=========================(PAGE BREAKER, onto the beginning of the chapter)==========

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!" bellowed a voice as loud stomping could be heard from another hallway, causing Optimus to groan quietly.

Miko had had a loud personality before the change but now, she was louder than ever….not that he was complaining or anything, in fact, it made him happy. Before the children had come, the base had been quiet and….lifeless; back then, they felt like it was their duty to protect the humans and nothing more. But ever since they had been introduced into their lives, their world was become brighter and less painful as they reflected on the past on what they could or should have done.

June stirred softly in his arms and Optimus couldn't help but smile and held her closer to his board chest. Was he being as the humans would call "gussy"? Maybe it seemed for those looking on the outside in that it was too sudden his affections for her. Before she was only human, a human that had traits that he admired and now here he was, the strong emotions he was feeling now for her having come so suddenly that it surprised him but one cannot control when one is in love. It is a strange and strong emotion, coming at the oddest of times, like in war as they were now.

Maybe….maybe it was too soon to ask her to be with him but maybe….maybe over time he could change that. Get her to know him more and vice versa, let him to get to know her; like about her life as a human before, her family, her friends, her memoires and experiences, both good and bad.

June stirred some more before she opened her optics and looked at Optimus sleepily.

"Good morning" he said quietly as she began to blink the sleep from her optics.

"Morning" she yawned. Optimus couldn't help but that as the action of yawning kinda cute and interesting. Cybertronians didn't sleep and wake-up as the humans would or could, they recharged and powered up.

"What time is it?" asked June.

"Time to wake-up as Miko has suggested" said Optimus with a smile.

June seemed to consider something before yawning again and snuggling closer to Optimus, "I'm sleeping in today, screw it"

Optimus couldn't help but chuckle as this as he held her tight in his arms. "You may be able to sleep in June, but I must go and do my duties. Will you let me?"

June mumbled something under her breath and Optimus took that as a sign that he took and slowly untangled himself from June. Leaving the room quietly Optimus made his way to the control room, Ratchet already well into his work as he inspected the outline and physical structure of a bot's anatomy on this computer.

"Good morning Ratchet, is that one of the children's internal designs?" asked Optimus as he eyed the screen that had several areas circled with Cybertronian notes written beside it.

"Indeed, I am studying the children to see if there are any side effects or drawbacks to their sudden change in physical appearance. I rather be prepared before anything happens" said Ratchet, not turning from the screen as he continued to work away.

Optimus nodded, those thoughts had crossed his CPU several times even when he was in a state of panic when June had been kidnapped by the Decepticons. He was truly glad to have someone like Ratchet under his command, despite his temper and foul mouth.

Optimus crossed the control room and grabbed himself a cube of energon as he planned for the day. It was more crucial than ever to ensure that the children were prepared. They had been lucky with June since KnockOut had not done anything too serious to her while she was in his Med Bay but there was no way of counting that they would be lucky the second time. He knew that Rafael was in no immediate danger since no Seeker would harm a sparkling, especially if it was a Seeker youngling, and even if he was an Autobot, their programming wouldn't allow such cruelty happen.

Jack was in the middle when it came to the danger and risk due to the fact that he was a triple-changer, possible the last triple-changer of their race and Megatron wouldn't want to lose such a powerful asset. Even if that asset was turned against him, Megatron wouldn't truly worry for he was a master when it came to breaking one's will and turning one against their brethren.

Miko and June were the ones he was truly worried about. With KnockOut obsession and lust for things that were beautiful, he would no doubtable attempt to kidnap or woe June into his clutches. Optimus shuddered at what could happen to June if he succeeded or if June spurned his attention; he could truly be a monster when one rejects his advances, whether they are wanted or not.

And Miko…..Miko was in the greatest danger of all. Breakdown was a loyal servant of Megatron but even he would be tempted to go against orders if he thought it would bring him closer to Miko, even if she was underage. Optimus felt himself go stiff with parentally rage as he thought of what could happen to Miko if Breakdown ever got his servos on her, he shuddered at the thought and attempted not to let his CPU go down such a dark path.

"I assume June will be sleeping in today given what has happened over her week absence?" asked Ratchet, interrupting Optimus' train of thought, which Optimus was glad for.

