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Mmk, I'll go ahead and point some things out: I did put some differences in here about the labor and birth and such, due to her dilation. Especially the time she is in labor; it's shorter than for a human. I'm hoping I get the whole pushing thing down all right, because really the only part I've seen is what they show on 16 and Pregnant, hah.


"I give you the congratulations, Cyborg!" She smiled at her dancing friend, who just beat Beast Boy for the fifth time in a row at their newest racing game.

Cyborg winked at her, and then smirked at Beast Boy. "Still wanna play me, BB?"

Beast Boy folded his arms and fell against the back of the couch, grumbling.

Starfire hissed in pain, catching everyone's attention. Nightwing put his book down and sat up so he was level with Starfire. "You all right babe?"

She nodded, her face contorted in mild pain as she tried to smile at him. "Yes, I am the okay. It is merely a contraction."

His face was still full of worry, though. He marked his spot in his book and wrapped an arm around his wife, drawing her to him for comfort. He watched as she calmed, making him calm in return.

After another six minutes or so, she hissed again. Dick jumped and looked to her again. "Maybe we should get you to the hospital-"

"I am fine, Dick." She gave him a stern look.

He sighed and nodded bringing her to him again. After that she had a few more, casually becoming closer in time. This time, he jumped up and took a hold of her. "All right, hospital."

She looked up at him, holding her stomach in pain. "I am fine!"

He looked at her, crazed. "Starfire, you're going into labor!" He turned to Raven. "Raven, stay here with Starfire so I can go get the bags." He turned to the other two. "Cyborg, start up the T-Car. Beast Boy…just stay there." He ran out of the room.

Cyborg came in a couple minutes later, going to the kitchen to grab some water bottles.

Starfire was now in considerable pain and sweat was beginning to form on her brow. "Oh X'hal, it is hurting worse…" She gripped Raven's hand as another one hit, causing Raven to wince in pain.

She kept a small bubble of power around her hand to offer some protection. "Starfire, just take deep breaths all right? Dick's getting the bags, and then we're going to leave."

Dick ran back into the room, and Raven smiled at Starfire. "See? All right, let's go – Dick?"

He was already out the door, pulling the T-Car out of the garage. Raven sighed and rolled her eyes. "Of course he would forget the actual wife."

Starfire's eyes widened at Raven's statement? "What? What do you speak of Raven! Please tell me he did not leave!" Her face contorted in pain again.

Raven tried to sooth her. "Don't worry Starfire, he'll realize it." Sooner or later.

Starfire's eyes lit up at her pain began to bring anger. "That clorbag forgot me! Oh, I shall do the teaching him a lesson." She growled, which soon turned into a whimper from the pain.

The sound of the T-Car roared in their ears. Dick shot through the door. "I forgot something." He went over to Starfire and grabbed her hand, ushering her away. The others were quick behind, all filing into the car. Dick had Beast Boy take the front so he and Raven could be in the back seat with Starfire. He kissed her forehead. "Don't worry Star, we'll be there in a minute."

She growled at him. "You forgot me."

He reddened. "I know, I was just…we needed to get to the hospital…" He looked at Cyborg through the rearview mirror. "Can you go faster? We kind of have y pregnant wife in labor back here!"

Cyborg glared at him. "I'm driving as fast as I can without getting pulled over. That would make it even worse, so calm your ass down."

He narrowed his eyes. "I am calm." He turned back to Starfire and rubbed her back. "We're almost there, baby."

She nodded through a pain filled face as another contraction hit. "Just get me to the X'hal damn hospital!"

Raven turned to Dick. "I just notified Bruce. He and Selina are going to be coming up within the next twenty minutes." She turned to Cyborg. "Sarah's already on her way."

Dick nodded. "Good, good. I'm sure Starfire will be happy to see them all."

Starfire growled. "I do not do the giving a damn, I just wish to be at the hospital!" She leaned against Dick.

He nodded. "I know, baby. We're almost there." He looked up. "I can even see it. Don't worry."

She turned to him, her eyes narrowed. "Do not worry? I do not have the choice considering a child is about to come out of me!"

