Thank you to everyone who stayed with me through two books, you have no idea how much this means to me, and I thank you all over and over again. I don't know how I can repay you for reading my works – and REVIEWING – but I am writing a third book – it will be the third and final installment in this. I will not write another one. Got it? Good. But know that I write the third installment with all my love for my amazing reviewers! You guys are awesome.

So, now on to the thank yous –

1) Thanks you to those of you who made fanart for my fanfiction: Kaitaru Hatake, Kibi Tosame, Akatsuki-Gal, Nixxh, LadyShirahime93, 2lazy2thinkofaname, and a huge thank you to 1te5o6 who created the cover pages for my two stories. If you want to see all the fanart go to Fallen03 (my profile page, go to favorites, and I made a folder for all the fanart). Go check it out!

2) If I had the time and patience to go through every single chapter of my story and tell you the name of every single person who reviewed, I would. Unfortunately, I am not that great. (Sorry). I will just say THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL! And those of you who reviewed every single chapter – you are my heroes. I love you to pieces.

3) I have written about fifty chapter in my chapter plan for book 3, so that should be coming out soon – yay! When Gods Go Criminally Insane. Enjoy!

Okay, now that I've been completely sappy and pathetic for the last few minutes, the Thank You section is coming to a close. It's funny how I can write two long stories and entertain you all – but in the end, I really cannot use words to describe how happy you all and your reviews make me.

So, thank you, and I hope to see you for book 3,

~Fallen Angels Still Have Wings