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It was 10:30 and the party was in full swing. Guitar Face had played an amazing set and now a friend of Wilke's was DJing. I was amazed at just how well the party was going. I thought for sure that by now someone would have gotten into fight or broken something. Yet it was going good. Somehow we had managed to convince Wilke not to spike the punch. Although I was beginning to regret that right about now, looking at all the happy go lucky party goers was making me sick.

Liam did or didn't have the decency to show. I really couldn't decide which was better at the moment. Sure Wilke had flirted with me a little when the night started, but he was currently surrounded by Guitar Face groupies. All of which could hear and actually have a conversation with him. Bay and Emmet sat on the other side of the pool completely engrossed in each other. Even though I had come to terms with the fact that they were a couple it was still kind of gross to see them all over each other. Oh well there they go off the Bay's garage.

So there I stood alone amongst my "friends" with no one to talk to you. Honestly I didn't know a quarter of the people at this party. Then I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, however when I turned around it was just Toby.

"Hey don't look so happy to see me." He signed the best he could and smiling at me. "Why the long face little sis? This is a party after all."

"It's nothing." I replied with a shrug, turning back to watch Wilke laugh at something a pretty blond said.

"Oh god, I better go save him." Toby said following the direction of my stare "Wilke can't stand her."

"He seems fine to me." I responded bitterly.

"OH MY GOD! You're jealous!" Toby exclaimed.

"AM NOT!" I said looking offended.

"AM TOO!" Toby laughed and taunted. "It's cute."

"Ugh you're a jerk." I scoffed turning from him.

After that I stormed back to the guest house fuming. I was not jealous of some blond girl hitting on Wilke. He was a jerk, and a player. He thought he was god's gift to the world. He, he, he, he was good looking and way smarter than he let on. He was sweet and caring, and one hell of a kisser. That didn't mean I cared if he flirted with other girls. I had no claim to him. I didn't even want him. He annoyed me most of the time. So why exactly was I here in my room, instead of out there trying to make new friends and enjoy the party?

With that thought I got up, looked in the mirror, fixed my hair, put on more lip gloss, and headed back the party. As I was heading down the stairs, Wilke was coming up them.

"There you are." He said "I've been looking for you all night. I never got a chance to tell you how smoking hot you look in that bathing suit."

"Thanks." I said with a slight blush. "You didn't seem to be looking for me. You know with all your groupies fawning all over you."

"Yeah those girls are super annoying." He said

"Yeah I'm sure hot girls throwing themselves at you are super annoying. It's a good thing you were able to stand there and entertain them. I would hate to see what would have happened if you didn't." I said glaring at him. I was not about to let him try and sweet talk me.

"What is wrong? I don't know why you're so mad at me. I try being nice to you, I get suspicion. I flirt with you, I get shut down. I don't know what you want from me. I also didn't know it was a crime to talk to other girls. I came up here to find you, because I wanted to spend time with you. It is part of the reason I had Toby throw this party. I like you Daphne, but you're always throwing mix signals. I just can't keep up." He said turning away from me to head back down the stairs.

Before I could stop myself and over think I grabbed his arm, turned him around, and kissed him.