He rubbed her back. "That book you gave me said that it could take hours before the baby is actually born."

She cried out of exhaustion and pain. "Hours? I cannot do this for hours!"

Dick nodded. "Don't worry, they have epidurals; used to numb the pain, or at least most of it. Not too sure."

She shook her head vehemently. "I am not from this planet, and do not know what that would do to me. I cannot take it – ohhhh…" Her eyes squinted in pain.

Raven looked at her and rubbed her arm. "Don't worry about that, Starfire. Once we get into the room, I'll dull the pain myself. There's no way the child will be hurt through my powers."

She nodded, accepting it right away. "I am most thankful…Oh X'hal, help me." She gripped the seat, causing the material to tear.

Cyborg was about to complain, but one look from Raven got him to shut his mouth before anything came out. Now was definitely not the time, especially if said woman in labor could kill you on the spot.

He pulled into the hospital entrance and made it to the first entrance he found – he had no idea what door to go through – and let Dick and Starfire out of the car. "Go on and get her settled."

Before he drove off to find a parking spot, Raven got out of the car. "I need to come. Help her with the pain."

Dick nodded and motioned for her to hurry up, and then grabbed a wheelchair that one of the men brought out to them who noticed their predicament. He thanked him quickly and helped Starfire settle down in it, pushing her into the hospital. Raven stood next to them and stuck by Starfire and Dick went up to the counter.

He tapped on it impatiently, ignoring any other people there. "I need a room! My wife is in labor."

The woman glanced over at him, and upon recognition instantly went to help him. "Nightwing! Starfire's in labor? How wonderful!"

He nodded and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, now get us a room!"

She nodded turned from him. A few moments later she turned to him with a smile. "Go ahead and take her to room 208. Congratulations."

He nodded and grabbed Starfire's wheel chair, going to the elevator. He pressed the button continuously, despite it not making the elevator go any faster, and hopped inside immediately, despite the party of people trying to step out of the elevator.

Raven was more courteous and didn't plow her way through.

He pressed the button to the second floor. "We're in room 208." He noticed the other people in the elevator staring at them, and it was beginning to piss him off. He looked over at all of them. "Is there a reason to stare at a woman in labor?"

Starfire looked toward them, not noticing before, and growled. "Do not look at me!"

They instantly turned away and crawled closer to the far corner for good measure.

Thanks to the speed, the door opened only a few seconds later, and all the passengers let them out first. Dick hurried her to room 208, where a smiling nurse was. Dick looked down at his wife, who looked like she wanted to wipe that smile off her face.

She walked over to them and grabbed hold of the wheelchair, wheeling her over to the bed. She helped her get in it, with mild protest from Starfire, and got her situated.

Starfire leaned her head back and closed her eyes tightly, focusing on her breathing. A few minutes later Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Sarah – who had just gotten there – ran into the room.

Beast Boy went up to Starfire. "Hey Star, how're ya doing?" She hissed at him and he jumped away and into Raven's arms. He turned to her. "You're never getting pregnant. We're adopting. Or putting our baby in another woman to have."

She raised an eyebrow. "So you want a surrogate?"

His eyes widened. "What? I don't want a man having my baby!"

She rolled her eyes and face-palmed, while Sarah cracked up.

Dick – obviously Nightwing at the time, and had been throughout – tried to rub her arm. She pulled away with lit up eyes. "Do you believe that will do anything? I shall not be soothed from this!" Her face contorted in pain.

Raven went over to her. "Here, I'm going to go ahead and numb you now."

Starfire nodded happily. "Thank you. Please hurry."

Raven nodded and positioned herself next to her, sitting her up. She placed one hand on her back, and another on her stomach, white light heated her.

Starfire sighed and she felt the pain dwindle until it was merely mild discomfort.

Raven took her hands off and laid her back down. "That's as much as I want to do for now, just to be on the safe size. Is it good?"

Starfire nodded, smiling at her. "I thank you." She turned and looked to Sarah. "Greetings."

Sarah smiled and waved.

She turned to Nightwing. "Will you please lift the front of the bed? I wish to sit up."