"Indeed, I believe it will be wise to resume her training as a medic tomorrow, as well as have her join in with the children with combat training. I fear that she may be in need of it given the recent turn of events" said Optimus gravely as Ratchet turned to him and nodded, both of them thinking the same thing.

"Morning!" bellowed Miko as she walked into the control room with Bulkhead in tow, causing both Optimus and Ratchet to jump in surprise.

"Morning Miko, did you sleep well?" asked Optimus, as he raised an eyebrow in humour at the sight Bulkhead looking like he could use a few more hours of recharge.

"Yup! I'm ready for the day, even if it's going to be painful training" she said as she pumped her fists, emphasizing her point.

"Glad you can say that, think I could borrow some of your energy Miko, cause I could really use some" grumbled Bulkhead as he rubbed the sleep from his optics.

"It's only 8 in the morning and you have enough energy to probably take on an entire platoon of Decepticon Wreckers, how come you weren't this active during school?" asked Jack as he walked in, with Arcee right behind him.

"That was school, isn't is obvious. Duh!" said Miko, as if stating the most matter-of-fact statement.

Jack didn't say anything as he only smiled with an raised eyebrow. Miko had never been one for school, everyone knew that, especially poor Bulkhead as he had decided that he would ensure Miko would graduate and get in college, no matter what. Too bad for him back then that Miko knew a lot of hiding places and even though she was bigger now, she could probably hide just as well as back then.

Grabbing himself a cube and gently tossing one to Arcee, he let his optics scan over the area and noticed something right away.

"Where's mom?" he asked Optimus, turning to look at him.

"She is tired so I decided to let her sleep in" said Optimus and Jack nodded, knowing what he meant. June was still tired after all she had been through so she had been unofficial given the day off.

"I go and give her then a cube, she must have an appetite for something then" said Jack as he went and grabbed a cube for his mom. "I assume we will be training again today too?"

Optimus nodded, "After we do some quick recon we will continue with your training today and see if we can do some outdoor training as well"

"We're going outside?! FINALLY! I thought I was going to get stir-crazy like ol' Hatchet there" said Miko, jerking her helm in Ratchet direction who flinched when she called him by his less than stellar nickname, one that he truly despised as he turned to glare at Bulkhead who squirmed under his gaze.

"Miko, you told you about that nickname of mine" said Ratchet slowly, as he continued to glare at Bulkhead.

"Bulkhead told me and he told me the story behind it. I feel sorry for the bot that you did throw that hatchet at but now I know why those kinds of tools of yours are under lock and key" said Miko with a grin, as Bulkhead slightly paled. Miko had just dug him a grave, and a deep one at that.

Jack couldn't help but smile as he left the control room. They had been two different races that had similar qualities but now with things as they were, it was like they had known each other longer than then the few months, or close to a year, time period.

Jack sighed as he got closer to his mom…Optimus' and his mom's, he correct himself, room. It was still odd, the whole bonding thing. He got it and kinda understood it but there were times that it still seemed to escape him. He knew that it was like being married but on a more personal scale, with both the man and wife being connected with a strong bond that only death could destroy. And for that it happen to his mom and to someone like Optimus, it just blew his mind. He really couldn't call the relationship they had right now as a warm and fuzzy one but they weren't just friends either. What kind of friends slept with one another…well, except for the "friends with benefits" and he didn't think that they were doing it…..were they? How did a Cybertronian have-?

Jack shook his helm hard, he was NOT in any way letting his mind….his CPU go down that road. He didn't want to know and he definitely didn't want to imagine his mom and Optimus going at it….

Jack felt his stomach….tank give a lurch as a M-rated image of his mom and Optimus crossed his CPU. He had let his mind wander down that path and now he was reaping what he had sowed.

Jack entered the room and saw that his mom was up and sitting on the berth, like she had been waiting. Jack internally sighed, he knew that this conversation was coming but that didn't mean that he was looking forward to it at all.

"Hey mom, already up?" he asked as he walked over and handed her the cube which she took and began to drink from, without saying a signal word.

