

"Dont thank us, Balto was the one who led us here" The Marine said pointing to Balto

"Good dog Balto!" the people all yelled as they went to pet him on the head and hug him. Balto looked up to see a certain goose coming at him

"NOT DOG, NOT WOLF, YOURE A HERO!" Boris yelled as he embraced Balto

"BALTO!" Muk and Luk shouted as they ran up and hugged Balto. After being reunited with his friends and being praised by the soldiers and civilians, Balto saw three familiar faces running his way.

"BALTO!" Bruto, Buddy, and Tony yelled as they taclked their friend

"Nice to see you guys too" Balto said laughing

"Weze though youze were dead" Tony said giving his friend a pat on the back

"Left eveyone sadder than a fly caught in a spider web" Buddy said

"That reminds me, theres a certain husky who would like to see you" Bruto said pointing to a red husky standing in the street

"Jenna" Balto said excitedly as he ran towards her

"Balto? BALTO!" Jenna yelled as she sprinted as fast as she could to Balto, she couldnt believe he was really here, she tackled him to the ground as she gave him kisses all over his face

"Oh Balto I thought i lost you!" Jenna cried

"You didnt think an explosion was enough to get rid of me did ya?" Balto said laughing "jenna there is something i wanted tot tell you"

"BALTO I LOVE YOU!" Jenna finally confessed. Balto looked at her shocked

"r-really?" Balto asked

"YES!" Jenna screamed

"I LOVE YOU TOO JENNA!" Balto yelled as he Jenna embraced each other in the middle of a still cheering crowd as fireworks were fired off in the distance. Balto couldnt be happier, his freinds were alive, he was with the one he loved, and he had finally been accepted for who he was.

"Aint that sweet darlin?" Buddy asked Cali who he had met up with

"Buddy I love you" Cali said jumping on Buddy

"Well hot dog! I LOVE YOU TOO!"

Bruto and Katie sat there looking at Buddy and Cali.

"Katie i love you!" Bruto said hugging Katie

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" Katie said waggin her tail

"Well Evs I guess i should just say ot, I love you" Tony said to Evelynn

"Oh Tones i love you too!" Evelynn said as she nuzzled tony. Steele looked at Balto, perhaps it was wrong to seclude him because he was a halfbreed, maybe Balto really was a good person.

I guess real heros wear dog tags, not champioship collars Steele thought to himself as he went to join the celebration.

What a sweet ending, but this isnt the end, there will be a sequal. as always R&R. I know this chapter is rushed and short, i will make edits to it overtime making it longer and more descriptive. Between football and school i dont go time for shit