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"Oh X'hal…" Starfire sat in the bathroom on the floor, pale and sweaty. She flushed the bile down the toilet and closed the lid, then going straight back to her corner of the bathroom. She always seemed to stay close to the bathroom in the morning.

Robin – now Nightwing – and Starfire had gotten married over a year ago, it now being June of the next year. The wedding had been wonderful; it was in St. Barth's, all close friends had attended. The reception was even better. Starfire even taught some of them an odd Tamaranean dance (which half of the people were unable to do, anyway). After that wonderful day, they were off to Fiji for the next week and a half. Though they had much…fun on this trip, they didn't want a child right away. They wanted to find out all of the tricks to married life first, though it seemed you never really learned them all.

Sometime during the year, Raven and Beast Boy got engaged and were now planning a wedding for next May. Cyborg and Sarah were closer than ever, and they were expecting the question to be popped any day.

Now we see Starfire curled up in the corner of the bathroom at six o'clock in the morning, trying her best to fight down the inevitable vomit. While she sat in the corner, she contemplated what could be going on. Maybe she had the flu?

No. It would've been gone by now. She had been feeling nauseous for about two weeks now. She groaned and buried her head into her arms, which were currently resting on her knees, as she continued to brainstorm.

There was more, though. Her period hadn't come.

Yes, a Tamaranean has periods too.

Being descended from felines, there was really nothing wrong for a Tamaranean woman to have a menstrual cycle similar to humans. Hers just caused more…hormones.

Oh, did Dick know that.

The answer was obvious. She knew it was obvious; she just wasn't sure she wanted it to be. This is why she knew it was silly to contemplate any further; she already had a box of pregnancy tests in the bottom drawer of the bathroom. She stared over at it longingly, almost begging for it to come to her instead of vice versa.

She sighed, knowing that she would have to at least crawl over there. She untangled her body from itself and began to inch her way across the floor and to the drawers underneath the sink, quietly opening it up. She pulled out the trusty box and tore it open slowly, pulling one of the sticks out. "It is the now or never." She pulled the wrapper off and used the counter to hoist herself up, holding her stomach.

She lifted the toiler seat once again, and did her business. She placed the test on top of a towel on the counter, waiting for it to form. The box said it would take at least fifteen minutes for it to show and she set up a small buzzer to go off when the time was up. The good thing about this new and improved test was that there were no misreads. It made a clear 'yes' or 'no'. She went to go sit back down in her spot on the floor and buried her head in her arms again, gently easing her way all the way to the ground. She curled up on the floor and closed her eyes.


Starfire jolted awake, the quick movement making her hurt even more. She barely noticed it, though. She needed to get to that test. She began to crawl her way quickly to the counter and pulled it off, letting it fall in her lap. She closed her eyes as she picked it up, honestly afraid to look.

She took a deep breath and finally opened them, and stared down at the test in front of her. Her eyes widened.

She was pregnant.



"Hm?" Dick didn't take his eyes off of the heavily neglected paperwork in front of him, needing to at least get through some of it before it became unbearable.

Starfire chewed on her lip. "I must speak to you, please."

Dick nodded absently. "All right, just let me finish this-"


Dick jolted, now facing her with raised eyebrows. "Whoa, all right. C'mon in."

She nodded and walked slowly over to the chair next to his, studying him.

He looked around the room and then back to her. "Uh…so what d'ya need babe?"

She took a deep breath. "I have something to tell you."

His eyes darkened slightly. "Is it something bad?"

She shook her head. "No! No…well, at least I do not believe it is."

He nodded slowly. "Well, you have me intrigued. Care to share?" He kept his eyes on her, paying close attention to her expressions. Why was she acting so weird?

Starfire licked her lips and looked at him. "I am…ohh…I believe I am..."


She sighed. "I am with child."

Dick stared at her.

Starfire stared back.

She was beginning to become worried, afraid that he would be angry and do something rash. They were married, and they wished for children at some point, so why not now? He could not be that angry. Hopefully. She couldn't take the staring any longer. "Richard, say something."

His face was blank, making her nervous. A few seconds later, be broke out in a grin. "That's great Kor."

Her eyes widened. "…Really?"

He nodded slowly. "We want children, right? I actually was kinda planning on…talking to you about it. Soon. But I guess now I don't have to." He smiled at her.

Starfire breathed out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank X'hal." She flung herself onto him and hugged him tightly.

He kissed her neck firmly. "God, I can't believe this is happening." He chuckled.

Starfire giggled and pulled away, kissing him. "Yes! I am quite exci-oh no." She fled the room, a hand over her mouth.

Dick raised an eyebrow. "I wonder what-" His eyes lit up in comprehension. "Probably that morning sickness shit or something. God, I'm glad guys aren't the ones to get pregnant."

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