He nodded and grabbed the larger controller, pressing a button to raise her torso up. She held up her hand to signal him to stop. She looked over at her friends.

They smiled back at her. Cyborg went up and placed his hands on the bed, leaning down so it was easier to talk to her. "So, ready to have a baby?"

She nodded. "Yes, mostly so I may get this out of me." She glanced down at her stomach. "It has caused much pain."


Everyone turned to see Selina poke her head in the door.

Starfire smiled brightly. "Selina! Please, I welcome you in." She sat up a little bit more.

Selina laughed. "I'm guessing they numbed you up." She walked over to Starfire, crossing her arms and cocking her hip.

She nodded happily. "Raven is quite helpful."

A knock sounded on the open door and Bruce – as Batman – walked through.

Starfire glared and turned her head, her arms crossing. "Hmph."

Bruce sighed and walked over to her. He ran a hand through his hair. "Don't tell me you're still mad at me over the borrowing your baby comment."

She kept silent.

Selina smirked and sat down on Starfire's bed. "Don't worry sweetheart, men aren't all that smart."

Bruce narrowed his eyes. "Hey!"

Dick laughed and put a hand on his shoulder. "So how'd you sneak Selina in?"

He shrugged and crossed his arms. "Reporter."

He nodded. "Ah."

Another knock was heard on the door, and the doctor walked in. He looked at the superheroes. They had hired a special doctor – one that has had experience with their kind of people, superheroes of many different races; only one around, really – to come over to their hospital, courtesy of Bruce. He waved them aside. "Make way, please." He went over to Starfire and pulled up the sheet, moving her legs apart. "How are things?"

She smiled. "They are well. Raven has numbed me."

He nodded. "Good, good. Now I'm going to lower your bed back down for a minute; just lay back for me." He grabbed the controller and she relaxed into the bed, and pressed the button to lower it down.

He looked up her gown, which made Nightwing slightly uncomfortable. Apparently Starfire noticed his discomfort, because she narrowed her eyes at him and rolled them.

The doctor moved her legs back together, smiling. "All right, we're already at eight centimeters. I'm guessing your people have a shorter labor period?"

She bit her lip. "I…never learned much. I was too young before I left my planet."

He nodded. "All right, that's fine. We'll just keep a close eye on you." He winked and stood up. "Be back in a bit." He turned and walked to the door, waving to everyone else, and stepped out.

Starfire smiled. "Oh thank X'hal this shall not take long."

Dick grinned and grabbed a chair to sit next to her, stroking her hair. "Yes, thank X'hal."

She giggled.

Bruce walked up and cleared his throat. "Yep, that's very good." He smiled at Starfire.

She turned from him.

He turned to Dick, and mouthed for him to help him out. Dick shrugged and smirked. Bruce sat down on the bed uncomfortably. "Starfire, what I said that one day," she growled at him, "I didn't mean it. Really, I'm just excited to see my grandchild."

She turned to him with a blank expression, causing his eyes to shift. Leave it to Starfire to make The Batman uncomfortable. She sighed and rolled her eyes, a small smile. "Oh, all right." Her eyes closed and she laid back down.

He smiled and stood up. "Good." He chuckled. "Seems whatever Raven did really helped; you don't seem moody at all." He tensed. Shit.

Dick snorted at his father's stupidity.

Starfire turned to him, glaring through bright green eyes. "Get out!"

He held up his hands. "That came out wro-"


Selina tapped his shoulder not so gently, catching his attention. "I'd listen to her if I were you."

He sighed. "One of you is coming with me." He glanced at Selina, his eyes telling her she better go out with him.

She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, daring him to make her.

Beast Boy jumped up, his eyes sparkling and his hands up. "I'll go with you!"

Dick smiled and turned to Bruce. "Looks like you have a volunteer."

Bruce opened his mouth to speak, about to protest, but Selina beat him to it.

"He would love to hang out with you. He even told me." She smirked at Bruce.

Beast Boy's eyes lit up and he ran over to the caped crusader, taking his hand (to Bruce's displeasure) and running out.

