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~AMU'S POV~ I stay in place waiting for HIS figure to dissapear. I start walking again. Anger and sadness in my veins. Boiling. And my body tries to cry, tries to scream but it can't. I walk to the class. But then realize I'm late. Great. Stupid Ikuto!

"Thanks for finally joining us Miss Hinamouri (sorry her last name is misspelled). I will see you in detention!" Says my english teacher. I sigh and take my seat. I can't complain. It's my own fault I'm late if I would have not mopped around and just got infront of Ikuto I could have been on time. Who cares anyways. I turn to Ikuto who is behind me and growl.
~IKUTO'S POV~ Great. I'm sore, scared, and Amu hates me. Can this day get any worst? *Class ends* Finally Lunch time. Gotta go to the cafteria. Amu! I have to talk to her. Should I just follow her? Yes! Oh man she noticed me and now she's running for her life. I hope people don't think I'm trying to rape her...again. I get behind her and place my hands on her shoulders turning her to face me with a slight harsh jerk since she was running.
"What?" She said angrily and annoyed.

" I'm sorry. I didn't mean push you away. I was just hurt, angry, and scared. I didn't want you to see me weak and in pain." I said. As the truth spilled from my mouth but it was far more complicated than what I said. I was angry she tried to act as if nothing happened too. And that she had to suffer with a boyfriend with a messed up life. The thought of this almost made me burst. But I had to hold back the tears i've held in all my 17 years of life. Then she spoke up and said,

"Ikuto you know you can tell me anything. You can cry and be in pain just like anyone else. Don't keep it all inside. What pains me is that you lie and keep it hidden. It hurts me as well as you. You know I love you" She says sincerly towards the end but in the beggining it was just dissapointment.

" I know and I'm sorry- wait did you just say you love me?" I said shocked. She has never said it in that way. Yes she's said it before a bunch of times which sometimes leaves me wondering if she truely does but this this was so truthful, meaningful, beautiful. To hear it gives me tingles up my spine cause no one ever cared for me. Or LOVED me.

"Well yeah I did" she said kind of embaressed. She smiled while in crept her blush. Her smile just makes me world turn bright and happy.

"I love you too." I say then kiss her. We go to lunch hand and hand laughing and talking. Maybe today was a 'Good day' after all!