Jack didn't say anymore as he waited for her to finish her cube, continuing to stand where he was. June finished the cube and placed it on the floor and moved on the berth, making space for Jack to sit down which he did.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before June said quietly, "You lost your temper when Optimus and the others came to rescue me"

"I did" said Jack, confirming it.

"I told you about watching your temper. I know it takes a lot to get you worked up and that it takes a while for you to cool down but I have told you that if you feel anger-"

"-To do exercises or something to keep your mind off things that make you anger and wait until you cool down so that you can think reasonable for nothing comes out when you do actions that are influenced or done out of anger or hatred" finished Jack quietly, he knew where this was going as a bad feeling in his tank began to grow.

"I don't want you to….to go down that path Jack, your so much better than that. Nothing can be gained from anger but so much can be lost if you do" she said quietly. Yup, he was right. They were talking about…about HIM.

"Before you tell me your final verdict mom, can you at least listen to my side of the story. Because after all, I was raised to listen to both sides of the story, right mom?" said Jack, as he looked at his mom from the corner of his optics. June didn't say anything but only pursed her lips into a thin line and Jack took that as a sign that he could tell her what had happened during the week she was gone.

"All of this started back when you had just been abducted by KnockOut, I was with Arcee at our old place and….we had just gone back into the Ground Bridge but when we got there, Ratchet was in a panic…."

==========================(PAGE BREAKER, ON TO JACK'S POINT OF VIEW)==========

I was still holding Arcee servo's when I walked back into the control room and Ratchet was….not being Ratchet.

"Optimus, come in Optimus! Do you read me!" he yelled in the comm. link and I felt my spark sink.

"Ratchet, what's wrong?" asked Arcee, she too was worried.

"It's Optimus, I just detected a sudden shift in his readings and I can no longer read June's. I fear for the-"

I didn't give Ratchet the chance to finish his sentence as I rushed over to the Ground Bridge controls and practically punched in the coordinates for the hospital.

"Wait Jack, we do not know what has happened!" said Ratchet as he saw what I was doing as he grabbed my servo to stop me. I only stilled for a few seconds before I threw him off, my strengthen easily making Ratchet lose his footing and fall to the floor with the loud clanging sound of Cybertronian metal.

In any order situation I would have been worried for the older Cybertronian but right now my only thoughts were on mom. Is she OK? What has happened? Why did it happen? Is it my fault? Why did Optimus fail in protecting my mother?

The Ground Bridge flared to life as I ran out of the control room and back into Jasper. I felt the energy of the vortex tingle around me on my armour and sting my wings. But that was pushed aside when I saw Optimus on the ground, and mom was nowhere in sight. I rushed to Optimus' side and pulled him up until he was part lining on me and part lying on the ground.

"Optimus, Optimus what has happened? Where's mom?" I asked but I could see that whatever got Optimus was still affecting him as he couldn't seem to create full sentences but could only make noises which I thought were the beginnings and endings of words that he was trying to create.

"Hold on, I'm going to get you through the Ground Bridge to Ratchet, he'll have you back on your feet in no time" I said as I pulled Optimus to his pedes and we walked slowly to the portal.

Ratchet's optics went as wide as UFO's when he saw the state that Optimus was in. Maybe he was seeing something that I wasn't seeing 'cause he was getting on my case about "moving Optimus too soon" and how "it could irreversible damage to the delicate wiring that had been affected".

For the first time in ever of coming to the Autobots base, I flat out ignored him and shot him a glare that told him I wasn't in the mood for his medical prattle and he caught on, zipping his metallic lips as he began to look through his tools for something.

I saw the Ground Bridge light up in the corner of my optic and saw BumbleBee and Raf coming in. I told tell that seeing Optimus in the state that he was in wasn't what they were expecting as they began asking questions at lightning speed. Wanting to know what happened and who had injured him.

I was placing Optimus on the medical berth so Ratchet could begin his scanning when Miko and Bulkhead soon entered after that, big grins on their faceplates but those smiles deflated when they saw Optimus. And then they were firing questions, wanting to know the same thing that BumbleBee and Raf wanted to know. Who did that? Why did they do that? When did they do that?

