When people are talking through the comm. link, it will be like this "- …. -"

When Bee is talking, it looks like this ".."

"And remember, it might be a good idea to review because we might/might not have a quiz on Monday" droned Mr. Paulitsh as the bell rang, signaling to teachers and students alike that school was over and the weekend has began. As students left in groups, some going onto the school buses, others walking or going to their cars. Two certain students stopped outside on the front steps of the school, waiting for their third party member.

"Where's Miko?" asked the smaller boy with glasses. The boy looked about 12 and was wearing glasses. He had a white long sleeve shirt on with an orange vest, long blue jeans and sneakers.

"I don't know, but my guess is that she is being held up by a Mr. Fitzgerald after that stunt she pulled in class" replied the other boy. He looked around the age of 16. He wore a white and gray long sleeve shirt with dark blue jeans and sneakers as well.

"Waiting long you guys?" asked a voice from behind. Both boys turned and there standing in the doorway was their third party member; a girl with pink highlights in her hair wearing a lit purple shirt with a blue tank top over it, with dark blue shorts with tights and boots. She was smiling her smile when she gets an idea and her brown eyes were twinkling with mischief, as it always did.

"Miko, I thought you were getting detention after what you pulled in Chemistry with Mr. Fitzgerald" said the taller boy who's name was Jack as he raised an eyebrow as she approached them

"Oh please" snorted Miko, "Like I will get in trouble for a little prank on a Friday"

"You never know Miko" warned the smaller boy who's name was Rafael or Raf, "He might change one of this days and-"

"And the day that happens is the day Megatron become an Autobot" Miko said, cutting off Raf

Just then, three vehicles pulled up into the parking lot that was in front of the school; a heavy duty dark green pick-up truck, a yellow customized muscle car and a blue with pink highlights motorcycle.

"Bulkhead" Miko yelled running towards the pick-up truck much to Jack's and Raf's horror, "You wouldn't believe what happen to me today"

"Miko, are you crazy, what if someone saw you!" cried Jack in alarm

"Ah don't worry about it Jack" replied the green pick up truck or Bulkhead as Miko has cried out, "The worst that can happen is that someone thinks that Miko needs some mental help…which she already needs"

"Bulkhead!" cried Miko, "That's unfair, ganging up on me like that"

Bulkhead laughed as he opened the passenger door so that Miko come in. "You know I was only kidding" he laughed as he started his engine and drove out of the parking lot

Jack and Raf sighed as they went towards their partners

"How was your day, BumbleBee?" asked Raf to the yellow muscle car as he got in. BumbleBee answered with beeps and whistles with Raf replying, "Really? Tell me about it on the way to base". Bee answered again with beeps and whistles and drove out of the parking lot the same way Bulkhead did

"Hey Arcee, anything happen while I was at school?" asked Jack to the motorcycle

"No, not much really" she replied as he climbed on and started her engine

"Really? How come I don't believe you" he teased as he kicked off the stand and headed out of the parking lot

"Don't know" was her reply as they headed towards the base that was located outside of Jasper, Nevada.

"Hey doc bot, missed us?" asked Miko to the white and red/orange bot that was typing away at the computer when they arrived at base

"In reality, I wish you never came" was his gruff reply as he didn't look away from the screen

"That is so mean" pouted Miko as Bulkhead laughed and transformed. The sounds of two engines were heard and Arcee and BumbleBee appeared with Jack and Raf.

"Hey Ratchet" said Raf as he exited BumbleBee, allowing him to transform as well

"Guess nothing much happened while we were away" said Jack as he pulled off his helmet and got off Arcee, allowing her to transform as well.

Ratchet only grunted as Miko with Jack and Raf following her up the stairs and to the little station for them.

"Who's up for a game?" Miko asked as she grab a controller and held it high up in the air

"Count me in" said Raf as he sat on the couch and grabbed the other controller

"I'll watch" said Jack as he sat on the opposite side of Miko

BumbleBee beeped and Raf translated, "I'll watch too"

"I would love too, but I got patrol" said Bulkhead, shrugging his shoulders and earning a groan of disappointment from Miko. "But" he added, "We can go dune bashing later if you want". His answer was Miko whooping in joy with a big grin on her face.

Jack looked over to his partner and asked, "Patrol too?"

She smiled and a half-smile and nodded. He nodded and turned back his attention to the game that was going on between Raf and Miko as Arcee and Bulkhead went through the ground bridge and disappeared into a portal of green light.

"Come on Jack" said Arcee, "time that I got you home before curfew and your mom picks a bone with both you and me"

Jack chuckled, knowing what she meant by that and grabbed his helmet and walked down the stairs

BumbleBee beeped to Raf who replied, "K Bee" and followed Jack down the stairs

"That means you to Miko" Said Bulkhead and Miko groaned, "Do I have too?"

"Sorry, but if I don't get you in time for your curfew, your host parents will freak" shrugged Bulkhead, causing Miko to groan again

'Will you get out of here finally!" scolded Ratchet glaring at Miko, "I want to get some work done in peace and quiet"

"Peace and quiet is over rated Ratchet" said Miko as she walked down the stairs to Bulkhead who chuckled.

Jack grinned and placed his helmet on his head and got on the transformed Arcee and left the base, followed by BumbleBee and Raf and finally Bulkhead and Miko who called out, "Bye Ratchet, see you tomorrow!"

"I can't wait" grumbled Ratchet to the now quiet space as he continued to work away

"You can not blame them Ratchet" said a deep voice from behind

"Oh really Optimus" huffed Ratchet, "And why not?"

