Author's Beginning Notes: So this is my first story! I'm proud of my story!
So here goes nothing!

" Hey Amu do you wanna go to the amusement park today?" asked Ikuto hoping for a yes.

" Sure I just have to-" Ikuto pulls her towards the way to the amusemt park.

" Couldn't you have let me finish what I was saying! And why are you in such a hurry?" Amu asked while Ikuto was rushing around the corner to the amusement park they've been to so many times. " Cause I want to get to the amusement park before it gets crowded. And I want to spend SOME alone time with my beautiful girlfriend." Amu couldn't help to smile. He called her beautiful! She blushed and said,

" Whatever, come on lets get on 'The Pharoh's Fury' " She pulled onto the ride. The sat down arm and arm waiting for the ride to start. "Here we go!" said Ikuto in Amu's ear as it started to swing back and forth slowly. Faster and Faster till it was off the ground. Swinging over and over againg until it slows again the comes to a complete stop. They get off and go to the rides that surround them. They rode about 20 rides by the end of the night. They walk home laughing and talking. " So what was your favorite ride mine was ' The Pharoh's Fury' ?" asked Ikuto still trying to catch his breath after laughing so hard. " I don't know! I guess my favorite ride is ummmm ' The Ferris Wheel'." said Amu giggling.

" Really, I-" said Ikuto in disbelief about to tease her about her choice but was interupted by Amu.
" I know it isn't the most thrill seeking or whatever but it's fun. It makes you feel ontop of the world, feel free. Espically when it is dark and windy.
just the feeling." Amu said looking like she was flying like a bald eagle, free and majestic. Ikuto stood there kind of dumbfounded by her answer.
He just thought, ' Wow' he never thought of it that way. He goes back in his memory to think think of his ride on the Ferris Wheel and realizes that she's right. The wind up on your face in the night as you talk or just sit there thinking or looking at the view. He looks up and realizes that they've reached both of their houses (Houses are next to each other). " Good night! Love you Amu!" he says going closer to the door. " Love you Ikuto! See ya in the morning!" Amu waves and Ikuto leaves inside. He lays on his bed then falls asleep instantly.

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