I felt my anger beginning to bubble inside of me. I tried to keep a cool head but all of the noise and the moving of medical equipment were really getting to me since I was already stressed since I didn't know where you were. I couldn't take it as I slammed one of fists into one of the berths, not the one Optimus was on, and I yelled….something really out of character for me.


Everyone was quiet, staring at me in stunned silence. I guess they never knew or would have guessed that I had a temper.


Everyone was quiet as I took in ragged breathe in in futile attempts to cool myself off. I could feel myself getting rather pissed off and my internal temperature was also rising. If I didn't leave, Ratchet was going to have another patient on his servos.

I left, storming off as I hit the walls of the hallways all the way down to the training room in attempts to release some of my anger before I got there and destroyed something in mindless fury.

I looked around the training room when I got there and made a discovery. There was really nothing I could take my anger on. I let out a growl, this day just keep getting better and better.

"Come at me" said a voice behind me. I turned around and saw that it was Bulkhead and he had a serious look on his faceplate, rather than the joking one he always had on, especially when Miko was around.

"What?" I asked him, I wasn't in the mood for his jokes at the moment.

"Take your anger out on my kid, I can tell your looking for something mindless to do. And what better way to make your mind, and the rest of your body too, then a good old fashion brawl"

"I'm not taking it out on you. I would probably break you in two or more pieces if I wanted too" I snapped but on the inside I winced. Bulkhead was a good guy, sure he was clumsy and kind of an oaf but he had a good heart and he could always be depended on when you needed an extra servo or needed something to be smashed to pieces, take some of Ratchet's equipment when Miko was eyeing it for example.

I felt something slam into my back and I saw stars exploded all over as I was thrown and slammed into the wall with enough force to slightly dent it. My back was absolutely killing me as I slowly got up and glared over at Bulkhead who was looking really serious right now, no joking Bulkhead in sight.

"I get it that your in a bad mood but watch it kid. You may have the form of a triple-changer but you're a long way from bringing down someone of my size even down to their knees" said Bulkhead in a low tone. I have seen Bulkhead when he's not in the best of moods or he's kinda cranky with Miko or not having enough recharge but I have never seen him like that. If I wasn't pissed and ready to pound his face in, I would shivered.

I got back up and ran towards Bulkhead with my fists raised, ready to pound him into scrap metal but he easily dodged me and slammed on of his fist into the back of my helm, making me see stars again. And that's how it went. I would get up and attempt to hit him and he would either dodge it and slammed me with enough force to knock me down or he would take me head on and force me onto my already aching back. By the time Ratchet came in to see what the damage was, I was dented and sore beyond belief.

Everything ached and my back and wings were in a blinding white pain that was making it hard for me to stay conscious. Bulkhead took one look at me, walked right up to me and gave me the Cybertronian version of a knuckle sandwiched which I didn't enjoy at all. For one thing, there were no pickles….sorry, couldn't help it, the joke was right there.

When I came too, I was in the control room on the berth with every part of me aching and begging me not to move in the slightest. It even hurt if I twitched one of my fingers through muscle memory.

"Glad you came to" said a voice to my left. I didn't turn my helm to see who it was case 1) I knew who it was and 2) It probably would have hurt like hell if I did.

"Bulkhead doesn't hold back does he?" I croaked weakly as I winced. Great, it hurt even when I talked, what did Bulkhead think I was? Superman or something?

"Only when he thinks it's necessary not too" said a deep voice above me. I closed my optics. Double great, Optimus was up and probably had been told of my little tantrum I had had. I felt like I wanted the Earth to swallow me up then and there. I wasn't ready to see or hear the disappointment from him.

"Hm, well he could have taken it easier. It's not easy to repair a Seeker or even a triple-changer due to their biology because of their wings but with Jack it's going to be more difficult due to the fact that he had been once human and therefore I do not know how much of his original body had converted to that of a Cybertronian one"

"I know that you will be able to do it old friend. If you don' mind, I want to talk to Jack alone for a little while" said Optimus as I heard him get up. 'No, don't get up, I don't want to hear how disappointed you are in me!' is what I was thinking when I heard Ratchet shuffle away. I could distinctly hear that he was walking normally and then it hit me. When I had threw him off when he attempted to stop me early, I must have hurt him in some way. Now I was feeling worse that I was before because I had now to face Optimus and I had hurt someone and I didn't care then.