Starfire giggled.

Raven rolled her eyes. "I honestly don't know where I picked that one up."

The doctor stepped back in about twenty minutes later, cutting off their mindless chatter. "All right, let's check again." He looked around. "Looks like we're missing two."

Some laughs were heard.

He went over to her and ushered everyone to her head again, opening her legs an pulling up her gown. "Hmm, already another two centimeters." He looked up at her. "Are you feeling any menstrual-like cramps at all?"

She shook her head. "Why?"

He smiled. "That's the usual feeling during dilation."

Starfire smiled and shrugged. "Raven's powers are very helpful."

He chuckled and nodded. "I guess so." He stood up and took off his gloves. "I'll probably come back in, in another twenty minutes. Your dilation speed is the quickest I have ever seen. I'll have to look into Tamaraneans a little more after."

Starfire smiled and nodded. "I am glad. This labor is not the fun."

He smiled warmly. "It's definitely better without the pain, though." He turned to Raven. "Thank you for your help."

She smiled and nodded.

He turned back to the rest of the group and smiled. "Be back soon." He walked out.

Dick smiled at Starfire, giving her a kiss. "We're almost there, baby." He laughed to himself and looked to the ceiling. "My God, I can't believe we're almost there."

Starfire giggled and leaned against him. "I cannot, as well. It is a…feeling that is nice."

He nodded and smiled. "Definitely."

"Aww." Cyborg smirked at them, making Dick roll his eyes behind his mask.

More chatter took place, Dick checking the time every now and again. He looked up once more. "It's been twenty minutes. Where is he?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "When he said twenty minutes, I doubt he meant to the second Dick."

Dick sat back in his seat and crossed his arms. "Still."

Just then, the doctor walked in with two nurses. "All right, let's check it out. How are you feeling?"

Her brow furrowed. "It feels…the small discomfort of the contractions are much farther apart. There is something else, but I cannot do the putting of my finger on it."

He nodded. "You're probably feeling like you're ready to push. Let's check it out." He bent down and opened up her gown again, spreading her legs and having her lift them at the knees. He smiled and nodded. "Yep, fully dilated." He looked up. "I'd advise everyone leave except the husband, unless she would like to keep anyone in." He turned to Starfire.

She nodded. "I also wish for Raven to stay. She is quite useful with her powers."

He nodded. "Good choice." He had one of the nurses usher the group out, Raven on one side of her and Dick on the other. He waited until the nurses were back and at his side. "All right, what I'm going to have you do is push for ten seconds, and then relax for ten seconds. We'll keep this at a steady pace the whole time, all right?"

She nodded. "Please, let us begin. I wish to do the getting this over with."

He chuckled and nodded. "All right." He had a nurse grab the stool and he sat down on it, positioning his hands. The nurses had the essentials needed on a cart at their sides. "All right Starfire, go ahead and start."

She nodded and closed her eyes, gripped Dick's hand as she pushed. He counted in his head and thanked God for Raven's protection around his hand, much like her own. "You're doing good."


She dropped to the bed softly, breathing heavily. "This is harder than I would think."

He gave a breathy chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"All right, push."

She scrunched her eyes closed, doing as the doctor said, her teeth bared.

"Good; go ahead and relax."

This went on for about ten more minutes.

He kept his hands ready. "All right, we're getting close. We're going to start pushing the head out. Ready?"

She nodded.

"Go ahead, hun."

She nodded and began to push, a sudden sting coming. "Oh! Ow…" Sweat began to pour down her face and Raven placed a hand near the bottom of her stomach, trying to calm the pain only a little so she could still push normally.

The doctor nodded. "All right, relax." He looked to Dick and Starfire. "The stinging is normal. It's only because she's beginning to push out the head, which just like the loss of virginity, stings."

They nodded, and Starfire whimpered. "I do not like the pain."

The doctor smiled. "Don't worry, you'll be glad when it's over. All right, push for me."

She went through this about another twenty to twenty-five minutes until they heard the crying. She dropped to the bed, breathing heavily.

The doctor smiled and brought out the child. "Good job, we're done."