"Because they are only children and that is how children are" he chuckled, causing Ratchet to huff and continue his work

"Home sweet home" Jack said when the garage opened to his house. When the garage closed Arcee transformed with a slight smile on his face when June, Jack's mom, open the door

"Jack…oh Arcee, how are you?" she asked

"I'm fine" Arcee replied with a shrug

June nodded her head and June turned her attention to Jack, "I'm making supper so take a quick shower then it's off to bed"

"But its Friday" whined Jack

"Fine" said June, "You can stay up till 11, but no later than that" and not giving Jack a chance to whine she closed the door, leaving Jack alone with a snickering Arcee

"Geez…" groaned Jack

"Can't be help" laughed Arcee softly, "She's your mom so it's her job"

"I know" groaned Jack as he threw back his head and gazed at the ceiling

Just then, Arcee's comm. came to life, "-Arcee, can you hear me?-"

"I'm here Optimus" answered Arcee, "What's wrong?"

"-Your assistance is needed-" was Optimus's reply as a green portal appeared in the garage

Arcee turned to Jack, about to say that she will be back, when he smiled and nodded, "Be back" he said, "I need you to drive me to work tomorrow"

Arcee smiled and entered the portal, leaving Jack all alone in the garage.

BumbleBee was telling Raf about a mission that happened in Rust Canyon when his comm. came to life, "-BumbleBee? Can you hear me?-"

"Loud and clear" beeped BumbleBee

"-Your assistance is needed-" said Optimus, "-Ratchet is sending you the coordinates for the Ground Bridge back to base-" and with that, Optimus cut the transmitting message

"Raf…" chirped BumbleBee sadly

"I understand, Bee" said Raf, "You're needed right now so it's OK, just…come back safe, K?"

"I will, promise" whistled Bee as he opened his door, letting Raf off. Bee closed the door and started his engine and drove away from Raf.

"Bye Bee" said Raf as he wave, watching Bee drive away until he turned a corner and out of sight

"What did you do next then big guy?" asked Miko who was bouncing up and down in her seat

Bulkhead laughed and was about to continue the story when his comm. sprang up, interrupting him, "-Bulkhead, do you read me?"

"Yup" replied Bulkhead, "What's up?"

"You are needed, it is urgent; Ratchet is sending coordinates to you as we speak" said Optimus as he cut the transmission after

"Miko I…" started Bulkhead but he faltered, unsure of what to say

"Its OK Bulk, just make sure you come back and finish telling the rest, K?"

"You got it" chuckled Bulkhead, opening the passenger door, allowing Miko to exit, "Just don't stay up, K?"

"You got it" grinned Miko as Bulkhead started his engine and drove towards the coordinates he was sent by Ratchet with Miko still waving to him, even when he couldn't see her anymore

"What is wrong Ratchet?" asked Optimus as he gazed at the frantic Ratchet

"The Ground Bridge is 'what's wrong'" he hissed, "I have lost all connections to it"

"What do you mean?" asked Optimus

"It means someone hacked into our computers and took over the Ground Bridge" said Ratchet icily as he slammed his fist into the side of the controls, "And that means that the bot that did this can open up a portal where ever and when ever they please. They can open it to a busy city street, in the middle of the ocean or…"

"Or to aboard the Nemesis" finished Optimus, his voice grave

Just then, the Ground Bridge came to left and Arcee, BumbleBee and Bulkhead entered the base, their faces worried

"What do you need Optimus?" asked Arcee

"Yeah, what do you need us to assist you with?" buzzed BumbleBee

"Where's the emergency?" asked Bulkhead as he looked around the base, trying to figure out what the problem was

"What do you mean?" asked Optimus puzzled

"You comm. me telling me that my assistance was needed" replied Arcee confused

"Same here" chirped BumbleBee

"You told me that I was needed and that it was urgent" said Bulkhead, confused as Arcee and BumbleBee

"Yeah and Ratchet send me the coordinates for the Ground Bridge" beeped BumbleBee, Arcee and Bulkhead nodding and agreeing with what BumbleBee had said

"But I did not send such a message and Ratchet did not send you the coordinates for the Ground Bridge" said Optimus

"Then who did?" asked Bulkhead

A few seconds after Bulkhead asked his question that the room was filled with a terrible cold as Arcee yelled, "The Decepticons!"

"I will try to send a Ground-"started Ratchet but he never got the chance to finish as a huge tremor rumbled through the base, catching them off guard. Ratchet ran to the computers and typed in at lightning speed and yelled, "The explosion came from Jasper, Nevada!"

"The kids!" Bulkhead screamed

Ratchet ran back to the Ground Bridge control and type in the coordinates for Jasper and pulled the level, praying that it would respond, which it did. The Ground Bridge activated and Bulkhead, Arcee, BumbleBee and Optimus ran through the Ground Bridge and arrived in Jasper to only have despair and horror fill their very chassis at the scene that unfolded before them.

Jasper, Nevada not longer existed. All that did was a smoldering area of craters and collapsed buildings. A disaster that no one could have survived.

There we go. The first chapter of my very first Transformers: Prime fic. Sorry if some parts are kinda lousy, I'm still a noob when it comes to writing Transformers fic so I hope to improve while writing. Anyway, this isn't a one-shot or a fic where the humans die that is too cruel for me to do to the Autobots. If you want to know what happens, fav this story and you will find out when I update XD

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