"I heard from Ratchet and Bulkhead what has happened while I was being examined and repaired" said Optimus who was right now beside me. I refused to look at him and kept me optics closed, hoping that-

"Jackson Darby, aka Autobot Silverbolt….look at him" commanded Optimus in a soft voice.

I let out a sigh and opened my optics and looked over to Optimus, expecting to see something negative in his optics but…I didn't. He wasn't looking at me in anger or disappoint or anything like that, he was looking at me with….sympathy.

"I understand" was what he had said.

"Understand what?" I asked weakly. I wasn't getting it.

"Your anger, I understand why you had become violent and destructive. You had lost someone you had cared about and no one was taking into account your feelings. You may be one of us now but before, you were human, a human children even though legally who were almost an adult. For that I am sorry Jack, you trusted me to keep her safe and I failed. I am sorry" said Optimus, the look in his optics had that look like he meant every word of it.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out as a felt my optics began to prick. Oh no, I was not crying in front of Optimus Prime, leading of the Autobots. Not over…something like…..this…

I felt the tears that were unwanted slip past as I heard Optimus kneel down and wipe away one of the tears.

"I promise to you Jack, I will do everything in my power to get her back. I will not let any harm come to her" said Optimus gravely as he continued to gently wipe away the tears that fell.

I opened my optics and looked at the ceiling with blurred optics as I smiled weakly, "And you're not, cause I'm coming along with you"

I felt Optimus still and look at me questionably as I turned to look at him, to hell with the pain I was feeling in my neck and back of my helm, and smiled, "I'm coming with you. I'm going to help you rescue her and teach the Decepticon that took her a lesson they will never forget"

I could see that he was regarding me intently, seeing if I was serious, and I was serious. We had had it easy, me and all of the ex-humans. We were training but not improving for we had no reason to improve except if we were needed on the battle field but that was no reason to get stronger. Well, helping Optimus and the others to getting you back was my reason to get strong and keeping you stay and the others safe was my reason to get stronger.

Optimus nodded and said, 'When you are repaired, we will increase the training. I can see that you are truly serious about this…but it will not be easy"

"I know"

"It will be painful cause we shall be going through a great deal of both lessons and training such as conducts of war and learning how to transform parts of you into a weapon"

"Miko's going to enjoy that part, I can see that for sure"

Optimus smiled and I smiled bigger. This was no time to be slouching, it was time to get serious.

"Why wait Optimus" I said, slowly getting up, my entire body screaming at me to stay down, "Why not start now"

He looked over me and asked, "And your injuries?"

"If Bulkhead had been truly serious about hurting me, then I wouldn't be talking right now. I can tell that he was holding back a lot and that all he was giving me were really slight bumps to the head. All of this" I said, indicating to the dents that covered me from helm to pedes, "are 'flesh wounds', they only look bad, they aren't bad"

Optimus regarded me with an intense look before saying, "Let's begin"

==========================(PAGE BREAKER, BACK TO THREE PERSON VIEW POINT)==========

"And you kinda know the rest from there. Miko was used as the testing dummy for some moves as Bulkhead and Arcee used her to show what to do and what to make your enemy do. She wasn't very impressed with that and complain until Arcee threated to have me sit on her which I agreed to if she didn't shut up, which she did miraculous and Raf was with Ratchet, constantly looking for any signs of the Decepticons while BumbleBee supervised and made sure he didn't overdo himself which he kind did twice" Jack said, bringing his tale to a close and he looked over to June who was silent and stoned face.

"Did Optimus every tell you who abducted me?" she asked slowly, not wanting to light the fuse for anything.

"Yeah I did, and I kinda scoffed at it" Jack said with a smile which caused June to look at him.

"It was KnockOut, he's a light weighed when it comes to strength but not to speed and agility but Ratchet said that given time, I could easily keep up with him and one day surpass him"

June didn't say anything as she slowly took in the information she had been given. Jack didn't say anymore as he looked at June, waiting for her to say something.

"You must have trained very hard" she said.