She nodded, her eyes still closed. She was focused and calming herself.

He looked to Dick. "You know, there's the tradition of the father cutting the umbilical cord."

Dick scratched the back of his head and nodded uncertainly. "Um…right."

The doctor smiled. "C'mon, it'll be quick. No reason for discomfort."

One nurse grabbed the baby and the other nurse went motioned for Dick to come over, giving him a pair of odd looking scissors. She held out the cord, smiling.

He bit his lip, looking at his unsurely. "This won't hurt anything?"

She shook her head with a small laugh. "If you don't do it, one of us will have to."

His eyes widened and he shook his head. "No, I'll do it." He concentrated on the cord and cut where she showed him, going through gently. Once it was done, he sighed with relief. "All right."

She nodded and took the scissors. Dick turned back to Starfire, who was smiling shakily and talking to Raven, and went up to her. He kissed her firmly on the forehead. "Good job, baby. You did great."

She smiled and him and turned. "I thank you."


After a while and once everything was cleaned up, the rest were allowed to go back in. When they walked in, Starfire was holding the baby.

Beast Boy bounced over. "Cool! Can I hold her?"

Starfire bit her lip, looking over at Dick. He eyes him carefully.

Raven bent down. "Here, I'll monitor him."

Starfire smiled and handed the baby carefully over to Raven, who then half-handed the child to Beast Boy.

He smiled down at her. "Hey, it's uncle B. There's soooo much you have to learn." He brought a finger down for her to grip, her arms flailing happily.

"Hey, I want my turn!" Cyborg made it through, going over to the baby.

Beast Boy stuck his tongue out. "Wait in line, tin man."

Cyborg growled at the nickname.

Raven kept a steady hold on the child, and then gently took the baby from Beast Boy. "Times up." She glanced at the parents. "I think you were close to giving them a heart attack, anyway."

He looked to the two, who smiled sheepishly.

Cyborg waved Raven over. "C'mon, let me see the lil' munchkin." Raven handed her over carefully, letting his large arms offer the stability needed. He smiled down at her. "Hey there cutie. You look like your momma." He let Sarah stroke the baby's black hair softly, and then leaned down to whisper. "Thank God."

Dick glared at him. "Hey!"

Cyborg chuckled and handed the baby over to an eager Sarah. She smiled down at her and gently rocked her. "She's so cute."

Starfire smiled. "Yes. She is wonderful."

Sarah smiled at her, and then looked down to the baby again.

Bruce cut through and cleared his throat, glancing at Starfire. "Uh, may I…"

Starfire stared at him. She eventually sighed and smiled lightly. "Of course."

He flashed a smile in her direction and gently took the baby from Sarah's arms, looking down at her. "Cyborg's right, she looks like her mother. Beautiful eyes." Her eyes were the same color as Starfire's, the whites also green like Starfire had.

Starfire smiled. "I am glad you think so."

He looked up at her and smiled, and then to Dick. "Congratulations." He looked back down to the baby.

Dick smiled. "Yep."


The whole group, minus Dick and Starfire, left the hospital about an hour ago. Starfire held the sleeping child in her arms, gently stroking her hair. "X'hal Richard, she is so beautiful."

He nodded and smiled. "Can I?" He reached out with his arms.

She smiled and nodded, slipping the baby over into his arms. He cooed at the child, stroking her cheek. "Hey there Mar'i, I'm your daddy. And I'm going to tell you this now, and hope it gets ingrained into your brain: no dating until you're married."

Starfire rolled her eyes. "That is not even possible, Dick!"

He laughed. "I'll make it possible." He looked back down at her. "You're beautiful, you know that? Everyone was right." He kissed the top of her head. He turned to Starfire. "We're parents."

She nodded with a bright smile. "We are parents."

Any of the OOCness with Bruce is for comedic purposes, and for warm fuzzies, therefore it is intentional.

Hopefully this gave some justice to child birth, considering my lack of experience in such a situation. And obviously, there are the differences I mentioned with Tamaraneans, which I completely made up, by the way. None of the process is canon for Starfire.

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