Jack reply, "I did, I channelled the anger I was feeling into my training, even made Bulkhead take a step or two back sometimes. You wouldn't believe the pain I felt when I transformed my arm into a blaster for the first time, it really hurt. I thought I did something to it that made it split in two or something"

"…..I'm proud" June said, her voice small and quiet.

Jack didn't say anything as he looked at her.

"I'm proud that…that you overcame your anger. You found a productive way to release your anger in a controlled environment where no one could truly get hurt….I'm proud of you. Your…..your nothing like him, remember that Jack. No one here knows the truth so no one can say that you like him but I want you to remember that, do you hear me?" said June, looking intensely at Jack who nodded.

"Thanks mom, that…that makes me happy to hear that from you since you knew him best" said Jack as he reached over and gently grabbed June's servo, giving it a slight squeeze who retuned it. The moment was peaceful as mother and son enjoyed a moment of connected understanding but fate was a cruel joker as the alarm sounded, meaning that the Decepticons had been sighted.

Jack sighed as June rolled her optics, every time they had a moment like this, someone or something had to go and ruin it.

They both got up and walked towards the control room, still holding their servos together but they let go when they entered, the Autobots looking serious.

"Where have they been sighted?" asked Jack as he looked to where Raf and Ratchet were standing, typing something away on the computer.

"Artic" was Raf's reply as he inputted some coordinates and activated the Ground Bridge, "don't know why they would want to be there. The cold could kill a Cybertronian if they aren't careful"

Everyone knew that he was referring to the time when Arcee and Optimus had been Artic and the base had gone under siege from a Scraplet trap that had been found in the Artic as well.

"Maybe they found another Scraplet trap?" said Miko, as both Bulkhead and BumbleBee shuddered, the experience they had with the last Scraplet trap had been more than enough for them.

"I believe it is something that not like that. That is why we are investigating" said Optimus as he walked over to the Ground Bridge. Jack began to walk over but was stopped as Optimus raised his servo, "You are not coming along, you are not prepared yet for this kind of mission Jack. Maybe when we have a training mission you will go but not now"

Jack nodded as Optimus and the others went through, leaving the kids and June with Ratchet who turned off the Ground Bridge and regarded June.

"You're up, let's begin out lesson that was delayed" said Ratchet as he went to his computer and brought up some odd looking pictures, "we shall continue our lesson on the basic body structure of both mechs and femmes for ground based vehicles"

"Guess that leaves me, Miko and Raf with some time on our hands. Let's go guys" said Jack as he turned to leave the control room.

"Sure" said Raf, "but….where's Miko?"

Jack looked around, he didn't see her. Ratchet and June looked around, they didn't see her either/

"Where did she…" began Jack but faltered when a possibility hit him, "you guys don't think that…"

"….she left the base with Optimus and the others…." continued Raf.

"On their investigation mission with Decepticons running about, do you?" finished Jack, an uneasy silence feeling the air as Ratchet summed up what they were thinking with two words.

"THAT FRAGGER!" he yelled angrily. Miko was back to her old tricks, they could only hope that it wasn't her last tricks.

==========================(PAGE BREAKER, Let's see what Miko's doing)==================

Miko couldn't believe her luck. She was finally free and out of the base. If she had been any longer in there she would have lost it. Training during the week that Mrs. D had been gone had been stressful and boring. Stressful since they didn't know what was happening to her and boring cause she hadn't been trained at all, she had been used like a freaky doll. Not cool Optimus, not cool Arcee and definelty not cool Bulkhead.

She knew that she was going to be in trouble when she got back but she didn't care, the stinging sensation of the Arctic cold was welcome to the damp and dusty air back at base. Miko walked carefully behind the others, trying her hardest not to giggle. She was right there and they couldn't sense her, this was too perfect. After pouting to Bulkhead and saying how it wasn't fair that Jack was getting trained and she wasn't, Bulkhead had relented and showed her how to hide her energy signature. It had been difficult to practice in secret but she just had to prove to everyone that she was just as good as Jack, even better that him being a 'special triple-changer' that everyone seemed to want.

Miko creped quietly behind the others, maybe sure to hide behind the glaciers and keep her distances from the others but not let them get too far as she would lose them. Soon, Miko saw that the Autobots had changed their pace; they were now walking quietly and carefully and had their blasters out. Miko felt the air shift and knew that they had hid their signals completely.

Bulkhead had explained in both complicated terms and in layman terms when he saw that she didn't get it that the Cybertronian energy signature was like both a code and an essence. Each Cybertronian had a very special signal that was unique to them; even identical twins had a different signal from each other, which Miko thought was really cool. They could have it wide open, letting others know who they were but also letting the enemy know where they were or they could have it semi-covered, covered so that the enemy couldn't find them but still traceable by friends or allies or have it fully covered so that no one could track them at all but it came at the risk that it burned energon really quickly and have your own friends attack you by mistake.

Since both they and Miko were fully covered, Ratchet couldn't trace them and therefore couldn't radio or comm. them. Miko liked that, he was probably ready to blow a gasket and yell her ear off of the 'dangers of wandering off' and blah blah blah. Miko rounded a corner and almost slipped. The Autobots were slowly descending a slope and she could see the back thruster of the Decepticon ship from her.

'Going from behind huh? Then I'll take the top view' thought Miko as she looked at the ice wall in front of her and jump up, grabbing and holding onto the ice with a vice grip. When Miko felt like she was going to slide back down she quickly thrust the tip of her pedes into the ice to get a better grip. When she felt like she had a good grip, she slowly made her way up.

She could feel the ice cold feeling begin to slowly slip into her digits and pedes but Miko didn't let that bother her as she continued her climb. 'Let's see Jack do this' thought Miko smugly to herself as she continued her way up, 'he would have probably been shot down by now since his butt is so big and shiny'

When Miko finally got to the top, she let out a small sigh of relief but she knew that her job was far from over. Slowly crawling on the top on the glacier that she had just climbed up, she made her way to the edge to see if she could get a chance to look down on the Autobots and the Decepticreeps.

Miko looked around and couldn't see anyone either on the ground or on the roof of the ship. Feeling a bit edgy, she looked at the wings of the ship, it had been a tight fit but the ship had manage to squeeze in the space between the two glaciers but because of that, if you got on top of one glacier, you could slip down the wing of the ship and make your way to the roof. Smiling to herself as she crawled over and slowly stood up, looking to see if anyone would stop her. Seeing no one, she grabbed the edge of the wing hard and swung herself onto and let gravity be her friend as she quickly slip down the wing, making a scrapping metal sound as she went down.

Landing at the end of the wing, she slowly got up and looked around on the roof of the ship, she saw no one which was good. Her butt now hurt from the slide down and kinda doing a 'crouching tiger' wasn't doing anything for it. Slowly standing up, she made her way onto the roof and looked around. 'Too difficult', 'not ready', 'one day' and 'Decepticons are truly dangerous' were the excuses they Autobots had used to make them stay inside. Well here she was, Miko Nadeki ex-human turned Autobot/soon-to-be-Wrecker-femme-and-ninja, was on the roof on the Decepticon ship Cemi-something and she had done it all alone with the skills she had gained from self-practice, take that Jack.

Miko's smugness faded when she heard engines, jet engines. She was in trouble now; there wasn't enough time for her to climb back up the wing, over the glacier and down the glacier, get back with the others and get Ground Bridge out of here. Not even thinking for a second, like she did anyway in situations like these, Miko ran towards the big door she had seen earlier on her climb over to the wing and when she had tagged along with Bulkhead for the first time.

And to her much happy relief, they opened automatically and Miko ran into the darkness. Quickly ducking to the side and pressing herself in to corner that was covered in darkness, she let out a sigh of relief which became stuck in her throat when she realized that she had just trapped herself. And a feeling of pure cold that made the Arctic cold feel like a California heat way made Miko freeze from helm to pede as she heard the engines of the ship come to life as the ship slowly lifted into the air.

She was now trapped all alone with no way to contact the others on a ship full of enemies, one that wanted to do the dirty deed with her. They wouldn't know where she would be until it could be too late. For the first time in her life, Miko felt tears of fear begin to well up. She was alone and there was no one to rescue her this time.

She was on her own.

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